Abbey Abbey Is A Story Of Love You Didn T Think Possible A Story You Wish Had Happened To You It S A Story Of Love That Is So Overwhelming That Hearing The Sound Of Her Voice In Your Ear Fills Your Senses With Her Completely You Inhale Her, You Taste Her Your Life Begins With Her And Without Her, It Must Surely End The Pessimist In You Is Certain A Love This Fulfilling And Unending Is Improbable At Best, Except In Your Dreams But Abbey Lives This Dream For Us He Enables Us To Imagine What Love Could Be

Gary Hope is a writer from North Carolina His first four books were non fiction He recently released his first work of fiction, It s Too Late To Die Young Now When asked why he switched to writing fiction, Gary said, Because change gives me an opportunity to think, and lets my imagination take me anywhere I want to go.

[PDF] ✩ Abbey  By Gary R. Hope –
  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • Abbey
  • Gary R. Hope
  • 20 November 2017
  • 9781621378310

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    Abbey is offered a very promising job, and moves to Winston Salem, he settles in quite nicely Meets some good people, and then sees the most beautiful woman in the world Abbeys parents however want him to marry an Indian woman Juliette is a drop dead gorgeous blonde Abbey cannot get Juliette out of his head, when Juliette just up and leaves She leaves no phone number or address where he can reach her He is mistified, what did he do wrong He is devastated She is also devastated, but has her reasons Abbey mopes around for weeks, trying to get over Juliette, to no avail He tries doing good deeds for others, but it just isn t enough Finally Juliette returns, can they rekindle their romance Will it be happily ever after You will have to read it to find outit is a story of finding and losing love It is a lifetime movie In a book It is a very easy read, no smut, foul language, a good natured love story.

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    Amazing book MUST read Very well articulated and captivating The storyline and character development was seamless By far the BEST book from Mr Hope to date Abbey s story became a part of my life. The articulation of the mental processes made me feel like I was settled right in Abbey s head for the journey, sharing the highs and lows right there with him The saddest part now is that his story inevitability had to end. Sequel One can only have faith, and be OK with whatever happens Very well done

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    Having been born in Winston Salem and having lived here all of my life, of course, made this book exciting for me It was fun to recognize names and places that are so familiar It made me feel as if I were in the story, too However, that is not the most important thing that this book presents Abbey is a true life lesson about how much important it is to one s happiness to pay it forward than to pay it back Couldn t put it down Looking forward to from Gary R Hope

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    I have just finished Abbey and I fell in love with book from the beginning I loved so many of the quirky and fun characters that play different parts in this book my favorite character happened to be Abbeys Grandfather and all of is wise and loving words of wisdom I also really enjoyed how fun and easy this book was to read and it was very refreshing the writing is incredibly well done I think the only one small thing that I didn t like was the simple fact that the cover doesn t do this wonderful book any justice at all other than that I look forward to seeing when and if there will be a second book

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    I absolutely LOVED this book It was one that was interesting, warm and makes me want to be a kinder, caring and better person It s a love story that takes detours along the way with some interesting and some funny I love a good romance and this one was lovely Thank you Gary R Hope You are an amazing writer and storyteller and I look forward to reading of your books

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and will review once I ve read it.

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    There is something quite beguiling about the way Gary R Hope seduces you into this story and baits you with his main character If you find yourself wondering if you should keep readingdo.

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