Capital and the Common Good

Capital and the Common Good Despite Social And Economic Advances Around The World, Poverty And Disease Persist, Exacerbated By The Mounting Challenges Of Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Political Conflict, Mass Migration, And Economic Inequality While Governments Commit To Addressing These Challenges, Traditional Public And Philanthropic Dollars Are Not Enough Here, Innovative Finance Has Shown A Way Forward By Borrowing Techniques From The World Of Finance, We Can Raise Capital For Social Investments Today Innovative Finance Has Provided Polio Vaccines To Children In The DRC, Crop Insurance To Farmers In India, Pay As You Go Solar Electricity To Kenyans, And Affordable Housing And Transportation To New Yorkers It Has Helped Governmental, Commercial, And Philanthropic Resources Meet The Needs Of The Poor And Underserved And Build A Sustainable And Inclusive Prosperity Capital And The Common Good Shows How Market Failure In One Context Can Be Solved With Market Solutions From Another An Expert In Securitization Bundles Future Development Aid Into Bonds To Pay For Vaccines Today An Entrepreneur Turns A Mobile Phone Into An Array Of Financial Services For The Unbanked And Policy Makers Adapt Pay For Success Models From The World Of Infrastructure To Human Services Like Early Childhood Education, Maternal Health, And Job Training Revisiting The Successes And Missteps Of These Efforts, Georgia Levenson Keohane Argues That Innovative Finance Is As Much About Incentives And Sound Decision Making As It Is About Money When It Works, Innovative Finance Gives Us The Tools, Motivation, And Security To Invest In Our Shared Future I am glad that I have finally gotten to finish this book Though I felt like I skimmed through the last few pages Keohane presents the case for innovative finance in a very digestible manner and backs up her arguments with plenty of current case studies both from the developed and developing countries I have to admit that I was pretty excited to see very relatable examples such as Mpesa and Kiva educational loans for Strath University students Overall, I think that it was a pleasant read which I will keep referring to over and over again.This book would be perfect for anyone interested in Development Finance and Economics 101.

Georgia Levenson Keohane is a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, where she works on a range of issues in economic policy, including poverty and inequality, employment and job growth, and social entrepreneurship and the role of firms in society Keohane s career has bridged the private and nonprofit sectors A former McKinsey consultant and foundation executive, she advises a number of organization

☉ Capital and the Common Good  PDF / Epub ❤ Author Georgia Levenson Keohane –
  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
  • Capital and the Common Good
  • Georgia Levenson Keohane
  • 13 February 2019
  • 9780231178020

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