Burning Bright: A Play in Story Form

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John Steinbeck III was an American writer He wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Grapes of Wrath, published in 1939 and the novella Of Mice and Men, published in 1937 In all, he wrote twenty five books, including sixteen novels, six non fiction books and several collections of short stories In 1962 Steinbeck received the Nobel Prize for Literature.Steinbeck grew up in the Salinas Valley

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  • Burning Bright: A Play in Story Form
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  • 03 April 2019
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    Step right up, see the world s most philosophical carnies This experimental play fails, not for the experiment, but surprisingly for overwrought dialogue Steinbeck tried too hard to develop characterization through speeches, which when placed in the mouths of a circus act become flowery and far too existential to swallow When Act II switches the scene to a farm, the thing feels like a melodramatic soap opera Still though, this is Steinbeck and at the very heart of the whole experiment is a quality story that probably would have come across real well if he had stuck with his usual novelization style A shame, but I suppose it was worth a try The wiki page for Burning Bright explains the experimental side of the play You should check it out, it s pretty interesting

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    3.5 Stars I have a fondness for Steinbeck, and so it is with great regret that I have to criticize this novella My edition comes in at a whopping 93 pages, and I really think that about a quarter of that should ve found its way to the cutting room floor There are better ways to convey concepts and ideas than repetition There are better ways of showing emotion than overwrought dialogue Perhaps if this had been written in of a standard play format, it wouldn t have felt that way but working it up as a novel format makes it seem a bit awkward But this was an experiment, I think, in the fact that each act takes place in a different setting First, the main characters are part of a circus, then they are farmers, then sailors I m not sure just what the point of this was it almost seems like they are alternate versions of the characters but as each one picks up where the last has left off, it s a little weird It definitely took me by surprise the first time it shifted, but I stuck with it It s not like it was a huge time investment If the technical aspects of the story are removed, though, and we just look at the themes, it s the Steinbeck I ve come to love He writes about human emotion and need so convincingly, and understands the dynamics of relationship so well, that it s hard not to identify with his characters I can t say that any of these characters are favorites they have nothing on Tom Joad or Lenny and George, but they are well written, understandable, identifiable characters that carry the story, each in their own way So, I don t think that Burning Bright will ever be a favorite of mine But it is a decent story if a bit unusual and one which has an interesting morality and ethical dilemma at its core I d definitely recommend it but it s Steinbeck Like that s a chore.

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    Nesta coisa h brida a que Steinbeck d o nome de romance pe a, os personagens interagem entre si em cen rios cambiantes, cada acto nico nesse aspecto, mas as suas motiva es permanecem constantes e a ac o perfeitamente linear Da minha curta experi ncia, o di logo de Steinbeck, que ganha ainda mais relevo numa obra como esta, s equipar vel ao de Hemingway.

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    Burning Bright was my first ever Steinbeck piece I know, I know, WHY HAVEN T I READ OF MICE AND MEN YET so I wasn t quite sure what to expect As as theatre studies undergrad, I was interested about the play novelette structure of the piece, but other than that, I really didn t have any expectations towards this one And I am kind of happy that I didn t, because I was allowed to be surprised about how much I actually find myself enjoying this one.Burning Bright is one of the books I will probably use in my essay for my American literature class, so I won t get too detailed in this review just to save stuff from the essay itself But I do want to give an overall summary of my thoughts for you in case you are interested of possibly reading this one Burning Bright is set around four scenes involving four people a husband who wants a son than anything in order to keep his bloodline running, his wife who is willing to go to the distance to make her husband s dream come true, a young man who becomes entangled to the story through the actions of the wife, and an outsider, a friend of the husband, whose actions and thoughts have a role on how the events roll out As the story goes on, the lives of these characters get and intertwined I remember reading the morality play Everyman in university, and this one, slated as a turn on a medieval morality play definitely reminded me of that I actually quite enjoyed Everyman and I think one of the reasons I liked this one is the fact that I was able to form connections between the two texts I found the way Steinbeck works with different settings very interesting and I have a feeling it will be one of the main things I want to focus on in my essay The story and the characters stay pretty much the same, but the setting changes, showing the universality of the situation.As someone who has read quite a bit of plays, I found the structure of Burning Bright to be interesting Like a play, it relies quite heavily on dialogue But what separates it from traditional play texts is the extensive way it describes the settings This allows the reader to imagine the settings extensively The story would have worked with just the dialogue, but as someone who likes to visualize things as much as possible, I found this form of play writing really working for me After reading Burning Bright I am definitely interested to dive in to Steinbeck s other play novelettes and novels For a long time, Steinbeck has been one of those authors for me I haven t know much about but have always thought I should read, and I am happy that this one introduced me to him Burning Bright is entertaining, interesting and quick to read that I definitely recommend especially to those, who like me, have been meaning to read Steinbeck but just haven t got around to doing it yet.

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    May we all have a friend like Friend Ed.

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    It boggles that I d give any Steinbeck work a three star rating, since I think he s one of the hallowed masters, but this little curio of a book didn t move me It s such an odd work he dubbed it a play novelette set in three acts, with the stage trappings of place and character declaration drawn in, to me, stiff caricature The speech of the players often has a blustery formality that kept me at a distance, though some passages have the rich Steinbeck hand Perhaps if I hadn t read a good deal of Steinbeck I could approach this open heartedly, but as it was, I was left puzzled than illumined By the way, I realize I haven t in the least addressed what the durn thing is about, but I just ain t a gonna So there.

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    The play novellette is what Steinbeck talking about, but the real thing is that he could t write a play What he discussed in the foreword didn t convinced me at all It s a novellette where all events happened in one place every chapter, or a play with a lot of description.I liked of mice and men , didn t read the moon is down , but burning bright was a complete disaster, the story is very silly and stupid, the chracters are shallow and unconvincing, the only remarkabe thing is that changing the place and characters sets every chapter.

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    My husband and I had met each other only a few weeks before I read this unforgettable little novel He could not believe that a book could make anybody cry so much

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