Mercury Donald Believes He Knows All There Is To Know About Seeing An Optometrist In Suburban Boston, He Is Sure That He And His Wife, Viv, Who Runs The Local Stables, Are Both Devoted To Their Two Children And To Each Other Then Mercury A Gorgeous Young Thoroughbred With A Murky Past Arrives At Windy Hill And Everything ChangesMercury S Owner, Hilary, Is A Newcomer To Town Who Has Enrolled Her Daughter In Riding Lessons When She Brings Mercury To Board At Windy Hill, Everyone Is Struck By His Beauty And Prowess, Particularly Viv As She Rides Him, Viv Begins To Dream Of Competing Again, Embracing The Ambitions That She Had Harbored, And Relinquished, As A Young Woman Her Daydreams Soon Morph Into Consuming Desire, And Her Infatuation With The Thoroughbred Escalates To ObsessionDonald May Have Vision But He Is Slow To Notice How Profoundly Viv Has Changed And How These Changes Threaten Their Quiet, Secure World By The Time He Does, It Is Too Late To Stop The Catastrophic Collision Of Viv S Ambitions And His Own MyopiaAt Once A Tense Psychological Drama And A Taut Emotional Thriller Exploring Love, Obsession, And The Deceits That Pull A Family Apart, Mercury Is A Riveting Tour De Force That Showcases This Searingly Intelligent Writer At The Height Of Her Powers Jennifer Egan I m not a horse person I didn t grow up wishing for a pony in my backyard, or even reading elementary chapter books about horse clubs I suspect my toddler is a horse person the look of complete delight when she rode her first pony just a few weeks ago, all but gives it away but I m not So it was very hard for me to understand why Viv did what she did We get an account from her, but filtered through Donald s perspective, which makes it even harder, at least for me, to get to the heart of this book I kept thinking but it s just a horse It s a slow, measured book, fitting for Donald, a measured, reasonable protagonist I ve read other novels by Margot Livesey, and enjoy her writing style, but Donald was a tad too colorless for me It s also not a traditional mystery, which is unfortunate, because it s been marketed as one More than anything, it s one man s struggle to understand the world around him, and his place in it There s absolutely nothing wrong with that sort of novel I just wasn t expecting it. Donald is an ophthalmologist living in the suburbs with his wife Viv and their children They have a quite life together until a new horse is housed at the local stable were Viv works The horse, Mercury, is a horse unlike any other, the kind of horse people dream about riding Mercury is destined to be a competition horse, and Viv becomesandobsessed with Mercury and the dreams she has for the two Mercury s owner inherited him from her brother, who died after being pulled deeper and deeper into his obsession with the horse Donald watches as the distance between his wife and him continues to grow, unsure how to fix the situation, until everything comes to a climax It s not a bad book but I just found it so ridiculous Maybe it s because I m not a horse person, and I really don t find horses to be that great, so I can not fathom how anyone could even care one tenth as much as half these people do about this god damn horse Like wow the horse is fast but who cares its just a horse my god, and if you want to be successful there are so manythings to aim for, being the person who rides a winning horse seems like a pretty lame ambition to have I may just be biased though because again I don t understand what people enjoy about horses The writing and everything else was decent but I just could not get how anyone could get so paranoid and insane about a horse I think I ve made it clear enough what bothered me now, so I will just go away. Meh Not for me. Mercury by Margot Livesey is a 2016 Harper publication This book has cropped up on my radar several times in the last several weeks I have so many books in my TBR pile, I really didn t need to add another library book on top of that, plus readers seemed to have a mixed response to it Yet, every time I read the blurb, I found myself intriguedand , so I relented and checked it out The phrase compulsively readable came to mind when I started reading this book Donald s first person narrative sucked me into the story right away and I just couldn t stop reading As the clever cover art hints at, Donald is an optometrist, originally from Scotland, married with two children But, when his father passes away after a lengthy illness, Donald experiences intense grief, while his wife, Viv, seems to experience relief Not only that, a new love has entered Viv s life no, it s not another man it s a horse Viv also get a turn at telling her side of things, but her voice is not as heartfelt, or as poignant as Donald s and of course by the time she gets her say, I knew things about her that made it hard to sympathize While the book is placed in the mystery, crime, thriller category, it s not just about the crime It s about what leads up to it that makes the book hard to put down Donald is great at dropping little If only I had known then, what I know now statements that gives the reader hints and causes much speculation, creating an atmosphere of foreboding This is another one of those books, though, that if you are anticipating the usual thriller format, you will find yourself becoming very frustrated It is not until very deep into the book that the crime is revealed, along with the motive From there the fallout revolves around the couple s crisis of conscience For me, it s a portrait of a marriage, as much as it is about a crime The secrets they keep, the complacency and neglect that leads, in no small part to jealousy, obsession, and a need to recapture something lost, and eventually about accountability While this is interesting if you enjoy breaking down the complexities of marriage, it is a slow moving story, and the ending is not at all satisfying I have mixed feelings about the book, overall It started off strong, but lost significant ground during the last quarter of the book and ended up falling a little flat If you are looking for a traditional crime novel, this one might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it s worth a look if you are a fan of this author or you enjoy reading contemporary fiction or literature Overall 3 stars

Margot Livesey grew up in a boys private school in the Scottish Highlands where her father taught, and her mother, Eva, was the school nurse After taking a B.A in English and philosophy at the University of York in England she spent most of her twenties working in shops and restaurants and learning to write Her first book, a collection of stories called Learning By Heart, was published by Peng

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