Friday the Rabbi Slept Late

Friday the Rabbi Slept LateThis is the first in the Rabbi Small mystery series and it was charming In the course of the book, we learn a little Talmudic law and become acquainted with what a rabbi is and does and learn differences between Judaism and other religions A really good mystery and an extremely tolerant police chief round out this delightful book I look forward to readingbooks in this series. Aww, cool, it s a midcentury whodunit like all those Christies I love, only, CENTERING JEWS which I was very in the mood for since with all of Christie s good qualities, she does have some ickiness about us in one or two books I loved how it was a puzzle mystery, right up my alley, and FULL of suspects The detective is a young rabbi with a passion for Talmudic justice, which is itself sort of a puzzle mystery, isn t it You see who he is right from the beginning, since it opens with him having to solve a very modern dispute between two temple members, formerly friends, which he chooses to do with ancient logic that works out pretty well.The mystery itself, as I said, has tons of suspects and some really convincing red herrings.Some warnings if you decide to dip your toes in some of the chapters nearest the end feature some anti Semitism that the community is suffering because the mystery hasn t been solved yet It ll be okay, just know that it s there so it doesn t catch you by surprise like it did me Additional TW homicide of pregnant woman. Rabbi David Small, The New Leader Of Barnard S Crossing S Jewish Community, Can T Even Enjoy His Sabbath Without Things Getting Stirred Up In A Most Unorthodox Manner It Seems A Young Nanny Has Been Found Strangled, Less Than A Hundred Yards From The Temple S Parking Lot And All The Evidence Points To The Rabbi Add To That The Not So Quiet Rumblings Of His Disgruntled Congregation, And You Might Say Our Inimitable Hero Needs A Miracle From A Higher Source To Save Him n m g kezd krimi olvas vagyok, gy n zz tek el nekem, hogy b ven az tlag f l csillagoztam De h t ha egyszer olyan aranyos a t rt net M r a gyilkoss got lesz m tva, persze Kerestem egy k nyvet, ami hangulat ban kicsit zsid , de m gis k nnyed, utaz sra r hangol , k zben lefoglal , rep l n, buszon olvashat s f lretehet.Na ezeket a krit riumokat j l teljes tette.Mit bb, a sorozat tov bbi r szeihez is kedvet adott, sz val j n m g az n utc mba Small rabbi First, even those who don t think much of mysteries may well like this book Indeed, this entire series is a pleasant read Rabbi David Small finds himself in a nasty situation as this book opens He s a bit of a scholarly type, and he doesn t necessarily do what other rabbis do in terms of easily mixing with other congregations in the community As a result, the members of his temple question whether he should be reinstated when his contract is out at the end of the high holy days in September He s quite sure he s about to be ousted, and he prepares to begin the search for a new position In the meantime, young Elsbeth, Bleech, a nanny in the employ of a nightclub owner and his wife, is murdered hours after she learns she s pregnant Her body is dumped in the temple yard and her handbag is found the next day in poor Rabbi Small s car Clearly, this lovable thoughtful rabbi needs whatever kind of miracle he can get to save him In the end, it s his love of the Talmud and his own thoughtful detective work that makes the difference If you re unfamiliar with the gentle, thoughtful, philosophical Rabbi Small, you re missing a great literary friend.This is a super short read, and it s very well written All of the characters are people you will quickly come to appreciate, and the ending isn t necessarily one you ll see coming For those who want a nice clean mystery devoid of strong language and sexual descriptions, this may well be your kind of book As for me, I hope to visit Rabbi Small and his synagogue filled with its fascinating characters again in the not too distant future. After seeing on Bookbub thatwas offering this on Kindle for 1.99, I decided to purchase What a great find The storytelling was excellent and I learned some things about the Jewish religion I ll definitely download the next in the series I ve always enjoyed this series, and have decided to read them all again Rabbi Small has always been one of my favorite characters It may have something to do with this being the first adult mystery I ever read You know, something other than the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew.In terms of sub genre, I m tempted to classify this one as just about a cozy With the obvious differences that the main characters are male, it s set in New England, and religion figures heavily in the book The plot is pretty simple what makes the book is the characterizations and the little subplots of temple life The religious discussions between Rabbi Small Jewish, obviously and Chief Lanigan Roman Catholic are also a big part of the book s charm In fact, I enjoyed Kemelman s book Conversations with Rabbi Small for that very reason Published in 1964, it s somewhat dated today, but that s just another reason I like it.This is one of the two mystery series I like to read again and again, along with Joseph Hansen s Dave Brandstetter series I would very much recommend it to anyone who likes well crafted mysteries with a touch of religion, and enjoys early 60 s nostalgia. A brisk and interesting read, the mystery was less compelling then the setting The one question I had was when exactly this was supposed to be set, I guess the 1950s It was one of those books where everyone was vaguely likable, had their quirks, and were basically genial even though murder was involved Kind of a like a Jewish The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency Out of an entirely random find at the library, I ve found a great little mystery series The charm of this book was not so much in the mystery itself, which was middling, but in the Jewish culture portrayed and explained and in the character of Rabbi Small, who is a naive but clever intellectual with out of the box solutions to Temple matters and murder mysteries. 2019 reread I very much enjoyed rereading this first Rabbi Small mystery despite the fact that I suddenly remembered who the murderer was halfway through Now finally on to the next book in the series.2015 review of library hardcover edition 1964 edition 4 stars.I had been vaguely aware of this series before but hadn t paid it much attention until I was introduced to the Guardian newspaper s list of 1000 Novels Everyone Should Read and found this first book of the series in the Crime section I am so glad that I finally read this I found the rabbi David Small very likeable, although he played a smaller part in the story than I expected The relationship between the Catholic chief of police and the Jewish rabbi promises to be an ongoing pleasure I hadn t realized until I started reading this that it was set in Massachusetts, which as a MA native is a plus for me The mystery itself was excellently crafted The pointers to the culprit were there yet the revelation of who it was still surprised me even though I had noticed one of the biggest clues.

Harry Kemelman was an American mystery writer and a professor of English He was the creator of one of the most famous religious sleuths, Rabbi David Small.His writing career began with short stories for Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine featuring New England college professor Nicky Welt, the first of which, The Nine Mile Walk , is considered a classic The Rabbi Small series began in 1964 with the

[Epub] ❤ Friday the Rabbi Slept Late By Harry Kemelman –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Friday the Rabbi Slept Late
  • Harry Kemelman
  • English
  • 11 March 2019
  • 9780743434874

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