Runes for Beginners

Runes for Beginners It does have so good layouts and activities but the meanings it gives for the runes not the best. Thanks to Llewellyn and Netgalley for an eARC of this book.This is a book about runes which goes beyond the mere basics and gives the reader a firm foundation and knowledge of the runes The author gives a brief history and describes the different runes The book focuses on the Elder Futhark She gives pronunciation, hints to aid in memorization and basic meanings of each rune The books then goes on to discuss divination with the runes and gives casts, charts and spreads Finally meanings are given for specific applications This book will have the reader well on the way to having a useful divination tool once it is read and the work done. This week, between breaks from watching the Olympics in Rio, I ve finished a great in depth book on runes called Runes for Beginners Simple Divination and Interpretation by Alexandra Chauran Runes are an ancient form of divination and language Often they are inscribed on stones, shells or beads They are gently thrown and then interpreted Its sort of like throwing the bones , and indeed you can inscribe runes onto bones There are different types of runes, but the most common or popular are the Elder Futhark Runes Anyway, I do have a set of runes that I am a little ashamed to admit I ve never used When I got the opportunity to read this book I got my runes out and kept them by my side I actually recommend doing this, it really makes Chauran s book interactive She goes through a brief history of the runes and the different types available She chose to use the Elder Futhark in her book, which makes sense as it is readily accessible to most people Then there is a section going over each rune, how to pronounce them, and an overview of the runes meanings Chauran also goes into specifics, like different rune spreads so you can get a meaningful readings I really liked how she provides several different popular question topics and how the runes can be interpreted for example in a love reading as opposed to a financial reading When learning new things, I like to get real life examples of how this is applicable and how I can approach the new topic Chauran offers many everyday uses for the runes and how she has worked with them through different stages of her life I do like when an author does this, especially on these sorts of books Makes the content relatable to me Although this book is for said to be for beginners, there is a lot of really good information in it that I think would be great for beginners to intermediates Now if you are an expert runecaster, well then this may not be new information for you So if you want to try a new from of divination or you are looking to actually use those runes you have or make your own set I recommend taking a look at this book. See this and all of my reviews on my blog Mystereity ReviewsThis is a great resource for anyone who would like to learn about the use of Runes in divination, whether you re just getting started or an experienced user The detailed and easy to understand information covers everything from the history and meanings of the runes to how to cast and create your own set of runes.When I began this book, I already had a set of runes and some basic understanding While some of the rune names are different then what I learned the book calls one rune Neid, I know it as Nauthiz it was easy to understand and I liked the suggestions for how to remember the meaning of each rune I also learned a great many new casts to try out, and I look forward to exploring them I particularly enjoyed the chapter on creating bind runes, something I always wanted to try but never found any instruction on how to do it.Overall, Runes for Beginners is an enjoyable and informative book, great for anyone interested in Runes or divination Thank you to Llewellyn and Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in return for an honest review. Unlock The Secrets Of Your Past, Present, And FutureConnect With Your Intuition, Discover About Your Personality, And Solve Problems Using The Power Of Runes With Professional Fortune Teller Alexandra Chauran As Your Guide, You Can Learn How To Ask For And Interpret The Answers To Your Biggest Life Questions Concerning Love, Your Career, Health, And Many Other Important TopicsA Solid Reference For Both Beginners And Adepts, Runes For Beginners Covers Everything From Rune Meanings And Memorization Techniques To Making Your Own Runes With Help From Diagrams, Practical Exercises, And Phonetic Breakdowns For All The Runic Letters, You Ll Develop A Path Most Beneficial To Your Goals And Improve Your Life You Ll Even Uncover Traits About Yourself That You May Have Never Known

Dr Alexandra Chauran is a second generation fortuneteller, a High Priestess of British Traditional Wicca, and the Queen of a coven As a professional psychic intuitive for over a decade, she serves psychic apprentices and thousands of clients She received a Masters in Teaching from Seattle University, a doctorate from Valdosta State University, and is certified in tarot In her spare time, when

➜ [Epub] ❧ Runes for Beginners  By Alexandra Chauran ➦ –
  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • Runes for Beginners
  • Alexandra Chauran
  • 14 December 2018
  • 9780738748283

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