Three Dark Crowns

Three Dark Crowns In Every Generation On The Island Of Fennbirn, A Set Of Triplets Is Born Three Queens, All Equal Heirs To The Crown And Each Possessor Of A Coveted Magic Mirabella Is A Fierce Elemental, Able To Spark Hungry Flames Or Vicious Storms At The Snap Of Her Fingers Katharine Is A Poisoner, One Who Can Ingest The Deadliest Poisons Without So Much As A Stomachache Arsinoe, A Naturalist, Is Said To Have The Ability To Bloom The Reddest Rose And Control The Fiercest Of LionsBut Becoming The Queen Crowned Isn T Solely A Matter Of Royal Birth Each Sister Has To Fight For It And It S Not Just A Game Of Win Or Loseit S Life Or Death The Night The Sisters Turn Sixteen, The Battle BeginsThe Last Queen Standing Gets The Crown

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❅ Three Dark Crowns kindle Epub ❥ Author Kendare Blake –
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  • Three Dark Crowns
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  • 23 January 2018
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    Three Dark Crowns has an interesting premise, but it manages to be insufferably boring for the first 75% I foresee many DNFs on the horizon for this book.It s about three sisters, three queens, essentially competing for the throne They Katharine, Arsinoe and Mirabella each live in different parts of the land, each have a different power, and each have a different group of supporters aiding them This is an in every generation, there are three chosen ones kind of thing However, throughout the generations, only one sister can claim the throne, and she must do so by murdering the other two.In this case, Katharine is a poisoner who wields deadly cocktails Arsinoe is a naturalist at one with nature and animals and not very good at it nobody expects her to win the throne Mirabella is an elemental and clearly the strongest of the three, her powers by far the most developed.It sounds quite exciting, but it is far too slow and quiet a telling for such a nasty premise The first three quarters are just boring They needed a shot of excitement Most of the book consists of the girls honing their skills in their own private locations and having flirtations with their love interests It is painfully hard to not yawn, put the book down, and go find something riveting to do Like watching paint dry, for example.I am not exaggerating So little happens there is no action, no drama, no excitement until near the end And, by that point, how much do we really care I don t know about you, but if I ve spent most of a book being bored out of my mind, I m not going to suddenly become invested when the pacing picks up.The book flits between third person perspectives and, truly, none of them are interesting Arsinoe mostly wanders around being useless and watching the romance between Jules and Joseph Mirabella repeatedly plays with the elements, conjuring earthquakes and towers of fire Katharine is perhaps most interesting, but mainly because she s dealing with scars and blisters from the latest poison she s ingested That should tell you something about the bar for excitement in this book the highlights are when one of the characters is sick from poisoning Problem is, the three queens don t really get their hands dirty for the most part Their stories are not bloody and political, they are quiet and sometimes romantic.Yes, the pacing picks up towards the end No, it wasn t enough for me It might work better for extremely patient readers who can stomach a mostly non existent plot There are rare occasions where characters and writing can make up for very little happening, but for me, this is not one of them.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store

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    Do you like fantasy Do you like badass morally grey women Do you want to burn the patriarchy If so, this is the book for you.

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    2.5 stars Three dark sistersAll fair to be seen,Two to devourAnd one to be queen Three Dark Crowns offends me It promised me scheming sisters and political intrigue and power plays Instead I get this And this And a whole lot of this 80% of the book is the sisters Katharine, Mirabella, and Arinsoe waffling around, training, and getting acquainted with their love interests What s each island s culture How did the tradition of Triplets Hunger Games begin No fucking idea, but look, dreamy eyes The romance itself isn t good either Each sister has her own POV and love interest, but because of the multiple POVs, none of them are fleshed out Other than the sisters, side characters like Jules and Natalia have point of view chapters, too It s a curious mixture of too much going on yet nothing happens While I m glad each sister queen has the chance to tell her side of the story, the feeling is dampened when it becomes a detriment rather than an advantage view spoiler Joseph flings himself in front of a bear to protect Mirabella after knowing her for two days TWO DAYS.He is also an asshat of the highest order He makes out with Mirabella, freaks out because he s cheating on Jules, then continues kissing her What the actual fuck hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars I struggled with this start to a new series, but I m currently reading the sequel and am SERIOUSLY enjoying it, so it was worthwhile for me to push through the first novel I will always admit when I feel choosing the audio version of a book may have impacted my reading experience I restarted the first few hours of Three Dark Crowns about four times because I just could not keep track of the story And that was my biggest issue with this story I just could not get engaged There s a HUGE cast, a wide variety of perspectives, and many different locations and I struggled to keep everything at the forefront of the story while listening, but that s not automatically a bad thing I feel it is a personal thing my reading experience which caused me to have an extremely difficult time staying present in the story and remembering all the details and it s possible the audio version had an impact on that.I am also afraid my expectations may have influenced my reading experience as well I believed Three Dark Crowns was going to be an epic battle between sisters for the crown, but I ve found that s the focus of the sequel, One Dark Throne Three Dark Crowns is VERY character based and the majority of the novel is focused on getting to know the characters, understanding the magic system and monarchy, and setting up the events to take place in the ascension year I think had I known this beforehand, I would have enjoyed it so I could appreciate the detail put into character development and political ties without waiting for a greater amount of action scenes, because those are all things I really enjoy in fantasy novels If you like a character driven fantasy story with political intrigue, I feel Three Dark Crowns would be of interest to you If you re looking for the story of sisters competing to the death, I believe you ll need to keep reading for book two.I feel the world and characters were really well developed There s so much care put into developing the history of the Island, the workings of the monarchy s rituals traditions, and tensions between different sects of the island and the queens that represent them The magic system really impressed me It is much grander and expansive than I initially anticipated, and I cannot wait to see it develop in future books The side characters did not grasp me all that much but Katherine, Mirabella, Arsinoe and Jules were all very unique and I enjoyed reading from their perspective I adored each of their individual character arcs and how they develop through the story Despite my troubles staying engaged with the story, there is so much to love about it.I also want to add that although I felt the beginning was very slow paced and there weren t that many significant, intense scenes occurring, the story really picked up by the end The climax of the story final cliffhanger really grasped me and I m so happy I continue with this novel to the end By the conclusion of the novel, I ended up totally falling in love with this series and consider it a worthwhile read as a whole.Overall, Three Dark Crowns wasn t my favorite reading experience in the history of literature, but I really enjoyed the story and am already continuing on with the series One Dark Throne has already stepped up the game and I am so much enthralled with the story I really can t wait to continue with this series

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    UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT AT ITS FINEST Wow Wow Let me start off by saying that this is going to be messy and probably inarticulate But just go with it Had to let it out Alright How does one express rage in just a few words Because in the last quarter of this book fine, all I had to constantly take breaks to calm and compose myself because I was too LIVID and could feel my blood boiling and chest pain arising Then why, you may ask did I continue Because 1 I hate DNFing books 2 I honestly kept hoping that things would change by the end and that maybe, just maybe, my perspective would also change along with it Neither did The book had an interesting premise that was executed so, so poorly Horribly First and foremost, can we talk about how mind numbingly BORING it was How could a book fail to pick up three quarters in Ahhh, and the gift that kept on giving The horrible, atrocious and petulant cast of characters who ruined everything EVERYTHING 1 I fucking HATED HATED Joseph with a livid passion why is it that we NEVER see accountability in YA Fantasy He was an irredeemable shithead through and through 2 I grew to HATEEE Mirabella or whatever her name is Her actions were absolutely disgusting And the fact that she didn t care was like throwing gasoline on a fire 3 But what Really took the cake was the manner in which some most, let s face it of the women were depicted THIS This is what got to me Why were they painted in such a horrible and weak light They were contemptible, lacking in every sense of the word and downright loathsome They were weak willed and spineless who couldn t think for themselves One couldn t hold her ground when she should have apologising and putting the blame on herself when she was the one wronged what kind of example is that to young readers Yes, a boy can treat you like shit but DO MAKE SURE that you re the one who apologises One was just a doormat Who d say how high if when told to jump Yes Since you re a girl and obviously brainless, and he s hot who treats you like his doll really He does DO MAKE SURE that you submit to him and his every need No questions asked One oh this one Fucking shameful It is one thing to do something unknowingly But repeating it with no thought to how it d impact others even after being aware Because you re that dumb Oh, the list goes on with this bitch And of course The men Oh, how I HATED THEM They were either misogynistic, dominating and arrogant shitheads or mind numbingly boring.And I know I ve said it above but this bears repeating I have never felt such hate of this magnitude for a male character like I have for Joseph I LOATHED HIM WITH EVERYTHING IN ME He was a worthless punchable trash Simple as that I fail to see what the point of this book was What is the lesson here Other than reading about horny brainless teenagers cheating left and right and dumb as hell girls being controlled by men because they weren t given by the author the mental capacity to stand up for themselves I mean, what does the reader get out of this horrid experience A lot of the events that took place completely ruined the reading experience for me And no, I don t understand how these events could ve been used as a way to drive this shit of a plot when all it did was make the cast seem like utter trash It s heartbreaking because I remember my excitement when I bought the book I mean, I blew off a great book to read the atrocity that is this ehmm book These are horrible, terrible characters Bad Just bad Yikes.

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    4.5 stars Wow this was bloody fantastic BUT.The first 35% or so was ROUGH I honestly would have DNF ed this had it not been for friends telling me to keep going I M SO GLAD I DID So if you re reading this and you get bored overwhelmed with all the names generally disinterested it WILL pick up And don t worry about memorizing all the character names who is who Basically we have three triplets They are separated at a young age and each raised in separate parts of the kingdom island thing Each of them is tailored to have one type of magic When they reach 16, they are all supposed to face each other off with said magic, and whoever wins gets the throne Not only are they supposed to try and kill each other, they try to gain supporters and win suitors to help them in this Then, the surviving queen will choose a suitor who will act as king consort She will have said triplets thanks to the curse on the island , be sent away, rinse and repeat Pretty depressing world, if you ask me The general vibe is pretty dark and bleak, so be prepared Very Minor spoilers below Anyway, I went into this fully expecting to favor one queen and not like the others but I was surprised I actually adored each of them and felt really sorry for them What I didn t expect was to get really invested in each of their stories AND all the suitors as well Each queen has a guy that they are close to favor but things do not play out the way you ll expect them to Shit gets cray We have Katherine who is the poisoner queen raised by the Poisoners Except, she s so incredibly weak and isn t actually showing strength digesting said poisons She s forced to eat poisoned food all the time and is constantly sick Since she appears so weak, her clan is greatly concerned and tries to fake her strength Poor Kat pretty much knows she s going to die so her only chance at survive is to learn how to woo all the suitors Enter Peityr the boy who offers to train her on how to woo men.Then there s Arsinoe who I just adored She s strong, kind, and generally just badass She s raised by the Naturalists who have a gift for animals Each naturalist has the power to tame one animal and that animal becomes theirs they can control said animal for the rest of their life Except Arsinoe can t seem to do that But, she has dear friends and has a great attitude anyway though they don t expect her to live past the ascension year either Then she meets Billy, and I can t say anything else.Mirabella is the strongest of all the queens her gift as an elementalist she can control elements weather is extremely powerful Everyone expects her to easily win outlive her sisters BUT she is so incredibly kind and doesn t want to hurt them I CANT EVEN with the guy I can t I can t I m not saying that s a good or bad thing either Just wait.AND THEN there s Jules, Arsinoe s best friend and very powerful naturalist who almost feels like a fourth main character She has several POVs and she gets very tangled in things and her love story. I can t SOOOOOO all that to say the story picks up and lightly introduces you to each queen and blah blah But their stories get intermingled REALLY quickly And it happens in ways you won t ever suspect And it gets emotional And I was flailing and freaking out and Ugh Just read it.AND THEN THE END OHMERGSKERJSLKFJSLKDFJSLDKFJ I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING Okay okay, but everyone told me the end was crazy awesome but just to give a heads up it s not this huge action packed scene It s one kicker at the very end LSKDFJ LSKDFJ HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WAIT A YEAR FOR THE NEXT BOOK WHAT THE CRAP Oh also, the audiobook was fantastic LOVED the narrator The writing felt a bit dry at the beginning and when I switched to audio, it felt a bit lively My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy

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    3.5 This was incredibly hard for me to get into I found the first half to be quite boring but I just found the whole concept to be so interesting that I had to stick with it I m glad that I did because it did get better, but half of a book is a long time to not really be enjoying it.

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    Three dark queensare born in a glen,sweet little tripletswill never be friends.Three dark sistersall fair to be seen,two to devourand one to be Queen. This was SO much darker than I originally expected and it is GOOD The world building, the twists, the characters, the premise itself It s hard not to be pulled deep into the story Consider me invested For a first book where clearly the concept had to be set up, as well as the world..I still found there was a lot going on This just gives me hope for the second where I have a feeling there will be a lot action and excitement Three Dark Crowns follows a set of triplets, all three queens heirs to the crown, though only one will reign All three born with a different gift At the age of six, they are separated to be raised by different families each of their same respective gift giving each a completely different upbringing The sisters don t see each other again until they turn sixteen, when they will have to kill each other leaving only one to be the ruling queen of Fennbirn Every generation a new set of triplets is born This is how it has always been.Katharine is a poisoner She s supposed to be able to consume excruciating amounts of poison without any side effects The problem is Katharine s gift is quite weak The Arrons have been poisoning her as often as possible to try and build up her immunities The result is a frail, feeble queen covered in scabs and other markings the poisoning attempts leave The Arrons are desperate to keep a poisoner on the throne as it keeps their family on the Black Council It has been a poisoner queen the last two years..Mirabella is an elemental giving her power over the elements such as fire, water, and wind This includes some capability of creating nasty storms and it s pretty badass She has the strongest gift out of her sisters making her the clear contender for the crown This is why the temple openly backs her something unheard of in years past They want power on the island and need a queen on their side to seize that power from the Black Council giving importance back to the temple Is Mirabella the Queen they all believe her to be or is her heart having different ideas Arsinoe is a naturalist She should be able to make flowers bloom, have control over animals, and have an animal familiar She cannot do any of these things and is still waiting on her gift Her best friend Jules has an extremely strong naturalist gift giving her a mountain cat as a familiar Arsinoe tried to escape her fate years ago by running away, but the island wouldn t let her go leading to the banishment of Jules boy One of the best things about Arsinoe is her loyalty to her friends I love that the power of friendship truly means something to her Of course I do not wish that No one really wishes to be a queen. To be a queen is to be cursed Two have a fate of death, while only one will rule Knowing this makes you want to resist connecting with the characters too much Unfortunately, I found something I enjoyed about each of the sisters I may have changed who I m rooting for several times and even now am not sure who my actual favorite is But if the plot rings true, only one can live.The book is written in third person with each of the sister s perspectives in addition to several other characters POV some we see way less often than others There are a variety characters including the families that raised the girls, friends, priestesses, and a couple love interests It s interesting how each sister is raised in a different city by a completely different family working on an entirely different gift Each of these girls lives in a fully fleshed out, complex world with their own characters and storylines Though it s all intertwined together, it still helps to make a plot that really moves along There are plenty of twists and surprises throughout, a small bit of romance that doesn t overwhelm, an epic world created, and the perfect amount of darkness The ending had me screaming YES give me I highly, highly recommend

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    omgggg thats it this book and series are cancelled screw you, joseph you big pile of human trash i wish the bear had got ya also, can you believe how so slow and undeveloped this story is the title may as well be three boring crowns, as there is nothing dark about this book at all, which is a real let down the only reason im rounding up to three stars, when this is basically only worth two, is because of the ending my gosh if the entire book had been like the ending, this would be such a different review and how dare she end it like that its seriously forcing me to pick up the next book and i really dont want to i feel coerced 2.5 stars

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    No one really wishes to be a queen Oh my, I loved this This book seems to be very polarizing on my feed, and from people I love, trust, and have similar reading tastes as, so I was a little apprehensive going in I read that first chapter with my mouth open the entire time Instantly drawn in, immersed, and in love Most of you probably know the synopsis of this book, but it will still bring me immense joy to tell those few who might not know Basically, this story is set in a world with an amazing matriarchy, where a queen will always give birth to multiple girls For the most part, it will be triplets, each with different powers, who will be sent away to live among people who have also developed their powers Yet, once these sisters turn sixteen, a battle will begin which only ends when only one of the girls are alive and the other two sisters dead This lone triplet will be the new queen of Fennbirn This world is gloriously feminist, and I loved each point of view from the different islands And the writing Beautiful, lyrical, genius And I fell so very in love with each sister, easily, and happily These characters are honestly a tier above almost every YA character I ve ever read And again, this was such an amazing journey and I hope people give this book a shot, despite the mixed reviews And the twists and turns I was at the edge of my seat reading this And I was going to say one of the only downsides while reading was because a friend sort of intentionally spoiled a twist for me, but then I was completely blindsided by another immediately after The only reason I chose to give this four stars, instead of five, was because the actual plot itself was a little slow for my liking This is a very character driven story, and I loved that so much, but some major plot points just felt like they took too long to get going Even though, once they did Lord, help me Perfection In her mind, every last Queen lies at the bottom of the sea, drowned by the Goddess the moment she was done with them So, something I also really want to talk about is how this in my mind and my opinion is an own voices book I watch a lot of Booktube, I read a lot of blogs, I spend too much time on book twitter, but I have never heard that Kendare Blake is Korean, ever I noticed how the triplets descriptions were somewhat vague besides the dark black hair, so I went and did some searching, and I was absolutely shocked to find out that this book is written by a woman of color I immediately went to snapchat, and all of my friends, too, did not know this So, I just wanted to make this a point in my review, because me and so many of my friends want to support marginalized voices, and if I would have known this sooner, I wouldn t have waited to pick this book up On top of the fact that I loved it, and it was amazing, it warms my damn heart to picture three kickass Asian girls, trying to overcome to pressures that this world has put on them, while trying to decide their own destinies Seriously, this meant so much to me Breathing fanart by TheSenesXOkay, I m going to do a quick breakdown of the three sisters I found these amazing pictures from Epic Reads on my wonderful friend May s review and I couldn t resist adding them to mine, because they are so dang adorable and perfect Katharine Gravesdrake Manor Poisoner QueenThe poisoner queen always wins, so Katharine has a tremendous amount of pressure on her But her body is weak and frail, from being forced to ingest so many poisons, and from the abuse she receives for not achieving her full potential She is lonely, and scared, and somehow completely made her way into my heart Katharine is my favorite of the three sisters Mirabella Rolanth Elementalist QueenThe strongest of the sisters The world already tells tales of her power She is almost guaranteed to be the next queen, but she is constantly struggling with the idea of killing her sisters She was raised among the people of the temple on her small, but very religious, island She, too, has felt really lonely growing up Arsinoe Wolf Spring Naturalist QueenThis sister for sure had the happiest upbringing, with friends and found family that actually loves her unconditionally Sadly, she hasn t developed any of her naturalist powers, but her best friend, Jules, is one of the strongest to have ever lived She is desperate to develop any magical affinity, and starts tampering with magic that she probably shouldn t, because this magic always comes with a price And even though Katharine is my favorite, I loved all three so much And all three sisters are so beautifully morally grey, especially by the end of this story Morally grey characters will forever by my favorites, and Kendare Blake gave me three strong, powerful, and smart ones to cry over and to root for Oh, and also, I told myself I wouldn t devote a paragraph to this, but here we are with unpopular opinions I don t hate Joseph, not in the slightest Like, did he do something he maybe shouldn t have Yes Is this a realistic depiction of being a sixteen year old whose hormones are working double time Yes And I think he proved numerous times that he isn t a bad guy He does the right thing over and over, even if he is suppressing his own happiness Also, I m always here for all the sex positive depictions More unpopular opinion I totally ship him with the unpopular one to ship him with Muahahahaha I should think that is what anyone would wish to be loved for themselves and not their position Overall, I truly loved this I can see it being one of my all time favorite series And I cannot wait to start One Dark Throne immediately Also, say a prayer for me that my Target still has the signed edition that I saw a few weeks ago Trigger Content warnings abuse, violence, and animal death Blog Twitter Tumblr Instagram Youtube Twitch Buddy read with Kayla

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