三個A Cup 的女人

三個A Cup 的女人In Hong Kong In The S, Three Twentysomethings Search For Love And Learn That They Must Find Themselves FirstChow Jeoi Is A Lingerie Saleswoman Who Is Desperately In Love With A Married Man She Is Willing To Wait For Him, Despite Her Own Loneliness And Her Increasing Uncertainty At The Approach Of Her Thirtieth Birthday Fashion Model Chui Yuk Will Do Anything To Support Her Boyfriend S Dreams Of Being A Writer, Even Risk Her Own Career And Law Firm Secretary Yau Ying Feels Lost Within Her Relationship, Which, After Seven Years, Lacks Passion Together These Adventurous Young Women Will Navigate Romance And Betrayal, Personal Growth And Independence, Perseverance And Disappointment And After Every Heartbreak, Through Laughter And Tears, They Will Be There To Lift One Another UpA Bittersweet Portrait Of Love, Loss, And The Triumphs And Pains Of Entering Adulthood, Hummingbirds Fly Backwards Speaks To A Unique And Timeless Kind Of Love Friendship I received this engaging, touching novel as a Goodreads giveaway The close friendship and loyalty between three women is beautifully illustrated as they support each other through life s ups and downs. Adulteresses are always a bit of a conundrum for me You can t root for them unless circumstances allow and you can t discount them either And if their story is strong even if it feels wrong I ll always walk away satisfied.Chow Jeoi is one of those characters She s the other woman, and delusional and petulant as can be However, this story of love and loss was enjoyable in its unconventional telling I appreciated Chow s snide demeanor, but as the narrative went on her bitterness became too much to bear for even me, who loves a snarky comment Maybe the nuance of her feelings was lost in translation, but I felt that I was missing something, and I couldn t connect to her now matter how much I respected her wit While the narrative is a bit stiff and it lacks a gradient affinity, it s still a solid read ARC provided. Thank you to Publishing and Netgalley for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book is beautifully written It follows the story of Chow Jeoi, a lingerie saleswoman, who is in love and having an affair with a married man, and her two friends, Chui Yuk and Yau Ying, who are also somewhat unlucky in love When I read a quick summary of what this book was about, I didn t think I would be able to sympathise with the main character being the other woman , but Amy Cheung managed to convey the emotions and heartbreak of it beautifully By the end of the book, my heart was breaking for Chow Jeoi, and I feel like I need to know what happens next I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would happily recommend to all on Goodreads to pick this book up The Cover is great The beginning held promise, but fell flat The characters never really make you interested in any of them And writing was a bit mediocre. Don t read this if you are a guy.The book was interesting enough A good starting pace, a what seemed to be interesting story but man the ending just killed it It was resolved but a half hearted attempt at it, I felt I appreciated the nuances in the language used by the author, it felt very asian non native English It did get slightly maybe a lot irritating all the talk about men and philosophizing about love and women and men in love etc throughout the book To have gone through all that for that lame ass ending was a waste of time Skip it. Disclaimer I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me a complimentary e copy of this book This in no way affects my thoughts and opinions of this book, which are my own To be honest, I was first intrigued by the cover and premise of the book The premise seemed intriguing 3 modern women in 1990 s Hong Kong, and their relationship issues Unfortunately, the execution of the novel fell quite flat These characters were so unlikeable and also just kind of boring I found myself either rolling my eyes or wondering what somewhat sane person would act in the manner of these women I understand they re relatively young, but it seemed as though some of their actions were done solely to increase the drama in the stories, and keep the readers interested in which it did not succeed A good story doesn t need likable characters, or even sane characters to be successful think Gone Girl but it does need characters who are consistent with themselves, at the least The characters weren t the only problem The plot itself was weak There were multiple minor plot points that really didn t need to be included, and just distracted from the story Harsher editing could have cut these moments out, and kept the story somewhat on track In addition, some of the plot points just seemed repetitive, and I found myself wondering if I had accidentally gone backwards in the book and was re reading the same scene I wouldn t recommend this book to many people, honestly It had a lot of potential, but it fell very flat What the author was good at and why I gave it 2 stars as opposed to 1 was interweaving the stories together, and not having too many characters Each character was pretty distinct and memorable, and as a reader, I didn t feel overwhelmed with an excessive cast of characters. The books starts with the rather catching sentences I ve always wanted to write a story whose protagonist a bra To me that looks like a very different and Interesting sounding start Sadly for me the story could not stand up the that, and felt a bit flat overall to me.There was just something missing that hooked me, in the writing, the characters and the overall story itself The characters missed actual characterization for me, the overall story for me had no point of actual plot to follow along and felt like different short stories put together to try and get an entire book together instead of an actual completed and finished story The entire thing just was a bit of a what am I reading here moment from start to finish That does not mean that this is a bad book, or not worth for anyone to try It simply means that for me personally right now, this book was not right That can have different reasons, for one I could just not have been in the mood for this specific type of books , the romentic, not really having a topic kind of book Or thre might have been something lost in the translation Or in the overall cultural differences between what is seen as funny or cute and what I think is Either way this book was not what I expect and sadly that meant that I did not have the best time reading this.BUT if you are someone that loves a differen type of romance book, if you want to read something translated by a Hong Kong author If you just love all kinds of romance stories in general Give this a try and see if it is to your taste i recieved a free advanced copy of this book through NetGalley for free in exchanged for a honest review Hummingbirds Fly Backwards by Amy Cheung is a emotional journey of a novel that is dramatic, insightful, sexist, introspective, narcissistic, and desirous of love and martyrdom This look into the lives of three Asian women and the men they have fallen in love with is well written and culturally insightful, but still, I had the overwhelming need to hire Rhonda Rousey to go out and bitch slap all three of these women If a woman can make a man think she s sexy without finding her vulgar, then the bra did its job Smart women understand that sexiness is an investment That s why we have no shortage of customers even with the hefty price tags Our customers consist primarily of high income career women Rich housewives aren t willing to spend that kind of money I saw the bra of a rich housewife once It was worn to tatters, and the underwire was even sticking out When a women gets married, it s all too easy for her to assume that everything is perfectly settled, so there s no need to worry about lingerie any The biggest enemy of the lingerie business isn t the economic climate it s marriage What is good for business, though, are extramarital affairs It is the 1990s in Hong Kong and Chow Jeoi is a lingerie saleswoman in love with a married man She waits for him to make time for her even though this often leaves her very lonely As she approaches her thirtieth birthday she is beginning to rethink her life and her relationship Her best friend is a beautiful but aging fashion model, Chui Yuk Chui is in love with an aspiring writer and is willing to do anything to help him further his career, even to the point of destroying her own Yau Ying is an old friend of Chow s whose relationship of seven years has lost it s passion and she now feels that her lover has found another You were the one who wanted to end it, so he didn t come looking for you And yet you re unhappy about it, Chui Yuk said Even if you tell a man that you want to break up with him, aren t you allowed to want him to beg you to stay First off let me say that this was really a good book It was well written and for a novel that had to be translated from its original language, it flowed incredibly well and the prose made the reading very enjoyable Its the characters I don t think I have ever met or read of three women who thought process and mindset could make me cringe Chow is a kept woman Her apartment is bought and paid for by her married lover Yet it is her that feels that life is unfair that he needs to go home to his wife It is her that feels that he is taking advantage of her She throws tantrums like a two year old and then is emotionally distraught when she doesn t get her way When she breaks up with him she is upset that he doesn t come crawling and instead does the horrific act of respecting her decision He gives her the apartment and in anger she sells it and then breaks down in tears over doing it and tries to give a check for it If she really wanted to give him the money back she would have given him cash, let s be real here When he professes his love for her she refuses to acknowledge it even though she has been pining to hear him say that for most of the book When Sam her lover dies, her immediate reaction is almost one of anger toward him for abandoning her Honestly, how dare the heartless bastard go off and just die like that Really Men Chui Yuk is a beautiful woman who is in love with a dreamer An aspiring science fiction writer who is struggling and she is willing to do most anything for so he can find success When she agrees to compromise who she is for him, it has devastating results Worse when she finds that he is not the dream man she had believed in her delusion of love for him to be.Yau Ying is a successful young woman whose breast size has always made her feel unloved and inferior Now that she is older she is positive that her small and sagging boobs have driven the man she loves into the arms of another woman She is obsessive over this and even stalks and assaults another woman that she feels is stealing her lover.The men in their lives are nothing to get excited about it either Sam, Chow s married lover, cannot seem to make up his mind about what he wants He truly loves Chow but convention and family make it impossible to leave his wife for his younger lover He puts up with her tantrums and mood swings for the love he feels for her Yu, Chui s young aspiring writer is so full of himself and his dream that he doesn t see the sacrifices made around and for him When he finds out he sulks and hides away Daihoi, Yau s lover is in a rut and unable to communicate his feelings for Yau, so instead of talking to the woman he loves, he goes out and has an affair after all.Beneath this tale of love gone crazy is the under lying theme that breasts make the woman A woman is valued by the size and beauty of her breasts and that is what gives her value as a person Really, seriously This is a novel written by a woman, about women If it was written by a man, I m sure the villagers would storming the castle right about now When you love someone, you have to hate them a little You hate them because they make it impossible for you to hate them Sam was someone that I hated This novel states that it is about personal growth for these three women and I could not disagree What this novel is about is that when a woman turns thirtyshe pretty much goes bat shit crazy. I ve always wanted to write a story whose protagonist was a bra The bra could narrate the than century long history of its own evolution So, it get off to a good start The first chapter introduces Chow Jeoi, the main character, who works at an up scale lingerie boutique How that establish not only the character, but the tone of the novel, it s very interesting and flows very well If I weren t so madly in love with this man, I d probably be a little happier Love is a kind of burden Then we re presented with Chow Jeoi, and her friend Chui Yuk, romantic interests and the challenges of their love life Still going good A brief letter from Yuk s boyfriend, which gives the title to the book, it s a nice piece Women always think their own man is worth making sacrifices for It s other women who don t think those men are worth those women s sacrifices And from the fourth chapter onward, its where it went downhill from me Suddenly it felt like a Sex and the City script, with characters moving in circles, predictable history arches and a lack of exploration of any deep that was established during the first chapters.As in the occasions that I have read YA fiction, I think that it was just something that doesn t fit my taste so I would not say that this is a deficient book, it just didn t work for me During the last chapters, it just feel to girly not that girly is necessarily a bad thing for a book, I loved Bridget Jones and contrived.While it didn t make it for me, I can think of a couple of friends who will surely enjoyed it.

born November 3, 1967 is one of Hong Kong s most popular writers, well known throughout the Chinese speaking world for her books on love and relationships She has written than forty widely acclaimed books, including novels and essay collections She was named one of the ten richest Chinese authors in 2013, as well as one of the ten most influential microbloggers on Weibo, with than 64 million followers from Wikipedia

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