Blue Moon Rising (Coyotes Call, #3)

Blue Moon Rising (Coyotes Call, #3) Blue Moon Rising MM Romance Shifter by Bailey BradfordA copy of this book was provided to me by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review 4 STARS I was really looking forward to Roman s story after reading the other books and I m glad I did He found his mate in Abraham, the ranger that had been wounded after saving him Poor Roman felt guilty, but he felt a connection with his savior Abraham felt it too, maybe that s why he didn t die from his injuries They had to bring him back to life 3 times before he was finally stable From then on, it was kinda fast paste, but I didn t mind After being abused and surviving, Roman deserved his happiness and Abraham was such a sweetheart Oh, he s a shifter too, though he didn t know it I was hoping he was something special, lol, but he turned out to be a gotta read the book The bad guys weren t in the story much It wasn t until the end that something bad had happened Two things actually Good thing Abraham is rich. Original review on Molly LollyFour stars This was an interesting story It s the third book in a series I haven t read the first two from I wasn t ever lost but you could tell there were some things that happened in the past we don t see in this book However Ms Bradford does a great job of giving you enough information so you can know what s going on without being burdened by huge flashbacks or explanations of past events This book definitely can stand on its own even if it s part of a series.Roman hurt my heart His past was painful and he was still recovering from it in this story He had a strength about him though that was waiting to come out He took great care in his job as medicine man shaman for the pack He wanted to ensure the pack thrived and flourished and kept the faith in the old ways Roman fell for Abraham quickly I enjoyed the scene where he figured out what Abraham meant to him By the end of the book you could tell how happy he was.Abraham was hurting in his own way He had a long road to healing at the beginning of the story I was actually a bit surprised how much he healed over the course of the story He was quick to use the word love for his feelings I adored the way Abraham was devoted to Roman and wanted him to be safe It was so sensual how Abraham gave himself over to Roman in bed I liked how he always made sure Roman was enjoying and an active participant in everything they did together It showed Abraham cared for Roman.Roman and Abraham had already met when the story started but I enjoyed the hack out of how they got together I was a little surprised at some of the twists and turns in the story However through it all you can see how good they are together They are going to make it long term and have a solid relationship that s going to last The way they support each other and take care of each other is lovely to see. Love Can Conquer All, If He Ll Only Believe Roman Jonas Has Spent Years Recovering From A Violent Assault When He Was Just A Teenager He S Worked Hard, And Finally Found His Place In The World Now, If He Can Only Get His Coyote To Agree As A Medicine Man For His Pack, He Isn T Able To Shift It S Frustrating To Say The Least, But Not As Frustrating Or Confusing As The Feelings He Has For Former Ranger Abraham EvansAbraham Lost The Ability To Do His Job Effectively When He Was Shot His Right Arm And Hand Are Close To Useless, And He S Had A Hell Of A Time Not Dying Over The Past Month Sometimes It Seems Like It D Be So Much Easier To Just Give Up, But A Certain Hazel Eyed Man Has Captured His Heart, And It Won T Stop BeatingWhen Abraham Is Discharged From The Hospital, He Moves To Del Rey To Be Closer To Roman, And Because He Has No One Else In His Life Who Truly Cares About HimSlowly, He And Roman Begin A Tentative Friendship That Turns Into Something Enduring Than They Ve Ever Dreamed Of, But Enemies From The Past Threaten Everything And Everyone Roman And Abraham Love Reader Advisory This Book Contains Reference To Past Sexual Assault This is part of a series and must be read in order.We met Roman earlier he d been abused by the evil Mountain Lion Shifters and is now healing with Miller s pack and becoming their medicine man shaman.Abraham is the Texas Ranger that helped defeat most of the Mountain Lions he s unaware of their shifter ness but was nearly fatally wounded in the attack We start the story with him deciding in an out of body form to live and be there for Roman to whom he s very attracted.Neither Roman nor Abe think there s a chance of anything between them, but they re both unnaturally attracted to the other and determined to see the other safe As they both heal they draw closer to the other Eventually, Roman is brave enough to explore their relationship and from there it s a fast drop into permanence.Meanwhile the remaining Mountain Lions are back causing trouble and the pack must rally to seek them out and destroy them once and for all I at once loved this book for all it s mysticism and the depth of love shared between Abe and Roman but also got frustrated because there was SO MUCH SEX I m not one to complain about hot sex but this was too much Not only did it happen with a lot of frequency but each interaction took pages and pages and frankly I got to the point where I had to skim it even though it was really hot and well written.I loved seeing Gideon and Miller again they play a big role in this story and the pack s story itself is evolving and growing nicely.This is by far my favorite Bailey Bradford series and I m so glad to see books coming along in it I highly recommend it to fans of the series, but you need to start at the beginning to really understand and appreciate this book PS there s a twist in here that I adored concerning Abe 4.5 of 5 stars I ve not read the other books in the series and was not lost while reading this one.This starts with Abraham trying to wake up so I m guessing the last one ended with him being hurt Even if it did, once again, I didn t feel lost or disconnected from this current story.This one is all about Abraham healing, finally getting the bad guys and finding his mate We also have Roman, he s finally healing as well Discovering who he is and what he is.Abraham was injured protecting Roman and other pack members and now is healing on pack lands, but is not aware of this shifter secret As the healing happens what he does know is the pull he feels towards Roman and a feeling inside his body Neither one he can explain, both he needs to figure out.Roman, now knows that Abraham is his mate but is unsure how to proceed with this information He s not sure taking a human is the proper thing to do, is he healed enough, either one of them, how is he going to react to the ultimate secret all these questions come crashing down with the Lion shifters come a calling.Love the pace of this book, the way the author doesn t give the characters a chance to wallow in self pity, or self doubt The way we all band together to fight the fight and save the day Really the only thing I could do with way less of was the sex For someone that was traumatized, and granted it was a long time ago and you re w your mate, and the other is still very injured and very weak from dying multi times from being shot and poisoned They sure can use a lot of energy going at it.I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review by Crystal Many reviewers I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.I really appreciate how Bradford writes the books in many of her series in such a way that if you haven t read the previous book or it s been a while since you read it, she gives you enough background detail to keep you on track with the characters of interest without boring you to death with a recitation of the series history So even though I haven t read book one and it s been months since I read book two, I was able to pick up Blue Moon Rising without feeling too lost having the desire to go back and read the previous installments is another matter entirely, because yeah, I now want to do that Abraham is a soon to be retired Texas Ranger, thanks to an injury he received in the line of duty while protecting Roman and several other shifters even if he didn t know they were shifters at the time He feels a strong pull for the young man who was victimized several years ago and then again recently Because of their age difference and Roman s past, Abraham tries to ignore his feelings But Abraham isn t the only one denying his attraction, and Roman s hesitation is even understandable considering what he suffered at the hands of his attackers and because his confidence remains shattered as he continues to be unable to shift, unlike most of the rest of the pack Adding a human lover to his life is a complication he doesn t need, no matter how safe Abraham makes him feel Yet Roman cannot stay away from Abraham at least not on the astral plane and after repeated visits and the discovery of something unexpected, Roman finally works up the nerve to approach Abraham Watching Roman attempt to overcome his past and his shyness while Abraham does everything in his power not to do anything threatening or take advantage of Roman s vulnerability proves to be sweet and entertaining But once Roman is able to convince Abraham that he is ready to move beyond his past trauma and wants them to be together, things heat up quite nicely as the men set out to learn whether or not they have a future with one another Blue Moon Rising does a nice job of balancing the romance between two injured men, with quite a bit of action and suspense While we watch Roman s confidence grow in himself as a shaman and as a man, Abraham s recovery from his injuries as he tries to find his new purpose in life, and the two men begin to build a relationship, enemies from their and the pack s past return seeking vengeance The Vonheimers target Abraham multiple times over the course of the novel until everything comes to a head with a shootout that may or may not be the end of their troubles I loved the blue moon ceremony at the end of the book Granted it was hot as heck when Roman s mating instincts took over, but it was also great to see him finally able to shift because I knew that was the final barrier for him to overcome his reservations about being the pack s shaman Finding out there s another bear shifter in the mix was cool, too Blue Moon Rising was another enjoyable addition to the Coyote s Call series and I look forward to reading whatever Bradford releases next. Blue Moon Rising Coyote s Call 3 by Bailey Bradford3.5 starsM M Shifter, romance, mysteryI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow ReadsLet me start by saying that I have not read previous stories in this series That being said, I did feel a little lost and would recommend reading previous stories so that you re able to know all of the players in this one I had no idea why there was conflict, was lost as to who was paired with whom and who were friends there was just a lot going on in this story and I might have known going in had I read the previous books.Abraham is injured, somewhat lost, has horrible parents who are after his wealth and pines for Roman, a medicine man who he has come to care for due to their shared history Abraham is a steady heartbeat throughout the story He is calm, strong, understanding and eventually, he finds things out about his own past that help him feel a sense of belonging I think that he was missing that while in the hospital and even might have when he was a park ranger.Then you have Roman the pack medicine man who is so innocent He doesn t understand his feelings that he has when he s around Abraham when he does realize what he s feeling, it s so foreign that he s kind of scared of the feelings.You have so many secondary characters in this story that they were hard to track Then you also have the bad guys who might be shifters, but that was never really that clear to me.There were also a few editing issues misspellings, duplicated words, etc.Overall, this was a good story, but not one that I would read again. Blue Moon Rising by author Bailey Bradford is the third book in the Coyote s Call series I found I could read this just fine without having read the previous books I love that, nice to have series and not be lost reading it for the first time at book three.This is the story of Abraham and Roman.Abraham is a shifter who has lost his ability to connect to his inner beast He was shot, poisoned and died three times He has worked to be strong despite not being able to shift He does feel the loss of his beast, and he feels his lost of connection to his pack He thinks most of what he lost when we first meet him He is a Texas Ranger but has been in the hospital for a month now.Roman a cat shifter tried to kill him and his entire pack He has panic attacks from that night He loves his plants He likes that no one bothers him He is the local medicine man And something is missing in his life besides his coyote.I loved that they both are wounded heroes but the parts that they think are broken about them are really what bind them together They each bring something beautiful to this relationship I also liked how Ms Bradford made this a very emotional and angst filled read I felt very connected to the characters and wanted them to find their peace and love I would love to read much from this series Even go back and read what I have missed This is the kind of story that stays with you long after you finish reading it One for the keeper shelf five Shooting Stars Sooooo, this had all the trappings of a shifter story that makes me a fan when I am typically, not Unexpected topping, or bottoming, or whatever The point is the pairing didn t follow the typical shifter dynamics for a mating pair and I love when that happens Also, a plethora of delicious dirty talk kept me rereading pages and passages Add to that a couple of truly likable MC s and I think this series keeps getting better I ve been following this series since book 1, Off Course and I think the series is just getting better with each book I m not a huge fan of shifters in general, but Bailey Bradford writes just the flavor I like The characters don t follow a formula like so many others do, so they stay interesting even if the basics are the same They still have forever mates and moon ceremonies and all that, but each set of characters that get together are unique One may end up being toppy than the other, but it s probably not who you d expect One character isn t the ultra alpha and the other an uber twink It s the unexpected that makes these books fun to read.I was anxious to read Roman s story after all the shite he d been through as a young man and I was swoony for Abraham since he was introduced because who doesn t like the strong silent type wrapped up in a Texas Ranger package Roman s story was handled well The author didn t try to get too deep into the psychology of it all which was good The story was about the relationship between Roman and Abraham Roman s background wasn t ignored, it was acknowledged in a meaningful way which gave him back the power over his own life without going into a lot of detail about his therapy that would have been too much for this book There was a certain amount of magical meanderings to his healing, he is the pack shaman after all, but there were no miraculous cures with the magic The magical parts were about spirituality and journeys and what not which fit with Roman s role in the pack.The connection between Roman and Abraham was really strong, I think so than any of the others so far and those guys are all really tight Something about these two really clicked I think because the build up was so well done Abraham is a strong man inside and out who s body has been wrecked by his injuries He knows he d do it all again if it meant keeping Roman safe, but he s resigned himself to just admiring from a distance He can t comprehend why a man like Roman would be interested in an older man who s lost his ability to do the job he loved and who s all stoic and stuff So, when the two of them started to interact and Abraham got the notion that he may be exactly what turns Roman s crank it got all kinds of sweet and flirty My favorite thing about the whole book was when the two got down to being mates and the the sexy times started And not just for the sexy times believe it or not, although I will get to that What I liked was the playful banter between them and the honesty that came from it There was a sense that Roman and Abraham were really comfortable with one another and that they trusted each other unconditionally When that happens the dirty talk is just soooo much better And these two know how to do the dirty talk Especially Roman, damn dude, you re good Very Very Good Abraham thought so too because he was left speechless on than one occasion, but he came through in the end like a champ and I loved them both for it There s still traction with the mystery in their town as well as their own shifter history they are piecing together It s good because all of that keeps the ball rolling for the series, but doesn t overshadow the character s dynamics I still don t really get the Fervent 5 and their point I m sure that will come forward in the next couple of books Maybe Possibly I just picture the Furious 5 from Kung Fu Panda every time I read it And I shall leave you with this little tease A small sampling of the dirty talk I love soThis way Abraham had him bent over the side of the bed in seconds Yeah, open that pretty ass up for me Roman reached back and parted his cheeks Sweet man Sweet, sweet man Then Abraham licked him, right over his hole.Roman s world changed for the better then It did for all of us Roman, and we thank youa copy of this story was provided for an honest review He was still furious at his body for being so weak and failing him, but there were things still tying him to his life Something inside him had awakened and pushed him not to give up Even now, he felt it, pulsing with determination, like an echo of his heartbeat Roman has pulled at me ever since he first appeared in a Coyote s Call book The horrible abuse and attack he suffered as a teenager broke my heart and made me want to wrap him in cotton and protect him from the evils of the world I hoped at the end of In From the Cold book two in the series that everyone responsible for what happened to Roman would be dealt with Unfortunately, one couple got away, and Texas Ranger Abraham Evans was seriously injured.Abraham has been drawn to Roman ever since he was assigned his case to look into the attack on Roman years ago by the Vonheimers Now that Abraham is no longer a Ranger, and has become good friends with Miller and Gideon, he is living in Del Rey and falling in love with Roman He can tell there is something going on, and Abraham is determined to get to the truth Meanwhile, Roman is devoting himself to the old spiritual ways, trying to become the best medicine man he can be for their pack He s also realized that Abraham is his mate, and that Abraham may not be as fully human as he thinks he is.I really liked the way Abraham and Roman found each other, but also found themselves, if you know what I mean Roman isn t that frightened young man any He s found his center, his place within the pack, and his fated mate Abraham has begun to heal, and he s also discovered about himself I look forward to seeing if the author will add any of Abraham s future revelations into upcoming stories.A wonderful, sweet addition that I enjoyed immensely It was time for Roman to get some happiness, and for both men to find what their souls needed to survive Thank you, Bailey NOTE This book was provided by Pride Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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