The Lady Who Saw Too Much (Soul Survivor, #2)

The Lady Who Saw Too Much (Soul Survivor, #2) Cursed With Prophetic Visions And Desperate To Atone For A Death She Could Have Prevented, Gianna York Swears She Will Never Again Ignore The Chance To Save A Life When She Is Hired By Landen Elmsworth To Serve As Companion To His Sister, Gia Repeatedly Sees The Image Of Her Employer S Lifeless Corpse Floating In Misty Lake As Subsequent Visions Reveal Details, Gia Soon Realizes Her Best Chance To Save This Difficult Man Is By Becoming His WifeAt First, Landen Elmsworth Believes The Fetching Miss York Might Be Right For A Meaningless Dalliance, But He Grossly Underestimates Her Capacity For Cunning And Soon Finds Himself Bound Until Death To A Woman He May Never Be Able To Trust Yet In The Dark Of Their Bedroom They Discover An Undeniable Passion And A Capacity To Forge Their Own Destiny The Lady Who Saw Too Much by Thomasine Rappold was the second book in the Soul Survivor series Gianna Gia York has to leave her position at the Troy Female Academy she should not have told the headmistress the truth Thankfully, Gia is offered the position as companion to Miss Alice Elmsworth Alice is twenty years old and painfully shy Alice hates going out in public to parties, dances, and dinners When Gia is handed Landen J Elmsworth card, she immediately gets a vision of his death Gia is determined to never let another person die if she can help it because her parents refused to let her pursue a vision or warn the family and Prudence Alber died Gia and Landen are immediately attracted to each other Landen tries to steer clear of Gia, because he does not wish to commit because of an incident with a woman One night Gia is trying to find something personal of Landen s to get a vision and is in his bedroom Landen returns early and the two end up kissing she is in her nightclothes and he a blanket They are caught in this comprising position by Landen s Aunt Clara Aunt Clara is going to send Gia away until Gia mentions that she should stay around at least a month just in case Gia is determined to save Landen s life Aunt Clara insists that the two of them marry Landen feels that Gia had this goal in mind all along and is furious Can Gia save Landen s life Would he believe her if she told him about her visions Is there any hope for their marriage with such a difficult beginning Join us in Misty Lake for the summer to see if Gia succeeds in saving Landen and getting Alice out of her shell.The Lady Who Saw Too Much was acceptable, but it could have been so much I found too much of the book is devoted to the attraction between Gia and Landen I wanted of the paranormal elements I ended up skimming through the many pages that describe how handsome he is, her lovely lips, the curve of her neck, the kissing, intimate bedroom scenes, and It just went on and on I ended up skimming through these pages The last half of the book was significantly better The story starts to progress finally into the mystery who was going to kill Landen and how Gia can save him I give The Lady Who Saw Too Much 3 out of 5 which means it was okay satisfactory I just felt that the writer could have made this a great novel it had so much potential Instead we get an expected historical, romance novel While this is the second book in the series, it can be read alone If you have not read the first book, it will not hinder your reading The Lady Who Saw Too Much the first book or the characters are not mentioned in this novel I received a complimentary copy of The Lady Who Saw Too Much from NetGalley in exchange for an honest evaluation of the book. The Lady Who Saw Too Much is the second book in the Soul Survivor series by Thomasine Rappold Although part of a series it can easily be read as a stand alone novel.The story is about a woman, Gianna York Since an accident where she nearly died when she was a child, she has been gifted with prophetic visions Although she doesn t feel gifted because her parents believe she is insane and made plans for her to be admitted into an asylum She runs away and after a short stint working in a school for young ladies, she ends up being hired as a companion to a shy young debutante She has a vision that the young woman s brother is going to die, and she is determined to use her gift for good, and make sure that the death doesn t happen.The man in question is Landon Elmsworth, a single man with no intention to marry because of the worry that his mother s insanity could show in any children he has He loves his family dearly and hopes very much that his sister s new companion will bring her out of her shell and enable her to begin a courtship with a man worthy of her It s a true bonus for him when he finally meets Gianna and finds her infinitely attractive.He doesn t find her so attractive though when an innocent misunderstanding, albeit one that would have led to something less innocent, has her lying to his aunt, and has them betrothed to each other What he doesn t know is that his aunt would have thrown Gia out if it was just a case of being caught kissing, it was only quick thinking on Gia s part in order to make sure she wasn t thrown out that got her saying they had sex and she could be with child It s all she could think of to make sure she could stay in the house and stop Landon s death from happening.Of course Landon is furious with her, but he s not concerned about her reasons to trap him when they are in bed together because they are perfectly matched sexually It s the fact that he can t trust her that makes him hold back any true feelings for her Gia wants to tell him so badly why she had to lie, but thinks he will want to send her to an insane asylum too, so she has to keep quiet Will her secret come out, will she be able to stop his death, will they have their happily ever after This book was wonderful to read, the romance and the passion between the main characters was believable, and the passionate scenes weren t too descriptive at all Watching Alice, the young debutante come into her own thanks to Gia was difficult to read at times because she was so awkward, but as things progressed, it was a pleasure to read There was drama, excitement, a missing child, kidnapping, death threats, plus an actual death too, and during it all we learn about our hero and heroine and can t help but love them This is one of those books that you just don t want to put down.There is mention in the book, of a woman who is a healer, and apparently she is the subject of the first book in the series There is an excerpt from her story at the end of the book I read it, and am definitely going to be buying the book I am sure it will be just as good as this one and I can t wait to read it.I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I received the ebook in exchange for an honest review.This is the story about Gia She has vision and no one accepts this They all think she is crazy When she gets a vision about a guy that s gone be murdered, she knows she has to save him I loved the way how she kept fighting and trying to convince others from her sanity It is a beautifully written, quick paced story. The Lady Who Saw Too Much is a supernatural historical romance set in the town of Misty Lake and is the second book in the Soul Survivor series I read this story without reading the first in the series and didn t miss anything It can be read as a standalone though the main protagonists of the first title make a brief appearance towards the end First of all, I m using the term supernatural loosely to describe this book If you consider supernatural to include prophetic visions, then yes, the term applies Gianna York, known as Gia to friends and family, is capable of seeing the future At first, the visions appear unbidden when she least expects them but over the course of the story, she learns that she could prompt them Driven by the vision of a man lying facedown in a creek, Gia decides to do whatever it takes to save his life including becoming his wife But unfortunately for this couple, Gia s lies haunts them both, making it difficult for Landen to trust her and the story revolves around how they overcome these challenges and learn to trust and love each other As for the mystery villain, there were several red herrings along the way I suspected Maude Devenshire and Mr Whithers in the beginning but eventually realised who the real villain is at the start of Chapter 25. Really liked this book set in 1880s New York Gia was part of a terrible accident when she was younger where her two brothers died and she was very close to dying As a result of that, she now sees visions of things that will happen in the future I loved the paranormal elements in this book as it was presented as something to be hidden as others would think Gia was insane if they found out When Gia sees a vision of her new employer, Landen, being murdered, she is determined to do anything she can to save him Things don t go as planned in her attempts and Landen and Gia find themselves shoved together, with Landen basically blaming Gia for everything that goes wrong The one thing I didn t like is how cruel Landen could be to Gia sometimes, although he did apologize This is apparently the second in the series but I don t think the books really intersect except for taking place in the same town in New York I will definitely look to read by this author. 3.5 Greatly enjoyed the book and series I find I like this author very much All her stories have a touch of the paranormal without being cheesy or unbelievable. This series has easily become one of my favourites I call these treat reads because they contain a dash of everything that I love romance, gothic vibes, sexual tension, hea, and I hope Thomasine writes another trilogy similar to the Soul Survivor because these books are re read worthy Gianna has visions, she can sometimes see into the future She once failed to help someone and is determined to prevent that from ever happening again That is why she doesn t hesitate when she has the chance to accept a job working as someone s companion She knows something bad is going to happen to the person who is in charge of the household and this time Gianna won t be powerless, she will save the person from her vision.Gianna is supposed to bring Alice out of her shell Alice doesn t have any friends and she prefers spending time in her beloved garden over any kind of social event Alice s brother Landen is worried about his sister and thinks Gianna might be the solution to Alice s problem However, Gianna hasn t accepted the job to help Alice, she s there for Landen To make sure he survives she has to trick him and before they both know it they re united While there aren t any problems in the bedroom department the same can t be said about the rest of their time together Will Gianna s plan eventually work or has she bitten off than she can chew The Lady Who Saw too Much is a wonderful intriguing story about a woman who can look into the future Gianna sees important and sometimes dangerous things that are going to take place After she failed one person she promised herself she will never let it happen again That s why she tricks Landen It isn t her intention to do something to him that has permanent consequences, but she doesn t regret her decision to keep him safe Their complex relationship and mutual attraction is a fun element of the story Landen is a kind man who likes to protect and wants to be in control Sometimes that means he takes decisions for other people With Gianna things are the other way around, which is quite entertaining I really enjoyed reading about their game of pushing and pulling, it is both sexy and amusing.Thomasine Rappold s heroines have interesting gifts The historical time frame and countryside setting she s chosen are perfect for the kind of stories she writes I loved reading her colorful descriptions of society and her main character s personalities The beautiful and peaceful surroundings they call home versus the complex struggle to be accepted is a fascinating topic for a series The main characters have good hearts and are kind to others, but they are lonely because nobody appreciates what they can do They do prevail in fantastic ways though and I love the surprising twists and turns of the stories The Lady Who Saw too Much is another amazing The Sole Survivors book.

A three time RWA Golden Heart nominee, Thomasine Rappold writes historical romance and historical romance with paranormal elements She lives with her husband in a small town in upstate New York that inspired her current series When she s not spinning tales of passion and angst, she enjoys spending time with her family, fishing on one of the nearby lakes, and basking on the beach in Cape Cod Tho

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