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Dream of Venice Architecture Winner, IPPY Silver Award In ArchitectureFinalist, Foreword Indies Award In ArchitectureAn Intimate Journey Through The Remarkable Venetian Urban Landscape, This Book Reveals The Architectural Features That Contribute To The Incredulity Of The Beautiful City From The Mysterious Sotoporteghi To The Complexity Of Carlo Scarpa S Immaculate Detailing Evocative Photographs Complement The Personal Reveries Contributed By Notable International Architects And Architectural Writers Who Have Been Inspired By The City And Share In Her Wonder Included Are Personal Reflections From Tadao Ando, James Biber, Mario Botta, Michele De Lucchi, Massimiliano Fuksas, Robert McCarter, Richard Murphy, Witold Rybczynski, Annabelle Selldorf, And Thomas Woltz

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  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • Dream of Venice Architecture
  • Riccardo De Cal
  • 17 February 2018
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    Dream of a book for lovers of VENICEThis is the second pictorial book in the Dream of Venice series, Here, contemporary architects and architectural writers share their personal experience of Venice Photographs to illustrate each essay are by Riccardo de Cal.A portion of the proceeds from each book will be donated to Foundation Querini Stampalia to support the architecture programme in Venice You can follow them on Twitter.In the introduction by Richard J Goy poses the question of why this glorious city was built in such an absurd location, piles driven into substrata clay, through the water, ultimately supporting terrific stone buildings that we see today In the 5th 6th Centuries small colonies started to appear when nowhere else in North Italy not that it was Italy at that point of course felt safe These tiny, compact villages, each with a campo, a parish church and a palazzo are largely the foundations we see today.Architect Frank Harmon talks about how buildings have become symbols of a city, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London St Paul s Catherdral and although Venice has La Salute and St Mark s, for him it is the ordinary house, the trattoria and workshop that form his fundamental notion of what Venice is really about.Interior designer Diana Yakeley ponders the beauty of the Hortus Conclusis at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, a tiny and perfect urban garden, that pays homage to the water and to the written word For architect Annabelle Selldorf, Venice is a wholly visceral experience where what we see is so much less than what we perceive or feel There are the delights of the little known Gianni Nicelli airport, a super example of the architecture of 1930s Italian Rationalist style the Palazzina G designed by Philippe Starck, suitably low key so that famous people can come and go with ease.Landscape architect Thomas Woltz explains that his experience of Venice altered the lens through which he sees the world, he feels he almost has an aqueous tattoo, deep within his being, that endures today It has been such a powerful experience for him This beautifully constructed book details the the fleeting forms of the city, from the tiles, the sottoporteghi, the variety of ancient and beguiling doors that are just everywhere in the city, to the haptic vascular mazes of little streets There is even mention of the 15 types of lagoon algae who knew As Rocco Yim says, he is enchanted by the city because it keeps enticing him to get lost, prompting new exploration and discovery each time And that is what makes Venice utterly unique, the grandeur, the detail and its reflective and aqueous nature.We reviewed Dream of Venice, a collection of essays and complementary photos Dream of Venice Architecture is a natural progression, featuring personal thoughts from people who who have a specialist interest in architecture The photography has a dreamy quality to it, often dark, sometimes sombre with a sulphurous hue These feel like they are the real Venice Dream of Venice, with its brighter and colourful images and diverse prose, will capture the imagination of casual reader, so I feel than Dream of Venice Architecture But I love both and so, I am sure, will you

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    The very first Dream of Venice book took my breath away and this second book delights, surprises, and seduces, yes seduces, just the same The subject is Architecture but not in the traditional sense of the word JoAnn Locktov has managed to make the often niche world of Architecture accessible to all in such a profoundly beautiful way Here we have highly personal and evocative essays by a variety of Architects and writers, who share their intimate observations, reflections, and encounters with the Architecture and urban environment of this remarkable city, simultaneously embracing its past, present, and future Many of these lyrical essays read as if we are getting a private glimpse into the writer s personal diariesAnd what can be alluring than reading a personal diary written in Venice The stunning photographs, inspired by the text, pair beautifully with the writing and show a side of the city rarely explored in other books on Venice Much like in the first book, the photographs have little or no people in them, making the reader feel as if in this moment, they have the city all to themselves I look forward to continuing my journey through this gorgeous gem of a book and to seeing the future work of Bella Figura Publications.

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    After reading the original Dream of Venice book, I was keenly interested to see in what direction this new book would go Would this book be like so many other books on Venice, focused on the same few iconic buildings I was happily surprised to find many architects, locations, sites, and details that I never knew about Venice and I ve been going there for over 20 years Riccardo De Cal s images include new looks at sites like the Salute, but also introduced me to the airport on Lido, the Olivetti shop, and other gems I had missed Some of his images, with their fog or perspective or otherworldly views, transported me to an almost mythical Venice The accompanying short essays also held gems that appealed to my memories, daydreams, and curiosity Dream of Venice Architecture surprised me over and over as it helped me see Venice in fresh ways In pulling together these writers, architects, and the photographer, JoAnn Loctov has captured both a breadth and depth of knowledge about the city.

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    I received a copy of Dream of Venice Architecture as a gift from editor JoAnn Locktov Given the sense of romance surrounding the city that exists within popular culture, I cracked the cover with certain expectations What I found was dramatically and pleasantly unexpected.This is not a glossy presentation of a generic tourist destination Dream of Venice Architecture is an examination of what architect and author Richard J Goy calls an extraordinarily complex city organism one with a history of 1,500 years How does a place with such a rich and sometimes turbulent past inspire and influence the people who design new structures How does the history of a place impact culture This is a portrait of a living, breathing city filled with both light and shadow, renewal and decay The architecture of Venice, old, new, and renewed, is magnificent The reader is given the experience of place through photography as well as the insights of architects and architectural writers who have a deep personal connection with the city her citizens call Venessia We visit a 14th Century Gothic palace, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, shops, alleyways, and lagoons We are bathed in Mediterranean light, swallowed by fog, and immersed in the darkest night interrupted by sparkling streetlights We discover Venice is a place of texture, mystery, and nuance Dream of Venice Architecture reveals the city as a place that should be experienced slowly and thoughtfully It s not a long read, but a rich one, well worth experiencing than once.

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    If you aren t lucky enough to find yourself strolling through Venice on a wan winter day, strolling through a small calle holding the hands of a loved one, Dream of Venice Architecture is the next best thing.This beautiful book and its collage of stunning photographs and poetic prose is one that all who cherish Venice in their hearts will want to hold in their hands There are places with such beauty that can be too much too take in at once, vistas too grand for one viewing and Venice is perhaps the very paragon of fragile beauty This book, in its tapestry of majestic photos and insightful essays by knowledgeable architects and lovers of Venice, manages to distill down some of Venice s grandeur to delectable bite sized pieces.In its rich weaving together of Venice s sacred stones and inimitable style, this beautiful book is a vivid reminder that Venice is a living, breathing being, perpetually a work in progress, ever struggling to remain resplendent as it valiantly vies against nature, against man and modernity An object of ephemeral beauty that both deserves and desires love.There s a Venetian saying, Sempre crolla, ma non cade, it s always crumbling, but it never falls This book is a stunning sacrament to the idea that may it ever be so, that its beauty might be something that lasts for another fifteen centuries A reminder that if people could do this, there, then what couldn t they do

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.I didn t really enjoy Venice when I visited However, this lyrical, dreamy book of paragraphs written by people with some claim to either the city or the architecture within Venice made me want to go there again just to see if I missed the magic the first time around.

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