I Dare (Liaden Universe book #11)

I Dare (Liaden Universe book #11)5 5 5 stars A In the review I wrote for the paperback I said I couldn t decide if this was my favorite of the series or if Local Custom was Well, I recently listened to Local Custom and I Dare came out way ahead It had a fantastic mix of underhanded machinations, exploration, character development, magic, and moxy This book is the culmination of a fairly significant story arc and it is very satisfying. While I enjoyed this book a lot, as a conclusion, I felt it didn t feel very concluded There was a alot that felt unexplained and left up to the reader to somehow infer So I enjoyed it but ultimately it wasn t as satisfying as I might have hoped for I really thought I had read this one along with Local Custom and Scout s Progress Once I started, it has become rather evident that I had not This is the conclusion to the Agent of Change sequence the plot line with the Department of the Interior I ve been fascinated with Pat Rin ever since his character was referred to in Conflict of Honors While the first bit of Pat Rin we see is rather drab no jewels or fancy parties to be seen , once he truly becomes involved in the action, his transformation from a ne er do well to a formidable opponent and business man is fascinating and sad due to the circumstances to watch.In fact, there s a lot of fascinating transformations here You have traders, business men, pilots, and other clan members of all sorts becoming warriors, people in charge of everything suddenly become in charge of nothing, the clan less acquiring clans and vice versa It s good to see people dealing with situations far beyond their comfort zone.Yet, at the same time, many people were TOO good at dealing with the situations If you have people acting outside their accustomed roles, they re going to make mistakes and probably quite a few of them But for the most part, everything goes abnormally smoothly For instance, Miri had never had a clan or associated with Liadens before she married Val Con but due to telepathically sharing memories, she knows exactly how to bow, how to talk, all the different modes and inflections of speech, all the clan history and laws, etc Even though this is newly acquired memories, I d think she d make some missteps before knowledge becomes habit but she never does Mistakes are often interesting than perfection Another issue I had was that some characters aren t fully introduced Part of this is my fault I started with the original book, Conflict of Honors and re read in chronological order from there forward Unfortunately, this led to me skipping the prequel duology that was published just before I Dare So when characters Daav, et al show up suddenly from those books, I have no clue who they are, and their history may not be explained for another hundred or pages This also happens with the first mate he s introduced as a first mate but not much than that in the previous book and with this book is suddenly capable of things that make you scratch your head and say Huh How did he do that Only his back story isn t in any book, it s a short story While maybe I should have followed the publication order, I really think you should be able to read a series in chronological order one sequence of events from start to finish without missing the major chunks of the story that you ll miss here And also, I don t think short stories should be essential to the understanding of any series I really think I ll have to revisit this book once I ve read the prequel duology and the two short story collections to fully appreciate some of these events Maybe when I do, I ll adjust my rating up a bit.Lastly, I would either like another book covering the events just after I Dare, or some sort of epilogue wrapping things up a bit It s such an intriguing ending and one that I didn t see coming, that I d love to see of that portion of the storyline Also, I don t see that full Balance was achieved, and I can t see clan Korval leaving the situation as it is There s apparently a trilogy encompasing Theo s story but from the synopsis, it doesn t sound like it has much to do with clan Korval s story. 5 5 5 stars A I can t decide if this is my favorite of the series or if Local Custom is Never mind, it doesn t matter I loved this book I am so happy to have re read it because there is an amazing amount of complexity that I missed the first time The story is like a complex weaving The reader is kept abreast of several story lines on multiple planets and as the book comes to its conclusion the lines weave tightly and faster and the next thing you know there is a fabulous cohesive series of events that tie everything together A LOT happens in the last 50 pages of this book and it is exhilarating view spoiler I have to look through my chapbooks and see if they wrote a short story about the Clutch moving Jela s tree That would be something to see hide spoiler Popular Books, I Dare Liaden Universe Book 11 Author Sharon Lee This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book I Dare Liaden Universe Book 11 , Essay By Sharon Lee Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Very exciting but must be read after the other Agents of Change books. Last so far in the Liaden series I want One of the best books in the series No matter how often I reread it, I laugh, cry, and shout with glee 4 24 16 re read again, just as enjoyable the 4th 5th time around Argghh Andy Caploe ruined this for me I didn t get very far into the story via the audiobook version read the ebook not too long ago , but I couldn t STAND the voices he was using for Sheather and Edger really doofus brained voices , or for any of the female characters e.g., Miri is seriously a kick ass woman , etc The one voice that s OK is the background voice, the one he uses for the basic background story I don t know if I got a credit or a few dollars back on this And I m really sad that there isn t a competently done audiobook of this outstanding story. Genre Space OperaThis book concludes the story arc started in Agent of Change For all that I m very fond of Miri and Val Con, the real meat of this book imo is the story of Pat Rin and Natasa reviving Surebleak But then I have a great fondness for stories about rebuilding stuff More so then any of the other books in the series, the POV jumps around a lot between Val Con, Miri, Shan, Pricilla, Anthora, and Pat Rin Alot of different stories relationships are being followed.

Steve Miller, Sharon has written twenty novels of science fiction and fantasy many of them set in the Liaden Universe and numerous short stories She has occasionally been an advertising copywriter, a reporter, photographer, book reviewer, and secretary She was for three years Executive Director of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc., and was subsequently elected vice president and then president of that organization.

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  • I Dare (Liaden Universe book #11)
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  • 20 March 2019
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