The Foreigners Loneliness

The Foreigners Loneliness You Have To Be Careful, When You Live Like This You Have To Live Life In A Normal Way Otherwise, It Ll Get To You As An American In Japan, Brian Lives His Life In Isolation By Day He Teaches At A Local Elementary School By Night He Wanders Dark Streets, Battling Depression Then An Unsettling Encounter With An English Speaking Stranger Leaves Brian Wondering If Perhaps He Isn T As Alone As He Thought Brian Never Questions The Young Man S Interest In His Life, Too Relieved At Being Rescued From His Loneliness He Shouldn T Be The Foreigner S Loneliness Is A Short Story At , Words

S Hunter Nisbet is an Appalachian writer of all things dark and unsettling The most terrifying monsters aren t the ones we bar the door against, but those we let into our homes unknowing.Check out Hunter s blog at

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  • The Foreigners Loneliness
  • S. Hunter Nisbet
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  • 13 December 2019

10 thoughts on “The Foreigners Loneliness

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    I purchased this story because I ve read all of the Saint Flaherty series, and I m dying to read anything this author has writteneven her blog is great This short story was creepy and sad, a little suspensefuland did I mention creepy It took me forever to fall asleep last night because I couldn t stop thinking about itwell, and also the series, but this was at the forefront of my visions.I don t see how an author can pack so much emotion and suspense into 35 pages, but it is possible because Ms Nisbet did it She s just one of the most talented writers I ve read lately, and I ve had the honor of beta reading for some very talented authors lately I really hope that readers take a chance on her stuff because I truly believe it is worth the time and money.

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    Not really my thing, though arguably well written Might be because I ve never been in love, but I didn t fully understand the protagonist s feelings and obsession for the other I m also not sure I understand what happened at the end.

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    Very melancholy love story, and I am not exactly sure how to interpret the ending.

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    Brian is a lonely foreigner who thinks no one cares for him Until one day he meets someone who really cares for him He does everything to keep that someone by his side.I really enjoyed the flow of the story since the beginning even though I didn t have any clue of where the story is heading at that point Then, the author gives a little surprise I kept reading until the point where I was as afraid as the protagonist of what would happen Then comes one surprise at the ending, it just left me breathless.

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    This story left me profoundly moved It was powerful, gripping and frankly left me a bit stunned when I finished reading it If it was a first attempt, I can t imagine how much better this author s writing will become over time.

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    Wow, okay, so this author likes to write dark Does depression count as a disability Well written, but it is serious stuff Don t expect anything uplifting here

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    This is a brilliant piece of writing haunting and beautiful It pulls no punches and delves deeply into themes of longing, depression and infatuation This is a story that will stay with you.

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    And amazing story that will never leave your mind.

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    Excellent writing, fast paced, fresh style Creepy in the best sense When do our feelings become like madness This one will make you think.

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