Dirty Work

Dirty Work From Authors Chelle Bliss And Brenda Rothert Comes A Smoldering Standalone Enemies To Lovers Romance That Will, Ahem Check All Your Boxes ReaganI Hate Him Jude Titan Is Everything That S Wrong With The Male Sex Cocky, Domineering And Loaded With Swagger Oh, And Did I Mention He S A Republican Yeah, The Guy S So Conservative He Leans To The Right When Walking And Lucky Me, I M Running Against Him For Senate But I Ve Got Plenty Of Fight In Me A Golden Boy War Hero Opponent With A Smile That Leaves Melted Panties In Its Wake Bring It OnJudeDamn, She S Sexy Reagan Preston Intrigues Me From The Moment I Lay Eyes On Her And Speaking Of Laying I Want Between Those Thighs But I Want To Make Her Burn For Me First Every Debate And Stolen Moment Is Foreplay For Us She Claims She Hates Me, But Her Body Tells A Different Story I Plan To Win This Election, But I Also Want To Win The Sharp, Fiery Democrat Who Captures My Attention Like No Woman Ever Has Politics Is Filthy, Just Like All The Things I Want To Do To Reagan Preston

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  • Paperback
  • 310 pages
  • Dirty Work
  • Chelle Bliss
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
  • 9780997569018

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    Not only did this book never get interesting, not even half way through, but the feminist in me forced me to give this a one star.I m not going to like a book with a heroine who easily lets her life revolve around two men, the hero and her father then still ends up giving up her dreams and career for one of themIt made me sad.

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    As a big fan of Chelle Bliss I read Dirty Work two years ago and truly enjoyed this well written, enemy to lovers story wrapped in a political theme This is a book worth looking into and this tale is free on today 1 3 2018 Reagan I hate him Jude Titan is everything that s wrong with the male sex cocky, domineering and loaded with swagger Oh, and did I mention he s a Republican Yeah, the guy s so conservative he leans to the right when walking And lucky me, I m running against him for Senate But I ve got plenty of fight in me A golden boy war hero opponent with a smile that leaves melted panties in its wake Bring It On.Jude Damn, she s sexy Reagan Preston intrigues me from the moment I lay eyes on her And speaking of layingI want between those thighs But I want to make her burn for me first Every debate and stolen moment is foreplay for us She claims she hates me, but her body tells a different story I plan to win this election, but I also want to win the sharp, fiery Democrat who captures my attention like no woman ever has Politics is filthy, just like all the things I want to do to Reagan Preston.

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    HOLY HELL I loved this book While reading romance novels is my favorite thing of all time, my second obsession is politics I hate it, but like bad reality TV, I can t seem to look away I do tend to shy away from political romances just to avoid being pissed off, but there have been a few authors who can write this theme and stay on point with the story not letting their personal views come into play.In Dirty Work, our Hero, Jude is a war hero who is tired of the way our government is being run Tired of career politicians keeping their pockets fat while forgetting that they are there to serve the people He s not political, but he s ready to step into the arena and make a difference Reagan has been groomed from the start for politics With her father soon retiring she is ready to take his place This was supposed to be a slam dunk She was a shoe it to win the senate seat, she never expected a newbie candidate to change the entire game From page one I was in love I had this feeling that I would just love this book I was hooked and although I was forced to put it down and sleep, the first thing I did when I got home was to kick off my shoes and grab my Kindle I just had to know what happened next The chemistry between Jude and Reagan was off the charts He was such a charmer and while she was a bit uptight, I loved seeing how he ruffled her feathers and broke her free from the chains of being responsible The banter was perfect, the texting I LOVE THIS IN BOOKS I have no idea why, but I love it Balancing the public image, the hidden moments when they were able to get lost in each other and then the hurt that comes when you have to play the part of candidate and gain momentum in the polls There were so many aspects of this story that could have allowed these two authors to take the easy road There were drama bombs EVERYWHERE just waiting to be detonated But I loved that they allowed the story to go the way they did I loved how honorable Jude was and I loved watching Reagan trust him, even when she had some doubt Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert have a huge hit on their hands with Dirty Work And yes, it is a standalone novel although I want of these two and I wouldn t turn down a chance to read from these two.If you want a hot summer romance, this is your book Even if politics is not your thing, these two handled it perfectly TrustInTitan

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    When I picked this one up I expected a sexy story about two rivals sneaking around, what I actually got was a soppy disappointment Don t get me wrong, I like a man to chase, to be obsessed and commit to claiming his prize woman, but here, it lacked any Umph.The first 30% was decent There was some good sexual tension 40 75% was rather boring, it dragged 75% 90% it got better again because some drama was introduced Overall this was just okay for me.Stars 3Sex at view spoiler 78 hide spoiler

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    Being a Virginia gal born and raised in the DC suburbs, I could not help but live and breathe politics whether I wanted to or not I could not ignore the parties of red and blue even if I wanted to Being near the nation s capital, politics was served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner It was everywhere While I don t follow politics much and would not be called a fan, the political romance I gobbled up from Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert made me want to parade into the political pool with pom poms as Dirty Work is that POWERFUL and PERFECT I dug into Dirty Work with a deep hunger, a story where I expected to flame with desire What I did not prepare for was the assault on my heart where it was pounded into pieces Dirty Work is deliciously dirty, fabulously flirty, fierce, and full of feels Pulse pounding Body blazing Feelings flaring I was utterly consumed and captivated from beginning to end Reagan Preston is calm, cool, collected, and beautiful She is the daughter of Senator Preston, set to retire, and she is set on moving up the political ladder from Representative to Senator Reagan s opponent, a political virgin, is the panty melting, power wielding, former Marine veteran, Jude Titan who is fierce and fiery Titan is correct as this man is big in all the right places Both are armed in battle to become the next Senator of Illinois.I love how Reagan s lady balls are willing and ready to do some busting I m eager for him to see that I can bust balls with the best of them Jude Titan can bring it on I m ready Jude, a former military man, is making me swoon everywhere He is a proud veteran and representative of everything not political and I love that part best Reagan Preston s about to find out Marines always fight to win, no matter the cost When the gorgeous gal and guy meet, it s a firestorm as lethal as the hardest fought political debate Jude dishes the dirty in Dirty Work God, the way her calves look when she sits with her legs crossed I can almost fel them squeeze my head like a vise when I m licking her Holy mother of hotness Reagan is distracted by everything Titan My libido was in overdrive as I spoke to him, torn between staring at his inked, muscled forearms and his intense, dark brown eyes He s got swagger in spades, and it s really sexy Red versus blue Fire versus ice Titan vs Preston Only one candidate will win and both are prepared to fight this battle until the end I need to remind myself that we re not friends We ll never be friends She s the enemy Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer The Godfather may be right Closer is what chemistry has planned for this captivating couple where the pull, like politics, is too fire hot and strong to resist We re not friends We re nothing But the way you kissed me back, we re something, whether you ll admit it to yourself or not The race is heating up where the heart is on fire along with the poll numbers Lines are blurred Feelings are flowing in a cloud of confusion Politics versus love Only one race will generate a winner Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert made me fall in love with politics especially as an Independent even if fictional Dirty Work is THE WINNER in the race for romance If only politics could be as poignant and powerful as in Dirty Work Politics that please the people A Washington where blue and red bleed into purple with both main parties and players working in harmony rather than tearing each other apart I LOVED these authors version of politics that united rather than divided and what America should be in spades Power play Sex Scandal Lies Corruption Villains Heroes Passion and power permeated through the pages, banter blazed fire, and love threatened everything Dirty Work felt like a guilty pleasure it became my dirty little secret I left this achingly addictive and alluring story that stole my heart WANTING MORE NEEDING Hoping for Dirty Work as I don t think this romantic race is over 5 red and blue beautiful and brilliant stars

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    I find it hard to resist a book that involves a politician at its forefront I blame it on my Scandal addiction So when I read the blurb and figured out this was about two politicians I couldn t say no I enjoyed this story I did, so don t let those three stars make you think differently It s just that part of me wasn t super happy with the turn of events towards the end It could be that my inner feminist hackles were up, but I wasn t thrilled with Reagan becoming the assist rather than the star Love doesn t give a shit about our plans It s stubborn and unyielding than any of us will ever be Once it takes hold, all we can do is give in.That right there rings true with me I loved how surreptitiously these two, Jude and Reagan, carried on their affair I loved their texts, their phone calls, and every single one of their face to face interactions Their love grew in an authentic way and aside from the drama that came from Reagan s family, their love was easy I haven t read much from Chelle Bliss or Brenda Rothert, but this story makes me want to read .

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    I abhor political discussions Yes, I pay attention Yes, I vote But I will not discuss politics openly religion either Those discussions make me want to stab someone there are truths and lies in everything Believe what you want Vote how you want Just keep me out of it However, two politicians I adore are Jude Titan and Reagan Preston They re on opposite sides of the political fence Reagan a liberal democrat Jude a conservative republican They re both gunning to be the next Senator from Illinois But one thing they can agree on is their undeniable attraction to each other Now to figure out how to be together when, at the end of the day, one of them is going to be the winner and the other not.I was immediately immersed in the world of Illinois senatorial campaigning from the very first page, and didn t emerge until I swiped the last page on my Kindle And even then I didn t want to leave I loved both Jude and Reagan Both trying to make the world a better place Both wanting to win, but not at the expense of the other.Every stolen moment between Jude and Reagan had me rooting for them to make it I loved their flirty texts, their ber sexy times when they were actually together I hated that one of them was going to be on the losing end and I was desperate to somehow figure out how they could both win the election Crazy right Yeah, I m quite crazy over these two characters I couldn t get enough and I m hoping there will be to their story soon, please Missy, 5 stars

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    Better to lose with honor than win with deceit I was thrilled to learn that two of my favorite authors had decided to collaborate and write a book together I knew there was no chance of it not being incredible I found it intriguing to see if I could figure out who wrote what, but I confess, it was very smooth and seamless It was just a whole lotta awesome I found the subject to be very interesting While I m not very knowledgeable about politics, I ve seen a few steamy episodes of Scandal on TV.After seeing the cover of Dirty Work, my mental image of Jude as I read had me droolingthose tattooed forearmssigh And that was not the only reason I needed a hanky Nope, there were several And yes, one of them was tears I connected on an emotional level and I was touched to tears on several occasions It s not all fluff, there is substance too I was educated and entertained.Jude is a war hero He s not a career politician, he s just an honorable man that wants to make a difference With his movie star good looks the women flock to him and want him to kiss than their babies He has to walk a fine line to keep the media from using his bachelor status and his appeal to the female population from overshadowing the real topics he wants to be known for It s a good thing he has his Campaign Manager, Carl, right It s always good to have someone to steer you in the right direction when there are road blocks in your path, right Reagan is career politician She was raised in the lifestyle and has been groomed for office Making her father proud is very important to her and she pushes herself to succeed Fortunately she is surrounded by people that support her Her best friend, Lexi, is by her side, there for her every step of the way She s a very colorful character that I really enjoyed And then there are otherswho aren t there for her It was page turning suspenseful journey on the campaign trail as I anticipated the outcome of the election I was mentally evaluating every situation and trying to guess who was really on the team, and who had ulterior motives The sexual tension between Jude and Reagan was electric as they fought their feelings for each other The sparks flew during their debates in public, and in private And let me tell you, they found very creative ways to communicate wink wink.

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    Title Dirty WorkAuthor Chelle Bliss Brenda RothertSeries A Filthy Politics NovelPublisher HEA IncRelease Date July 26, 2016Genre s Contemporary RomancePage Count 175Heat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb After serving his country with distinction on the battlefield, there s only one place left for Jude Titan to fight Washington, DC The people of the great state of Illinois welcomed home their hero, and it s because of them that he s running for Congress TrustTitanBut there s a problem His opponent, Reagan Preston, is a temptation he can t afford.Reagan Preston grew up in politics, groomed from an early age to carry on the family tradition She s in the biggest fight of her life against the golden boy, Jude Titan It s an uphill battle against one of the most eligible bachelors in Chicago, but she s ready With the backing of her family and friends, her campaign is a force to be reckoned with PurePrestonWhat starts out as a fight for the ages turns into an attraction so intense they ll both risk ruin for it PoliticsIsFilthy DirtyWorkReview When I kissed you, we were just two people sitting on a bench and in the moment I wasn t Jude Titan, your opposition Just a guy and a girl acting on the attraction we both feel 5 political stars Addicting and sexy Jude Titan has decided after serving in the military to run for Congress in his home state of Illinois He has no political background, but he s tired of seeing the direction politics is going, so he wants to throw his hat into the ring, and his fans all accept him Reagan has grown up in the political field and she s ready to take her father s spot, now that he s retiring she s the shoe in But now with Jude trying to take her spot, she has to fight him for it And while these two fight for the top spot, they also have to fight the growing feelings they are starting to have for each other So who s the real winner I loved the relationship between Jude and Reagan I loved that he had a way to get under her skin, she was slightly uptight but it worked for her The wittiness between these two had me laughing at times, and the passion, Oh God, the passion I m not much of a politics reader, but this book worked for me ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club

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    LOVED IT A political romance brimming with intensity and passionDIRTY WORK had my heart pounding with all of the sexual tension pouring off of every single page Jude and Reagan s instant connection was beautiful No matter how hard they fought it, they just couldn t stay away This is a romance that will give readers complete satisfaction Great storyline Incredible characters Flirtatious banter at every turn These two authors have come together to create a love story that romance readers will devour in one sitting This was a smooth read that came together seamlessly and beautifully Is it the thrill of the forbidden Will you still want me once you ve had me He lowers his brows Once I ve had you You mean once we ve fucked I nod once.A wolfish smile creeps across his face That s not having you, Reagan To me, having you means you re mine, body, heart, and soul It means we belong to each other Talk about a hero that you can get on board with INSTANTLYget ready to fall in love with Jude Titan He sets my heart aflutter with every single turn of the page He s intense, protective, and smart Who knew that you could get so much freaking enjoyment out of a political romance Well, with writers like Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert behind the wordsit s almost a guarantee This is one election that I can TOTALLY get on board with TrustTitan Gifted copy provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review

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