Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor, Ancient & Medieval History

Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor, Ancient & Medieval History Lectures Minutes Per LectureLecture Introduction To AnatoliaLecture First Civilizations In AnatoliaLecture The Hittite EmpireLecture Hattusas And Imperial Hittite CultureLecture Origins Of Greek CivilizationLecture The Legend Of TroyLecture Iron Age Kingdoms Of Asia Minor Lecture Emergence Of The PolisLecture Ionia And Early Greek CivilizationLecture The Persian ConquestLecture Athenian Empire And Spartan HegemonyLecture Alexander The Great And The DiadochoiPart Of , Lectures Minutes Per Lecture, DVD S Lecture The Hellenization Of Asia MinorLecture Rome Versus The Kings Of The EastLecture Prosperity And Roman PatronageLecture Gods And Sanctuaries Of Roman Asia MinorLecture Jews And Early ChristiansLecture From Rome To ByzantiumLecture Constantinople, Queen Of CitiesLecture The Byzantine Dark AgesLecture Byzantine Cultural RevivalLecture Crusaders And Seljuk TurksLecture Muslim TransformationLecture The Ottoman Empire

Dr Kenneth W Harl is Professor of Classical and Byzantine History at Tulane University in New Orleans, where he teaches courses in Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Crusader history He earned his B.A from Trinity College and his M.A and Ph.D from Yale University.Recognized as an outstanding lecturer, Professor Harl has received numerous teaching awards at Tulane, including the coveted Sheldon H.

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  • Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor, Ancient & Medieval History
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  • 13 April 2019
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10 thoughts on “Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor, Ancient & Medieval History

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    This is really Professor Harl s bread and butter subject He knows the history of Asia Minor like he knows the back of his hand To have such a longitudinal perspective done in such a masterful way was an excellent learning experience I have never really understood much about how Asia Minor became Hellenized or Turkicized if that is a term and this work goes a long way towards explaining those, although resources on those are mostly archaeological, so it will always be hard for historians to give a lot of concrete detail.A couple of interesting facts I learned which I had not known before just a sample of what I learned 1 that many of the Hellenized Jews living in Asia Minor in New Testament times had originally been planted there by the Selucid rulers as military colonies to help sustain Selucid rule in Asia Minor in the centuries leading up to the birth of Christ 2 That estimates are that roughly 500,000 Turkish people migrated to Asia Minor in the period from roughly 900 AD to 1400 AD.All in all, the conclusion of this work is that many things have stayed the same over the years in Asia Minor and that most of the people living there are descended from ancestors who have lived in Asia Minor probably for thousands of years, despite the enormous differences in religion, language, military political rule, etc This was also the general conclusion about Britain in Vikings, Saxons, and Celts.For now, I am taking a break from Harl, but I will be back for his Romans and Barbarians ones very soon.

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    This was such a great course In every study of the Graeco Roman world, we have always heard that the East was where the wealth was It s only after going through this lecture series that I paid any heed to the East My notion of Turkish history revolved around only Istanbul but there is so much to it Prof Harl, as always, manages to balance detail and comprehensiveness He never loses his focus on the Turkish peninsula while traversing the histories of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome something which many others get tempted into.

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    Interesting but it is becoming dated The lectures were recorded in the late nineties, and they do not take advantage of the past 2 decades of archaeology and genetic studies Here s a somewhat updated introduction to the Ancient World focusing mainly on the Near East by the same lecturer from 2016

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    Audio download augmented with online maps and outside sources 24 30 minute lectures.This lecture series is the ninth series of eleven from the Harl Collection of lecturesdealing with not only the eastern Mediterranean, but the Viking, Roman, and Steppe Barbarians lecturesthat I have had the pleasure of hearing all have been audio with augmentation For those considering purchasing these lectures please understand that, unless you are very well versed in the geography of this part of the world and few are here in the US , you may be better served by the video versions, unless you have the luxury of pausing and checking things out on Google Earth and other sources In addition, there is a fair amount of repetition within the Harl repertoire, but that shouldn t surprise you since the history of this part of the world within this historic time frame is intricately interwoveneach lecture series reinforcing the otherseach series stressing a particular aspect that allows a bit depth, and an increase in curiosity.I thoroughly enjoyed these lectures even though 24 seemed a bit rushed , and could easily have given them a 5 but I didn twe want to keep the good Professor humble, don t we Dr Harl is probably my favorite lecturer and I appreciate his no nonsense, direct lecture style and wry sense of humoryou might, as well.Recommended, but wait for a saleand coupon.

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    Even if you ve read the second half of Gibbon, there s much to learn from these lectures about an influential region Professor Harl s coverage of the Hittites was fascinating, though I would have liked detail The lectures on the classical period were quite an eye opener I d known some of the details, but never quite added them up to realize how much of what we call Greek was Anatolian I will respectfully disagree with reader123 s scepticism about the audio only version of the course I listened to this in the gym, though I do recommend getting the associated PDF Even if you didn t buy the course from The Great Courses, they can sell you a hard copy directly For once the company did an excellent job of providing the necessary maps.

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    The lecturer does a really good job of making the material interesting and is obviously knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his subject The lectures cover civilizations in Turkey from the earliest known civilizations until the Ottoman era Since I d read quite a bit of fiction and nonfiction about these civilizations and had several world history classes in college a lot of it was familiar So really the three stars are the result of that Otherwise I d have rated it four.

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    Kenneth Harl is my favorite His course on the Vikings was really interesting I think this is his usual topic, but not so much mine It was all right A lot of information to cover and it goes fast I think I would have gotten out of it if I had read extensively in the subject BEFORE listening.

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    An interesting set of lectures Most of my classics courses were slightly farther west Greece and Rome so I didn t come into this knowing a lot about the civilizations of Asia Minor.Reinforced my opinions that the Crusades were a terrible thing on all sides, though.

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    Fantastic intro into Asian history.

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    The information is very interesting, but the narrating professor drives me bonkers with his nonstandard pronunciations and use of uh often multiple times in nearly every sentence.

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