The Feeding

The Feeding It Took Several Years Of Research And Planning, Plus Many Trips To New Guinea, But Doctors Jim Atkins And Stan Weston Finally Developed A Chemical Weapon Like No Other On June , Secret Weapon Was Created Doctor Weston Known For His Work With Viruses Has Devised A Way To Use An Airborne Virus As A Weapon The Years Of Research Was Funded By The Military With General Dale Applewood A Member Of The Joints Chiefs Of Staff Pushing To Get The Feeding Weapon Developed The General Has Plans To Run For The White House Using This Weapon On His Platform The Feeding Virus Was Tested On A Small Island Near Okinawa, It Was A Complete Success A Few Months Later The Feeding Weapon Is Introduced To A NATO Convention, But All The Other Countries Reject The Weapon, So The United States Is Ordered To Destroy It General Applewood Is So Disappointed With The Turn Of Events He Sabotages The Plane Bound For Alabama And It Crashes In Rock Hill South Carolina Now He Will Do Anything To Cover Up What He Has Done Christmas Is Approaching In The Sleepy Town Of Rock Hill, But None Of The Residents Realize This Christmas Will Not Be Like Any Other A High School Science Class Stumbles Across The Leaking Cylinder In The Rock Hill Forest, And Before They Can Get Away From It The Virus Has Infected Them A Massacre Erupts On The School Bus As They Head Back To Town Hours After The Plane Crash Sheriff Bobby Smith Calls In The Military Bobby Moved To Rock Hill From Chariot North Carolina Five Years Ago Because He Was Wounded In A Back Robbery Attempt, Plus He Wanted To Get Away From His Ex Wife He Thought Rock Hill Would Be A Much Quieter Place, But All That Is About To Change The Military Has Guards Posted On The Four Main Roads Leading Into And Out Of Rock Hill, And The Young Soldiers Are Told To Shoot Anyone That Exhibits Signs Of Having The Virus These Men Have Never Faced Anything Like This Before So Many Innocent People Are Killed With Each Day That Passes And People Are Affected By The Virus And The Death Toll Rises By The Eight Day After The Crash Doctor Weston Calls The CDC, But The Feeding Virus Has Taken Over Rock Hill And Began To Spread To Other Cities Iris Cater A Resident Of Rock Hill Has To Go To California For A Real Estate Banquet But Doesn T Realize She Has The Virus During The Ceremony While A Couple Is Toasting Each Other, And Their Wine Glasses Break Cutting A Young Woman On The Finger The Sudden Urge To Feed On Human Blood Is Overwhelming, As Iris Runs To The Restroom Her Facial Features Change Her Eyes Turn Coal Black, Her Teeth And Nails Grow Extremely Long The Injured Woman In The Restroom Does Not Stand A Chance Against The Vicious Thing Iris Has Become While She Is Feeding On Her Victim Another Woman Walks In The Restroom, And Catches Iris Covered In Blood Iris Panics Now Running For Her Life And The Woman Calls The Police Iris Carter Has To Get Across Country Back To South Carolina, And She Will Face Many Perils Along The Way The Feeding Virus Has Also Moved Into Colorado Where Dillon Reeves And Seven Of His Friends Gets Trapped In Cabin By A Violent Snow Storm Their Isolation Soon Reveals That One Of Them Has The Virus, And Begins Killing Off The Others See If Any Of Them Come Out Alive Now The Joint Chiefs Will Stop At Nothing To Try And Hide What They Have Done Especially General Applewood The General Even Tries To Have A Member Of His Staff Killed Because He Feels This Gentleman Is Trying To Expose Him The Joint Chiefs Give Stan Weston One Week To Come Up With An Anti Dose Or Rock Hill Will Be Destroyed Along With Everyone In It Weston Is So Desperate When He Finds What He Thinks Is An Anti Dose He Tries It On Himself, Infecting Him With The Virus The Clock Is Ticking Can Doctor Weston Find A Cure Before Time Runs Out For Rock Hill And The Rest Of The Country

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Feeding book, this is one of the most wanted Gilbert Collins author readers around the world.

❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Feeding  Author Gilbert Collins –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 246 pages
  • The Feeding
  • Gilbert Collins
  • English
  • 05 March 2017

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