The Lion Tamer's Daughter

The Lion Tamer's DaughterShort interesting take on the doppelg nger myth that was a bit mysterious and a bit undeveloped An ok read. I really enjoyed this book although there were many puzzles left unanswered Some readers may be frustrated by this, but I felt that it could lead to interesting discussion I would consider using it with Year 6 since there were some moments that were genuinely unnerving The plot is original and I also thought Dickinson did well to sound like a teenage narrator It was also interesting to see strong relationships between mothers and their children whereas the fathers were either dead or perceived as poor role models. I didn t really like this one and I think it s clear that I ve never really been a fan of fantasy Every time I read this book I see another bit of depth or perspective.It is 4 stories, unlinked except by theme They involve doubles, mirror images and enantiomorphic images.and each has some element of magic The first shortest and last longest are even, in a sense, reflections of each other And each involves an adolescent grappling or less with the question of personal identity.The first, The Spring always strikes me when I am not reading it as sad and a bit disturbing, but when I read it it is nothing of the sort the last, The Lion Tamer s Daughter always seems when I am not reading it , overly mechanical in its denouement.but when I read it it is nothing of the sort The second and third Touch and Go and Checkers are pure delight both in memory and in reading,good stories well told, that linger in your mind.An intellectually stimulating but very entertaining read for a windy Autumn evening. It s always difficult to rate a book that is made up of several short stories, even if all the stories are by the same author While I enjoyed a couple of the stories than others, I found myself captivated from cover to cover Dickinson s writing style creates characters that the reader can relate to and understand I will definitely be looking for books by Peter Dickinson in the future. This was a very entertaining book I picked it up, having nothing else to read and just couldn t stop reading The characters were well developed, the plot was interesting, and the writing wasn t too difficult but not too easy either My idea of a perfect book But why did I give it four stars instead of five Well, the ending confused me a lot It wasn t until the main character explained what had happened while talking to another character, did I understand, but it still left me feeling a bit clueless as to what was going on.Other than that, a great read Bit of a weird one, this Re read in March 2013I like Keith s narrative voice, and the ordinary ness of the settings in the UK, but the denouement with Monsieur Albert and the mirror seemed to go on for too long I also felt like the explanation wasn t terribly satisfying. Melly And Melanie Are Mirror Images Of Each Other Are They Twins Separated At Birth Or Is Something Sinister Afoot It S A Race Against Time And Destiny To Discover The Truth, For If The Two Meet Before The Allotted Time, Who Knows What Their Fate Might BeDo You Know What A Doppelganger Is We Did A Play About One Four Years Ago The Hero Had This Double Who Seemed To Be Some Kind Of Fiend, Who Stalked Him, And If Ever They Came Face To Face The Hero Was Going To Die I Know It Sounds Stupid As Soon As You Say It, But So good Uncanny, odd stories, and such excellent ones. Haven t read short stories in a while nor supernatural ones Happily both And a journey back into teen fiction

Robin McKinley He wrote than fifty novels for adults and young readers He won both the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Children s Award twice, and his novel The Blue Hawk won The Guardian Award in 1975.

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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Lion Tamer's Daughter
  • Peter Dickinson
  • English
  • 13 January 2017
  • 9780330371643

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