Finding His Home (Men of Falcon Pointe, #2)

Finding His Home (Men of Falcon Pointe, #2) Sebastien Cather Moves To Falcon Pointe With A Dream To Live Life His Way Offered A Room AtBrenton Street, He Discovers How Liberating It Can Feel To Live Among Accepting People, Especially In A Household Where They Practice Loving Physical Discipline And He Quickly Gains A Boyfriend In Avery, A Fellow Student Unfortunately Avery Isn T His First Choice His Roommate David Is Fascinating And Good Looking, And Bastien Would Do Anything To Have Him But He Doesn T Think The Attraction Is ReturnedTensions Rise As His Roommates Wedding Is Threatened And His Present And Past Lives Clash Outed By The National Media, Bastien Knows He Will Never Be Able To Return Home Again Just As He S Sure He Can T Handle Any Stress, David Shows His Interest Bastien Slowly Makes His Way Forward, Trying To Find Firm Footing In The Minefield That Is His Life But When His Landlord Makes An Announcement About The Future Of The House, It May Change All Of His Dreams

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    Bastien had never seen anything quite like it Men taking care of men And doing it seemingly without considering if they would lose their man card It was captivating Welcome back to 959 Brenton Street and the Men of Falcon Pointe I very much enjoyed the first book in the series that introduced me to Trent, Cory, Alan, David, and Greg It also gave me some insight into what it means to be Mormon and gay I watched Trent struggle to figure out who he was, and his fight was captivating Now the author is introducing Sebastian Bastien , a fellow Elder of Trent s who was on the same mission to Finland.I was a little worried that this second book might be too similar, or a repeat of the first But it didn t take me long to see the big differences between Bastien and Trent Bastien knows he wants out of the church that calls him an abomination He stops wearing his garments almost immediately, and argues with his mom about calling his bishop on his behalf Bastien is a little older than Trent was when he came there to live, but Bastien isn t as shy and he s outgoing.David intrigued me when I first met him He s a lawyer who opened his own practice to take on clients who have been denied their basic human rights, i.e Trent with the Mormon Church David was born intersex, having the genitalia of both sexes What I found wonderful is that his parents didn t decide what sex he should be when he was born, they left him the way he was and waited to see what gender he identified with David is definitely male, and he s pansexual, meaning the person inside is what attracts him versus the gender.In a weird twist of fate, the nice guy that Bastien has been dating until they both realized they were better friends , has a father who announced his intent to run for political office Unbeknownst to anyone, reporters had been following Avery and Bastien on their dates, and Bastien s sexuality was outed on CNN, and to his family back home I shuddered to think of it Luckily for Bastien, at least one member of his family did spend time trying to understand, because she just wanted her son back, and I was happy for him Of course, while this is going on, Trent s father can t leave well enough alone, and David has to take on him and the Mormon Church, again.I liked this book even than Trent and Cory s story I related to Bastien better, and he and David together were sinfully sexy I still want to live in that house full of such wonderful people, particularly with the changes Cory and Trent are implementing I m looking forward to the next book, and I d really like to see Alan find his own happy ever after.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    4 stars.

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    This was an interesting read for me I ve never actually read a book that had an intersex character but I have to say if that I loved how Durston didn t just gloss over the fact that David was intersex.On that note, I do love David s character We were first introduced to him in book 1 in this series which you don t actually have to read to be able to read this book , and it was great to see that he got his own book.Bastien was an interesting character there were times in the book that I felt horrible for him Especially being outed the way that he was, but he did have his friends who were there to support him and be there for him when everything hit the roof.The relationship between Bastien and David was interesting I wasn t 100% sold on the story, but I will admit that one thing that did make the relationship believable was the fact that it wasn t like these 2 just jumped each other Bastien did go out and try dating, which ended up leading to him being outed But he was given time to grow and find out what he wanted in life.Overall a really good addition to the series and I can t wait to read in the future.Reviewed by Crystal Marie for Crystal s Many ReviewersCopy borrowed from library for review

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    Apparently at only two books in, I m developing a bad habit with this series Because Durston has become one of my favorite authors, I ll read the book shortly after I receive it, but not write up the review once I finish it Instead, I set it to the side, return to my regularly scheduled review books, and reread the latest Men of Falcon Pointe installment when it comes up on my schedule I did it with 959 Brenton Street and I ve done it again with Finding His Home Fortunately, I enjoyed both books immensely, so I quite enjoyed getting to reread them my review schedule, however, is not appreciating the splurge Oh, well Finding His Home takes place three years after book one and Cory and Trent s wedding is scheduled for the winter break, so series fans have that event to look forward to while reading But I m already going off on a tangent because the focus of this installment is Sebastien, a young man who has moved to Falcon Pointe in hopes of following in Trent s footsteps at least when it comes to leaving his Mormon upbringing behind in order to embrace his homosexuality Rather than recycling Trent s storyline for Bastien, Durston gives him his own story by focusing on Bastien s adjustment to being out in his new community, and coursework that is harder at the private college than what he did at the community college level We get to see Bastien begin dating someone he goes to school with, even as he harbors feelings for David all the time believing that there is no future with him because Bastien believes David is attracted to women It was cute to see Bastien finally come to terms with his actual feelings for Avery, and their break up scene was quite amusing and not at all what I expected It was both sweet and hot once Bastien and David get on the same page, especially when Bastien admits his attraction to all that is David and him being intersex I really cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to be born intersex, much less have my partners reject part of me because of how I was born The strength of character that Thurston gives David is a reflection of how loving his parents were because they had to have served as the foundation for him being comfortable with who he was and showing him that he deserved to be loved for who he was One of the things I liked this installment is that rather than having Bastien fight the same legal battle that Trent did to have his name removed from the church s rolls, she relied upon David s experience and reputation with the church to move that part of the storyline along So Bastien accepts David s help with the appropriate paperwork for having his name removed from the Mormon Church s rolls, but after the paperwork is completed and David sends it off, Bastien has nothing further to do with the church After that, his religious issues are mainly only addressed when his mother calls or when his mother actually finds out he s gay and THAT was a seriously screwed up way to be outed Because Bastien rented a room in Cory s home, he accepted Cory as the head of the house and understood that as a discipline household, he, too, would be subject to discipline Despite having read the book twice, I can t recall if any of Bastien spankings were because of punishment, but I think that s because they were all the result of him needing a spanking as a therapeutic tool to relieve stress, and it was quite effective for him Even though Sebastien is the focus of Finding His Home and he s a new addition to the household, I strongly recommend you read 959 Brenton Street first so that you will have a better understanding of the household, the resident dynamics, and the religious issues surrounding the Mormon Church and what Trent endured as he fought to cease being a member of the church because that will give you better insight into why Bastien is fearful about being outed Not to mention, it s just a great book and Finding His Home was an excellent follow up to it I really enjoyed this installment in the Men of Falcon Pointe series and look forward to the next book even if it doesn t appear to be taking place in Cory s home.I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Angela at Crystal s Many Reviewers

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    Finding His Home is the second book in the Men of Falcon Pointe series, and the author once again tells a story of religious persecution and young men being true to themselves.Sebastien Cather has moved to Falcon Pointe, Washington, to go to school after hearing through his religious grapevine that one of the men he knew on his mission trip came out as gay, and survived to live a happily ever after life there Bastien desperately wants to believe that he can be true to himself and the world will not fall apart around him Moving to Falcon Pointe and finding Trent is his lifeline.This book follows the same basic storyline of the first book in the series, but Bastien and Trent are very different men and so they have similar but very different stories to tell The day Sebastien lands on campus, he goes looking for Trent and finds him at 959 Brenton Street He also finds a home practicing loving and physical domestic discipline, a feeling of acceptance and sense of family with his roommates and David David used to be a corporate lawyer until his roommate, Trent, needed a lawyer to combat the Mormon Church and the persecution Trent was under Now he practices specifically in the religious arena, taking on companies and corporations like the Mormon or Catholic Churches when basic human rights are involved.David is one of the older men in the house and in that aspect, this is a May December romance even though David is a young lawyer and Bastien is an older college student David is the anchor for Bastien when his life gets out of control Because a good bit of the storyline takes place in the house, it was great to have the continuation of Trent and Cory s story included in this book The introduction of Avery as a character was fantastic, and I really hope he gets his own story in the future I do feel that the DD in this book was a little forced, though, almost like it was a premise from the first book so it had to be added here Really, it could have been left out.Ultimately, this is a coming out story for Bastien and as such, is full of first time angst and learning a new paradigm to see himself through I really loved Bastien and his journey was, for the most part, totally believable These books deal with a heavy subject, but Thianna Durston writes great characters who are not defined by their circumstances They are ultimately strong men out to change the world one mountain at a time This is book is not for everyone, the premise is not a light fluffy story, but I would recommend it Thianna Durston is a great writer and these are intriguing stories however, the religious overtones can be a little off putting unless you remember they are an aspect of these men and a vehicle to bring them together and does not define who they are as men.Reviewed by Carrie for The Novel Approach Reviewshttp

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    In a word Read the thing I will admit, I didn t like this one as much as I did the first book this one was a bit slow in places , but I did really enjoy reading it It s similar to the first book in some ways, but it s still a different story Like Trent from Book 1, Sebastien Cather is trying to break away from Mormonism because he knows that he ll never be able to be happy in that lifestyle Also like Trent, Sebastien makes his way to 959 Brenton Street and finds a new home, a new family, and a new love Sebastien is in a different part of his journey than Trent was, though He d come to terms with the fact that he s gay back when he was 14, and by the time he makes it to Falcon Pointe he s already decided that he s going to leave the Mormon church His dilemmas are less about his religion and about his relationships David, from Book 1, is back in a main role, so we get a bit insight into him Trent, Cory, and Alan are also back, and it was great to see them again Also Trent s father tries to make some trouble and is put back in his place, which is always fun This is a good sequel to a book I enjoyed, and I m looking forward to the next one read the full post at In A Word

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    Finding His Home Men of Falcon Pointe 2 by Thianna Durston4 starsM M Romance, slight disciplineI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.I should say that I did not read book 1 but never felt lost or like I didn t know who the main characters were or what their roles were in this book.Bastien is trying to find a place where he can explore life without having to look over his shoulder He knows that his family will not accept his homosexuality they will shun and disown him However, he finds hope in the friend he made a while ago, while on his mission for the church.He seeks out Trent, a former member of his church, because he knows that Trent, like him, wanted to find a place where he could be accepted, find love and live his life, free of the confines of a pre determined fate.Bastien is a trusting, sweet character He wants so badly to be both the devoted son and his own person and because these two sides of himself conflict, he struggles Watching him come to terms with his struggle was a challenge and rewarding all wrapped together I really enjoyed watching him accept himself, learn to be OK with his family s acceptance or denial of him and finally find someone who would love him for himself.David is kind of a strange character I felt like I never really got to know much about him other than he is a kick butt and take names type of attorney who helps his fellow roommates fight the good fight He cares deeply and is very loyal.Overall, this story had great parts I liked the roommate dynamic and even enjoyed the somewhat forced dating that Bastien put himself through I felt that the discipline in this book was minimal and didn t really play that huge a part in the story It was just something that was in the story not the determining factor.I really hope that Alan gets his own story he was a funny character Sweet, gossipy, and looking for his place.

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    Sebastien has taken a significant step Even bigger than going far from home to college, but wanting to be completely himself He isn t ready to come out to his family, but he figured if he lived so far way that perhaps he could keep that secret for a while longer He heard about a peer of his that had come to Falcon Pointe, come out and found love He is hoping Trent can, at least, be a friend to help him along the way.He likes the men at 959 Benton Street and is happy to get a room there He likes one of the roommates but isn t sure he would be interested in an inexperienced young man besides he is sure David is the one straight one at the house.I love the diversity of these characters I especially liked David s difference and how it was handled in the story When I began reading I felt the story was very similar to the first, and then once we got established, it changed up a lot There is some Amish issues, family issues, but this one is character driven with life issues I also thought this one had a little less angst and, of course, it s a beautifully written sweet romance.If you like the Amish, unique characters, coming out, gay weddings, discipline lifestyles, cute puppies and, of course, don t forget some hot man sex I think you will really like this series I do suggest you read them in order, so you know who all these characters are I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

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    Okay, first I have to say I did not read the first book And where the characters from the last book play a big roll in this book I wasn t lost.I do have to say right off that I m feeling that this author wants to throw all unique sexual and diverse situation within this series I wouldn t be surprised if we get the whole gambit, asexual, transsexual and of course we already got the bisexual before it s through.Bastien and David make an interesting pair One that I was surprised was so well matched From the start, Bastien seemed too trusting, too right And David well, he s a lawyer.But it worked Not at first, at first we played the whole I m you re friend which I think made this whole, getting to know and understand you so much better Both having some major hurdles to over come.And even though, I didn t get Trent s story not have read bk one I loved that I got the conclusion.And the house protects it s own.I wonder who else from this Mesa Finland America group is going to show up.I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review by Crystals many reviewers

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    I liked this one at least as much, if not than the first book Well rounded, not too much drama, not too drawn out Nevertheless I m not sure that I will read the next book After reading the blurb for it at the end of this book, it will be another one with a guy trying to emancipate himself from his conservative family And somehow I don t recognize the names of the MCs Anyway, that s for the next book For now, this one was great.

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