Tante Poldi und die sizilianischen Löwen

Tante Poldi und die sizilianischen Löwen Recently Widowed Poldi Moves To Sicily In Order To Quietly Drink Herself To Death With A Sea View But Fate Intervenes When She Finds The Corpse Of A Young Man On The Beach, His Face Blown Off With A Sawn Off Shotgun, She Becomes A Potential Suspect In His Murder Case Poldi Soon Falls For The Gorgeous Commissario Montana Who Has Been Assigned To Lead The Case And, After Some Initial Misunderstandings, They Form An Investigative And Romantic Partnership The Delightful Detail Of This Romance, And The Extreme Awkwardness Of Its Retelling To Her Mortified Nephew, Produce Some Of The Novel S Many High Points, And Exemplify The Work S Warmth And Wit Sicily Is A Vivid Backdrop, An Island Of People Obsessed With Food, Family And Friendship They Talk Passionately About Which Remote Village Produces The Best Olives, Pistachio Ice Cream, Oyster Mushrooms, Mandarins And Marzipan, About Which Restaurant Serves The Best Pasta Al Nero Di Sepia Or Canolli A La Crema Di Ricotta And Never A Direct Reference To The Mafia An Invention Of Those Fascists In The North , Even When Discussing Corruption And Murders Committed With Sawn Off Shotguns

MARIO GIORDANO, the son of Italian immigrants, was born in Munich He is the author of 1,000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names he has also written thrillers, books for children, and screenplays Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions is his first novel translated into English He lives in Cologne.

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Tante Poldi und die sizilianischen Löwen
  • Mario Giordano
  • English
  • 12 June 2017
  • 9781908524690

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    This is the first of a series featuring the retired German quirky Isolde Oberreider aka Auntie Poldie, who has moved to Sicily with every intention of living the good island life of sun, sea and wine whilst eyeing up the young men The book sets out to establish a set of characters, the tone of gentle humour in this crime cozy and is narrated by Auntie Poldie s nephew, Giordano, an aspiring writer Her magnetic personality draws people to her and who go out of their way to help her One such person, the good looking Valentino Candela helps around her home until he vanishes, only to later be discovered murdered Auntie Poldie can t believe that hardly anyone is concerned with his disappearance and sets out to find out what happened to him, she has no qualms about interfering in detective Vito Montana s investigation This is a light hearted comic crime mystery set in a wonderful island location I found it slightly laboured at times and uneven on occasion but overall an enjoyable read Many thanks to John Murray Press for an ARC.

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    Auntie Poldi is an eccentric, Bavarian lady who always wears a wig, enjoys photographing traffic controllers and fully intends to retire to Sicily in order to drink herself to death Her nephew, who is currently writing a book, spends much of his time visiting and narrates much of the story Poldi s nephew is not the only person that she has helping out though and much is made of how everyone who comes in contact with Poldi wants to help her This includes a handsome young man names Valentino Candela, who does odd jobs for her before disappearing Although she has quite tenuous links to Valentino, Poldi seems to be the only person concerned about his whereabouts and sets off on a crusade to discover his whereabouts.This is a gentle mystery, where the plot revolves around the characters and the place For me, one of the real weaknesses of the story was that you know little about Valentino, although we learn about it as the novel progresses However, Poldi s concern seems a little too much like a plot device, rather than genuine concern, and much is made of her father, Georg Oberreiter, having been a Detective Chief Inspector Saying that, this is obviously the first in a series and so we are being introduced to the characters There are Poldi s supportive sisters in law, her neighbours, the beautiful young Valerie Raisi di Belfiore and the handsome Vito Montana, who is heading the investigation and is going to receive Poldi s investigative input, whether he likes it or not This plot has a lot of twists, some good characters and a likeable central character Despite the fact that Poldi is often threatened, you do not really feel that she is ever seriously in danger This is a comfortable, cosy mystery I enjoyed it enough that I would try the next in the series, but it took me some time to get into the book Rated 3.5.

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    3.5 stars, actually.If you re looking for what I d describe as a cute, almost cozy murder mystery with some quirky characters, you might want to give this one a try Where else will you find a borderline elderly retired costume designer with a nose for adventure who s moved to Sicily for the sole purpose at least initially of drinking herself to death Meet Auntie Poldi, officially Isolde Oberreider Despite her penchant for wearing askew wigs, she considers herself to be attractive to the opposite sex and moved to a new country after her husband died finding a rather unkempt house overlooking the sea not far from her sisters Narrating the whole thing is Poldi s nephew, a would be writer in the throes of writer s block who s hoping, I suppose, that documenting his aunt s adventures will kick start his creative juices.And find adventure she does After a young man to whom she took a fancy turns up dead on a beach, she turns into an almost frenzied amateur investigator much to the dismay of local authorities, in particular hunky detective Vito Montana Once she gets going, a missing sculptured lion comes into play as she tries to connect the dots to a wealthy landowner she suspects may be up to nefarious activities.Her adventures and attempts at solving the murder are documented in fine fashion sometimes with a bit of humor right up to the end Admittedly, while I do love headstrong women, she proved to lean a little in that direction than I d like to meet in person still, there s no getting around the appeal of her rather off the wall character The ending suggests that installments will come in the future and notably, this is the author s first book to be translated into English.In the interests of full disclosure, I won an advance copy of this book in paperback format at Bookish First in exchange for an honest review.

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    I expected to enjoy this rather than I did It s not bad, but it could have done with a good deal focus and a good deal less background and self conscious quirkiness.Aunti Poldi is a Bavarian woman who, at the age of about 60, moves back to Sicily to be with her sisters and drink herself to death However, a murder mystery and a handsome policeman begin to restore her Poldi herself is a real Character rather too much so, for my taste Her characterful behaviour became increasingly implausible and eventually rather annoying at times Also, the story is slow This isn t necessarily a problem, but I found the long digressions into Sicilian culture, customs, geology, history and so on got in the way quite badly I could really have done without several pages on the history of Sicilian sulphur mining, for example When the plot finally comes to a head the climax is ridiculous, with a hopelessly implausible Cornered Killer Climax From Which She Only Narrowly Escapes I do realise that this isn t supposed to be particularly realistic, but even making generous allowances for this, it was pretty silly.It s not a bad book and has it s moments of humour some of the characters are rather well drawn and we do get a strong sense of place, even if it s overdone at times However, I found it a bit of a slog and can only give it a rather lukewarm recommendation This is the start of a series, but it s not a series I ll be rushing to read., I m afraid I received an ARC via Netgalley.

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    Auntie Poldi has decided to retire in Munich and retire to a house by the sea in Sicily and drink herself to death but spending her remaining time flirting with various men She has sisters in Sicily and her nephew flies out every few weeks from Germany to keep an eye on her This may be a cultural thing but that alone seemed odd to me How could he afford the time and money It is Europe so travel is easier but it still seems like a big commitment The story is told through the nephew s eyes It takes quite awhile to get to the murder that Poldi investigates and by then I was quite bewildered by a number of things Why does a woman who dresses with low cleveage to attract men and spends a lot of time discussing their eyes want to drink herself to death How does she stumble across the dead body It was a little coincidental It goes on and on And then the jokes, Again it may be cultural Why do carabininieri always patrol in three Well, one can read, one can write and the third is to keep an eye on that pair of dangerous intellectuals Unfortunately this book didn t translate for me.

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    When the outgoing, fun loving, wine guzzling Auntie Poldi relocates from her native Bavaria to her late husband s ancestral home of Sicily, one couldn t imagine of a fish out of water Wearing bright clothes, telling smutty stories, drinking to excess, Auntie Poldi stands in stark contrast to her loyal Sicilian in laws Poldi s late husband s three sisters, a Bavarian born nephew and her brother in law, Uncle Martino Auntie Poldi a.k.a Isolde Oberreider had every intention of drinking herself to death in the sun and warmth of Torre Archirafi, the village where she settles But a chance encounter changes all of that.Poldi s handyman, 19 year old Valentino Candela, goes missing And, as a fluke, Auntie Poldi begins to investigate The mystery eases Poldi s depression, and Auntie Poldi s loyal family Aunts Teresa, Caterina and Luisa, and Teresa s devoted husband Uncle Martino, plus the nephew who recounts the tale join Poldi in solving than one mystery Like Poldi s relatives, author Mario Giordano is himself born in Munich but the son of Italian immigrants, and Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions was originally published in German Giordano has crafted a joyous novel, full of fun, laughs and insights I enjoyed this novel so much that I can t wait to start on the sequel, Auntie Poldi and the Vineyards of Etna.Narrator Matt Addis brings the perfect touch to the Audible edition of this book.

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    Auntie Poldi retires from her job as a costume designer in Munich and moves to Sicily You ll never see her without her wig and almost always with a drink in her hand I wish she wouldn t drink that much otherwise she is a pretty fun and eccentric character This older lady that never beats around the bush and the sun and warmth of Sicily make this mystery a unique experience She does a good job of investigating and discovers a bunch of criminal activities in the little town Lots of humour and a little bit of romance make for an entertaining read.I requested this book from NetGalley and am thankful that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and the author provided me with a copy.

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    A murder mystery that is a cross between Beautiful Ruins and the cozy mystery genre It s throughly a murder mystery but I wouldn t put it in the subgenre of cozy mystery.I ve really been enjoying the books being published this year that feature older characters who prove that they may be old but they are far from dead or useless Auntie Poldi isn t actually that old Only 60 Feisty enough to be a big nuisance to the local detective unlucky enough to catch the case A distinct personality and a force of will to go with it Auntie Poldi will not bore you The choice of narrator was an interesting one The nephew tells the tale as presumably told to him by his aunt He s a wannabe writer who can t get started with his first project This gives him interesting qualification as the narrator What s funny about it is that he isn t afraid to go places in his imagining of the scenes that make up the story Including ones where things get a wee bit racy Enjoyable Excellent if you want a crime novel with a bit less gore and depravity Sometimes you need a break and a palate cleanser Recommended for fans of crime novels The setting was a bonus perk for me Thank you to the publisher for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    Anyone who enjoys a glass of crisp Prosecco before noon is fine by me It takes place in Sicily, but was originally written in German, so perhaps the translation hindered my ability to get into it right away But by chapter 8 I was hooked This quirky, charming mystery will make you wish you were in Sicily with Auntie Poldi She is smart, sassy and so much fun I d love to be her sidekick Where do I sign up

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