Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Own It

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Own ItIn This Season Finale Story Arc, The Team Is Splintered Literally And Metaphorically After A Confrontation With The Soul Glutton And The Mistress As Buffy Searches For Ways To Bring The Team Back Together, Insecurities Plague Her Budding Relationship With Spike Seems Like A Great Time For A New Big Bad To Make A Move To Capture The Vampyr Book And Rewrite The Rules Of Magic When The Stakes Grow Perilous, Buffy Must Trust In Herself To Make The Right Choice And Bear The Burden Of Protecting The Book From The Monsters Who Wish To Abuse ItCollects Buffy Season Another winner why Because it s Christos Gage, and I love him I don t know if this completes season 10, but it felt like closure, and it was very satisfying When it looked like they would tread some well worn paths, they surprised me with something different I m excited to see where this goes next and really hoping Gage stays on as writer. This is the finishing volume for season 10 so several story threads are tired up together As expected Buffy and Spike broke up, but they are still dating and somewhat together We ll see Dawn was able to get herself and Xander back home again The Vampire book was stolen and by the end of the volume, they are finally able to get the book back D Hoffryn made a good villain I actually enjoyed this issue and most of the season There are two seasons left, but they have few volumes, so I m just about done I m going to finish this up I think there are 3 volumes left I m ready for a good ending I have fun reading these and it s nice to see the characters carry on The Buffy verse is a whole lot of fun and I enjoy visiting this world. The first season of the comics that is good enough to have been a season of the TV show Gage mixes in humor, action, and the feels into his stories to great effect Rebekah Isaacs makes the comic look better than it ever has before Her art is slightly cartoonish with lots of dynamic action and characters easily recognizable from the show I m glad to hear the creative team is sticking around for season 11. Read as single issues The final storyline for Season 10 of Buffy sees you guessed it everything go wrong Dawn and Xander are in another dimension Buffy and Spike aren t sure where their relationship stands Buffy and Willow are on the outs Giles isn t dealing very well with being a twelve year old again In fact, the only person doing fine is Andrew which I think might be one of the first signs of the Apocalypse.Into that mess strolls D Hoffryn, and where he goes, trouble follows The Vampyr book and the Magic Council that have formed the back bone of this volume come into play too, and it takes everything Buffy and her friends have to overcome their problems and save the day It s very much punch the sky levels of awesome when everything comes together, and it s great to see that even after all these years, these characters can change and grow, and face problems that they haven t seen before.The only disappointing storyline I think was Ghost Anya, who I thought was going to turn out to be another character from the Buffyverse, but it takes a different tactic instead.Rebekah Isaacs pencils the entirety of this volume, and like Georges Jeanty before her, her extensive time with the Buffy and Angel characters has proven time and time again that she s a great fit for this series Characters look like their original actors, but with enough of a twist to differentiate from the two mediums, and the action sequences are intense After another successful season, it s no wonder Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs are on tap for Season 11 too.

Chris Gage is a writer for comic books and television.

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  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Own It
  • Christos Gage
  • English
  • 13 January 2019
  • 9781506700342

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