A Murder in Time

A Murder in Time Beautiful And Brilliant, Kendra Donovan Is A Rising Star At The FBI Yet Her Path To Professional Success Hits A Speed Bump During A Disastrous Raid Where Half Her Team Is Murdered, A Mole In The FBI Is Uncovered And She Herself Is Severely Wounded As Soon As She Recovers, She Goes Rogue And Travels To England To Assassinate The Man Responsible For The Deaths Of Her TeammatesWhile Fleeing From An Unexpected Assassin Herself, Kendra Escapes Into A Stairwell That Promises Sanctuary But When She Stumbles Out Again, She Is In The Same Place Aldrich Castle But In A Different Time , To Be ExactMistaken For A Lady S Maid Hired To Help With Weekend Guests, Kendra Is Forced To Quickly Adapt To The Time Period Until She Can Figure Out How She Got There And, Importantly, How To Get Back Home However, After The Body Of A Young Girl Is Found On The Extensive Grounds Of The County Estate, She Starts To Feel There S Some Purpose To Her Bizarre Circumstances Stripped Of Her Twenty First Century Tools, Kendra Must Use Her Wits Alone In Order To Unmask A Cunning Madman

Julie McElwain began her journalistic career at California Apparel News, a weekly Los Angeles based trade newspaper She has freelanced for numerous publications from professional photographers magazines to those following the fashion industry Currently, Julie is West Coast Editor for Soaps In Depth, a national soap opera magazine covering the No 1 daytime drama, The Young and the Restless Juli

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 513 pages
  • A Murder in Time
  • Julie McElwain
  • English
  • 14 February 2018

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    The premise of this book sounded very intriguing, and I really wanted to enjoy it I had a hard time with it, though It seemed as though the author spent too much time setting up Kendra, the heroine, and providing background motive for her actions While that is important, a great deal of what went on in the first several chapters was completely unnecessary to the rest of the book I really did not get into the story until Chapter 11 I also had a hard time relating to Kendra She was supposed to be a brilliant FBI agent, yet once she realized she was in Regency England she for some reason was not able to filter her language or adjust her behavior to better fit in and stop rousing suspicion among those she encountered I do not feel as though people would be so accepting of a woman using such foul language in the early 1800s And, not to give away any spoilers, at the climax of the book, Kendra s actions do not seem to jive at all with a highly trained FBI agent.The mystery, murders, and suspense of the book were very well done, however The reader was kept guessing until the end, and there were some very impactful twists and turns.I am not sure if I would recommend this to high schoolers because of the graphic nature of the violent crimes in the book.If one can over look Kendra s expletives and reckless behavior, this is an enjoyable read Just a few tweaks with the character of Kendra would make this a fabulous book.

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    This is a very enjoyable mystery with a sprinkling of time travel dusted on top The modern day scenes, obligatory at the beginning and end are perfunctory and uninteresting however the 1815 time period which encompasses the rest of the story is done well, especially the scenes in which a modern woman tries and fails at being a lady Only a few things annoyed me, the use of mayhap continuously through the narrative, and the use of anachronistic words like sociapath without explanations to the denizens of 1815.

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    I was 1 4 way through this book before I got fed up with details that rang false and a heroine I had no sympathy for I should have quit when her hair went from Her scalp had been shaved for surgery, but a half inch of dark hair had grown in to styled with blunt cut bangs and a sleek bob that curved an inch below her jaw in 3 months The library Big Read committee should be embarrassed to promote such drivel.

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    Ms McElwain you should demand a better editor A better editor would have caught little things like why end most of your chapters with a foreshadowing sentence Why have 3 POV s when 2 weren t even flushed out did you really need Morland s And why include the Murderer s POV so sporadically Why not include how Kendra escaped from the chains Does the story really need the prologue to set up the rest of the book And really, romance in the last few chapters was that really necessary I feel this book was such a wasted potential great premise but weak execution The character s attitudes towards Kendra were a tad too unbelievable all she had to do to get people to believe her about psch evals, slang, terminology and knowledge was to either pretend she was American or evade and no one presses her on it Really And for such a genius with almost an eidetic memory, she never figured on partners in her thought process brainstorming And yes, as a genius she couldn t come up with a decent cover story And the people s reaction to Kendra s proclamations skimmed over.I would have enjoyed of Kendra s solving the crime process if she was actively doing investigating, but she never really did anything She thought things through a lot, rushed to scenes and went along on questioning suspects, but nothing proactive on her part And what was the point of Lady Rebecca To give Kendra an equal status Overall it is a decent beachside read where you don t have to think at all, in fact, thinking would be a detriment to enjoying this book.

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    This is my Book Of the Month September 2017, with GR group Nothing But Reading Challenges Category Adult Sci Fi Fantasy BOM.I also had a lot of fun discussing this book with NameetaI started this book without reading the blurb I had read the blurb before deciding to join the group read but did not remember a word of it, which worked out for the best as everything that happened was a pleasant surprise and I kept looking forward to the next great twist in this story.This story is a great combination of Historical, Fantasy time travel and Mystery Our main protagonist Kendra is a child prodigy and working for the FBI, finds herself transported to a different era nearly 200 yrs back Her reaction to this was believable and even after she accepted this reality, there were flashes of doubt in her mind which made the whole thing acceptable to me Could she be sitting in some psychiatric ward, her body confined to a straitjacket, while her mind conjured up this alternative reality Kendra starts working as a ladies maid in a Duke s castle and finds herself in some difficult situations which was fun to read If the situation wasn t so serious or bizarre, Kendra would ve laughed at the irony Here she was onetime child prodigy, the youngest agent ever to make it through Quantico taking orders from two snobby debutantes There are also flashes of humor which we see in Kendra s thinking Kendra watched the ladies with their absurdly small parasols It took her a minute, but she finally figured out that it was meant for flirtation than a protection from the sun That was the root of this entire affair the house party, the nineteenth century s version of Match.com But this is not all that happens There is a murderer out there who is killing young girls and it is up to Kendra to put a stop to it It was again fun watching her investigate with the limited access to developed technology but still being way ahead of that time There were some things not quite right with the story It was weird the way everyone lets a mere unknown servant to take control of the investigation It is absolutely unbelievable but I chose to ignore this obvious loophole as I absolutely enjoyed reading this The book does not focus on the historical details and the dialect used may not be accurate but again I chose to ignore this as I enjoyed the humor and the investigation to resolve the crime.The final reveal again was not as shocking as it could have been and till this point the book was a 3 to 3.5 stars for me My preferred ending would have been view spoiler The duke was a schizophrenic and is actually killing all those girls hide spoiler

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    I had such high hopes for this book, and it was such an utter disappointment Reading this book was like being promised something akin to the time period genteel witticisms of Jane Austen and the murder mystery chops of Agatha Christie, and instead ending up with the blandness of Death Comes to Pemberley and the mystery solving finesse of a little kid wearing a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker with his finger up his nose There was just SO much wrong here that I don t even know where to properly begin.I suppose first are the weak characterizations Kendra Donovan is one of the most unsympathetic heroines I ve ever encountered in fiction Can t we just once have a heroine who is a badass female and is proud of that fact Kendra speaks several languages, went to college at age 14, and is basically supposed to be a certified genius, yet all she does is whine about how much of a freak she is I can think of than a few people who would love to be able to speak several languages with little to no effort and make insane amounts of money for just being a genius raises hand Besides that, she also is an ornery, bitchy person Almost every sentence she utters has some form of profanity in it which, let me tell you, got old real quick She s always snapping at the other characters Once she realizes she s somehow traveled back in time, she doesn t even attempt to blend in with the society at large, even when it might behoove the murder investigation she s working on to fly under the radar Instead she barrels around using slang terms and swearing, not giving a crap about how a woman of this time period would be expected to behave, her only explanation being either evasion or saying that it s because she s American She tells all of the men what to do and when to do it, and they somehow never really question her on it I m all for women being in charge, especially in a time period like 1800s England where women s value compared to men s value was thought to be significantly less, but I d think at least someone would be like, Hey, you re not behaving like a lady and you ve got no right to tell us what to do leave my estate at once But no, the Duke takes a liking to this jerk for no reason that is ever explained, except as an excuse for the author to keep Kendra around to solve the mystery Solve is in quotation marks because despite how much of a crime genius Kendra apparently is, the mystery just happens around her and nothing that she does really ends up having any affect on anything She s basically We re doing everything my way because I know what I m doing and the rest are just Righto Miss Donovan, we re going to just turn a blind eye to you because we re the side characters after all, carry on She even interrogates a suspect relentlessly in an extremely cruel manner, provoking him so far as to try to strangle her not going to lie, I didn t really blame himMr Darcy I mean Alec is just a bad copy of an idea that Jane Austen came up with first He dislikes and is extremely suspicious of Kendra for the first half of the book, culminating in him confronting her about why she knows all this weird future stuff and she gives him no answers and he s angry about it, and then all of a sudden a couple scenes later he loves her and they re making out Zero to sixty, no sense was made The author is the editor of a soap opera magazine and I think this is her roots showing for sure.The servants all speak with terrible text approximations of Cockney accents, like Hagrid from Harry Potter if he was Cockney W ot we goin ter do Twas before er Ladyship s nuncheon Eleven, Oi think Mebbe alf past It was extremely annoying at first but by the end when a bunch of servants are speaking at the same time and it s pages of this, I just started laughing The author also has no idea how the upper classes speak, trying to use modern contractions combined with Austen esque wording, like Where d you come from, pray Even with all this crap aside, my main problem with this book is that the author, Julie McElwain, does not know how to write or how to construct a story and this is obviously her first novel She is under the impression that the last sentence of every chapter should be foreshadowing She thinks adding one or two random POVs of other minor characters makes her story better rather than muddling it She names other characters in the POV of her murderer fairly early in the book, thereby giving away to the reader that that character is not the murderer and ruining any theories the reader may have thought up I stand by my opinion that my ruined theory would have been a better ending than the actual ending, anyway She reuses the same character descriptions and thinks her reader won t notice that every time we see them, Sam s features are elfin , Gabriel s hair is tousled , and something about the Duke s blue eyes She overexplains concepts to her readers as if we are children who won t be able to follow her plot and she needs to handhold She refers to women characters repeatedly as either chits or bits o muslin Her main character s hair is shaved and described as being only a few inches long but somehow 3 months later she has grown it to a sleek bob and it is not a wig Most unforgivingly, she can t even remember the NAMES OF HER OWN CHARACTERS Mrs Griffith becomes Mrs Griffon, Georgette becomes Georgina, and Sarah Rawdon becomes Sarah Rawlins, all just a few pages later Like, come ON, lady This shouldn t be this hard.When I first got this book along with a few others from the library, one of my cats jumped up onto our coffee table and deliberately knocked it off with his paw Now, this is the same cat who just today decided it might be a fun and not at all dumb idea to lick an electrical socket with a plug in it, so I didn t take it as any kind of sign that I shouldn t read this book Sorry, Willow I ll listen to your wise judgment next time.Because I don t like to be an entirely Negative Nancy, I will say I did like how the descriptions of the 1800s estate, rooms and foods were presented, it gave me a nice mental picture Thank you for reading and have a pleasant day

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    Kendra Donovan is a rising star at the FBI But, after a catastrophic raid where half her team is killed, and she nearly also, she is furious to learn that the man responsible for the deaths is going scot free So, she decides to go after him no matter what She goes rogue and travels to Aldrich Castle, England, where she plans to assassinate the man in question But, something goes wrong, in a stairwell running from a foe she is suddenly transported back in time, to 1815 There she must try to act as a lady s maid and adapt to the time period in question, but that s not easy for a 21st century woman And, then the body of a dead girl is discovered and Kendra realizes that there is a killer loose And not an ordinary killer, it s a serial killer.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION

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    The novel fits in to the time slip genre an FBI profiler gets hauled back to the early 1800s and becoming involved in a murder case which she believes is the work of a serial killer Her investigation is hampered by her gender, the complete lack of investigation they don t even have a proper police force in England yet and the biases of class It was well paced, the action scenes decently written and the plot kept me reading until the end There was an underwritten romance, I didn t have much of an opinion on it which is sometimes much worse then hating something.You really only remember books you hate or ones you love This was ok It was pretty forgettable with one exception It had this really odd male gaze thing going on which baffled me I know I sound like a whiney little bitch constantly carrying on bout mah feminism hopefully I will get a run of good books so I don t have to keep hopelessly beating this goddamn drum I want to make clear that this is nowhere on the level of some other books I ve recently reviewed But it was pretty frequent and it just didn t seem tonally consistent in novel about a woman written for other women I ll give some examples Fifty that I ll be the first to put nonlethal bullets into both bastards, Landon revised Make that fifty and a date with Kendra Noone shot her a lopsided, lascivious grin It didn t matter that he was, at forty nine, old enough to be her father, and married, to boot.She shot him a cool look Funny I don t remember putting myself on the auction block, Noone Ah, come on, sweetheart Everybody needs an incentive You are too young and too pretty to be always business They could ve stepped out of the pages of a history book Almost If you ignored the tattoos and body piercings most of which were sported by women thanks to a cosmetic surgeon s careful scalpel, the judicious use of Botox, and the latest collagen fillers There was a lot of flirting going on, plenty of fluttering of ivory fans and eyelashes It was weird to think that in another two hundred years people would flirt by pole dancing, twerking, and sexting I dunno it just all seems really judgemental Like I think the author is trying to establish that Kendra is a natural beauty, hard working rather then one of those bitches that coasts on her looks , and is also moral because she doesn t have a tramp stamp, or date older men but it all just felt really unnecessary Why do we have to judge other people for such mild choices It also had nothing to do with the story at hand It wasn t used as a backdrop for Kendra s experience in the past It was just derogatorily commented on then promptly forgotten Look this isn t going to be a big rage fest because it is pretty mild but it made me tired Books written about women, for women should be capable of writing from a perspective that respects various women s choices, you know Anyway, if you enjoy time slip mysteries this is a decent one I had guessed what was going on but I realise I have a greater background in history especially greek and roman then the average reader so maybe that wouldn t have been true for others.This is one of those two star books that absolutely earns its two stars it was ok But this tattooed, twerking slut is going off to find something better to read

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    I d like to start off my mentioning the whole concept of time travel story Sometimes it works in stories and sometimes it does not In this story, it works and the author gives such a brilliant and believable description of Kendra being pulled through time For me that was pretty intense I could almost feel the physical pain she was going through.I really dig the premise of an FBI Agent traveling through time and ending up working a case of a 19th century murder that turns into much You also meet some other great characters that race to help her solve the crimes For starters, Rose, Rebecca, Molly, Alec and Duke Aldridge are about the best written supporting characters I have read in a good while Most of all I was so fascinated with Kendra s process in trying to solve these murders and some of the other characters thought process I believe Kendra really brought that out in them and she really got them to think outside their 19th century minds The killings are graphic, there is profanity in this story Quite a bit of it in the beginning actually I m not one for profanity but I understand the scenario the author was portraying Intense situations cause people to react in all kinds of ways For many, profanity is one of them Even though the killings are graphic, this gives you a real sense of what the victims are going through, which makes the story all the intense I think that was brilliantly done and gives you a real understanding of that type of evil in the world I found this story to be atmospheric, packed with lots of action, high energy situations and such intense and real emotions I couldn t put it down I loved it and I hope there will be a sequel I ve rated this book four and a half stars.I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review.Stephanie M Hopkins You can find reviews and great posts at www.layeredpages.com

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    I really enjoyed this, though, it was a bit rough around the edges Much of the dialogue I found unbelievable, however, the story was so well developed that I can not give this less than 4 stars I was completely engaged and did not see the end coming If McElwain can polish up some of the smaller details continue developing this story there s no reason the rest of this series can t be 5 star reads.

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