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Charles Rex Do you need a second opinion on this book Visit and explore OceanPearl Books endeavors to bring book reviewers child and adult , authors, books and in one place And it s all for Free OceanPearl Books Book ReviewNot being a family man, Charles Rex travels widely and to some point aimlessly On his last night in Italy, he rescues a small boy from a beating by his employer What leads thereafter is an entanglement of duty, loyalty, love and honor bound marriages.I only have reservations about Dell s characterization of Charles Rex She often defines his features as that of a monkeys Rather, puts a damper on the hero s image.This book is available for FREE at 4.5 5 A fun romp from the 20s. I read the original version of this book, not the condensed, and I was blown away It s such an emotional read, so poignant and deep, it made my heart bleed for all the characters were going through Charles is one of my all time favorite heroes of literature now Swoooon.He s the typical good looking tortured hero, brought to his knees by a girl who is as innocent as she is hurt by life When they first meet she is dressed as a boy, and stowed away on his ship illegally, in order to escape her abuser Mystery and romance ensue Gosh, I just love everything about this book WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE On a side note, I ll tell you where it has been all my life.I read recently you can see it on my feed my favorite author s biography, Georgette Heyer s life story In the book it was mentioned that Ethel Dell was one of the main influences of GH s writing Now this is where is gets tricky.Anyone read These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer Yes DId you love it Are you still in love with it Is it your favorite book, the best one you ve ever read Well, it was my favorite up to now I mean, it still is, but reading Charles Rex, I made a very VERY disturbing realization.Read no further if you don t want your favorite author knocked off her pedestal who would want it, though lol Well, here is the sad truth These Old Shades is a copy, almost word for word, of this book, Charles Rex GH, poor soul, wasn t just inspired by it, as Jennifer Kloester puts it She just copied it, and changed the names That s it It s the exact same book, only set in another time, with minor differences in plot.I mean, Charles even calls Toby Mignone and enfant And the plot is the exact same thing He rescues a young, poor boy, from his abuser, only to find out the boy is a young woman and then proceed to fall desperately in love with her, even though he knows he s not good enough for a pure girl like her I love that plotline, it s so delicious, but aaaargh this was SO frustrating And I have to say, much as I love GH, it was quite refreshing to read the original story, and to find out the original idea before it was stolen or copied or whatever It was better than These Old Shades in many aspects I still love Georgette, of course, but this was such a surprising discovery As soon as I got over my disappointment at my favorite author, however, I was able to enjoy the story and the writing, which is so poignant and deep, and not at all sappy or cheesy It has so much fine humor and wit, and so much depth in its depictions of the various aspects of human nature and relationships, that it s now one of my favorite books ever I m just sad that it s out of print If you can find it, read it I guarantee you ll want to reread it many times I know I do. I m not sorry I love all of her books Aside from one other author, she is my favourite This one I couldn t put down Ethel never runs out of ideas that are new and exciting. Buddy read with TweetyThis is the story of a wastrel who stows away on a yacht dressed as a boy, the mystery surrounding her and eventual romance.Tweety enjoyed this than I did, I m sure that my having to read this in tired snatches started a new job didn t help It s pleasant but I was looking forsomething And the female character irritated me I was hoping I would warm to her over the course of the story but I never really did But don t go by me Read Tweety s review when she writes it and make a informed choice. This was splendiferous It reminded me a bit of Ethel M Dell s short story Rosa Mundi, and a bit of Georgette Heyer s These Old Shades, both of which I loved, but this mixes the two and gives both a new feel and I loved it Real review to come soon Ethel May Dell Was A British Writer Of Popular Romance Novels Who Produced About Thirty Novels And Several Volumes Of Short Stories Her Stories Are Often Full Of Passion And Love And Are Set In India And Other British Colonial Possessions She Worked On Her First Novel, The Way Of An Eagle, For Several Years, Until It Was Finally Published In The Public Loved It And The Book Was Hugely Popular Her Other Works Include The Bestselling Greatheart , The Bars Of Iron And Hundredth Chance When Published In , Greatheart Proved Enormously Popular And Its Popularity Grew Over The Following Years According To The New York Times It Was The Bestselling Novel In The United States In

Ethel M Dell 2 August 1881 19 September 1939 was a British writer of over 30 popular romance novels and several short stories from 1911 to 1939.Ethel May Dell was born on 2 August 1881 in Streatham, a suburb of London, England Her father was a clerk in the City of London and she had an older sister and brother Her family was middle class and lived a comfortable life Ethel Dell was a very s

[PDF] ✅ Charles Rex By Ethel M. Dell –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Charles Rex
  • Ethel M. Dell
  • English
  • 10 January 2018
  • 9780553115604

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