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Bite the Bullet I Don T Know What Happened To My LifeJust A Few Months Ago, I Was Independent And Had An Exciting Job I Loved Now, Along With My Friends, I M In HidingWhy Because I M One Of The Five, A Group Of Human Women Bestowed With Powers And Abilities To Fight And Control Supernatural Beings A Prophesy Was Written About Us Centuries Ago We Are Supposed To Save The World, Though None Of Us Knows How Now, Cornelius, The Leader Of A Malevolent Group Known As The Faction Believes That By Killing Us And Absorbing Our Power, He Will Become Unstoppable In His Bid To Control Not Only The Supernatural Domain, But The Entire WorldAfter Evading Capture And An Attempt On My Life Forced Me Into Months Of Hiding, I Finally Have A Chance To Take Action Against The Faction As BaitAsher Leroux, The Vampire Tasked With Helping Me, Makes Me Feel Things I Don T Understand It S As If He Fills The Empty Places In My Soul, Spaces That I Didn T Know ExistedAs The Final Battle Draws Closer, I Know That Defeating The Faction Won T Give Me Back The Life I Once Had, But Maybe That S Not Such A Bad Deal After All

Born and raised in Texas, C.C Wood writes saucy paranormal and contemporary romances featuring strong, sassy women and the men that love them If you ever meet C.C in person, keep in mind that many of her characters are based on people she knows, so anything you say or do is likely to end up in a book one day.A self professed hermit, C.C loves to stay home, where she reads, writes, cooks, and w

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    Publication Date January 31, 2016 A copy of this book has been provided by the amazingly talented C.C Wood for a probably very biased review because she one of my most favorite ist Indie Authors LOVED Shannon and Asher s story Asher is a 500 year old vampire who has seen and done a lot in his existence, but once he meets Shannon he knows she s his mate.Shannon knows this to be true as well Asher stepped over the threshold, his blue eyes locked on me Something deep inside me shifted, like two pieces of my soul were finally fitting together They clicked into place and, for a moment , I thought everyone in the room heard it This is My Asher There is a definite attraction and sexual tension between Asher and Shannon, but both are in no way able to act on it considering the prophesy and all the shit Cornelius has caused until Shannon is asked to go undercover with Asher.This is where the story gets really good.Asher and Shannon finally get the opportunity to get to spend time together and get to know each other their strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities.Shannon begins to realize what a sweet talker Asher is This is an AMAZING ending to one of my favorite PNR series.I love ALL the characters in each of the books, and it was wonderful to see everybody together again one last time in this story.Well done C.C for another fantastic story

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    This complete book series deserves a TV show whose with me Cant wait for

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    I was sooooo looking forward to the ending of the Bitten series This is itthe grand finale, the boss fight all the 5 friends will stand together to defeat the evil Cornelius once and for all and live HEA with their hot and loving supernatural mates It should be full of girl power bad assery, snarky tough talking, multiple explosions, who s dead and who s not suspense.But it was not the case Hmmmmmm..sighThe story picked up where we left off.Shannon is not an administrative assistant at some security company but a bad ass fully trained occasional field agent of the said company And she also has the gift of psychic vision It s been getting stronger since she s been hanging out with the supes and she s just got a vision on how to end the villain But there s a catch She s got that strong hunch that she s got to get herself turned ASAP Cue Asher Leroux who has been eyeing her from afar and keeping himself aloof all the while She needs a vamp to turn her but he ll be linked to her forever Luckily they re secretly attracted to one another The story focuses a lot on the romance between the MCs the acceptance of their circumstances are rather quick and expected But one thing that stood out to me was that the female characters were forever jumping in outrage No intelligent banter, no subtle yet witty put downs.Throughout the whole story the women were being loudly indignant about their right to make their own choices, they are strong enough, they are their own person and so alpha males or anyone with a dick for that matter back off I am all for women s right to her own choices and being independent Maybe it s just me because i believe that a woman can be bad ass and exert her own brand of power in a and subtle way with less over reaction and i have read stories where the heroines embody that and i ve always loved those characters because it says you can also be classy and cool about it And to add, there s a new player in the game Where did he come from Is this supposed to be a plot twist The story in the end seems to be letting the main guys play in the background The boss fight was tame As a reader i didn t get the feeling of danger or urgency The villain was snuffed out so efficiently that i almost missed it I can t help feeling underwhelmed by the ending the whole story for that matter After all the build up from the previous books of the series, I was expecting a fierce showdown But what i got was a rather watered down ending with focus on the loved up pairs Just felt this story didn t really do justice to the ones before Nonetheless, i am still rating it as a 2 star because there were parts which were really sweet and sexy and really, i just want to know the ending.

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    I was the only one still single Not that it bothered me Alpha men were sexy in books, but of a pain in the ass in reality While I am so sad to see this series end, we have been building to this moment from the start and CC did not disappoint Asher and Shannon s story has been long coming and much awaited Desperate to see how Shannon s powers developed and what role they would play in the final battle to set the five fully free, I was very eager to start this book and could not put it down once I did Though I d only been around him a few times, Asher stirred emotions in me I d never experienced before As a sensitive, Shannon is learning to trust her hunches and when one of those hunches leads her to living with the sexy vampire Asher nothing is ever the same The and she is around all the supernatural the her powers strengthen and develop It doesn t take long for her to see the way out of the massive ordeal the girls are in The 5 girls are back together and show us the definition of strong heroines I wasn t sure what came over me, I liked sex, hell, I loved it if the guy was right, but this was something different, something elemental Epic fights, a sexy love story and characters we all now truly love this book was just what I was hoping for I have loved this whole series and all these couples deeply and while I am sad to see it all end I am excited to see what C.C brings us next.4.5 Smooches miranda

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    This was a great finale to a great series Everything I like about this book has been true throughout the series The book is FUNNY I ve been seeing a trend of authors trying to make characters so over the top funny, that they are really just annoying Not every sentence needs to be a smart ass comment C.C has mastered this, so the characters talk like funny real people C.C has also found this perfect balance in world building, where it is not so detailed that you get bored and give up, but enough that you are completely immersed in the series, and can t stop reading.I can t wait to start her next series

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    So sad this series is endingI m sad this series is ending I really enjoyed reading it But it looks like C.C will be doing another series I certainly hope Luca, Duncan and Rhys will be in it I am really interested in reading about them.

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    I ve stated that I m not a huge reader of paranormal romance, I m not sure why exactly but with the exception of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, the Undead series by Mary Janice Davidson and the fantasy classic The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien I ve never really had the urge to read them, and yet I read CC Woods Love Bites and I was so utterly invested that I couldn t put it down, nor could I maintain my claim that paranormal romance wasn t for me In the final instalment in the Bitten series Shannon is at a cross roads, her life and the lives of her closest friends has been put on hold, in hiding, alone and desperate for a way to end this war that they have been fighting against Cornelius and The Faction, she s ready to resort to desperate measures to finally ensure her friends are safe When she approaches Connor to turn her into a vampire, she thinks she finally sees a way out of all their problems Vampire lore states that there are rules to adhere to for turning people, there s sacred bonds that form, and lines you can t cross, which leaves Shannon at the mercy of the unmated vampires, like Asher Leroux.Shannon has guarded her heart for a long time, her friends have found their chosen mate, but she s never understood or felt that soul deep kind of connection that they seem to have found, but with Asher she feels something intense, other worldly, something different to anything she could of imagined, but if she s going to have a chance at ending the war they are facing she might have to admit to the attraction she feels and put than just her body on the line but her heart as well.CC Wood created a fun, fast, sexy, action packed thrill ride, Bite the Bullet was sexy and scintillating, everything about this story sucked me in, held me captive, and made me desperate for , Shannon was the kind of heroine I adore, strong, feisty, determined, she s not scared to put herself on the line, she s faced situations that would leave me crying in the corner than I would like to admit, but than that she s got a huge heart that I couldn t help loving her even for Asher may have been the big strong vamp in this story but for me the hero of this story is Shannon Bite The Bullet had me utterly captivated, I was invested from the very first page as we stepped inside Shannon s mind and buckled in for her adventure, everything about this story held me on the edge of my seat, desperate for , CC Wood found the perfect balance between sexy and swoon worthy romance, between action and adrenaline, between fantasy and reality, everything about this book left me both sated and desperate for , I ve made it my resolution to start at the beginning and dive into Love Bites this week, it seems Ms Wood has made me realise that I might just be a fan of paranormal romance after all.To Read GPI s Reviews

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    NOTE this review is being posted a couple of days after I finished the book BECAUSE I HAD TO READ IT AGAIN as soon as I finished it Yep It was that good.I finally got my hands on the fifth and final book in this series At the same time I m very sad to see it go Very, very sad At least I can reread this series as I m currently doing This is Shannon s book, though we get cameos from all the previous characters Yay Shannon thinks she needs to be turned into a vampire, and there are a few single male vampires that are happy to do this for her But is that what s best for her And why does Asher keep looking at her like that Ahhh there s so much I can say but I don t want to spoil any of it Does Shannon have her own abilities that will help the others I m not gonna tell you You have to read it yourself This is the end of the series, and author C C Wood definitely did this series right We have suspense, we have action, we have steamy scenes and humor, and this book wrapped up the entire series nicely giving us enough closure while leaving us wanting just a little Maybe if we bug the author, we can get a couple novellas to continue these characters, huh C.C Wood This is a 100% complete, HEA series people Read it But WAIT There s Because at the end of the book, the author tells us that she will write a NEW series called Blood and Bone , which will continue the stories of several characters from these books that maybe didn t get their HEA s Oh That means we get to read about NOPE not gonna name the characters I m hoping for I don t want to jinx anything I m just excited that some of these other characters stories will continue ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    4 1 2 stars This was definitely my favorite in the series Loved how Shannon and Asher got along and handled each other, Shannon was much accepting of Asher and how he was than any of the other girls were which made for a enjoyable read This was a fun pnr series, i love when a series books are connected all the way through Looking forward to all the books in the spin off series, hopefully it won t be along wait

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    Where to even begin I truly loved this series and Bite the Bullet didn t disappoint The story revolves around Shannon and Asher and the impending battle our gang will be fighting against the Faction There are some twists and turns, plus some humorous moments Great book If you have read the series so far you must read this one You won t regret it.

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