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Innocents and Others From A Major, Unnervingly Intelligent Writer Joy Williams Rich, Funny, Learned, And Tonally Fresh Jeffrey Eugenides , Comes A Novel About Aspiration, Film, Work, And LoveDana Spiotta S New Novel Is About Two Women, Best Friends, Who Grow Up In LA In The S And Become Filmmakers Meadow And Carrie Have Everything In Common Except Their Views On Sex, Power, Movie Making, And Morality Their Lives Collide With Jelly, A Loner Whose Most Intimate Experience Is On The Phone Jelly Is Older, Erotic, And Mysterious She Cold Calls Powerful Men And Seduces Them Not Through Sex But Through Listening She Invites Them To Reveal Themselves, And They DoSpiotta Is A Wonderfully Gifted Writer With An Uncanny Feel For The Absurdities And Sadnesses Of Contemporary Life, And An Unerring Ear For How People Talk And Try To Cope Today The New York Times Innocents And Others Is Her Greatest Novel Wise, Artful, And Beautiful

Scribner published Dana Spiotta s first novel, Lightning Field, in 2001 The New York Times called it the debut of a wonderfully gifted writer with an uncanny feel for the absurdities and sadnesses of contemporary life, and an unerring ear for how people talk and try to cope today It was a New York Times Notable Book of the year, and a Los Angeles Times Best Book of the West.Her second novel, E

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    Oh gosh. I thought this book was ghastly disjointed.and just not enjoyable.There were positive quotes about this novel.especially one that talked about identity and the belief that American s can invent or reinvent themselves I thought it sounded like a great theme I was very excited to read this.but was disappointed in Innocents and Others I didn t like how it started out at all beginning with a scene I presumed from a screenplay, a dreadful love story.Soon we are introduced to Meadow, and Carrie her best friend Jumping aheadMeadow was the only person in Carrie s entire wedding party Since Meadow came from a wealthy LA family Carrie not so much , Meadow s parents sent a hunky check as a wedding gift but didn t attend themselves After the wedding reception was over, Carrie said goodbye to Meadow, grabbed her new husband s hand and couldn t get home fast enough to change out of her dress shoes and grab a pizza I finally related to this story I wanted to go home, kick off my shoes, get comfortable, call it a day The End would have been fine with meBut to read.I really didn t care if Carrie got fat or not I also didn t much care about Meadows success or failures with her documentary films..Grainy Super 8, amateur film, blown up to 16mm did nothing for this story either Filming scenes editingwatching the playbacks might be exciting as hell when actually making a movie for those involved but it s just way too dry to read these descriptions in novel form There are several minor characters used for film projects.Jelly with Jack Jelly with Oz, etc These characters with their stories were interesting enough.but, everything seemed awkward and disjointed to me There is a little glue that holds this novel together Carrie and Meadow Their lives may be a train wreck at timesbut their friendship holds strongHowever,This book needs a make over in my opinion The three way connection from trying to connect the scenes back to the filmmakers with the readers expected to take it all in just doesn t flow well Thank You Scribner, I m sorry I didn t connect well with this book , Netgalley, and Dana Spiotta, I d like to read a couple of your previous novels.even your short stories sound good.

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    2 1 2 stars I found myself liking the last third of Innocents and Others, but it was a bit of a slog getting there I feel like this book was working a bit too hard to be clever, which ended up interfering with some of its strengths Told in different bits and pieces and from different points of view, it s essentially the story of two women who were teenage friends who grew up to be filmmakers Their approaches to making films are very different, and this is reflective of their very different personalities Meadow is hard edged and makes intrusive controversial documentaries Carrie makes mainstream popular films There s a certain edginess to the book ongoing suggestions that what you just read or read a bit earlier wasn t entirely true Over time, truth is revealed Or is it really A bit like the work of the documentary maker who can control the story with editing and angles I think I get it By the end I started enjoying it , but I m not sure it was worth it And I couldn t help comparing Innocents and Others to The Life and Death of Sophie Stark a book with a similar theme about a film maker who distorts the lives of her subjects that truly knocked my socks off last year Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy of Innocents and Others.

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    If you enter the theater of this novel, get set to weather some disorientation as soon as the lights dim Dana Spiotta s Innocents and Others seems, at first, full of weird tricks, jump cuts and pretentious posings and it is but stay in your seat and pay attention Soon enough, all her literary chicanery comes into focus, creating a brilliant split screen view of women working within and without the world of Hollywood.This is a story about filmmakers and the illusions they shape in the service of some version of truth Appropriately enough, the novel opens with a convincing lie Meadow Mori, now known to the world as an avant garde documentarian, recalls her teenage affair with Orson Welles in the final months of his life He did not want anyone to know about us, Meadow writes on the Women Film website, because he felt To read the rest of this review, go to The Washington Post https entert

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    molto pi originale di eat the document col quale condivide una bruttissima resa del titolo in italiano, e sorvolo sulle copertine spiotta lass qualche editor ce l ha con te , questo un romanzo tipo capsula a cessione ritardata che nell arco di una trecentina di pagine parla parecchio di cinema la formazione di DS quella l , molto di rapporti umani, molto o moltissimo di polifoniche sensualit.l autrice monta un director s cut ci si aspetti quindi, inevitabilmente, qualche lunghezza di troppo che cambia spesso inquadratura e lunghezza focale, zoomando su pi storie e poi allargando a concluderle con una carrellata di ultimi capitoli in cui non ci si riesce a fermare io comunque non ci sono riuscita.scrive a un certo punto spiotta quando aveva guardato barry lyndon a diciassette anni lo aveva trovato orribile a diciannove era stupendo succede cos con i film non sono loro a cambiare cambi tu l immutabilit di un film o di un libro, di un quadro, di un brano musicale qualcosa rispetto alla quale ti misuri questa una delle cose che una grande opera d arte fa aspetta che torni da lei e ti mostra per come sei adesso, ogni volta un po differente.ecco, questa non sar una grande opera d arte ma con me successo esattamente cos dana, a questo giro la tua s piotta te la sei proprio guadagnata.

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    Uh mazing So good, it s kind of beyond being a novel Reminiscent of Rachel Kushner, Janet Fitch and Mary Gaitskill, it s incredibly smart, inventive, stylish and fascinating Plot wise it follows two film maker friends from the 80s to present day, along with two other people who kind of get caught up in their films There s masses of stuff about films and friendship, but really it s the writing that got me I m buying all of her books Also, great cover.

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    This is a bracing niche book, but it explores some universal ideas At times, it may even seem esoteric, because beyond embracing the love of cinema and filmmaking, it goes deeper, into the technical manipulation of film to convey a narrative message or, even the veto of a message, or the search for non bias It also moved me as a study of observer and subject effect on phenomenon, whether it is film, phone, feminism, friendship, or social responsibility Spiotta explores the complexity of narratives within the lens of a long term friendship between two different women and their separate careers in film.But let me go one further It is also about the reckoning of the self, how maturity can help someone see the flaws of their ambitions, and how a passionate, dogged, relentless single goal can also be your own undoing And whether this awareness of the self can lead to redemption.It starts in 1980s Los Angeles, where Meadow Mori, a trust fund teen, meets Carrie Wexler, the daughter of a single mother, at an arty high school They are both cineastes, and spend their formative teen years in each other s company watching and analyzing an eclectic multitude of films Their friendship extends to adulthood, where they both end up with distinguished careers, but on divergent ends of the cinema spectrum Meadow is a purist who follows the path of edgy documentary films, and Carrie makes feminist mainstream comedies Meadow s chosen artistic medium isn t always sufficient to braid her art and her perception together no camera or lens she had ever used was very good at capturing the simultaneous long and short view Nothing like her eyes But she keeps at it, and pushes that envelope further, but the audience she intended to reach may have unanticipated responses Meadow gets down to the bone, but is that what people want to really see Or do people want of a projection of their fantasies The subtext of this book is like a fractured romance the first line is This is a love story and then turns to a playfully rendered affair between high school senior Meadow and an unnamed man who may be Orson Welles It later turns to a woman named Jelly, who has captured the hearts of Hollywood heavies by cold calling and seducing them, only to vanish rather than meet these men face to face In later years, she becomes a documentary project of Carrie s, with unintended consequences Meadow is the brilliant progressive that channels her ideas to achieve her goals, but results don t always satisfy Carrie has a tamer view in cinematic art, and is just as preoccupied with finding harmony in her personal life as in her life as an artist Both receive a measure of fame and a measure of emptiness.The book goes back and forth in time, and slowly reveals of the minds of Meadow and Carrie, as well as the effect on the subjects that participate in Meadow s films The construction is superb, with the story interspersed by transcripts of interviews, the mechanics of filmmaking, essays, and the study of film theories At intervals, the book is as disjointed as raw footage, before the edit Our lives aren t the fluid, seamless narratives that we may fantasize about in our slanted retrospection We all splice and dice our memories to validate the idea of our personal narratives, and the author parallels that process in the architecture of this novel and the making of films As we evolve, so do our narratives, as reliable or unreliable as the limits of our memories and imaginations I have some ideas A directive, of sorts I will work and I will work I have said this is a love story, and indeed it begins that way my love of cinema, as pure as I have known.

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    I wanted to love it, I heard so much hype Lately I find myself at odds with so many rave reviews, so maybe I am missing something or just not hip to the times Yes, using the word hip likely confirms my suspicion but my young adult kids think I m special Why I battled with this is because it did not flow for me But there were lovely sentences What a mystery the way things act on us, like secret messages just to you as you sit in the dark This is what age is to me that naked worn out face So now he was trotted out for quips, and sometimes he said disturbing things, uncomfortable things He couldn t help it He never learned, and I loved him for it The writing isn t bad at all, I just can t stand feeling like I m all over the place, I need to be submerged and I couldn t sink here into the characters I know there are people who devour this type of pace, but sadly I am not seduced by books written in this vein The characters were never truly alive inside of me.

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    Filmmakers Meadow and Carrie are friends in their youth as adults, both are successful in different ways, but they become estranged, and each has a different story about what happens Innocents and Others is an enjoyable, meandering journey through the friendship between these two women, the films they make, and the lives of characters peripheral to them There is much to admire here it s beautifully written, and the descriptions of films are stirring and vivid Spiotta describes several of Meadow s documentaries so evocatively that I feel like images from them are stuck in my head But the story is disjointed, and while this is clearly a deliberate choice mirroring the process of editing raw footage it s frustrating The dialogue, which doesn t flow like natural speech why do these characters have such an aversion to contractions , compounds the problem There s something artificial, too self consciously unreal, about the people in Innocents and Others To continue the cinematic theme, I felt a little like they were being played by bad, wooden actors.A solid start to 2017, but not quite the immersive experience I had hoped Onwards and upwards TinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    This wasn t an easy read non linear, filled with references to obscure films I ve never even heard of, centered around women I didn t particularly like But I love how smart it is, how Spiotta asks tough questions about the stories we tell ourselves and stories we tell others Best of all she doesn t try to answer all the questions This novel isn t entirely satisfying as a story, but it definitely got me thinking.

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    My review for the Chicago Tribune From the start the essential quality of the Los Angeles novel has been loneliness It s true across genres, across styles Raymond Chandler, Charles Bukowski, Joan Didion, Bret Easton Ellis, Janet Fitch, Thomas Pynchon Is it because of the peculiar sense of fallenness that s only possible in a place where 30 is old Is it because of Los Angeles accidental drifting shape, huge yet so rarely intimate The preeminent novelist currently asking these questions is one of the city s natives, Dana Spiotta.Spiotta s new novel, Innocents and Others, concerns three varyingly isolated women in LA Meadow, Carrie and Jelly starting around the year 1984 Meadow and Carrie are high school friends who separately become successful filmmakers, Meadow working in experimental documentaries, Carrie in a conventional style, writing and directing studio comedies Jelly, meanwhile, is an overweight woman, suffering from temporary blindness, who to fend off her solitude starts phone relationships with influential men, offering them, with her gorgeous voice, a fantasia of youth and beauty Eventually these storylines merge when Meadow decides to make a film about Jelly.Spiotta is interested in the idea of documentation, and Innocents and Others is a blend of interviews, transcripts, and personal reminiscences precisely the kind of archive at the center of her best novel, Stone Arabia, which is about an anonymous rock musician who, never making it in real life, painstakingly creates a glory filled counterfactual history of his career Meadow s statement of artistic intent in this new novel recalls that strange project it also sounds like a proxy for her creator s own I have always been attracted to afterlives, she says, codas, postscripts, discursive asides, and especially misdirection This taste makes Spiotta a chancy kind of writer Even her prose in Innocents and Others veers between the superb a quick lovely flash of quilted farmland, for example and the insipid, as when Meadow says of a youthful relationship, Mostly we were happy, in the way you can be happy when you know something won t last forever The way you can clutch the moment deeply and without holding back Her debut, Lightning Field, was a spare, dryly funny anatomization of late youth in Los Angeles its intriguing successor, Eat the Document, about the aftermath of 70s radicalism, was closer to a failure than a success Stone Arabia, mashing up Zoe Leonard and Play It As It Lays in thin wild mercury language, had real magic to it Innocents and Others never quite rises to the same level, unfortunately The problem is one of conception The archive at the center of Stone Arabia felt like than a conceit a perfect manifestation of a certain kind of lost Hollywood dream In this new book, by contrast, Spiotta s ideas seem to precede her characters and their emotions It makes for an anemic, aimless narrative.The character that illustrates this shortcoming best is Jelly, making those calls Spiotta gathers interesting information about her origins in the community of phreaking, the old art of conning the phone companies out of long distance charges, but for the reader neither this subculture nor Jelly s lonely life ever become quite real Instead they seem didactic, a means to an authorial moral about disconnection, separation, beauty.Meadow is a interesting character, particularly the movies Spiotta describes her making, but her raw boned remoteness again reads as a top down bestowal rather than a ground up reality The book s best scenes belong to its most prosaic character, Carrie, who late on assesses her intense high school friendship with Meadow warmly and intelligently and shrewdly, a flesh and blood human at last Even her passing comments she calls her wedding day both too long and too short for her, which is just right penetrate deeper than Meadow and Jelly s enigmatic gestural lives.And yet, for all that, I felt glad at the end of Innocents and Others that Spiotta had written it The recent fashions in fiction have favored fine tuned varieties of realism, from Franzen to Knausgaard to Ferrante Spiotta, by contrast, remains unswervingly committed to ideas of spectatorship and simulation, of the potential aloneness of the never being alone of modern culture And thematically she is growing, book by book, into an elusive but definite theme, of how much less we know ourselves in middle age than we do during the certainty of early adulthood The very chanciness of her work, in the end, means that her weaker books can seem like the surest proof, paradoxically, of what a powerful writer she s become.

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