Love on Lavender Island (Lavender Island, #2)

Love on Lavender Island (Lavender Island, #2) What S Worse Than Paige Grant Getting Stuck In A Window While Breaking Into Her Late Grandmother S Lavender Island Ranch Being Discovered And Saved By Next Door Neighbor Adam Mason The Grants And Masons Haven T Exactly Been Friendly In Recent Decades, Despite Paige S Teenage Crush On Handsome, Standoffish Adam But The Down On Her Luck Actress Now Needs Than Saving She Wants To Use Part Of Adam S Property To Pull Off A Dramatic Wedding For Her Idol, Screen Legend Dorothy Silver, In Exchange For A Movie Role That Could Make Her Dreams Come TrueAdam Has Been Struggling With Emotional And Financial Burdens Inherited From The Recent Death Of His Father Yet He Reluctantly Agrees To Help Paige Prepare The Ranch For The Wedding As They Continue To Spend Time Together, Sparks Fly But Paige Is Troubled By A Secret That Could Ruin Any Hopes They Have For A Future Together When Fire Destroys The Land That Holds The Key To Both Their Dreams And The Secrets They Carry Make Tensions Run Even Hotter Can Love Rise From The Ashes On Lavender Island

✷ [BOOKS] ✫ Love on Lavender Island (Lavender Island, #2)  By Lauren Christopher ❁ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 354 pages
  • Love on Lavender Island (Lavender Island, #2)
  • Lauren Christopher
  • English
  • 07 March 2018

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    ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Love on Lavender Island is actually my first book to Lauren Christopher.When I reached the acknowledgement, I knew how much devoted the author is She is someone who goes for her dreams And if anything I did learn from her is that how strong a woman can be if she has a goal in her life.Lauren Christopher You can t possibly know how much you inspired me and gave me hope that no matter what happens I just have to stick to my dreams.Back to Love on Lavender IslandWhen I read the blurb, I clicked on the download link without hesitation because seriously you won t be disappionted if you re a romance lover and picked this book.This is the story of Paige and Adam.Sixteen years ago, Paige had a crush on Adam but whatever she did he never seemed to see or recognize her Back to the island and to her grandmother s house, all she wanted was to arrange the celebrity wedding that would open so many doors to her future but she needed both Adam s ranch and help All she had to do was convince him to cooperate.With the all deaths, the wills, his late father s debts and Amanda, all Adam wanted to do was sell the ranch and get out of the island When he met Paige, feelings he thought no longer existed in his dictionary started to show up.Was that his heart racing What was going on with him His life was already messed up without adding a woman And that wonan would be real trouble.A beautiful romantic story where both Paige and Adam had to overcome so many obstacles if they wanted to be together.

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    My MusingsThis is an okay read I liked the characters and the plot I liked Amanda best of all Happy reading

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    I loved this An emotional read of family, past hurts, expectations and a future that seems cloudy at best Wonderfully written with great characters, this book is a perfect summer read.Adam and Paige grew up together but the small age difference back them seemed huge and while Paige had a huge crush on Adam, he barely noticed her and considered her a pest Now at 29 Paige sees Adam again and she knows that crush has never gone away She s not on Lavender Island looking for love though She s here on business All business Her mother is counting on her and for once Paige wants to get something right Convincing Adam to hold off selling his property will be hard but she plans on giving it all she s got Now if her heart and girlie parts will just leave her alone This is one I highly recommend.

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    ARC provided by Netgalley for honest review This was an okay read It took me entirely too long to read it For the 1st 50% the reader spent a lot of time in the MCs heads I liked Adam He was funny, realistic and relatable But I barely tolerated Paige She was immature and insecure I just couldn t understand how she could equate a crush with heartbreak The plot was interesting, it kept me invested But I wished I could have experienced dialogue between Paige, Adam, and Amanda The dialogue would have allowed me to connect with the characters There were some really cute and heart melting scenes If you want easy breezy read, this is the book for you.3 starsNatasha

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    I loved, loved, loved this book It made me laugh, cry a little and choked up about community coming together to help one of their own Paige is just like me, clumsy, calamity follows me so I can relate to her Adam is so steady, responsible and calm that it was fun to see him let go and enjoy himself This is a heartwarming story about Paige, Adam and Amanda becoming their best selves and a family along with the support of Lavender Island Way to go Lauren

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    Loved this book Full review to come

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    Nice Second Book in a SeriesThis story is about the second Grant daughter that grew up spending summers on Lavender Island I was thinking this book was less descriptive about the male character, but realized he was a quiet natured person and that was accurately reflected in the writing choices I wax also disappointed characters from the first book had no roles in this book, but the characters are hermit like and that is explained throughout the book and is also accurately reflected in the book It is a good, enjoyable read.

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    Beautiful story of Mason and Paige Brought together cause their parents were interested in each other, he never noticed her, she Pinned for him Then 16 years down the line their past, present and potential future line up They had to get to know one another, navigate the property sale, a celebrity wedding, past secrets, and new feelings.

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    Loved Lavender Island Sorry to see this book end 2nd book at Lavender Island and loved both book Waiting on the next one.

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    A romantic, funny, and touching story.A romantic, funny, and touching story Paige and Adam have a history of one summer and several incidents that had long lasting bad effects on their lives Both are so similar in their feelings and their parental relationships making them good for each other Amanda is great and a big part of the story I like how maturely she handles the budding relationship and even assists without being pushy and childish.

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