The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green

The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.I found this to be a really interesting twist on what could be considered a faerie godmother origin story The village of Styesville has been plagued by a dragon for a while now and with no knight in sight to come save the day, things are looking fairly hopeless Help does arrive, however, in the form of someone overlooked and completely unexpected but when the truth of the dragon comes out, will they be enough to save the day This was a short, yet still satisfying little story that turned out much different than I was originally expecting Both main characters were surprising though one was for her appearance and the other for the ability she didn t even know she possessed While the pace was quick, the story itself didn t feel rushed to me, and the ending left me feeling good about it, instead of dissatisfied I feel like there isn t a great deal I can say about the story itself without giving away any of the things that surprised me as that was the best part about reading this one This is a f f book though only in the loosest sense of the classification one of the main characters prefers her own gender but there is no romance or romantic feelings between her or anyone else I think that anyone would enjoy this story it was a nice little magical fairytale type story that isn t overwhelmed by any kind of romance and I liked it that way. What a delightful story The village of Styesville believes that they re in need of a knight to solve their dragon problem But the solution to their problem arrives largely unnoticed Dea, a faerie godmother s apprentice drawn by the rumors of dragons She soon realizes that there s somethingcomplex at the heart of Styesville s crisis At only about 18,000 words, The Faerie Godmother s Apprentice Wore Green is a very quick read I was considering it a novelette and then I double checked the length categories Turns out it just barely squeezes into the novella category It s definitely a story that you can read in a single evening.Obviously, The Faerie Godmother s Apprentice Wore Green is a quick read, but it s also a fun one too While it s an entirely original story that s not drawing off of specific fairy tales, it does use the tropes of the genre in a way that creates a sort of fractured fairy tale feel For instance, a princess who s parents lock her in a tower until she s rescued by her true love Only, in this case the princess was in the tower because her parents refused to believe she was aromantic, asexual, and didn t want to be married Luckily, she gets some help from a dragon.I don t think The Faerie Godmother s Apprentice Wore Green is being marketed as young adult, but it would make for a good crossover It s certainly the sort of story I could have read and loved when I was younger A princess who doesn t fall in love with anyone Dragons I would have been thrilled I was still thrilled to read this as an adult, but I also wish I d had it when I was a younger girl, a familiar feeling for queer stories.There s other things I liked about the story as well The writing style worked really well for me, clear but a bit different from everyday language I also liked the bit about how our stories get changed to fit the dominate narrative The creation of history and how it departs from the realities is a concept I always love to see explored.I would lovestories set in this world or with these characters Unfortunately, as far as I can tell the author doesn t have any other stories published It looks like she might have a couple of freebies up on her tumblr, so I ll need to check out those I ll be watching for whatever she writes next.Originally posted on The Illustrated Page. So charmed by this faerie tale, not too long, not too short, just right Hits all the tropes dragon, princess, fairy godmother Then turns them upside down And inside out Slick turns of event abound, and there isn t a prissy moment anywhere.Don t want to give any of the surprises away, because you should savor them when you stumble onto them unawares, but there s a snarky Princess Bride vibe going on here Styesville would be quite prosperous if one held mud to be of great monetary value Gather your sons and daughters around, and read this aloud Expect to hear, And then what happened Looking forward to Nicky Kyle s next endeavor.I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Less Than Three Press in exchange for an honest review.This is my first story by this author that I have read.It is difficult, in its way, trying to figure out what to put in a review for a story that is only 54 pages in length If it was a mystery there are things I could mention, characters, setting, what type of mystery, how well everything was depicted But this isn t a mystery, but a fantasy Granted there are two things of note regarding mystery and mysteries 1 an investigation does take place 2 the investigator and investigation was actually of a higher quality level than many a mystery I ve read And yet, I still would hesitate to fall back on calling this a mystery To a certain extent that s because this is a fantasy in a fantasy land and no one died You can have mysteries without death and you can have mysteries in stories that involve fantasy, but it is not exactly tremendously common.Right, enough of that There is this village, see, called Styesville It s a time of changing seasons and the ground and everything is kind of wet and muddy Which is good because there s this dragon that, for no known reason, has taken a liking to wander by every once in a while and breath on things This isn t normally good, since there is fire involved with the breathing Things are only singed, though, because of the wetness Well, some of the sheep and the like aren t exactly fairing well, but for the most part the danger is a bit of singe getting on stuff Still, dragon around, and stuff, so the villagers have put the call out for some help from those that bounce about on horsies while wearing a lot of metal, and carrying pointy things It s been a short while, oh, about two months, but alas, no knights appear to be turning up A stranger did turn up, but that cloaked person came to the village under the power of their own two feet, and apparently lacking things like weaponry and metal protection This stranger would be the lead character in the story, a Dea Without anyone taking much notice of Dea, an investigation is conducted Relatively quickly, certain things are noted Neither the mystery, nor the cloaked figure are exactly what they seem I m not exactly sure why I m being all careful here, anyone reading this review has access to the book cover But I retain an air of mystery.The story flowed smoothly I rather liked Dea, the fantasy world that has been created, and the stories that are told I d love to seeof both this world andof Dea s time in that world One last bit before I move on One of the shelves I use is LGBT It is true that one of the characters in the story has an opinion expressed about them that they neither confirm nor deny, said opinion being that they, the woman in question, prefers the company of woman romantically Well, that is not why I stamped LGBT on the book No, that s because of the main character Another review already mentioned the issue, but if you haven t read that review the main character in this story, Dea, falls within the LGBT framework Thoughwhen people recall that LGBT, elongated, includesletters LBGTQIA Dea falls under the less talked about A category And no, that doesn t mean that Dea is an Alley , but an Asexual though I do not wish people who just took a biology class and then see this review and become confused, I am not referring to asexual reproduction here A highly entertaining story Much recommended there s a slight issue of a 54 page story with a 3.99 price tag, but I ll just mention that in passing mentions then move on Okay, I already said one last bit , but really, this time I mean it one last bit this story involves dragons, mysterious strangers, a fantasy world, magic, asexuals, and the magic of faerie godmothers oh, sorry, forgot one that I really wanted to mention a good nice bit of pleasant humor A lot of those are less commonly seen though known about Though that just might be my own luck reading habits that lead to me not seeing a lot of dragons, asexuals, and faerie godmothers though I did just read one book that had faerie godmothers, strangely enough.March 31 2016 This was a lovely surprise To be honest, most of the short stories I read are average and I think that not many short stories are exceptionally good or that all authors who write splendid novels can also write great short stories So whenever I read one that is really good, I get all excited This haha, I realise I m not writing this awful long title, so this it is again is a short story in a high fantasy setting and plays in a small village the whole time I think the world building is absolutely well done and the isolated, backwards vibe of the village palpable.I love the new and different take on dragons and how like in the blurb already mentioned not all is as it seems This part of the story is not only interesting but also well delivered.The most important theme of this story is to accept yourself if you are different and that sometimes your happiness lies not at home but in a place where you can be yourself That s something both main characters either have learned a long time ago or have to come to the conclusion during the course of the book.Unfortunately, I found out that this is the only story by the author I wish there werebooks in the same universe or, maybe even better, a follow up to this story It s complete as it is but since it s a new beginning for one of the protagonists, there could be muchWell, maybe I get lucky some time in the future crosses fingers and stalks author Readers looking for aromantic or lesbian characters should definitely check this out.Genre high fantasyTags dragons, aromantic MC, lesbian MC, village,leaving home and new startsRating 4.5 starsBlog Review for Just Love Romance Unable to defend itself from the flames and ill intentions of a rampaging dragon, the villagers of Styesville send out a request for a knight in shining armor to come rid them of their reptile problem Sadly no knights of any luminosity can be found What they do get is a stranger in a green cloak who brings with them the truth of old tales and choice for one of the villagers.The blurb to this book didn t have a whole lot of information in it so I didn t really have too big a clue as to what exactly this book was going to be about But I love dragons and this cover was delicious, so I decided to read it anyways.Without giving anything away, I really liked this story It had several really nice twists and adored the take on dragons Unique dragon stories are one of my sweet spots.I don t read many f f stories, and to be honest I wasn t aware that this was one when I picked it up I am glad I did read it though The two MCs were nicely written and I loved the way they interacted I would really enjoy knowingabout both of them as their stories go on past the end of the story There is a lot of potential here.Overall this was a great short story It does a good job of using its short page count to tell a full and compelling story that I recommend you check out This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways Click below. Book The Faerie Godmother s Apprentice Wore GreenAuthor Nicky KyleStar rating No of Pages 54Movie Potential Ease of reading very easy to read and followWould I read it again Yes COPY RECIEVED THROUGH NETGALLEY This was a really lovely story about self belief and trusting your instincts.The main characters in this story are both women, both of whom have faced the dread of an arranged marriage, in a time when many women were meant to do as they were told and not argue Through the tale of Princess Aldeaim, we re told the story of a young Princess who takes her fate into her own hands, escaping a marriage she doesn t want This tale is used as a lesson for the young girl Louisa, who is in the same position Of a lower class, her rights are nothan the Princess, so she feels she ll be forced to marry Dane, despite Louisa beingpartial to women.Through incredible world building at all, but especially for a short story the role of the Faerie Godmother is played by Dea, who is a character Witty, calm through chaos and very much the driving force of the story Louisa istimid a daughter of an innkeeper, she feels trapped It s only when the two meet that Louisa finds her inner strength.I found the 3rd person omnipresent POV to be perfect for this story It allowed us to see all aspects of the story, without dragging it out unnecessarily The originality of the plot and characters made this a sweet short read that will leaving you feeling happy.I had to remove 1 star, just because I felt as if the story was just starting I wanted so muchMore stories about this pair,adventure and to see the city of Klarns for myself Other than that, the story is great and holds a nice lesson that the heart wants what the hearts wants, even if no one else understands. Aromantic Asexual Dragon in training rescues lesbian from having to marry a man.among other thingsThings I Find While Shelving I received a free ARC via NetGalleyThere s a dragon pestering the small village of Styseville An odd sort of dragon There s lots of singed roofs, stolen livestock, and panic, but it s left the inn alone and nothing s actually burned down Still, a dragon is a dragon and it s a pest that needs to be taken care of The people of Styseville hope a knight will come and slay the beast, but it s a small village and they have nothing to offer a knight in reward No princesses in Styseville.Their help comes in a different way, a way no one expects A young woman Dea strides into the inn, takes a seat, and gets some information from the innkeeper s daughter before she goes off to investigate and test a few theories Those theories This isn t a proper dragon How would she know Well She s not only met a proper dragon, she s becoming one The dragon pestering Styseville is, in actual fact, a magical impression of a dragon summoned by the innkeeper s daughter in response to her unwanted engagement Dea can t fly the young girl away, but she can help her to a place where she can learn to control her magical powers If she wants I really enjoyed this story It s such a cute little fairy tale, and it also reads like an introduction to a longer work BUT it works well enough on it s own It s a fun, quick read. FAERIE GODMOTHER S has an original premise, and the idea behind this book is quite an interesting play on several fantasy and princess tropes at once Kyle took well known storylines and twisted them around in an interesting fashion This book also centers on two LGBTQ women, and is not an actual romance between them So, that was cool Unfortunately, I never got really INTO the story The actual prose could use a lot of tightening, both in what is said and how It s not bad , it s just okay ish With is kinda sad, because I quite enjoyed the omniscient narrator and its tone at first, and I think it could have carried wonderfully through the entire story withcare Instead it wound up slowing itoften than not, to the point where I had hit the 68 % mark by the time I felt things were taking off at last Bit late.Overall, I d say I really like the IDEA of this story but the execution didn t do it for me. The Village Of Styesville Has A Dragon Problem, And Is In Sore Need Of A Knight In Shining Armor To Solve It For Them Instead, They Get A Strange Traveler In A Ragged Cloak They Barely Even Notice At First Worse Still, It Soon Becomes Clear The Problem Setting Fire To Their Village Isn T As Simple As A Dragon

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