The Darkest Road

The Darkest RoadFor most of this book, indeed for most of this series, I felt a big 2 star rating was at hand A well thought out world and often beautiful writing caught my interest, but the meandering and frankly boring plot of it all took me out of the story and left me flat.Then And thenI got to about the 75% point of this third and final volume It gotinteresting I mean, I found myself slowing down to absorb the words instead of skimming through rapidly towards the end The end I wanted just to say I d completed this work of a favorite author.And these words were pretty good But thenoh and then, about 85% into the book, Kay leveled his story at me and struck, right in the heart Whoah, didn t see that comingI raced through the last few chapters, marveling at how all of the threads of this tapestry came around and wove together Yes, this was the Kay I was looking for, the brilliance I had previously discovered in his other work and was missing to this point Damn, he brought it all home.A week ago I considered abandoning this book once and for all You might say, I m glad I stuck with it I came around so much that I m actually thinking a reread could very well be much rewarding for that first 11 12 of the trilogy, knowing what I do about the final 12th.But I ll wait a few years, I think 6.0 stars On my list of All Time Favorite novels This is the newest edition to my list of all time favorite novels and the entire trilogy has earned a place on my list as one of the best fantasy trilogies of ALL TIME see my review of the entire series under The Fionavar Tapestry for a detailed review What I am about to say may be deemed sacrilege amount fantasy readers but the truth is, from the stanpoint of emotion evoking and lyrical, poetic prose combined with epic, larger than life, no grey area good guys this is the BEST FANTASY TRILOGY I have ever read and knocks LOTR who is famous for both of the aforementioned attributes out of the top spot In fact, given how momentous that last statement was, I intend to re read LOTR in the not too distant future just to confirm for myself the accuracy of the above Either way, this should definitely be on your must read list Two pieces of advice goiong in First, read slowly and carefully as, like LOTR, the prose is thick and lyrical and you will miss the depth of the writing if you read too quickly Second, if you listen to audiobooks, listen to the audio version of the trilogy by Simon Vance who did an amazing job with the books but keep the print versions around for some of the difficult prose HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION All the roads are dark Only at the end is there a hope of light. The Darkest Road is the third and last book of the Fionavar Tapestry, in which the approaching battle again Rakoth Maugrim and his monstrous lieutenants looms like a shadow over the kingdoms of Fionavar.I hate the fact that I just couldn t enjoy this book, and unfortunately it s my own fault The series lost me in the second volume, with some developments I didn t like and and overall decrease in quality from the first book, and that led to me almost skimming through the third I wanted to see the ending, as Guy Gavriel Kay is one of my favourite authors, but that was my only motivation for reading on.I would still recommend this series, but I d suggest taking your time with it. From the darkness of what I have done to you there shall be light, or I shall die trying to make it so Truth to be told, I expected a road to perdition While I didn t perish, The Darkest Road does not offer deliverance It is a suboptimal finale to a trilogy that started great but deteriorated with each consecutive instalment The plot is so dense and complex that at this point I am not even trying to summarise it the brief summary at the beginning of the book is really helpful In most general terms, the war with Rakoth the Unraveller has started and hinges upon many factors of which one, the most important, is also the most volatile unpredictable and impossible to manage In a sense, everything is secondary and dependent on this wild card tossed freely onto the winds of events Mr Kay packed a lot into the Fionavar Tapestry it is a true gobelin woven with rich pictorial design of stupefying detail This overabundance of detail might pose a problem I indicated already in my review of The Wandering Fire the lush Tolkienesque universe is supplemented with another fantastic realm, i.e the Arthurian Legend which results in overabundance of archetypes, tropes, and themes It wouldn t be bad if Kay had supported his creative temerity with solid background work As it is, the book is so dense in the names and places department with so many things the reader is expected to remember and connect that it reaches the Malazan level albeit without the Malazan finesse Many of the names are just names without any substantial character development, we move from place to place, and over time from mythical lands to milieus already known in a whirlwind of events and references Kay s gift with the language makes it all bearable but only just and readers are offered with the whole candy shop of fantasy treats you will have magic and battles, sailing with the dead, walking on water, demons from the deepest marrow of the earth, giants, dragons, a Dwarfmoot that counsel with silence and many, many other things Unfortunately, the bad outdarkens the good Firstly, because the many protagonists central to the plot are often separated they then spend a lot of time catching up and telling each other what has already happened so if you add recounting the past events from the previous books that means a lot of repetition At this point the book is saturated with the repetitiveness of motifs We had the longest road in the previous book, now we have the darkest road embellished with similar undertones the loss, the choice, the sacrifice, the love embraced even, or specifically, in and through death Kay doesn t spin anything new here or add anything meaningful that would be truly surprising My main problem lies with the central premise of this book that looks at love as a binding shackle view spoiler As you remember Jennifer gave birth to Rakoth s son deciding that this child is her answer to the Dark She has given the child away to be fostered with love I am not going to argue with that but everything else doesn t have sense I have issues not with Jennifer herself but rather with what and who she has become I have issues with her decisions steeped in her tragedy that becomes so tragic that turns into pathetically grotesque I refuse to accept the stupid assumption that because love is binding Darien must have been set free read rejected as only this enabled him to make a choice to discover what was there at the root of his soul hide spoiler And So The Time Of Prophecy Has Come At Last, The Final Days For Those Who Dwell In Fionavar, First Of All Worlds Even As The Unraveller S Armies March To Battle, Even As His Rain Of Death Unleashes Plague Upon The Lands, The Ancient Of Powers To Aid In Their Stuggle 4 A buddy read with the Kay Squad at FBR Because he is a master at what he doesAll the roads are dark Only at the end is there a hope of lightAnd at the end it is all about the choices we make as a free thinking individuals Yes there are circumstances, there are good and bad influences, there are G ds and Demons, curves and constructions on our paths, loss, love, loss, joy, loss, rebirth and so on the world keeps going, as one of my favorite singers Reba says, I guess the world doesn t stop for my broken heart In our lives we take so many journeys of self discovery and quests for making our lives better, but many are abandoned even before we make the first step It is mostly fear of not getting where we want to go, or feeling of futility, that no matter where we get, we might not find ourselves fitting there Only rarely is it the situations we find ourselves into, but we love to make the outside influences the guilty parties for our failures All meaningful paths are lonesome, but The Darkest road is the loneliest of them all In this case, Kay makes the one taken by Finn The Longest, but the darkest is shared by many of our modern day heroes who found themselves in a parallel universe fighting for the Light against the Darkness Some of them reach their destination and find maybe not what they wanted at the end, but at least something that fulfills their true needs Others only deepen their sense of separation and inadequacy, needing to go on if ever they want to find a place of forgiveness and self esteem But above all, we all need to undertake those roads of self discovery and find the core of light which hopefully we nurture in our souls, so we may always do the right things, despite the costAnd he realized, a white fire igniting in his heart, that he did not want her to die He did not want any of them to die He was sharing their grief, he realized it was his own pain, it was fire running through himThe Darkest Road is a Fantasy full of action and mythology, magic and even parts of the Arthurian Legend, but it is very character driven and Kay, as always, finds the way to tell it in a beautiful manner There were some parts in the beginning of the book which read a bit weird to me, but once we got into the story, all was well once again It could have also been me, since I have been having a hard time sleeping these days and have been having issues concentrating at times I also have a personal dislike for the character Jennifer and she had a prominent role in this volume, so I think this might have influenced my rating and initial enjoyment However, I loved her son Darien, whose personal journey was heartbreaking and very emotional But what can you expect, when he has the body of a 15 year old, but has lived barely a year, so has the emotional experiences and strength of a toddler He did amazingly well with this starting handicap, while most of the adults were screwed up for mundane reasons We do get wonderful victories together with the crushing defeats, so I would recommend this book to those who are fans of the genre and the author Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a good book This suddenly got way too Power Rangers for me No one was a bigger fan of the Darien story at the beginning of the last book or Jennifer s story Both than this girl, but, man, when it turned out that he had view spoiler laser eyes hide spoiler A fitting end to a great trilogy We can often solve big problems by stepping out of the accepted patterns in our lives Jennifer resists the Unraveller by bearing his child and by setting that child free to choose his own destiny This resistance begins in the first volume and culminates in the third.In my opinion, Fionavar is the Platonic ideal of our world it contains all the ideas that are available for religion, myth, and literature Paul on the Summer Tree becomes Odin Kevin, when he sacrifices himself, mirrors the Adonis legend Jennifer has a parallel existence as Guinevere Dave, in battle, becomes a berserker and Kim is pressed into service as the mysterious Seer What started as a chance association at a lecture becomes entirely meaningful as each of these people accepts their role in the grand design, The Tapestry that represents the integrity of the world of Fionavar and thereby all of it s alternate worlds And this book is the only one of the three that takes place completely in Fionavar, making it the strongest of the three, in my opinion Everyone is fully committed to this particular plot.Kay gives us tragedy Diarmud and Sharra, anyone but he also gives us victory Galadan, that demi god who supported the Darkness is allowed a chance to return to the Tapestry The eternal triangle of Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot is maybe resolved as they move once again out of human history Perhaps Arthur is no longer the King Who Will Return I will admit to a few tears, as I finished this wonderful trilogy.Book 201 of my science fiction and fantasy reading project. Arrivare all albaDovresti sapere che sono giaciuto morto a Caer Sidi, che Cader Sedat, Corona Borealis dei re fra le stelle Saprai che quel castello si trova sull asse di incrocio di tutti i mondi, con il mare che batte contro le sue mura e tutte le stelle del cielo che vi girano attorno Anche cos , nonostante il luogo in cui hai giaciuto, rimani comunque mortale, spadaccino Vorresti morire per il figlio di Rakoth Maugrim Ebbe la visione del lupo e del ragazzo che si passavano vicini nell oscurit del bosco prima che sorgesse la luna, che si passavano cos vicini e non lo sapevano, non lo avrebbero mai saputo Oppure s C era una parte dell anima che si tendeva, in qualche modo, verso possibilit mancate per un soffio, futuri che non sarebbero mai stati, a causa di una distanza cos piccola in una foresta, di notte Esistono libri, dentro casa mia, che hanno preso polvere per oltre vent anni.Fa bene al cuore ridare vigore a letture per lungo tempo dimenticate, soprattutto quando tali letture si rivelano essere dei gioielli come, appunto, la trilogia di Fionavar scritta da Kay.Tanti sono i percorsi che i protagonisti decidono di intraprendere tanti sono i destini in gioco tante sono le emozioni che il lettore prova per epiche conclusioni e per piccoli dettagli che, all interno di questo mosaico, trovano il loro posto.La trilogia non rivoluzionaria all interno del genere tutt altro, visto il capillare retaggio tolkeniano che lo stesso Kay ha sfruttato nella stesura de Il Silmarillion n gode di un wolrdbuilding profondo e complesso come quello de Le cronache del ghiaccio e del fuoco , Il libro Malazan dei Caduti o La ruota del tempo trattasi, molto semplicemente, di una storia classica raccontata con garbo e guizzo poetico.

Guy Gavriel Kay is a Canadian author of fantasy fiction Many of his novels are set in fictional realms that resemble real places during real historical periods, such as Constantinople during the reign of Justinian I or Spain during the time of El Cid Those works are published and marketed as historical fantasy, though the author himself has expressed a preference to shy away from genre categoriz

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