Injection, Volume 2

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Warren Ellis is the award winning writer of graphic novels like TRANSMETROPOLITAN, FELL, MINISTRY OF SPACE and PLANETARY, and the author of the NYT bestselling GUN MACHINE and the underground classic novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN The movie RED is based on his graphic novel of the same name, its sequel having been released in summer 2013 His graphic novel GLOBAL FREQUENCY is in development at Jerry

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  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • Injection, Volume 2
  • Warren Ellis
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9781632157201

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    I love this series, and I was delighted to find that the second volume was out A lot of Ellis s series, for some reason, seems to just last long enough to show up in one trade paperback then it stops If anything, I think I enjoyed this second volume even than the first, it puts a different character in the spotlight, and he s every bit as facinating as the ones we met early on.Very worth your time, especially if you re into folklore and non superhero comics.

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    The Injection is a massive rogue artificial machine learning system that is operating uncontrolled somewhere in the ether Detective Vivek Headland and his colleagues, who created Injection, are trying to find it while another group, Rubedo, are trying to capture it, believing it s the Philosopher s Stone But what does a stolen ghost and a slab of human bicep meat have to do with it The Moon Knight creative team of Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire continue to produce an interesting but mystifying story with Injection Volume 2 That said I found the second book accessible than the first mostly because this one follows Detective Headland and his tough guy butler Red as they investigate the weird case of a rich dude, the ghost of his mistress, and his dead son it s still nutty but less abstract than the overarching storyline and enjoyable too Where I find Injection so bewildering is how this missing ghost cannibalism case ties into the storyline of the rogue artificial intelligence Not that I ve really understood what the storyline there is anyway why was the Injection created and what s it trying to do is it good or bad But it isn t just that, there are other baffling scenes like Vivek s sex scene where he changes partners and locations with each panel whuuh There s also a sequence where Vivek appears at different times in history is he immortal Vivek also spends several pages trying to convince Robin Morel to join the Breaker s Yard whatever that is for some reason Robin s also got a kinda lightsaber weapon Uh pulped brain starts pouring out of my ears The book is a little overwritten for what it is odd, highly paid people talking about doing inscrutable things while Vivek plays Sherlock Holmes to an investigation that doesn t really go anywhere or add up to anything there s so much talking and the reader is left none the wiser on what s happening It s a slow moving read and quite unengaging for the most part despite Ellis trademark salty quips thrown in Declan Shalvey s art is quite good though and Jordie Bellaire s colours are excellent as always lots of definition, very cool veneer Injection is a sophisticated Scooby Doo type mystery comic that s borderline incomprehensible if that sounds appealing to you, have at it Even die hard Ellis fans like myself though are going to have a hard time finding stuff to like in this series.

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    This book was a treat to read, for the mind as well as for the eyes Leave it to Warren Ellis to come up with wacky characters and plots seasoned with equal parts occult and technology, but what is by far one of his strong points is the dialogue and those hilarious one liners deadpan style, of course The back and forth between the different characters, whether main or supporting ones, is really something Shalvey s pencils are crisp and full of detail, while Bellaire s colour work remains excellent throughout This is one art team I want to see of The Injection the rogue artificial learning system is evolving and it will be interesting to see how The Five of the CCCU Cultural Cross Contamination Unit will deal with it Injection is a well written, beautifully illustrated and yes, okay, unconventional series that was intriguing after its first volume, and shows a lot of promise after this strong second volume Well done, guys I m in.

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    This volume focuses on Vivek Headland, a blatant Sherlock Holmes ripoff, as he takes a case of a financier whose picture of his lover and his son has been stolen and is having sex with the ghost of his lover The story is easier to follow but still contains passages that are obtuse and borderline incomprehensible Yeah, I m talking to you, weird ass sex scene It all eventually comes back to the Injection as I m sure all these stories will While the dialogue is still crackling and full of wit, the story and characters are not all that great.Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire provide some electrifying art This is the best work of their careers.

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    This is bloody excellent Give me an omnibus of this immediately This has influences of the watchmen, planetary, BPRD and the league of extraordinary gentleman It s bloody great They inject an artificial intelligence into the internet to speed up human interaction in technology, to evolve our society, but the AI has other ideas A must read.

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    Throughout the course of volume one, the ongoing question is, what is the Injection By the end of the book, we get an answer, but we were still left baffled as Warren Ellis doesn t entirely connect the dots In volume two, Ellis drifts away from the deep science of the Injection and on the crime caper antics of its creators Primarily focusing on consulting detective Vivek Headland and his faithful ex murderer manservant Red as they both plunged into the events of ghosts, human ham and alchemical conspiracies, whilst the other creators are trying to neutralise the ever growing terror.Why I found this volume accessible than the previous one is largely that Ellis is interested in the messed up characterisations of the five geniuses, particularly Vivek Headland who is a latter day Sherlock Holmes as he is rich and pompous, whilst his relationship with Red is very funny as Red is at times frustrated with his position as manservant There is a brilliant sequence in issue eight where Viv talks about human interaction, leading as a series of panels in which he s performing several sex acts with various people and suddenly it transitions to a post sex conversation with him and his three co creators.As before, Declan Shalvey shines with his artwork with a stunning realisation of New York with its sense of style and grit To show that Viv is a master detective in the vein of Holmes, Shalvey provides small squared panels featuring Viv s keen eye on objects and clues his work is so impressive, it makes me excited to see what he does with DC s own World s Greatest Detective Once again in the collaboration with colourist Jordie Bellaire, because the story jumps from one timeframe to another, the art does a great job at visually telling the reader when is when through subtle colouring.Although I found the previous volume disappointing, I found this to accessible with Ellis s demented wittiness towards his characters, even if the story is still overwrought with ideas including vaginal ectoplasm It ends on a weird note in terms of the Injection becoming and of a presence in our world, and yet there hasn t been any confirmation of whether the creative team will continue the story or not.

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    I vaguely recall reading that Injection was designed as a set of graphic novels rather than an ongoing series, and that s very obvious in this second collection.Whereas volume 1 introduced us to all 5 of the characters involved in the creation of the Injection, this one focuses right in on Vivek Headland as he attempts to solve a murder case involving a ghost, human ham, terrorists, and of course, the sentient Injection The other characters bubble around the peripheries, with Simeon and Brigid getting involved, whilst Maria and Robin are on the outskirts with their own stories to deal with.The genre of Injection is hard to pin down, with the Injection itself taking inspiration from its diverse creators in its antics So where before it has used supernatural means to try and learn about humans, this volume sees it take on human characteristics, and even influencing humans directly than before It s a clever detective story, punctuated with Ellis trademark sarcasm and biting wit everything Headland says is hilarious and dangerously accurate.Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire are as much a part of the storytelling as Ellis however Shalvey s style bends to whatever Ellis throws at him, and Bellaire s colour choices are always inspired it s clear to see why she s winning Eisners.Injection is not your typical Warren Ellis comic That said, I don t think there s such a thing as a typical Warren Ellis comic, come to think of it But if you liked his previous work, you ll definitely, definitely love this, and if you liked volume 1, then this is exactly what you ll want next I can t wait to see where we go next.

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    Well that was a drag It s almost like a different series with its change of focus.What Ellis did with volume 1 is basically gone with volume 2 Vivek Headland has become the main character, and really, apart from being a hyperbolically bohemian, seemingly eccentric, genuinely pretentious investigator, he s a pretty flat and boring character His monologues are dry and long winded And I just found myself wanting to see the other characters instead, because he s very much that snide weird genius character This volume almost entirely lacks action or adventure There are a few very brief firefights, deaths, and oddities, but it s mostly Vivek monologuing and dissecting the mystery of the Injection And honestly, the mystery isn t that interesting And it should be, because it involves murder, ghost sex, and non biological intelligence But Ellis drags us down with his dry industry speak and it just bored me to death I m willing to try the next volume when it comes out, but damn, Ellis better re focus Because it s a shame to waste this beautiful artwork and a potentially amazing story.

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    I am so far behind with my reviews its almost embarrassing so please be bare with me.So on to volume 2 of inject which is almost impossible to explain without giving away the storyline which to be honest is part of the appeal of this book.Let us say that an experiment happened some years ago and something unexpected and unspeakable happened wow that sounds so cliched but at the same time the beauty of it is there is nothing here which you can predict So what can I tell you there are 3 volumes so far released although I can see a considerable number coming that is if MR Ellis can find time in his busy schedule being so prolific in the comic book world But so far and this has been confirmed elsewhere each book takes in a style of a famous British character so here we have a homage to Sherlock Holmes but trust me like the vague introduction to the series it is massively off on the assumptionsSo what can I say about this story in fact the series when you break it down its very easy to dismiss it as a twist on an old tale But you would be wrong rather its a case of taking that tale and telling it in a new and modern style yes it may date it in years to come but I think for now it is new and thrilling and I for one want to see where it goes.

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