Serpentine Nathan Morrell Is One Of The Foremost Designers Of Thrill Rides, And For Him The Occupation Is Much Than Just A Career It S An Undeniable Passion Today Is A Proud Day Indeed The Inaugural Circuit Of Nathan S Latest Creation, The World S Newest And Most Thrilling Rollercoaster, Is An Event That Has Been Long Awaited The Anticipation Of The Very First Ride Of The Black Mamba Has Created A Buzz In The State Of Virginia For Politicians, The Public, The Favoured First Riders, And For Nathan S Company, Flying Machines IncBut This Event Is Also Being Watched With Interest By Others People Lurking In The Shadows Who See The Black Mamba As A Means To An End There Is A Spine Tingling Truth At Stake That Involves Much Than Just A Mere Ride At An Amusement Park A Truth That Is Intended To Remain SecretSerpentine Is An Intoxicating Thriller That Takes A Page Right Out Of Today S Headlines And Then It Takes Those Headlines One Page Further, Right To The Edge Of An Ominous And Imminent Crisis That Threatens The World As We Know It

Author of seven books, currently working on the eighth.Retired executive, former Chief Operating Officer of a large national company Currently serves as a Director on several corporate boards.Two sons, two grandsons.Lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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    Nate has a talent for creating terrifying rollercoasters This book opens with the release of his latest creation, the Black Mamba But for the first time in his life, one of Nate s innovative designs fail him and 24 people die in a horrific crash Shelby remains the sole survivor thanks to her wits and Nate s quick response What follows is an intriguing and complex mystery Shelby knows exactly what happened on the ride Nate knows he has tested the rollercoaster beforehand So what went wrong I enjoyed this book immensely however there were several mention of physics and engineering terms that, while related to the book, I found them incredibly boring Apart from that I found this book great It s a compelling thriller that proves how you really can trust no one.

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    In Peter Parkin and Alison Darby s Serpentine, this thriller will take you on a fast paced thrill ride Nathan Morrell is the head of Flying Machines Inc., and had designed Serpentine, a brand new roller coaster for Adventureland On the day of the reveal, something s going awfully wrong when 25 people died Beyond his shock and awe, he couldn t believe his eyes and rescued the lone survivor From peer pressure from the brass to file a lawsuit to the NTSB s involvement, they discovered what people would take to cover up a secret in terms of sabotage and foul play While it brought Shelby and Nathan together as a couple, it brought them in terms of who would try to thing of something so heinous and sinister in the end with a shocking fallout.

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    Serpentine was an interesting book Not per say one I enjoyed But interesting It is a thriller that brings a large number of widespread conspiracy theories into play I think that is what turned me off.

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    Rollercoaster of a read with scary truths about the world we live in Would highly recommend for anyone that likes mystery thrillers, fast pace

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    I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book races along helter skelter like the Black Mamba rollercoaster that is its subject There are some moments of almost calm before the next hill is topped, and then a vertiginous plummet down the next piece of track as the fate of Flying Machines spins out of control again I never go on rollercoasters and after reading this book and watching Final Destination 3 I never will I don t see this as a spoiler, as you cannot put a rollercoaster in the centre of a story and then not have an accident So it is really no surprise when it all goes horribly pear shaped The real surprise is how and why the accident happened, especially as Nathan s Flying Machine company prides itself on its high quality engineering and safety record Nathan and his two best friends and colleagues, Tom and Ron, are at a loss to understand it, and no one is making it easy for them None of the normal rules seem to apply, and someone is obviously orchestrating a cover up Again, why The book doesn t mention JFK or the supposedly fake moon landing, but all the other great conspiracy theories are there In a country where no one trusts the government, and where there is a plethora of shady security agencies, it is only to be expected that a new dastardly conspiracy will be conceived The story line deftly straddles the line between reality and fantasy If you like your thrillers firmly anchored in the real world, this may not be for you, but you would be missing out on a whale of a good ride The prose isn t always the best, and some of the situations are verging on the really incredible But, if you are willing to suspend your disbelief, and some literary criticism, you will be amazed at what a wonderful and compelling thriller this is, to keep conspiracy theorists and thriller aficionados alike enthralled

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    I got this ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Serpentine is one of the most original thrillers I ve ever read The dramatic opening caught my attention and it was held all the way to the final page Serpentine is unlike any thrillers I ve ever read which usually involve a serial killer, lone murderers or crazed stalkers Serpentine is very different than the usual thriller fare for all the good reasons This thriller has all the elements of a great read political espionage, conspiracy theories, shady men in suits making ominous threats, blackmail, murder and dodgy secret agencies acting suspiciously My head was full of questions as I read this highly original thriller One question would be answered then I would read two page and have another fifteen questions And another twenty Then a couple Serpentine gave me the right kinds of chills There are some pretty dark moments in the book but these moments are executed so well my jaw literally hit the floor.I d highly recommend Serpentine for someone who wants a great thriller offering something different and original.

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    Begin with the ultimate thrill ride, throw in every conspiracy theory of the last few decades, and then cap it all off with a mysterious group planning the ultimate disaster The Black Mamba is the greatest roller coaster to ever be built in the great state of Virginia For Nathan, it s even excellent because the coaster is not only new and thrilling, it is also his own design All will go well or so everyone thought.Serpentine is almost liken to a creature feature for me, the creature being the epic metal monster that seems to gain a mind of its own and the epic suspense built around it I loved every scary detail in this story from the shadowy figures planning disaster, to our hero trying to solve exactly why things happened the way they do If you love Conspiracy theories of just need a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is definitely for you.

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    Serpentine by Peter Parkin and Alison Darby is a wonderful thriller with a world threatening conspiracy theory twist included Exciting from opening to close.Combine the excitement of a super roller coaster and all of the technology that goes into creating it with secretive and dangerous conspiracies and you have a thrill ride that beats any physical roller coaster While the large scale threats keep your mind working the detail given to describing each scene makes your heart race Make sure you know what your target heart rate is and remember to breathe.I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good thriller, especially techno thrillers and conspiracy thrillers The story is exciting and the characters are well developed.Reviewed from an ARC made available by the publisher via NetGalley.

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    Serpentine Peter Parkin and Alison Darby Serpentine, a thing in the shape of a winding curve or line, coiled and twisted like a snake In this case it s a Roller coaster named the Black Mamba The book cover says it all and once you get on this ride you will not be able to get off until the end It s that good The thrills start with the Black Mamba disaster Written with such vivid prose that you can almost hear the screams and feel the terror as the coaster jumps the tracks and plummets to the ground.This is just the first few pages it gets better as Nate and his company try to discover how and why the accident could have happened This book will have you gripped with it s quick paced action until the last page.

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    Who would think a story about a roller coaster could be so involved in government conspiracy This is a fantastic thriller that starts with a thrilling ride on a roller coaster doomed to failure and the tragic death of passengers The ride s designer Nathan Morrell is certain his creation was not at fault and is determined to find out why he and his company is being made into scapegoats It is always a certainty that when the NSA is involved things will get nasty and the authors make good capital on this producing a riveting ride, almost as thrilling as being on the Black Mamba ride itself The whole package is made even better by the easy to read style that flows smoothly and keeps you entertained throughout.

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