Limbo A Detective With No Memory, No Identity, And No Manners A Femme Fatale Seeking Escape From A Powerful Crime Lord A Voodoo Queen With A Penchant For Mixtapes And Hi Tops A Goat Eating TV A Surreal Neon Noir Fusing Hardboiled Pulp With An S VHS Visual Aesthetic, Dripping With Neon And Static Collects LIMBO

Dan Watters is a UK based comic book writer His first book, LIMBO, was released through Image Comics in 2016 He has since written THE SHADOW at Dynamite Comics, and ASSASSIN S CREED and WOLFENSTEIN for Titan Comics.Currently he is writing the relaunch of LUCIFER for Vertigo s Sandman Universe, as well as DEEP ROOTS for Vault Comics Deeply rooted in London Town, and firmly of the Devil s party.

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  • Limbo
  • Dan Watters
  • English
  • 12 September 2019

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    A detective with amnesia takes on a case in a New Orleans like setting Full of voodoo and crazy bad guys, it was a lot of fun I thought the art was pretty great, but didn t care for the coloring that much Received an advance copy from Image and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    I would like to thank NetGalley and Image Comics for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Introduction Since I am on the roll when it comes to reading books from NetGalley, I have picked up another graphic novel that sounds pretty interesting called Limbo Volume One which is written by Dan Watters along with artwork by Caspar Wijngaard What is this story about Welcome to the world of Dedande City, where reality and technology becomes blended into one universe and mysterious god like beings called Deities lay dormant in video cassettes Living in this world is a detective named Clay who does not have any memories of who he really is and is often described as being a very rude man One night however, he ends up getting a mysterious client named Bridgette who asks him to take down a powerful crime boss named The Thumb and once Clay goes on this mission, he soon realizes that The Thumb is involved in some supernatural shenanigans where reality suddenly begins to unravel Clay will soon discover that searching for his true identity in this surreal world would mean that he would have to search in the darkest corners of the supernatural and technical world to find the answers he is searching for What I loved about this story The premise Dan Watters has written an extremely interesting premise for this series where people can enter other worlds through television sets and get messages from another universe through VHS cassettes I really enjoyed this aspect of the story since it is extremely unique and it made the story somewhat interesting to me and I enjoyed exploring this strange new world that our main character Clay lives in I also loved the character of Sandy, the woman who took Clay in and also has the ability to contact the spirit world through her mix tapes, as she is an extremely unique and fun character to read about and I enjoyed seeing her try to help out Clay when he got in trouble with the crime boss and how she used her abilities to learn about the situation that Clay got himself into.Caspar Wijngaard s artwork Caspar Wijngaard s artwork is highly creative to look at as the characters are shown in different colors such as Clay having blue skin and is mostly shown in blue clothing while Sandy has green skin and is constantly wearing green clothing These colorings really set the characters apart from each other and also describe their personalities somewhat as Clay s blue coloring depicts his sad past and his determination to find out who he is while Sandy s green coloring shows how alien she is in this world I also loved the way that Caspar Wijngaard presented the images of TV static throughout the story as it gives the story an unearthly and unique feel What made me feel uncomfortable about this story For anyone who does not like strong language and violence, this volume has a bit of strong language such as using the f word a few times and it also has some violence such as some scenes of people being graphically cut with knives Also, the reason why I gave this volume a three star rating was because I felt that the plot was a bit too confusing as there were many supernatural and technical elements going on at the same time and it made the story a bit hard to understand Also, I felt that most of the characters in this volume were too flat as we do not know much about these characters and I felt that their personalities were a bit boring also The only character I felt that was interesting was Sandy as she does have a bubbly personality and the fact that she can contact the spirit world through her mix tapes made her the most interesting character in this volume Final Thoughts Overall, even though Limbo Volume One had an interesting premise about alternative realities and technology coming together in one world, the plot was a bit too confusing for me to understand and I felt that the characters should have been developed a little better However, I will pick up the second volume to see if the story improves.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    Limbo by Dan Watters Caspar WijngaardComplete Limbo series4 stars

    This is a very interesting graphic novel It s hard for me to describe what this is about because I don t want to give away the ending and since this is only six issues I feel like it is very easy to spoil the story Just know that this is one of the best graphic novel endings I ve come across Everything is tied together in the end and while you feel jarred and confused throughout the majority of the story, the ending is worth it The ending blew me away and really cemented how awesome this graphic novel is I loved the bright color pattern and I was a huge fan of the incorporation of Dia de Los Muertos skeletons It really enhanced the art and was stunning to look at Limbo is dark, twisted, and incredibly imaginative I highly recommend it Plus this series is only one graphic novel, so if you hate it, you get to know the ending and don t feel obligated to read any.

    Art Scale 5Character Scale 3Plotastic Scale 4.25Cover Thoughts I love the cover It s what drew me in and made me interested in picking this one up Thank you, Netgalley and Image Comics, for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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    There have been many comics that have asked the question of what happens to us when we die, whether it is Neil Gaiman s The Sandman or something as recent like Mark Millar and Greg Capullo s Reborn In the case of this peculiar Image title by writer Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard, it adds a new spin on the theological concept of Limbo, also known as Purgatory In the unique world of Dedande City, where the line between biology and analogue technology becomes blurred and minor deities lie coiled in the reels of cassettes, an amnesiac detective takes a case involving a singer, a powerful crime boss and a strange ritual about the static of a television You kids today may not remember the days of VHS, which used to be our use of home video during the eighties and beyond until video practically got smaller with DVD There have been recent sci fi fantasy works that relies on 80s nostalgia, such as the entire bibliography of Ernest Cline However, Limbo leans towards the surreal nature of David Cronenberg s Videodrome, in which dream and reality blur while man and machine become one Throughout these six issues, there is a lot to interpret as the story never gives clear answers as what initially begins as a neon noir detective tale in a supernatural setting, but once our hero is sucked into a television screen and is plunged into a labyrinth of channel flicking, it just gets weirder from there on, and so once you reach the end of this mini series, you are left scratching your head, wondering if you ve enjoyed it or not However, if there is one thing to enjoy, is the art of Caspar Wijngaard, whose colourful illustrations is constantly introducing new layers with every page as Dan Watters s narrative can go through scary, funny, surreal, Wijngaard at least makes it a consistent read Issue 2 is a highlight with the aforementioned odyssey through the many television channels where our heroic detective steps into one different genre to another as displayed a brilliantly experimental double page of twenty four panels Whatever you have to say about Limbo, it provides something very original, given its taste of 80s nostalgia, and even if Dan Watters narrative can be hard to follow, there is enjoyment to be had with its weirdness, along with Caspar Wijngaard s psychedelic art.

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    This is a difficult one to review, for me This book compiles issues 1 6, none of which I had read before Issue 1 had me interested There were mysteries galore, a scary alternate universe, a few really intriguing characters, and a teleshaman you ll have to read it We re into the action quite quickly as Clay tries to remember who he is and also bring down some powerful, magical drug lords, all as Dia de los Muertos is going on in the streets.What follows is some weird combination of Jason Bourne, the Matrix, and Pan s Labyrinth, maybe with some From Dusk Till Dawn thrown in Issues 2 5 were a lot of twists and turns with bad guys maybe being good guys, good guys being bad guys, both masquerading as each other, and no answer as to who Clay really is I found it slightly difficult to follow along with all the questions and misdirections and false answers.But Issue 6 brings it all together Many of the mysteries are explained, along with some of Clay s identity I thought it was incredibly well thought out and imagined, and loved the whole feel of it However the mass confusion I experienced in the center of this compilation prevents me from giving it 5 stars What was enjoyable was really really enjoyable, but than half of it was than a little confusing At the same time, I enjoyed the end too much to give this 3.If you enjoy graphic novels, and dark stories with lots of black magic and monsters, I would definitely give this a try.Thank you to NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Wow, this was crazy good Considering the premise, a grizzly PI with a dark past, I was expecting the plot to be pretty by the numbers I m glad to say I was proven wrong The plot itself is pretty engaging with some sharp twists, not to mention a jaw dropping ending Add the gorgeous artwork into the mix and you ve got yourself a dope comic.

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    Hey, I can take graphic graphic novels, so to speak But, if I am going to have violence, I need there to be some meaning behind them.This is the story of a detective who has lost his memory, in a setting not unlike New Orleans, but with weird creatures and videos that make reality, andhonestly, I had no idea what was going on half the time, and after a while I didn t really care.So, sure, have fun with this one Interesting art work Confusing as hell, and I still don t know what happened in the end, even though I read this, begrudgingly, twice.Thanks to NetGalley for providing this book for an honest review.

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    I received a copy of this from Netgalley for a fair and honest review.This was so weird and good The art was fantastic and the mystery of what s going on Perfect mix of 80s pop culture and voodoo mysticism When it was revealed what was really happening I was shocked and loved it Great read Another good Image comic.

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    3.5 stars Gorgeous art and colours, and fun and innovative panelling The idea for the story was intriguing, but ultimately didn t have a lot of impact on me That being said, as soon as I had finished reading Limbo, I felt compelled to read it over again to let the nuanced nature of the story and art soak a little deeper into my mind Be kind, rewind definitely applies here, in ways than one.

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    A private eye story filtered through analogue existentialism in the strange town of Dedande, a sort of eighties New Orleans turned up to 11 Clay has no memory of who he is or how he got there when he s hired to investigate a crime lord in a luchador mask His landlady knows that the best thing to offer a loa is a really good mixtape The preferred local fast food is lizard on a stick I don t know any of the creators, and read this principally because I ll look at any recent Image debut that turns up on Netgalley or in the library, for that matter , but they re good what could have read like a series of random weirdnesses is tied together by a unified aesthetic and answers which feel worthwhile.

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