Picasso - Guernica (4-fold)

Picasso - Guernica (4-fold)In January , The Spanish Rebublican Government Asked Picasso To Paint A Mural For The Spanish Pavilion At The Exposition Universelle In Paris At First Unsure Of How To Tackle A Task Of Such Importance, Picasso Was Spurred Into Action By News Reports Of The Horrific Aerial Bombardment Of The Basque Town Of Guernica, Victim Of The Civil War He Worked Intensively, Producing Than Fifty Studies And Making Extensive Revisions To The Vast Canvas Which Was Installed In Paris In Mid June Redolent With Political Allusions, Reportage And Historical References, The Painting Has Attracted Debate And Analysis Ever Since Its Completion Scala S Fold Format Is Ideal For Exploring This Fascinating Painting Divided Into Thematic Sections, It Takes The Reader Through Each Aspect Of The Painting, Showing Preliminary Sketches, Repeated Themes In Picasso S Work And Dramatic Aerial Shots Of The Bombing Of Guernica, Culminating In A Splendid Horizontal Fold Out Of The Entire Painting The Series Scala Are Pr

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  • Hardcover
  • 8 pages
  • Picasso - Guernica (4-fold)
  • Scala Publishers
  • English
  • 22 April 2017
  • 9781857592924

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    An Exercise in CompactionThis compact book between the sizes of a CD and a DVD case is an equally compact introduction to the story of Picasso s mural, Guernica.It s divided into ten sections 1 Introduction2 Picasso and the 1937 Paris World s Fair3 The Bombing of Guernica4 Women s Heads5 Mother and Child6 Horses, Bulls and the Minotaur7 Franco and the Fallen Warrior8 Compositional Studies9 Guernica The Finished Work10 The Story of Guernica after 1937.Given the compact size of the book, there are only a few hundred words in each section This is not an in depth analysis.FormatThe book consists of about eight leaves, each of which unfolds either horizontally or vertically or both.This allows scope for not just pictures of the finished work, but of many sketches, details and schematics.As a result, you get a good summary of the process Picasso adopted to paint the work.I bought the book at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sof a in Madrid as a souvenir of a visit to the Museum in January, 2017 The original mural and many related works were displayed in a expansive exhibition on art relating to the Spanish Civil War.An exhibition relating specifically to Picasso will start in April, 2017 Canvas EnsembleI can t remember why, but Guernica has been one of my favourite works for over 45 years However, until recently, I wasn t aware of how much additional work went into its composition and how much it owed to subjects of his earlier works.The text of this book summarises it as follows At the same time as he began planning the overall design, Picasso produced a rapid and fascinating succession of sketches to explore key issues such as victim versus oppressor, anguish suffered by the innocent, personal pain, and icons of national identity Many of the images had occurred in earlier work, but now they were imbued with a new sense of rigour and urgency Today they provide an extraordinary guide to the ensemble that is Guernica Recurrence of Subjects and ThemesThe recurrence of themes became apparent when I visited the Museu Picasso in Barcelona.It seems that, all through his creative life, he repeated themes and works, until he had either got them right or was happy with them As a result, you can see him refine works or develop them into something new and different and worthy.This is important, because while the final work must stand or fall on its own, it is insightful to see what led up to it Guernica was the result of an invitation to submit a work to the Spanish Pavillion in the 1937 Paris World s Fair While Picasso procrastinated for a few months after he accepted the commission, he then worked on schematics that laid the foundation for the final work.ComponentsHaving conceived the work in its entirety, he then started work on its component parts.This book describes the mural as an ensemble, which is a good description of its composite character.Whatever you might have read about the picture, nothing prepares you for its physical dimensions It s actually enormous whereas Mona Lisa is much smaller than you would expect.This book helps you to understand the component parts the women s heads the mother and her dead child the bull the horse the fallen warrior.As a result, your eyes can wander around the mural with greater perception.January 28, 2017

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    Um pequeno livro, com p ginas desdobr veis, sobre o painel que Picasso executou para o pavilh o da Rep blica Espanhola da Expo de Paris 1937 , e que pouco interesse despertou a quem , por essa altura, teve a oportunidade de o contemplar Cont m estudos pr vios realizados pelo pintor antes de se lan ar monumental tela e desvenda o simbolismo que se esconde por detr s dos elementos que nela figuram.

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    This is a mini book with fold out pages If you are looking for background information on Picasso or the bombing of Guernica, you will have to look elsewhere But, this mini book does zero in on certain sections and figures in the painting and discusses the symbolism of that specific scene or figure This book does not contain much text but is a short and sweet summarization of the ideas in the painting.

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