Torchwood (Big Finish Torchwood, #2.2)

Torchwood (Big Finish Torchwood, #2.2) They Call It Pulse A Radio Signal Which Has Puzzled The World For Years But Now Toshiko Sato Has Solved ItShe S Uncovered A Message Which Leads Her To Russia, And Into An Uneasy Alliance With The KVI The Russian Equivalent Of Torchwood Toshiko Needs To Get Into Zone A Frozen Wasteland Which Officially Doesn T ExistAn Intergalactic War Was Once Fought In Zone And It Turns Out There S A Survivor

David Llewellyn is a Welsh novelist and script writer He grew up in Pontypool and graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 2000 His first novel, Eleven, was published by Seren Press in 2006 His second, Trace Memory, a spin off from the BBC drama series Torchwood, was published in March 2008 Everything Is Sinister was published by Seren in May 2008 He has written two novels for the Doctor

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  • Torchwood (Big Finish Torchwood, #2.2)
  • David Llewellyn
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  • 22 July 2017

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    Great emotional and science y story Kept me entertained through the whole thing Great sound design, though the background music was a bit cheesy at times And it s nice to have Toshiko back Bit of a spoiler It s nice to have a Torchwood story involving the timey wimey it s not quite as common here as opposed to its older sibling Doctor Who.

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    Toshiko Sato goes on a rogue mission in Siberia, joining forces with Russian agency for extra terrestrial affairs This story has a totally STALKER feel and it works really well Also, Naoko Mori s voice acting is divine.

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    Solo Tosh adventure AND set in Russia I mean, I was always going to relive my teenage years through this, wasn t I

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    Tosh goes to Russia to an area known as Zone 10 because a pulse told her so.

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    Loved getting a bit insight into Tosh s head She was one of my faves.

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    Short story featuring Toshiko and a trip to snowy Russia Fast paced soloadventure.

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    il turno di Toshiko Sato, interpretata da Naoko Mori, in missione solitaria e non approvata in terra sovietica.Una zona colpita da distorsioni temporali, che mi ha ricordato le zone dei fratelli Arkadij e Boris Strugackij e del loro picnic extraterrestre, un misterioso messaggio indirizzato proprio a lei e un reliquiario della corsa nello spazio dei tempi della Guerra Fredda.Semplice e prevedibile come soluzione finale, vede la ricomparsa del Committee e fornisce nuove, ma non dettagliate, informazioni su questo misterioso avversario.Piacevole avventura, ancor pi gradita per il ritorno di Tosh.

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    I liked this It was nice to have Toshiko back and having an adventure on her own But it just felt a bit slim I m not sure quite what was missing but something was The other Torchwood adventures I listened to have been so good and this one just felt a bit standard A mysterious base trapped in time in the snow, with the day repeating, it just didn t feel as spooky as it should have I m not sure whether it was the heavily accented Russian accents, the fact that the Russians spoke English to each other, or that there just really didn t feel like a threat It wasn t bad just not as good as I was hoping for.

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