My Brothers Wife

My Brothers Wife Pretty good This was a pretty good book Kind of slow at times but the cliffhanger is SERIOUS lol I m ready for part 2 I just hope the conclusion to this isn t drawn out over 4 or 5 books. Omg This can t end like that..I m speechless, heart in my throat, and stuck Hope pt 2 is on its way cause this here book is the Meet Andre Aeikan And Malachi James Their Friendship And Bond Formed When They Met At The Young Age Of Seven Blood Couldn T Make Them Any Closer, So Naturally They Called Themselves Brothers The Two Boys Would Be There For Each Other Through Thick And Thin Their Brotherhood And Unbreakable Bond Will Be Tested Through Painful Loss, Growing Pains And Discoveries Which Will Cause One To Make A Life Altering DecisionOne Brother S Life Takes A Change For The Worse And The Other Stands By His Side, But Will They Survive The Ultimate Test, Which Is The Love For Arianna Friendship Turns To Young Love, And Young Love Turns Into A Deep Connection Which Winds Down A Road Of Shocking Surprises That Will Change Their Lives ForeverThe Story Of Malachi, Andre And Arianna Is A Compelling Tale Of Friendship, Unexpected Love, Painful Loss, Loyalty And A Brotherly Bond See How All Of These Things Withstand The Test Of Time As You Delve Into The Tale Of My Brother S Wife this book was good from start to finish I can t believe Malachi made that crazy deal that landed his brother with the love of his lifethat was crazy..With the way things ended, I m anxious to see what happens I think Arianna has s few demons she s yet to address and when its all said done, I wonder if her marriage will sustain or will Dre walk away from it all I m definitely tuned in needing part 2 likeyesterday, So let me begin by saying this book had me on the edge of my seat It has a very interesting story line I have to say What s sad is the childhood story Unfortunately this is what some people actually experience in this world on a daily basis I loved this book and how it is written from beginning to end I love the way the Author tells each of thecharter s story and how they are all connected Most of all I love how each charters life decisions or split decisions caused certain things to play out good and bad So many people can relate to these characters I love it Nothing is better then connecting with a charter and there story This story is full of love, loyalty, DRAMA, and family You will love the bond that all these character s have with one another You will learn and love how they all come together and help one another This book shows you Blood is NOT always thicker then water Sometime your family are the people you grew up with and experienced things with Your friendship, loyalty and life experiences makes you family This is a must must read book Trust me you wont regret it I will never steer you wrong This is an easy read and it is a page turner Lets not forget it has an awesome cliff hanger ending thank you very much Mona I truly cant wait to read part 2 of this series I absolutely have to know what happens next. Loved this read Team Malachi Wow I have been sleeping on Mona Altidort I must admit that I had a ball in the pit of my stomach throughout most of the story While Andre gave Malachi money and morale support, Malachi gave up his childhood, young adulthood and love of his life because of his sister and love of his life Now that is the ultimate sacrifice We can get money and things, but not time So I am rolling with King Malachi Malachi made a decision while he was in a bad head space Andre being his best friend should have known that his decision to go after Arianna would never be an open and shut closed case Unfinished business is always unfinished business until it is finished I am extremely excited about what the next installment reveals about this love triangle. A Good ReadThis was a good read The storyline grabbed my attention and I was hooked from the beginning to the end It portrayed a love triangle at its best Malachi, Arianna, and Andre have a real crazy situation going on How do they handle it You have to read it for yourself I am looking forward to part 2, to see how things play out. NOW THAT S WHAT I M TALKIN ABOUTThis by far is one of the best love triangle books I have read in a long time From the very first chapter, I had a feeling that things were going to get messy by the end of this book, but I had literally NO IDEA it would end the way that it did I guess in Arrianna and Malachi s situation, you can t control what the heart truly wants and surprisingly there isn t a disappointed bone in my body While I should feel bad for Andre, I don t I m not sure why, but he just seems to be a know it all and although his character was meant to be her savior I feel as though he somehow got in the way He wasn t exactly an angel in beginning of their relationship anyways, and I didn t like the fact that despite Arrianna s loyalty he still often times flirted with other women even if it was just minimal I take my hat off to this author because they kept me turning the pages and shrieking at each chapter I found myself telling my husband about all the scandalous behavior that went on during this book because it was soo good and written so well that insomnia felt guilty as though I was the one mixed in this naughty affair that took place all throughout this book If I could give this book 1,000 stars, I most definitely would because it deserves waythan the measley 5 that I m allowed to give To further explain my love for the book, i enjoyed all the supporting characters, including Desmond he was freaking hilarious and the back story about Malachi s sister Candace Although the entire situation was heartbreaking, knowing that this mixture of family and friends will never be the same, and that Andre s postcard happy little family has been torn apart, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it s characters and everything in it I am moving on to book 2 TODAY Not wasting anytime because I just HAVE to know what happens next Great job Mona, keep em coming girl Perfect way to end a book that has a sequel following behind it NOW THAT S WHAT I M TALKIN ABOUT Nothing but Kudos This was the first time have read anything from this author but I will most definitely be reading ALL she has to offer Maaannn, all I know is I need part 2 like right NOW This was a great story I usually don t like reading about infidelity And I damn sure don t usually understand why a married person would cheat but in this story, I kind of understood The love shared between Malachi and Arianna was so deep when they were younger, that even the 20 years of separation couldn t drown out Even though Arianna is married and in love with Malachi s life long bestfriend, Andre, her love for Malachi never wavered This story grabs your attention from the very beginning Malachi sacrificed a lot to protect the people he loved In doing so, he lost the love of his life, Arianna.I for one, feel bad for him because he s betraying his bestfriend and brother, Andre But the heart wants what the heart wants As far as Andre, I m not sure how I feel about him yet I mean, he did do his dirt in the past He also knew how Malachi felt about Arianna Malachi is his boy and all, but there is no way they should have made that deal Nothing good was to come of it Now, all three are caught up in a world of s t And the way that ending was set up, all hell is about to break loose I have a feeling that a lot of secrets are about to be revealed that no one is ready to know There were some things that were said and done that make me question if Andre has been as faithful as he claims to be Also, Arianna is holding on to something that hasn t been revealed yet All we can do is wait Great, great start to this series I m kicking myself for holding out on this story.

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