Specimen 4 STARSShay strikes again I really like how versatile a writer she is She s covered many genres and each time she manages to make the story fresh, engaging and hot This was a fast and enjoyable sci fi read It had a great mix of action, suspense and romance I ll admit that it did take a bit, about the 30% mark, for me to get into it as I found some of the beginning was slow and technical however, it did lay the groundwork for the premise of the story But once I got into it, things picked up and it kept me engaged to the very end The main thing I loved about this story was that it kept me guessing As we meander through this story, it was never clear as to who Sten, this man who has been turned into a super solider, can trust Even his doctor and love interest, Riley is suspect I also really liked how the story played with the concept of whether love and that sexual attraction can be programmed or does it go much deeper than that Does it transcend science and technology I will say that the ending really left me wanting as I have questions that need to be answered ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review For reviews and blog posts. 4.5 Chilling StarsI trust you I trust you notSpecimen is a stunning blend of psychological warfare, sci fi splendor, dystopian delight, and smoldering romance The mystery and suspense of this read will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire timeI don t know my nameSpecimen begins in a lab The world exists in a place of utter turmoil and disorientation is the predominant theme Caught in the middle is Specimen 72 A man who doesn t remember who he is, why he is being held in a lab, or what he is supposed to be doing Only one thing exists for him, and that is his desire for his doctor RileyI need to touch herRiley has been assigned to Specimen 72 She is conditioned to care for him and run tests on his daily progress As Riley and Sten specimen seventy two of a group of eighty nine spend time together, the doctor patient relationship transforms into something deeper The heady combination of Sten s desire to be with Riley, the drugs that are pumping through his system, and Riley s attraction to him become the catalyst for bringing them togetherWhy am I so drawn to herAs desire increases between Riley and Sten, the government run lab begins to make further demands on the specimens or super soldiers Sten is forced to acknowledge his job as a government controlled soldier and is sent out in the field As the tests and tribulations increase in intensity, he begins to remember who he is The struggle between what is right and wrong is questionable The identity of those who are good and those who mean to do harm is blurred As the world begins to crumble around them, can Riley and Sten surviveIs that why she s brought me here Am I to be destroyedTold in Sten s POV, Specimen was a non stop action packed read The pacing was consistent with that of a roller coaster The characters are complex and well developed throughout Each detail is crafted with precision to enhance the plot I simply could not put it down Specimen is a complex read that will leave you breathless Overall, Specimen is a must read for Sci Fi Dystopian Romance Readers If you are looking for a blend of action, steamy romance, and intrigue, then look no further I have always been a fan of Savage s work, and this read only solidifies my feelings about this author Her writing is smart, concise, steamy, and quite diverse Specimen is simply amazing Regarding the ending, I can only hope there is to come ARC graciously provided via TRSOR for BLOG TOUR For reviews reveals giveaways visit I Awaken In A Laboratory I Don T Know Who I Am I M Inexplicably Drawn To The Doctor Who Cares For Me She Tells Me I Ve Been Altered, That I M Stronger And Faster, That I Ll Be A Key Component In A War Between Corporations She Says I Volunteered For This She Says I Volunteered To Be Transformed, But I Have No Way Of Knowing If What She Says Is True Something Isn T Right My Memories Have Been Taken, Wiped Clean, But Dreams Begin To Slip Into My Conscious Mind I Can T Let Anyone Know When That Happens, Or They Ll Remove My Memories Again Somewhere Inside Of Me, I Know I Need To Remember Something Important I M Fighting A War I Don T Understand, And The One Woman I Rely On Can T Be Trusted 5 What do you remember Stars Shay Savage has mad skills when it comes to planting the seeds of romance in a totally inhospitable environments, and then nurturing them into absolutely outstanding love stories Specimen is all that and , and like so many of her previous books, is a story that you probably aren t going to read the likes of again I think the synopsis gives you enough of a clue as to the basis of the relationship between Sten and Riley, and how it was initially formed, but the speed of the development of that relationship, coupled with Sten s recollection past memories really gave their time together a kind of double edge Sten in knowing that not everything in fact pretty much all of it was as it seemed, and the internal conflict that was bought about because of it The desire to please her is a strong one. The unknown factor in that he is unsure as to whether Riley has knowledge of the full picture, and as the plot progresses who he can actually trust I thought you were hurt I thought I might fail This is one of those books you start with high expectations, its Shay Savage right The woman doesn t do average, but once again they were exceeded for me As I said it seems the extreme the circumstances between the couple in question, the she seems to pull it out of the bag for them The scenario that they find themselves in, the course the plot takes as they both begin to realize that the truth may not be what they were lead to believe, and the resolution are all extremely well crafted, and explored I have no doubt there will be a few expletives thrown around by readers in the way the author ended this story, but I kind of liked it because again, she didn t close it out in the way you would generally expect I may not have chosen this life you gave me but other than my memories, I didn t have a lot to lose Another absolutely stellar book by this author, I hope that we revisit these characters at some point in the future, but if we don t I can live with the ending that we were given You were never a lab rat to me ARC generously provided via TRSOR Promotions, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review in exchange. Not what I expected.I was so excited to start reading this book because its blurb sounded very promising The story started off strong and it made me curious and kept me turning pages like crazy When I was halfway through the book, it even got better Rapidly but clearly, the truth began to unravel At this point, I couldn t stop anticipating what would happen next, and I thought Specimen was going to be my 4 stars read for certain Not until I reached the 85% mark did I realize how wrong I was Everything went downhill from there I was so fed up, so much so that I wanted to DNF right away But as you know that I m a glutton for punishment, of course, I continued reading And the ending THAT ENDING When I reached the epilogue, I almost threw my kindle across the room If it had been the paperback, I would undoubtedly have done that WTH I hated this plot twist So, I read the entire story from beginning to end, for what view spoiler For nothing For no answers For getting back to the beginning again hide spoiler 3.75 4 starsAbout thirty years ago, a passing near Earth comet caused great devastation Crops failed and rainfall nearly ceased threatening both the food and water supplies Society was divided into factions, which would determine how much the technical resources could and should be devoted to improve land and water management People decided that a new breed of soldier would be necessary one with enhanced abilities that could better withstand the rigors of war and eventually bring it to an end These super soldiers had their memories been wiped out and replaced with the data needed to achieve the ultimate goal Sten is one such super soldier, he s the specimen and Riley is his doctor My senses are heightened, and the cyber implants in my head allow me to learn faster and perform better I adapt quickly, get fatigued slowly, and I m able to go without sleep or sustenance for long periods of time I am the ideal soldier. StenIn addition, Sten comes into heat and experiences rampant sexual urges as a result of the chemicals running through his body I m well aware of the connection between sex and violence that is being instilled in me I crave them both in equal amounts I m often hard during the simulated battles, and sex with the prostitutes is always fast and rough. StenHe desires Riley and feels a strong emotional bond with her Riley sees his wild emotions and his desire to connect with her and surrenders to passion When Stern starts having memories come back in dreams and flashbacks, his trust to others motives, and especially Riley s, is weakened Who is telling the truth Who is lying Did he truly volunteer to become a specimen or was he forced to do it Specimen is enthralling an instant thrill ride of danger and romance Sten and Riley have a chemistry that is intense, strong and deep Sten stops at nothing to keep her safe and the attraction between them is red hot Readers get treated to several juicy scenes between them But, there was quite a bit action and sex and not enough romance between Sten and Riley I think that too much sex ruined this good story I really liked the concept of running out of resources because I think in the time we live in now it s a pretty real concept This book was a total page turner, but its ending was strange, leaving the reader with questions and mysteries Whilst not quite what I was expecting, it was still an enjoyable read ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Shay Savage does it again She takes this reader out of her comfort zone of romance reading and it results in this reader being taken on one helluva ride We open Specimen as STEN awakes in a lab He has no memory of who he was before he became a specimen, a super soldier with no name, but just a number But he does feel a familiar pull to the woman standing in front of him Dr Riley Grace.As Sten undergoes further testing, treatments and training, the pull he feels toward Riley is overpowering A pull that is nothing of chance but everything of an engineered reaction But as Sten starts to grasp ahold of pieces of his past can he fully trust the bond he s formed with his doctor But nothing is as it appears and it will take Sten and Riley taking some risky chances to find out the truth I can t remember the last time that I read a book and then sat there and re read the epilogue over and over again I am not sure if I was looking for a different ending or just wanting to absorb every bit of information but I just could not stop myself Not only does Shay deliver a fantastic alpha male but she gave us one on steroids Genetically altered to be possessive, aggressive, sexual and protective of his Riley I could not get enough of him And he could not get enough of Riley Off.The.Charts.HAWT I loved that I fell in love with this story I loved that I was transplanted into this sort of post apocalyptic world and not once did this not feel like it was going to be an epic romance I am not a sci fi reader Hell, I hadn t even watched Star Wars until a few years ago so this would generally be a theme that I d say was not for me That is until Shay came along and turned that on its head Solid writing A fantastic set up to a complex storyline that was still easy to follow Action packed and intensely intimate The scenes when Riley was able to let go were powerful, the way these two came together sexually was primal and gritty Another stellar job by Shay Savage, the queen of the Male POV You need to read this You need to pick this up I can t stop thinking about the way this story ended I have a feeling that months to come when I finally get to meet Shay at a signing, I m going to need to talk to her about this book and that damn epilogue 4 WTF starsThis is one of those book whereby I have an urge to strangle the author someone when I read the final page Really She doesn t even have the decency to tell me whether is there a second book or NOT I m dying here Specimen has an interesting mixed of romance, suspense, thriller, sci fi and dystopia Even with the lack of descriptive world building, I did felt as if I was transported to a world whereby people are so advance we can make our own synthetic food from the lab As per Shay Savage s style, the story was told completely from the hero s POV He is specimen 79 and named Sten by his personal doctor, the heroine, Riley Grace Sten woke up in the lab with no recollection of any memory and everything he knew from then onward was told solely by Dr Grace He was confused about his role as this modified super soldier and his past, but one thing he was sure is that he crave Riley Grace like an addict craving for his next fix There is something about her scent, her presence and her touch that affect him on every level.For the first quarter of the book, I m feeling rather disconnected with the characters, especially Riley I doubt everything she said is true and I wonder what is her agenda and motive Even they are screwing each other all the time, I don t feel the romance However, by 40%, things start to get intense and interesting when Sten finally meet some outsider apart from the lab people They make him start to question things and we get glimpses into a much convoluted plot that involves politics and sabotage from two major players.The danger, suspense and the romance begin to intensify as the plot progress We get to know about Riley s role and motivation and Sten s past Everything slowly came to light and we get to see how strong is their connection I m also treated to some nail biting moments, especially at the 90% whereby I still had no idea how things will end for Sten and Riley I m a nervous wreck at this point.How will things end for Sten and Riley Isn t that the million dollar question Refer back to my sentiment about the ending in the beginning of my review. FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author As long as she s near me, I question nothing She s my doctor, my guide, and the subject of nearly every thought in my head Everything I do everything I am centers on her Where do I begin with this book I ve been trying to figure out a way to write a review that will do it justice, but without spoiling anything for those of you who haven t picked it up yet I ve read a few of Shay s books and I m definitely a fan of her writing style She tends to write in the male s POV and does a damn good job of it Her stories are usually action packed and could be made into blockbuster movies on the big screen, although they may actually be labeled XXX, or NC17 if she were to cut down on the sexy time You just know when you pick up a Shay Savage book that you better have a supply of clean panties because the ones you wear will be getting soaked The story begins with the Hero waking up in a deserted lab He doesn t know how he got there and what s worse is he doesn t remember his own name He has no memories at all You can feel his anxiety and completely empathize with him when he freaks out and wrecks the lab Gas is leaked into the lab which renders him unconscious The next time he wakes up he notices an attractive woman in a lab coat working on a laptop The moment he lays eyes on her, he is automatically turned on He has been assigned to Dr Riley Grace for a highly classified medical experiment He asks how he ended up there and he is told that he volunteered to have his memory completely wiped out in order to be transformed into a cyber enhanced soldier He will have superhuman strength and intellect to get him out of dangerous situations whenever he is sent out on a top secret mission He will also be able to function without food and water as currently they are a rare commodity Dr Riley names him STEN, which is short for specimen seventy two of eighty nine There was a total of eighty nine men who were transformed into these special cyber soldiers So Sten has some microchips implanted in his brain and he receives daily injections of testosterone and other drugs that help to make him the perfect soldier but also a lovely side effect is that he is completely under Riley s control He will do anything she says and only wants to please her Sten also wants nothing than to have sex with Riley, 24 7 This guy is perfect and I was thinking how awesome it would be if we all could have our own Sten Sten starts having dreams and they turn out to be flashbacks of his previous life He was told he volunteered to be a specimen but his dreams have him questioning if possibly he s been lied to As time moves on Riley and Sten give into their passion for each other and WOW, just holy wow, these two can go at it for hours on end I wondered how Riley could walk straight the next day.There s a crazy amount of action and I was dying to find out how these two were going to be able to get through it all and ultimately have their HEA I have left a lot of the details out because I really don t want to spoil this one for you all but I have to say I am freaking PISSED with the ending It s like the author said, HA the joke s on you This is definitely an entertaining read and one that will have your mind blown by the time you get to the last page. Gah That ending In a way, I can see the brilliance in it, but damn, thanks for leaving me teetering on the edge Specimen was an entertaining sci fi read, with nice mix of romance, steam and suspense Told exclusively from the hero s POV, the author does a great job of putting the reader in specimen 79 Sten s head Waking up in a lab with no memories, everything Sten learns comes from his doctor, Riley Grace He is told he is a volunteer, that there is a war going on and that he is been altered to be a super soldier Stronger, faster, and smarter I was right there with Sten, I wasn t sure what was happening, or what to believe Then he starts to dream, something that isn t suppose to happen He is afraid the dreams will be wiped away, so he decides to keep them a secret He doesn t want to forget He is confused, and unsure, but he has an undeniable connection to Riley, everything about her calls to him, from her touch, to her scentIt s part of your design You are extremely powerful, and we needed to a way to make sure you could be tempered You mean controlled Can Riley be trusted What do Sten s dreams mean The suspense surrounding this story was well done Now, to be honest, this one didn t really start to pull me in until around 45%, but once things started progressing, this one definitely held my interest Motives are revealed, lines are crossed, the truth is discovered and there seems to be danger at every corner Will Sten survive Just how strong is Sten s connection to Riley Is it science or something I enjoyed this one, even though the ending left me with a few questionsARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

Shay Savage is an independent author from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she lives with her family and a variety of household pets She is an accomplished public speaker and holds the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International Her hobbies include off roading in her big, yellow Jeep, science fiction in all forms, and soccer Savage holds a degree in psychology, and she brings a lot

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