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Tree Houses Reimagined NOW AVAILABLE This is a stunning book, tree houses like I could never imagine Everything from homes with all the amenities you could think of to what we typically think of when we hear of tree houses, the type we had or wished we had when we were kids only these are waaaaay upscale from anything I could have imagined.In the part of the bay area where my kids grew up, there aren t a lot of places where people can build a tree house in their back yard A back yard itself is in short supply there, these days When my daughter was little, I had a playhouse built for her, but that s as close as I ve come to saying I had a tree house When I was in New Zealand, I don t recall the name of the town, only that we were all to go hike the glacier the next day, we stayed in what they called a tree house It was nice, surrounded by trees, with a front deck of sorts Even the most plain of the tree houses in this book is much better even the children s tree houses are much better Lovely, lovely, fun, elegant, and it never hurts to dream Pub Date 28 Sept 2016Many thanks to Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., NetGalley, and to by Blue Forest E Ashley Rooney for providing me with an advanced copy for reading and review If you ever dreamed of a tree house as a child, then Tree Houses Reimagined Luxurious Retreats for Tranquility and Play by Blue Forest E Ashley Rooney has a grown up version of it for you There are a few children s houses shown but even those come with the most beautiful and enticing slides attached Still what an exquisite book with which to dream.There are treehouses for every type of environment, the bridge one was a favorite here, along with the rope ladders and slides Each one does give the impression of serene and tranquility All are actually buildings except for a few perspective ones at the end of the book It was as interesting to see where each one was located as well as the structure itself.Tree Houses Reimagined is the ultimate coffee table book Hours could be spent looking through it again and again Copy provided by the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review. I received a copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley.Ten Second Synopsis Did you have or yearn for a treehouse as a kid This book is a collection of imagination expanding treehouses featuring child like creativity and adult engineering.If you love to browse Pinterest or other sites for inspirational images, then this book will be one you ll want to pin to your coffee table for easy access The book features a diverse collection of actual treehouses from around the world although mostly in the UK that have been designed to reflect the imaginings of their owners Some look like fantasy castles with turrets, while others are designed to blend into the environment Quite a number feature those metal slippery slides of old that would take the skin off the back of your legs on a hot day The images also show the interiors of many of the treehouses, noting their special features It was quite fascinating to read about how the builders had to use special techniques to place the foundations of the treehouses without disturbing the root systems of the trees.I really wanted and expected to love this book and hoped it would fire my imagination and provide me with a warm fuzzy feeling that these places truly exist, but instead I became and irritated by the fact that the majority of these treehouses are owned by rich people and therefore beyond the reach of the average person ever to attain The further I read, the bitter I became, until by the end I was angrily swiping the pages and thinking, Keep your damn treehouses, Richie Rich If you are not as small minded and bitter an individual as I am, you ll probably enjoy this tome It also includes lots of architectural drawings and floor plans of the featured houses. I ve seen some of these treehouses before in other books about them but this book surpasses those.Because this time, the outfit that designed and built them wrote this book We get details, pictures, and best of all, the schematics of the houses Highly recommended for a trip through blissful nature dwellings and a great coffee table book for guests to enjoy as well Thanks to the publisher for the free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Enter The World Of Fairy Tale Towers, Whimsical Stairways, Crow S Nests, Zip Lines, And Suspended Rope Bridges Take Pleasure In The Details Of Hand Split Oak Shingles, Thatched Roofs, And Cedar Tongue And Groove Interiors Made Of Sustainably Sourced Materials, Blue Forest S Magical Sanctuaries Fit Snugly Between Trees And Branches Often Incorporating Them Into The Building Itself And Sit Lightly On The Land From A Child S Tree House Inside A Secret Garden To Party Venues For Teenagers And Adults, This Book Details Imaginative Tree Houses, Some Of Them Accompanied By Site Plans And Drawings Whether The Dwellings On Each Page Are Simple Or Designed To House A Spa Or Home Theatre, This Beautiful Book Will Inspire Readers To Reconsider Their Own Garden S Possibilities For Relaxation And Play Tree Houses Reimagined, Luxurious Retreats for Tranquility and Play, Blue Forest E Ashley RooneyReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre non fiction Tree houses they conjure up rustic structures, made of old bits of wood roughly nailed together by kids in the boughs of old trees don t they Well, a look at this book will certainly challenge that perception These aren t playhouses except for few very lucky kids, but structures built to blend into the landscape, intended to create a stunning contemporary retreat, or create a fairy tale structure.Its hard to find a favourite, there s so much thought gone in to them I love the ones that mimic the real tree house ideal though, ones that use imagination and create fairy tale strictures Maybe its just that living close to nature in the way Fairies etc are supposed to means that these houses can feel real to me, be places I d love to live And maybe I m just still a child of the 70 s in my heart, and a lover of all things nature and natural.I would adore to have some of these, to live in them and become part of the land Its self sufficiency made up to date, made beautiful Yes you can live in a wood cabin, work the land, survive that way, but how much satisfying to do it while living in homes like theseThey have going for them than just stunning appearance though, the whole live with nature ethic is worked in to most of them, with materials used, water, waste and energy very carefully thought out, well designed to make use of local natural features and to cause least harm to the land I ve been drooling looking through this book, just adore the places created, and wish, wish, wish I could afford something like this in my garden They aren t just kids playhouses, but places for holidays, for holding meetings one of them can hold 40 adults , to be used as a home office, or for businesses like Yoga studios, where the idea of creating a place to work from natural materials to fit in with nature and become part of the landscape is an extension of the Yogic ethos they truly are places of relaxation I ve been reading this on my Kindle Fire and that really shows the illustrations well I ve been waving it in front of visitors, friends and family for past few weeks, and making them all drool too We all agree the things created here are incredible, the thought that s gone in to each very well researched and carried out, the book is one to treasure, to inspire and to build dreams with Stars Five, a stunning, visual feast for nature lovers, inspiring creations for those talented enough to build them sadly not me I need a goodly lottery win ARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher Who, when little didn t want a tree house Freedom, a corner just for us, unavailable to everyone, where we could have put our own world Books, journals, pictures It was I remember one of my biggest desires and dreams When I read in various children s books, mostly Americans of course, of tree houses I thought Oh, if I could have one Trees houses with the time have continued to fascinate me for their peculiarity they re not common houses.When I noticed this book Tree Houses Reimagined Luxurious Retreats for Tranquility and Play written by Blue Forest E Ashley Rooney, by Schiffer Publishing Ltd I didn t hesitate a second and I asked to Netgalley to view, read and review it.Oh, it is for sure a dreaming, relaxing, wonderful, special book.It is a pleasure to me to suggest and warmly recommend you this book for a special occasion and as a precious gift to someone in love with the beauty of nature and these exclusive tree houses taken in consideration.Yes, because in this case dear reader, you mustn t imagine the old dear nice, but rudimental tree house of the past.No this ones are real luxuries estates, and I guess also very expensive, built in many places of the world, UK, AfricaSophisticated, plenty of fantasy, some of them, twenty eight in total are inspired by fairy tales, other by villages like Sleepy Hollow, other ones been built because someone requested them for creating yoga structures Exclusive places where to find some relaxation dedicated to all that people who want to restore their soul and their body after a stressing year.Some of these tree houses are simply like suspended between sky, water and trees Shockingly beauty.Published by Blue Forest E Ashley Rooney the book will be released this 28 September and it is a perfect gift for Christmas as well. I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Enter the world of fairy tale towers, whimsical stairways, crow s nests, zip lines, and suspended rope bridges Take pleasure in the details of hand split oak shingles, thatched roofs, and cedar tongue and groove interiors Made of sustainably sourced materials, Blue Forest s magical sanctuaries fit snugly between trees and branches often incorporating them into the building itself and sit lightly on the land From a child s tree house inside a secret garden to party venues for teenagers and adults, this book details 28 imaginative tree houses, some of them accompanied by site plans and drawings Whether the dwellings on each page are simple or designed to house a spa or home theatre, this beautiful book will inspire readers to reconsider their own garden s possibilities for relaxation and play.A stunningly presented book by treehouse designers and builders Blue Forest Inside they showcase than two dozen of their creations everything from parent retreats to adventure playgrounds for kids The photography is excellent and gives some real insight into the way these modern marvels are put together More interesting is the way Blue Forest build these treehouses in sustainably sourced timbers the way they blend everything into the natural environment and the uses of electricity and plumbing to provide real getaways for both adults and kids.The only downside, if you can call it that, was that by about the halfway mark, it was starting to get a little same ish Not terribly bad, but I found the longer I read, the quicker I started flicking the pages All in all, though, a beautiful book full of hopes and dreams PaulARH These structures are absolutely amazing Looking through this book takes you on journeys through wooded areas, beaches, rocks and meadows The places vary from children s playhouses, to studios, businesses, get aways, guest accomodations to full homes Most of these structures are larger and amazing than my house They are beautiful to look at and to imagine what you would build for yourself if you had the money, place to build and a builder with the insight and skill it takes to build one Learning a little about how they are built, blending into the surroundings and fitting in all the amenities the owner wants is extremely interesting The fun aspects of slides, bridges, nets and ziplines to access and exit the structures would be sure to please young and old alike.What a great book to have on your coffee table or in an office waiting room so people can dream and imagine what it would be like to have their own fairytale home in the trees.I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I m a big fan of the show Treehouse Masters I love watching them scout out the perfect tree and come up with a design This book is full of beautiful pictures to give you ideas if you re thinking of building your own house or if you re just like me and appreciate nice designs and creative concepts I do have to point out that the term treehouse in this book is a little loose as most of the houses they show are supported by posts I guess it s hard on a tree to support so much weight, but I wouldn t call a lot of these treehouses, like elevated houses They re still beautiful though.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tree Houses Reimagined book, this is one of the most wanted Blue Forest author readers around the world.

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