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Strange Fate I received Strange Fate for an honest review Where to begin. I freaking loved this book From the very beginning Jessica Miller had me hooked She begins showing the gaurdian Olivia looking after her charge Oliver when something unexpected happens Fast forward 13 years when they see each other again at college both living different lives Olivia, given a second chance and a new charge, doesn t know that the Oliver trying to be apart of her life is the same boy from 13 years ago.As they become closer Sparks fly and things change Given a mission it s up to Olivia, Oliver, and their friends to figure out what is happening in their world and how they are going to make the wrongs right You get many different POV, but mostly are from Liv and Oliver We are shown into the life and many different characters and there are many different battles that each character has to face in the first novel and a lot of growth And it ends on a cliffhanger But oh what a cliffhanger I cannot wait for the second to come out I need to know what happens Angles Good vs Evil Boy slated for death and then save by his guardian angel I always felt there was a guardian angel for a reason If not to save our lives, protect us from harm Then what The premise of Olivia being punished for saving the life of her charge, Oliver, was a bitter pill to swallow It took me a little time to understand things It felt likewas at play than this simple violation of code Things getinvolved when Olivia was brought back into the life of her former change, Oliver, while in the guardian of her new charge, Ari There was story her There were lots of characters here There were lots going on here For me there was a bit much Some romance Some paranormal Some new adult themes I got the overall gist of the read and enjoyed what I had in front of me For me I was wantingMore focus More detail More And then at the same time less There were just so many people introduced I was going back few times working to keep up with who was who This eBook was provided by Jessica Miller via LoP on Goodreads the author in exchange for an honest review. Olivia Thought She Was Doomed To Spend Eternity In Purgatory A Punishment Worse Than Death For Saving An Innocent That Was Destined To Die Stopping Death Was Against The Rules And Breaking Those Rules Had Consequences The Higher Powers Decided To Give Olivia A Second Chance To Redeem Herself With A New Charge, Little Did She Know This Particular Charge Would Truly Make Her Work For Her Redemption And Lead Her Back To The Person She Risked Her Life To Save Oliver Had Everything Going For Him A Girlfriend, He Cares For Deeply, A Best Friend Who Was Following Him To College And The Chance To Start His Life That Was Until One Night He Ran Into The Girl He S Been Dreaming About Since He Was Five The Beautiful Blonde Who Saved His Life Thirteen Years Ago Oliver Can T Believe She S Real And Can T Seem To Stay Away From Her, But Their Reunion Isn T Coincidental Fate Has Brought Them Back Together For A Reason There Is A War Brewing Between Good And Evil And Destiny Has Chosen The Only Two People Who Can Keep The Balance And Save The World From Self Destruction Will Oliver And Olivia Be Able To Stop The World From Diving Into Darkness Or Will They Be Blinded By Their Own Inner Demons To Survive What Fate Has In Store For Them I received this book by the Author in exchange for an honest review Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Strange Fate by Jessica Miller is a fun little read, full of excitement, heated love scenes, humor, action, andOlivia and Oliver are two people destined for something, but what Olivia, a guardian angel, broke a cardinal rule, you don t stop death What will she have to do to redeem herself and stay out of purgatory Oliver, a freshman in college, has been dreaming about the same girl for 13 years But who is she When he sees his dream girl on campus, all of his attention is focused on finding outabout her and who she is, and why he s dreaming of her Can I keep you This dream girl is only that, just a dream don t do anything stupid Don t do anything you d be too ashamed to tell me and for goodness sake do not be brining home any grand babies I already said I d hop on the crazy train I was pleasantly surprised to find this book so engaging I felt so connected with the characters, my pages kept flipping as I waited for the storyline to unravel I laughed, I cried, and I tensed up in fear for what was coming next This is a heart wrenching, nail biting, and nerve racking story I loved it Sign me up for the next book when it comes out, these characters are amazing disclaimer I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review Honestly, this book took me forever to get into I think maybe it was because of the fact that Oliver was clearly with the wrong girl and was completely delaying the inevitable for no reason I could see, and that it was just a slow start and didn t pick up until at least half way through The characters names got me a little too I think and seeing it from two persons point of views was a bit jarring at times, and I had to check who s POV it was on occasion also Oliver s behaviour at the beginning really bugged me, what he was doing was basically cheating and I m so not on board with that However, once the story got going I got enthralled and really wanted to see what would happen with the story the angels were portrayed differently to what I m used to which was refreshing and Olivia was such a different character to what I expected There were so many funny moments, and the friendship between Coop and Oliver was really great There were also quite a few plot twists I didn t see coming and a few that were terrible but I was glad for in the end read it and you ll get me. I wish I could mark this as a 4.5 rating Enjoyed this new take on angels, as well as other supernatural beings Really liked Oliver and Olivia s connection Once she had saved him and been punished and put in solitary for 13 years, she did seem to still be in touch with everything well in the outside world I know it mentioned she read everything in her room a few times, but it didn t mention it being world news and latest happenings in the world, so I thought it meantlike books For that reason, the adjustment she didn t need didn t make sense to me Once at college and with her new charge Ari, she seemed to be able to blend in like the 18 yr old she died as That makes sense, except again, it was a decade ago and things would ve been quite different in my opinion Also, at college, too many people got involved in the story for me It seems to spread out like a web with too many off shoots of the main thing I did enjoy the story a great deal, though, despite all of that I just felt a little turned around a few times too many for my comfort in judging this book a 5.ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. I received this book in exchange for an honest review, from Lovers of Paranormal and the author Please be aware there are a few spoilers, not much I really enjoyed this book Olivia is just trying to do her job as a Guardian Angel when her charge almost dies She cannot let that happen But by not letting it happen she gets herself in trouble Years later she is given a new charge to look after She has never had a charge give her so much trouble While she is trying to reach her new charge and keep her out of trouble, she runs into the boy she could not let die Oliver remembers the beautiful woman that saved him when he was young She disappeared from his life and he cannot get her out of his mind When he goes away to college he finds her again, and this time he will not loose her even if she is trying to lose him This is a great story that has some twists on Angels I really enjoyed falling in to this world with great characters The author does a good job of creating characters the audience can relate to. I received this book in exchange for an honest review, from Lovers of Paranormal and the author I always gravitate towards angel type books, but I never know why because the forbidden mortal love, always stresses me out and makes me nervous That worry being said, like always, I always REALLY enjoy them Strange Fate is no exception It was so good.Olivia was a great heroine and I really felt her sincerity with Oliver, Ari and any of her friends Jessica Miller created a great bunch of characters and the plot flowed, effortlessly She answered all unanswered questions, when she switched to Ari s point of view and then also to Sutton s point of view Insta love is usually a hit or miss for me, unless it s done right and effortless, usually I don t appreciate it that much because I don t always feel the sincerityhowever, this was executed beautifully and I completely felt Liv and Oliver s love.I m really excited to see where she takes this series, so I m eagerly anticipating the next installment. Strange Fate by Jessica Miller is a New Adult Paranormal Romance novel Rating 5 starsRecommend YES Dates Read 5 12 5 14How I felt about the story overall ProsAngelsI love any type of fiction that involves good vs evil in the form of angels vs demons I just find Angels fascinating So, it s a plus that angels were involved in this novel Olivia and her friends I love that they were on Earth and oh so human It made me think of them in a realistic way I liked that they were flawed angels, very much like human Oliver He is so perfect, and funny, and good, and charming, and I could go on and on I loved how he stuck to his moral compass and always did what was right It was admirable, and it was refreshing to read that in a character that was male and a college freshman Everyone had a story or was connected to what was going on You ll find out in the end Jessica Miller did an excellent job in finding a way to connect everyone and everything without it being too much or confusing Cons The endfor now This story was epic it didn t drag, it flowed, and everything was interesting.I can t wait to read the next book in the series I can t wait to find out what happens with Oliver and Ari, and how they turn out I hope Olivia and her friends are able to face what lies ahead with out any loss I really just want to read the next book already Thank you to the author, an ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review I received a free copy for an honest review I ll start with the bad I took so long reading this because I had a hard time getting into it.ONE OF THE REASONS IT S A TWO STAR RATING IS BECAUSE OF THE LANGUAGE AND INAPPROPRIATE SCENES I am in my twenties so I feel like I can say that and have people understand that it s not an age thing I don t think I m too young for any type of book now so I think I can say that this book has scenes that I never wanted to read, even if I were 80 years old I just do not see the point of swearing at this high magnitude They re in college for heaven s sake They should act like it.I wanted to read this book because it had angels and I ve read many books that are angel related that I absolutely loved, but I admit I was a bit disappointed I really wanted to like it I liked the idea of the book, but not the actual words that were written Also, Oliver and Olivia s names are too close in sound Good There was a love story I was uncertain at the beginning if there was going to be a romance and there was, but it wasn t quite what I was looking for I felt like all the characters fell in love too quickly.Jocelyn What a spunky girl she is She is one interesting character I loved herwell, if she d behave herself I connected with herthan I did with Olivia Oliver I liked that he didn t forget his guardian angel And he s loyal to one girl I did think the main plot was all of their romances going on instead of protecting Ari and being a guardian angel Was that how it was supposed to be Cooper I just don t get him So frustrating His emotions kind of ran all over the place I just don t understand why he used Jocelyn as a distraction Why not just go after Ari All that time wasted Overall, I think that without the bad language and bad scenesI would probably like this book.

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