Perfect Family

Perfect Family Sadie Always Wanted The Perfect Family A Husband, A Son, A Dog, A House In The Suburbs For A Little While She Had It All Then After An Accident One Afternoon, Her Son Starts Acting Oddly And Displaying Strange New Abilities His New Behavior Threatens To Bring To Light A Secret That She S Been Keeping For Years Will She Be Able To Hold Her Family Together Or Will The Truth Tear Them Apart

Lovelyn Bettison writes speculative fiction with a multicultural cast.In her stories, the normal world is slightly askew, magic happens every day, and ordinary people end up in extraordinary situations Her novels explore the themes of loss, regret, and striving to be better There s almost always a love story There is definitely magic, and she likes all her ending to be the happy kind.If you wan

[Ebook] ➩ Perfect Family  ➯ Lovelyn Bettison –
  • Paperback
  • 162 pages
  • Perfect Family
  • Lovelyn Bettison
  • 22 August 2017
  • 9781523807505

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    This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader. Let me just get this out of the way, if this doesn t make you think of an episode I won t say which of Star Trek The Next Generation you re not paying attention Bettison s take on it is satisfactory, however Bettison has given us a nice little piece of Magical Realism Sadie and her husband, Kevin, have a cute little boy named Marcus, and a devoted golden retriever, Sammy All in all, it s a perfect family, a part of the perfect life that Sadie s always wanted.And then Marcus starts doing things that are beyond belief As the reader learns about what Marcus abilities are and start to wonder where those abilities come from as Kevin and Sadie are But we also start to learn that their family isn t quite as ideal as they might seem but perhaps even perfect, than Sadie realizes that makes sense to me, and will probably make sense to anyone who s read this There are parts of this book when Marcus first displays his abilities, for example that are disturbing, there s some real dark times, too In other hands, this could ve been a very different kind of book not that hopeful or anything, but borderline horror But that s not what Bettison gave us there s life and love amidst the darkness.On the one hand, I wanted detail, explanation, exploration of Marcus abilities, but I m pretty sure that if I got what I wanted, the story wouldn t work as well as it did Give this one a read, you ll be pleased Disclaimer I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received this book from a goodreads giveaway It s a lovely story Kept me guessing for some time as to what the big secret was I loved the ending

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    I liked this book, but I wanted I The story touched my heart with Sadie longing for a baby as she thought her life would be perfect and even though they tried and tried it was not meant to be Sadie Jenkins knew that Kevin wanted kids but he didn t want to adopt and she loved him so much that she set him free to find another wife who could have kids But as she stayed with her friend, Gloria, a miracle happened

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    Twists and turns that keep the reader guessing.Characters that the reader can understand and relate to.Surprise ending that makes you want to go out and hug a tree

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    This was not something I usually read It was a very short but interesting read.

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    I m not sure what I was expecting, but I m pretty sure I just read an episode of The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits Perfect Family is a paranormal contemporary quick read Sadie is a typical working mom and wife She has a great husband, Kevin, and wonderful young son, Marcus, and even a non trouble making dog For the past six years, life has been smooth and Sadie content However, it has not always been that way and it may not remain this simple much longer Sadie has been hiding a major secret regarding her son, and now she must deal with the consequences as it all comes out While I was drawn in to the story by Marcus intriguing character and abilities, it was difficult to stay involved It s a wonder Sadie and Kevin have stayed married, as both react childishly in many situations with their instinct nearly always being to run away from their problems Their reactions to the strange situation they find themselves in is surprisingly limited They only question the oddities around them for a short time, and quickly settle into an easy acceptance of something impossible Perfect Family was intriguing, but I felt it only partially delivered on high expectations set in the opening chapters The story idea is good and the characters are accessible if somewhat shallow Were this a longer work, I fear it would not have held my attention It is not, however, so that really does not matter It did hold my attention for the short duration, and it was a bearable combination of emotion driven women s lit and intriguing science fiction.

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    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewSadie has a perfect family a loving husband, an adorable son, and a devoted dog Everything s wonderful and things are just the way Sadie dreamed they would be When Marcus starts doing things that no normal human much less a toddler should be able to do, it becomes obvious that there s to this family s story than meets the eye.Perfect Family can be described using different words, peculiar being the most appropriate in my opinion At first, I felt that the author should have further explored the supernatural aspect of the story, but on second thought, it occurred to me that the story would have had to go a different way which I would not have liked much I like the fact that the pacing of the story is just right, and author managed to squeeze everything into just a few pages without it seeming like she had most of the story on fast forward There are parts of this book that struck me as a bit disturbing, especially the aspects that seemed to have no explanation attached to them but at the end of the day, I wasn t too creeped out However, I do wish I was able to form of a connection with, at least, one of the characters.Overall, Perfect Family is a fascinating tale of darkness, light, and love It s well written, and I was sucked in right till the end It also helps that it s a quick read and a welcome change from the usual books I m used to.

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    I was looking forward to read this book especially after positive reviews.For some reason, I could not warm to any of the characters.I did not like the fantasy line running through the book.Luckily we are all different but I found this book is not my cup of tea.

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    Joyful tearsSadie s love for her son Marcus is amazing, but it is overshadowed by her desire to be a mother I had no idea what turns this novel would take, but it surely surprised me.

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    Wonderfully WrittenAmazing,heart warming and heart breaking all wrapped into one This story was filled with love I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

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