Balance (Balance, #1)

Balance (Balance, #1) Since The Secession, Most Of The Civilized World S Population Lives Destitute For Michael, Alone, Fighting To Survive By The Cages, Everything Changes The Night He Meets Rena, The Enigmatic Redhead With Turquoise Eyes Discovered, Abducted And Secreted Away To The Military Facility For One Of The Most Powerful And Ruthless Men In The World Under The Watchful Eye Of The Dangerous Takada, Head Of Counter Intelligence, Michael And Rena Form A Team, Their Purpose The Infiltration And Assassination Of All In Their Mysterious Benefactor S WayBut All Is Not As It Appears Michael S Physical Feats Defy Explanation Rena Is Not Whom Everyone Believes Her To Be Playing A Game Of Human Chess To Keep Michael And Herself Alive, Rena Navigates Her Own Secret Agenda An Agenda Made Complicated By The Introduction Of Megan, An Unlikely Street Urchin Brought In As Leverage Leverage To Get Michael And Rena To Do Takada S Bidding

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Balance (Balance, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Kurt Bartling author readers around the world.

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    This is a dystopian adventure set in the near future where governments per se have collapsed and the world is run by wealthy individuals and their personal armies.We have two of the best kick ass heroes you will ever come across Michael reminded me a little of the hero from the Matrix and Rena is both hot and than able to handle herself in an argument I should probably also mention for the female readers that Michael is equally hot There is a very gripping start to the book and great twists at the end In between our lead characters train as field agents for their new bosses, kick ass and fall in love The story is fast paced, the characters well developed and there is an interesting plot set in a future world, which though a figment of the author s mind actually seems quite plausible This is an easy and entertaining read but there is also depth to the characters and story, which sets it apart from the typical dystopian adventure.

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    First off I am the Author of this book and the series.I know this section is normally reserved for reviews, and being the author my review is not relevant I m going to shout from the roof tops that Balance is the greatest story ever written So, instead of doing that, I thought I d provide the casual peruser a brief explanation of the book, beyond the generic word limited blurb above.I ve always been fascinated by the concept of the anti hero, Riddick, Wolverine, Dominic Torreto, Sherlock Holmes A character that resides in the grey area between good and evil, while still abiding by a moral compass of right over wrong To me, that seemed to provide a wider breadth for a character s actions What I couldn t really recall was the great female anti hero I m sure there are some, but nothing that really came to mind.Something else I ve always really liked was the Machiavellian plot, the story built in several pieces with so much depth, when you get to the reveal, you realize all the pieces were there all along After seven books of Harry Potter, you discover that almost every aspect of his life was orchestrated by Dumbledore, at the same time, at the end of Mockingjay, Haymich looked to have been in the same role but unfortunately wasn t I was looking for the story that gave me the great anti hero and the great manipulation At this point, I hadn t really found that.So, I decided to create my own story Four aspects became the basis of my protagonist It had to be female, since every other anti hero I could think of was male My central protagonist had to be ruthless, fierce, self sacrificing, and brilliant enter the redhead with the turquoise eyes Rena became my focal point for Balance From the beginning, the reader will find that there is far going on with her then meets the eye.Almost every book I d read with an antagonist and protagonist conflict, the underlying story is the antagonist has a grand plan, and the protagonist is pulled in willingly or unwillingly, playing catchup to thwart the endgame of said plan Here is where I hoped to go a different route What if the grand plan is entirely the protagonist s, a protagonist residing in the grey area between hero and villain anti hero Now, with any book, character growth is key, but you need a catalyst, and for a character like Rena, a reasonable catalyst I needed a character that offset Rena s personality, and strengths, someone who would challenge her mind and her purpose A wrench in her machine.Michael throughout the series is my golem, a creature made of clay and molded In Balance, he s molded by opposing forces, Takada and Rena In the later books, and yes all three books are written, Michael is molded by the world around him and his spiritual beliefs His growth, from the beginning of the series to the end is drastic, and purely spontaneous even I was surprised.So, now that I had characters, I needed a story In the last few years, two stories I ve read Davinci Code and the Left Behind series generated surprising polar reactions When Left Behind was coming out, I stopped reading those books in public Too many people striking up conversations with me fearing the End Times were on us People really need to chill I really liked the story that had a natural existing backstory, especially backstory that illicit emotional reactions The polarizing the better I m an engineer by profession, and after 2008 and the recession, manufacturing was tough So I used that personal experience as the backstory for the Balance series The current world economy, the stratification of social classes, government ineptitude, business corruption and the sensationalism of worldwide media became the foundation of the Balance world building Set 40 years in the future, I used the past forty years of my life to construct the future.It s surprising how similar the Hustle is to the world today, if the industrialized world saw the same social economic decline of Detroit, then eliminate all government facilitated protection security Life after people helped fill in the blanks The title for the series Balance seems nebulous, but it pervades every aspect of the entire series, in so many ways In fact, the entire series was the result of that one word Balance popping into my mind while mowing the lawn Around the same time, I became very interested in the concept of Linchpin Theory I first heard of it on TV, but in researching it, I became engrossed in its application The concept of an intricate web of interconnections throughout the world became just too rich an environment to not build a story around I loved how it was utilized in the movie August Rush In the epilogue of Alpha Book 3 , a question is asked, ten years after the beginning of the series, What if you had never betrayed That question made me go back and question thirty years of everything I knew about this story and these characters and that too was spontaneous That s linchpin baby Beyond Linchpin Theory, the reader will be exposed to other concepts, realities and plausibilities Savant syndrome, parkour, corporate espionage, assassins, infiltrators, Ki, Rapid Dominance, Scorched Earth retaliation, the Art of War and the Theory of Jackals When I wrote the Theory of Jackals, it was an off the cuff concept when I was done, I realized that the concept was prevalent to some degree today in some of the most popular conflict based entertainment.I always liked the story where the pieces to construct the grand manipulation or the big reveal are strung throughout the story, like Easter eggs, like Lost, the Sting, Sherlock Holmes, Now You See Me, Fast Six, etc I have a line in Jackals Book 2 , A secret, wrapped in a lie, hidden in plain sight My hope was that this series embodied that thought.The series is written in the third person, like watching a movie, because that s how the book played out for me like a movie I also use a technique meant to personalize the experience, almost shifting the readers perspective from within each character in an almost first person, like the camera angle cutting from person to person during a dialogue of a movie I felt it made the story read smoother and faster, while building suspense and pulling the reader inside And, since I really like action suspense, I put extra effort in painting for the reader the details of the actions and interactions.I hope you give Balance, and the series a try.KB

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    Wow Took me completely by surprise By a selfie ta boot I was looking for an adult book, adventure, low key scifi fantasy, with a plot And something that wasn t built solely around the unrequited sappy love story Found it on BN nook for couple bucks, the cover caught my eye me and my covers and the sample was good fast paced interesting The plot was thick, though its clarity didn t come through unto the end If you love the JJ Abrams Easter egg approach to story telling This is it As I was reading this, at first I wasn t even sure if the main characters were protagonists or antagonists, and whose side everyone was on Shades of gray.The story is set in the near future, after the governments collapsed by, you guessed it greed and corruption The explanation of this at the end of the book was enlightening and logical plot follows two people, Michael and Rena discovered together and invited basically kidnapped After being taken to a military base, they re turned into specialized spies assassins The story reminds me of a blend of a tiny bit Hunger Games and Bourne Identity Michael has some very unique abilities that make him extremely effective in his Trade Rena s character is complex, to say the least There s a lot of underlying stuff going on with her, so much so you aren t quite sure where she falls good or bad for a good chunk of the book The book has several subplots, some concise to missions, some tied to the overall book plot Based on the end and lead in to the second book, it looks like events in Balance are relevant to the series.The two main characters, Michael and Rena the reveals at the end were well thought out, and very cool Tied the whole story together and set the stage for the next book I actually had to look up Linchpin Theory.Michael, holy shit Would this character be cool to see on film His special abilities were very well depicted and explained Visual imagery was great All hail the Harbinger of Death A killer with emotions but not Edward sappy Brought a deadpan humor to the character story.Rena The frickin anti MarySue Absolutely no Clary, Luce, Bella here The scene in the cafeteria, when the writer introduced Meg, rocked summed up this character perfectly little bits of Sydney, Rose, Mae for you RM fans A female character, brilliant, dangerous and confident not the damsel in distress BS.The world building was interesting It left a lot to the reader s imagination, and not for lack of description Because this is a near future dystopian world, based from what I can tell on everything going on in the real world right now, I kept thinking of Detroit and episodes of Life after People The way the general population are basically drafted a la NFL draft to be the soldiers and assassins and spies for the rich, it helps paint the picture The writing reminded me of the Left Behind series and James Rollins Third person, with insight into multiple arcs, but the story followed Michael and Rena 90% of the time Which I liked Nothing worse then the strong story arc being fragmented by a bunch on irrelevant arcs, just to prolong the book Which I have to say a lot happens in the story.Sure, there were a few typos nothing worse then Hunger Games Probably then I noticed, but the pace distracted me, kept me engaged Really liked the way the characters were described visually, I could really picture most of the people, what they were wearing and holy shit what they were doing in a good way If your looking for the heavy graphic sex scenes not in here I tried to think of books I d read that described what was physically going on in such a detailed way the fight scenes especially I can t recall being able to see visualize it like these Now the only real, not complaint, but lets say disappointment The antagonist was a little, Man behind the Curtain I know that the primary antagonist, which I gotta say started out like Yoda, the mentor type see earlier comment about antagonists and protagonists The guy turned out to be truly wicked in a devious way, but maybe a little understated Makes me think I haven t been introduced to the person pulling the strings.Definitely liked this story The writing was better then I thought it would be, and better then most of the commercially published shit out there I was really disappointed in a recent book that was getting rave reviews I recommend to anyone reading the same books as me Fits well in my library.Looking forward to the next book.

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    I loved this book Right from the start I was hooked Some books take a bit for you to get into the story Not this one Though its set in the future, a few decades from now, there are many parallels to draw to past current times The charactersI m in love The way it s written moved me through the story as if I was there There are so many elements to this story and on so many levels and how you are built up to each level is perfect I am hooked and on pins waiting for book two Highly recommend

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    Incredible BookThis book was excellent It was incredibly hard to put down The characters are well defined and the storyline is fast paced, holding your attention constantly It is well written with a believable plot I do not believe in spoilers, so you won t get one here, but I will say that I am looking forward to the next two books and the continuing saga of these wonderful characters

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