Mate of the Tyger Prince (Mate of the Tyger Prince #1)

Mate of the Tyger Prince (Mate of the Tyger Prince #1) Diplomatic Marriages Between Two Members Of Different Planets Certainly Aren T Unheard Of But For Prince Mikos Of Tygeria And Col Ryan Donnelly Of Earth, It Might Just Be A Fate Worse Than Death The Union Is Meant To End A Devastating War That Has Lasted For Over A Hundred And Fifty Years, But When The Female Bride Intended For The Fierce, Sexy Prince Runs Away, Her Handsome Brother Is Substituted Instead Men Are For Mating As Far As The Tygerian Prince Is Concerned, But The Colonel Also Happens To Be Mikos S Sworn Enemy, Not To Mention Being Completely IrritatingRyan Is Horrified To Learn That The Tygerians Not Only Expect Him To Take The Place Of His Sister, Marry The Bloody Prince Of Tygeria, And Go To Live With Him On His Mysterious Planet, But They Also Expect Him To Undergo Physical Alteration To Have The Man S Baby And Nobody Is Taking Hell No For An Answer Ryan S Being Asked To Turn His Whole Life Upside Down And The Handsome Tygerian Gets Under His Skin Like Nobody Else But With The Fate Of The Universe At Stake, How Can He Say No Can The Two Enemies Put Aside Their Differences And Focus On Making Love And Not War Not To Mention A Baby As A Powerful Love Struggles To Take Root, Can They Learn To Trust Each Other And Stand Together Against The Forces That Are Trying To Tear Them Apart

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mate of the Tyger Prince (Mate of the Tyger Prince #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Shannon West author readers around the world.

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    Reread 21st July 2018Still delicious as ever Was in the mood for a fluffy mpreg and I missed Blake so had to reread this So good I absolutely loved this book I knew I m going to love this book since my besties Lorraine and Lyn gave this book 5 stars I love you ladies My favorite Mpreg book of all time is The Prince s Consort Bred for Love 1 by Revella Hawthorne aka S.J Himes and this book comes almost head to head with my favorite mpreg book and all my friends know that s saying a lot Everyone knows that I m quite stingy and fastidious with my rating But holy guacamole I really really loved this book This novel has just the perfect amount of insta attraction, angst, love, lust and sex Oooh the smut is just yummy and steamy Soooo good Ryan is a colonel from Earth and the son of the consul of Alliances nation He recently lost almost all of his unit in a battle with Lycans and he s recovering from his injuries He s now on a small neutral planet which served the purpose of negotiating treaties between galaxy planets to attend the wedding of his sister And this wedding will bring an end to a hundred and fifty years long war between the Alliances nation and the Axis and will be able to build peace between these nations And ironically, as fate would bring it, the brother of the bride became the bride and not just bride for anyone, the bride for the Prince Mikos of Tygeria who is notoriously known as the bloody prince on earth and the archenemy of Ryan Prince Mikos is fierce, strong and a very brave warrior who has been going to war since he was 15 years old He was the youngest ever Dyson aka the battle commander of Tygeria and also the crown prince Although it s for peace, he loathed the idea of marrying a woman from earth as all males from Tygeria prefer other males as their mates And he couldn t be happier when the bride ran away and the brother of the bride became his husband The thing is, while he was expecting Ryan to be a submissive, good, little, obedient househusband, what he actually got is a sassy mouth, sharp tongued, sarcastic former soldier who s set to do everything against what he says The relationship between these two is funny, witty, sexy and dynamic Their banters are simply jolly I love how they started to fall for each other and the interruption of a good amount of angst while their lives were going so well It really helped the book not being overly cheesy and fluffy Nothing s wrong with fluffy though I love my romances fluffy but this is an extremely emotionally well balanced book And I mean who wouldn t like giant aliens with cat like eyes who have massive dongs and are excellent lovers Miko s seduction of Ryan is geniusly erotic, titillating, sexy and naturally lusty I really can t find any fault with this book I really really love it I finished this book within 4 hours in one go and that s how much I enjoyed it I m glad that Mikos and Ryan were able to overcome their differences and the broken trust in the end Very very well and cleverly written book I will finish the whole series and I will look for of Shannon West s books in the future Favorite excerpt from the book PS This one cracked me up so bad the best banter EVER Is this what I have to look forward to Riding herd on little Tygerians for the rest of my days Mikos snuggled him closer You can ride this Tygerian whenever you want to Ryan slapped his shoulder That was so bad Mm, I can be good, Mikos said, 5 sexy macho dominant obsessive Tygerian stars

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    What this book has going for it is the DOWN DIRTY The steamy scenes are a little rough and a lot sexy Ryan and Mikos go at it hard and furious Mikos is the first man Ryan s been with, so there s butt sex virgin action too Mikos is Tygerian, and Ryan is human The Tygerians, tall, buff, and striped, are mostly male, and nearly all the men prefer other men They have developed technology whereby a man can carry and bear a child You know what that means M PREG.I like the idea of inter species mating, but the story wasn t well executed.For one, there was a lot of telling Especially at the beginning, we get pages and pages of info dumping explaining the setting, Tygerian customs, the war between Tygerians and humans, the role of a nobyo mate , etc One character says something, and the other launches an internal monologue explaining the conversation Don t show your temper to me, young man I realize that the full moon is close, but His father was right the full moon on Tygeria was in only a few days A full moon was an event that happened only three times during a full cycle on their planet Tygerians weren t able to see their moon because of the thick, permanent cloud cover The first half of the book is dedicated to Ryan acting like a bratty tween, which is only slightly less annoying than Mikos acting like a complete douche in the second half I was bored by the political intrigue storyline Ryan is framed for an attack Mikos doesn t believe him when Ryan claims he had nothing to do with it, even though Ryan is his husband and mate Then Ryan realizes he s carrying Mikos baby and cues soap opera music I also thought the shifter aspect of the story was entirely unnecessary Mikos is a tiger Tygerian, get it shifter and shifts once in the story The idea is given zero page time and in no way furthers the plot It s sort of randomly thrown in there, but the book has enough going on already, what with the space opera, aliens, gay for you, mates, deceitful servants, kidnapping, one of Ryan s dads throwing hissy fits left and right, and m preg Bottom line sexy but heavy on melodrama and light on character and relationship development.

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    This is going to sound crazy, but I ended up loving this book for all the reasons I usually end up hating a book.The MCs, Mikos alien and Ryan human seem to always be bickering Ryan is nothing short of a drama queen, which doesn t really fit a character who is a Colonel and a soldier Mikos does his best to pacify Ryan, but the two of them can t seem to stop disagreeing with one another There is a lot of OTT drama in this book Normally a book like this would leave me exhausted and frustrated Instead, I found myself laughing and looking forward to the craziness I don t know if it was because I liked the author s writing style or because the author has a knack for making the over dramatic so funny Whatever the reason, I m hooked

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    First I want to be perfectly clear and upfront Pride Promotions is doing a tour for Mate of the Tyger Prince, and I got a copy of this book from the publisher as an ARC for the bloggers who are taking part.When I got it, I tried really hard to be good I desperately wanted to read it, because I love Shannon s books, and because it has a very toppy tiger shifter and those who know me, know how much I love both toppy and shifters This book has a lot of everything I love I never really got into MPREG until I read another book by a different author, but then I found it was actually pretty fun This book showed me how it s than just fun, it s a definite draw for me If you like shifters and Alpha men, you ll enjoy this book as much as I did.

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    My friend Shin suggested I read this and after having seen it had interspecies sex and mpreg I was sure I would love it I didn t.Mikos is the prince of Tyger , his planet has been at war for year with Ryan s planet, Earth The council on both sides decide it s time to call a ceasefire and end the war Ryan s father draws up a marriage contract between Ryan s sister, Allison, and Mikos, only for them to find out that she has basically bailed To prevent retaliation to what would be seen as an insult to the King of Tyger, Ryan is offered in her stead One of the reasons I was really excited for it was the interspecies sex, I would have ignored the rest if the sex was epic but sadly it wasn t Call me weird but when I m reading a book with different species, I want something than just a sable colored dick Blow my freaking mind with something different, throw some knots in there, double dick works too, something,anything,.Another thing that did not make sense was the information about Mikos being able to shift to a tiger, I just didn t get it It had no bearing on the story, none whatsoever It is mentioned a couple of times and he shifts only once Mikos never tells Ryan about it and its never brought up Overall, it did not fulfill my expectations, my friend loved it so you might as well Read her review here

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    Brilliant I loved this book so much, the angst, the plot and especially the love all the ingredients for making the perfect book.If you already know Shannon West s books you are going to be blown away, if you don t and are looking for a mpreg shape shifter romance that is a class act, look no further, you ve just found it and welcome to the SAS Shannon s Appreciation Society.Mikos and Ryan gave us one hell of a sexy ride in this angst ridden storyline A diplomatic wedding has been arranged to stop the ravaging war However, the bride does a runner and the groom s Omak, Blake, steps in I loved his character as quick as a flash, with an oh well, we ll take her brother instead comment, that leaves all parties reeling, especially the groom and groom to be the chase was on and we all know how tigers love to chase their prey And this particular Tyger burned bright alright, Ryan never stood a chance, the tiger in the Tygerian, became a man eater and oh boy, was he hungry The author did well in filling in the background of the Tygerian s and how their Nobyo s fitted in with that society with their genetic altered engineering allowing them to bear the Tygerian children, this was explained simply but exceptionally well, unlike some other books that I have read with a mpreg theme line.Not everyone is happy though with this alliance and the war ending, especially the ARes Alliance Resistance and they intend to cause as much havoc as possible to ensure that the Treaty fails No spoilers, but let s just say that it causes major problems between Mikos and Ryan who were off to a turbulent start to begin with and with all the misunderstandings, lack of trust, it all adds up to a great sexy read.This is the first book of a new series and as I ve already said, I fell in love with the world Shannon West created, it has the HEA that is mandatory in the books that I read and I want , especially Blake s story hint, hint author Five tiger striped shining bright stars from me I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC My review was an honest opinion of the book

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    So I will start if this review by saying I thought the world this author created in this book was amazing, I loved it Warning this book has MPEG which I know some like and some do not so I just wanted to put a little warning I will say I thought the way this author handled it in this book was very good Prince Mikos was supposed to marry a woman to end the war But the woman ran off which left only her brother to marry Now I loved these two men together Yes there were moments I got frustrated with Mikos and the way he was treating Ryan But all together between the caring, love and the protectiveness they both have for each other made me love them as a couple and root for them through this whole book There was action in this book along with so much steam between these two men which was so hot I loved the way this author wrote this story and these characters This book grabbed me from the start and I could not put it down So I will leave this review with I really loved book and would recommend it I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from Inked Rainbow Reads.

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    grm Meet Ryan an high officer of the Alliance, with a stubborn personality, a strong character and with clear opinions Then meet him again few pages later, when he becomes an useless person, that can t decide anything for himself, that doesn t have any personality and is a submissive little human I knew he was still a man only bcs the author talked about di cks and bal s I didn t feel the love btw the MCs, I didn t like how they were together and I wasn t a fan of Mikos attitude mostly in the part where he didn t believe Ryan I would have liked to see feelings and less sex that bordered on non consensual The plot was stupid and the only char that made sense was Blake, but sadly he was in few pages.These aliens seemed guided by their lower parts and also if they talked about love, mates and all other romantic things, I only saw them trying to dominate their mates, to controll them and I really didn t like this kind of relationship For me in a relationship there isn t an owner and an owned, but two equals I remember now why I had this book on my reading list and had put it aside Now I started this series again and I Have to finish this, bcs I don t want any dead bodies on my list, but I really hope that the sequels are better.2.5 stars rounded up to 3.

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    Science fiction, alpha males, and mpreg I feel as if I hit the jackpot when I read the blurb for Mate of the Tyger Prince I was intrigued with the culture found on Tygeria, how the males and females became separated due to overpopulation a thousand years ago, and especially how scientists had come up with ways to alter the human male body the preferred love slaves of Tygerian males enabling them to bear children Mikos s omak, or bearer, is a human male captured during fighting between the Axis and Alliance A war that has gone on for far too long and which precipitated the agreement for Prince Mikos to marry a human female, something he wasn t all that keen on When she disappears and elopes the night before the wedding, Mikos is thrilled, until he discovers her brother, Ryan, is to be the replacement You mean to tell me this young man Your unmarried son Well, why didn t you say so Who needs the daughter This one will do fine In fact, he ll do even better Ryan is a colonel in the Alliance forces and considers all Tygerians to be mindless, savage brutes, with no thought to all the lives lost in this war that has raged for over a hundred and fifty years Mikos is a high prince of Tygeria, first in line for the throne, and the king s top general and battle commander in the Axis Mikos considers all Alliance to be greedy scum who began this war because they wanted the diamond deposits on Tygeria Hmm Not the best beginning to an arranged marriage, but certainly not the worst, either At least there s physical attraction on both sides grins Instead, something had awakened inside him, a part of him that longed to be dominated and controlled and possessed utterly To be owned by this man How could this be I really liked how the author showed the culture and society of Tygeria The way their scientists have created the possibility of men bearing children was very believable as was the birth scenario I found it quite interesting that Tygerian males are forced to shift to their tiger forms only three times a year when they have a full moon Under extreme stress or pain, they can shift at will although it s very rare Even fascinating is that while shifted they don t retain any portion of their human brain, and their loved ones stay locked behind heavy doors to protect them I was a little disappointed in the predictability of the ARes a quasi military terrorist organization who wanted to the see the war continue plot but the author did a great job in writing it, and there were some fun surprises.An absolutely wonderful, very sexy, and super exciting start to a new series I adored Ryan and grew to like Mikos as time went on Their romance was unconventional but exceedingly sensuous, and I loved their happy ever after The author did a fantastic job of world building and I look forward to reading about it.

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    The problem with this is that the author sets up these pretty cool situations and scenarios, then fails to deliver in a massive way Instead, this book was filled with lazy writing, convenient plot devices and stupid bloody timejumps I didn t have a problem with them before I read this I made this list as I was reading because I was so cranky and didn t want to forget anything there are so many plot holes, like how he was injured at the beginning but no other mention was made of it, and how in one moment, his old unit all died, and the next, he could join them again the timejump was so massive and sudden and ridiculous and was obviously only used to explain why Ryan was suddenly all in love but it actually made things confusing The dialogue between the two after this timejump didn t really make sense it made sense if there d been no timejump, ie, the conversation was something they definitely would ve already had And the second timejump was also just like a convenient break, with absolutely nothing happening in that time for three months, Ryan did nothing but have sex in the morning, have a bath, then wander around gardens all day That is so ridiculous and unbelievable He used to be a military man, and he seemed pretty convinced he d earned those medals at the beginning So as if his character would be fine being treated like a caged bird At least, he would ve made an effort to learn that language, not that anyone ever really spoke it Everyone seemed to automatically speak Earthian , so the languages were just a plot device the author trotted out when it was convenient also every single rank in the story was colonel kinda makes it seem like the author doesn t know any other military ranks Earth was written like a super progressed Earth, as in, Earth a few hundred or so years down the track, yet the homophobia in this story makes it seem like Earth was stuck back in fifty years ago Maybe if there d been some explanation for this, but there wasn t once again, it was just a good plot device to use I thought the idea of these Lycan and Tyger planets was cool, but a bit poorly planned out Tigers and wolves are Earth animals yet no relationship between them and their alien counterparts were ever mentioned And also, the shifting itself was mentioned like twice and then never again Why have it at all if it s not something important to the plot another reviewed mentioned the huge amount of info dumps, but I went into this with an open mind I tend to info dump in my writing, so I wasn t gonna judge someone else But omg, it was bad It d be in the middle of sex scenes, action scenes, EVERYWHERE Just paragraphs and paragraphs of info dumping, sometimes repeating itself So by about 50%, I was kinda getting over this But then that twist happened that I didn t see coming, and I was suddenly really interested again And apart from a few plot holes, I was enjoying it again for about 30% , then the resolution to this twist was such an anticlimax, I was back to being over this the relationship between the two of them is pretty abusive Like, as soon as Ryan goes to talk about anything serious, Mikos pretty much patronises him It happens so many times and it is so obvious, I have no idea how anyone could have written some of that seriously However all up, I m giving this book two stars because it did keep me hooked in places, even if I was low key frustrated for most of it My housemates were beginning to get annoyed with me yelling OH MY EFFING GOD at my kindle But by the end I honestly wanted to give this about 10 stars Jaysus.

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