And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry StreetA very short and very sweet children s book A beautiful tale about one boy s vivid imagination This is my first Dr Seuss and I ll read of his creations, I have much respect for children s authors, while it might seem easy to write children s books, I m sure it s difficult than it looks This is simply lovely.I had a smile plastered on my face all the way trough. Such a cute story about a wild imagination. A Plain Horse And Wagon On Mulberry Street Grows Into A Story That No One Can Beat In This Tale, Young Marco Allows His Imagination To Run Riot As He Travels Home From School One Day, To The Extent That A Horse And Cart Is Soon Transformed Into A Chaotic Carnival Of Colourful Creatures In His Own Mind We got this from the library for 3 year old Rae She loved it She asked if all children have their imaginations strangled by adults like the kid in this book. 4.5 stars I have been reading Dr Seuss s works ever since I was a child it is pretty much a requirement as a child to read a Dr Seuss book So of course, I still have not read all of Dr Seuss s works and one of the books that I had owned ever since I was little, but I never really read was And to Think that I Saw it On Mulberry Street I only picked up this book after all of these years when some of my Goodreads friends had recommended it to me and I must say that it was quite a decent beginning for Dr Seuss s early works.The story starts off with Marco s father telling Marco to keep his eyelids up and see the things he can see on the street So, when Marco walked down Mulberry Street, he noticed a horse pulling a broken down wagon down the street Marco thought that this sight was too boring and he started to imagine seeing lavish decorations to the horse and wagon such as imagining it as a chariot being pulled by a reindeer or a sleigh being pulled by a large blue elephant with a Rajah riding on the elephant.I have been reading many of Dr Seuss s works ever since I was a child and this book just happened to pass under the radar for me at the time It is amazing in seeing how Dr Seuss s earlier works differs heavily from his later works for one thing, Dr Seuss s earlier works are a lot wordier than his later works So, of course I was a bit curious about seeing how this early work of Dr Seuss s would turn out and I ended up being quite interested in the subtle yet creative storytelling of this book Dr Seuss had done a great job at writing this story as the story explores how far Marco s imagination can go and teaches the reader about the beauty of having a vivid imagination I loved the scenes of Marco using his imagination to make the sight of Mulberry Street much interesting as it made the scenes much entertaining to look at I especially loved the scenes of Marco imagining a musical band being pulled by a blue elephant as it was such a creative sight to see The reason why I took off half a point from the rating was because while the story was quite creative, I do not think that this book was as memorable as some of Dr Seuss s later works For one thing, the writing is much lengthier than most of Dr Seuss s works and that can make this book a bit of chore to read through Also, this book does not have Dr Seuss s signature odd creatures that usually appear in his books with the exception of the blue elephant There is also a controversial image in this book of a Chinese boy being shown as an offensive stereotype of Asians that might offend some people although this book was written during the 1930s.Overall, And to Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street is a great introduction to Dr Seuss s earlier works and would be a great read for children who are huge fans of Dr Seuss s works I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the portrayal of the Chinese boy might offend some people I would like to thank my Goodreads friend Kelly for recommending me this book Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog Marvin spins a wonderful tale for his dad when he gets home from school turning minnows into whales I remember the pictures from when I was a kid and now can appreciate the way the story encourages imagination even if the dad is kind of a wet blanket at the end. Dr Seuss s first published children s book was certainly groundbreaking for its time It was, indeed, rejected 27 times before Seuss had a chance encounter with an friend turned editor whom he bumped into while walking in New York City one day see, awesome things do happen on average streets every day The editor took a chance on the young author illustrator and the rest, as they say, is history.I don t remember reading it as a kid, whether because I was not exposed to it or it simply wasn t that memorable to me I don t know Coming to it now, as an adult, I wasn t wowed though I certainly appreciate the importance of this work, Seuss s creativity and the innovation at the time It has aged well, too if perhaps not quite so gracefully as some of his other works, IMO But, the rhyme didn t seem to flow or to be as creative as some of his later works I missed Seuss s special brand of nonsense words Similarly, the illustrations, while depicting Marco s wild imagination, are fairly prosaic compared to the creations of Seuss s later works I m thinking Sneetches and Lorax and Grinch, etc though one does get a taste of what s to come with the fanciful renderings of the elephants and giraffes Perhaps I just know too much of what was in Seuss s and his adoring public s future in order to really love Mulberry Street but I m glad I read it and would certainly share it with my son.More about Seuss and Mulberry Street here I read this book to my students and they really enjoyed it I had never even heard of this Dr Seuss book before A plain horse and wagon on Mulberry Street grows into a story that no one can beat In this tale, Young Marco allows his imagination to run riot as he travels home from school one day, to the extent that a horse and cart is soon transformed into a chaotic carnival of colourful creatures in his own mind. Reading this in my kid voice, I rediscovered the joys of fabricating the reality as a child The way a child sees the world and interlaces with it his dreamy imaginations.As an adult, you know the difference between reality and fantasy but as a child it is all one fabric.Gives you an idea how we all used to blow up the realities when reciting a true event I couldn t fully explain,Things were not so plain.How one thing led to another.How the giraffe became my friend s brother. How a plain horse and wagon on Mulberry StreetGrows into a story that no one can beatI love that ending part of the story and I ve just learnt that this is the very first children s book of Dr Seuss We know that children have a creative imagination and I guess that this book set as a reminder also for adults, such as parents and teachers, to let kids enhance that skill.

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