Someone Like Summer

Someone Like SummerAnnabel First Sees Him Playing Soccer Near Her House His Name Is Esteban She Sees It On The Back Of His Team Shirt He Notices Her, Smiles, Then Looks Back Over His Shoulder At Her AgainIt Is The Beginning Of Summer In The Resort Town Of Seaview It Is Also The Start Of A Romance Between A Young Colombian Who Came To Town To Work And The Daughter Of A Local Contractor Whose Crews Are Entirely Latino New Immigrants Who Are Changing The Face Of SeaviewThis Is The Summer Of War In Iraq, And Of Hurricane Katrina But In Seaview There Are Other Concerns In Annabel S House Her New Boyfriend Is At The Top Of The List And Esteban S Sister Has Harsh Words For His Choice Of A GirlfriendM E Kerr Weaves A Compelling Story Of Star Crossed Love And A Small Town Problem Of Nationwide Significance

Marijane Meaker in Auburn, New York Her interest in writing began with her father, who loved to read, and her mother, who loved to tell stories of neighborhood gossip Unable to find an agent to represent her work, Meaker became her own agent, and wrote articles and books under a series of pseudonyms

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  • Hardcover
  • 263 pages
  • Someone Like Summer
  • M.E. Kerr
  • English
  • 07 March 2018
  • 9780061140990

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    I read this for a YA discussion book group We were doing romance titles and this one totally fit the bill rich white girl Annabele falls in love with Esteban, an illegal immigrant from Colombia who is doing some work for her father The lines are very clearly drawn between the minorities in her rich Hamptons town and in her family Her father is willing to hire the workers, but not let one of them court his daughter But Esteban s family and friends don t want him seeing a flour face either Annabelle sees Esteban behind her father s back until she is caught and then all hell breaks loose I liked this because it doesn t end happily, but Kerr still leaves the possibility for a sequel involving these 2 characters The girls in the book club all seemed very interested in this one, and the one who had read it really liked it.

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    Reviewed by Mechele R Dillard for TeensReadToo.comIn an age when questions of illegal immigration and exploitation of workers increasingly threaten to divide American society, M E Kerr presents a story of young interracial love that could be found anywhere in the country, not just in the resort town of Seaview, NY All of the characters are here the overt racist, protected by a successful position in the community the young intellectual trapped between what he knows and who he loves the businessman using illegal immigrants to his advantage, while convincing himself that he is doing them a favor the immigrants themselves, some legal, some not, trying to build a life within a new culture, but also trying to retain their own heritage and the young lovers, one hoping to improve himself, but constrained by the fact that he is in the U.S illegally, and one too na ve to understand that love simply cannot conquer all Yes, they are all here and Kerr doesn t shy away from the ups or the downs Kerr specifically showcases the complexities of prejudice in the character of Annabel s father, Kenneth Brown Although he constantly belittles the Hispanic population, referring to people as muchachos and refusing to learn the names of his workers, simply referring to everyone as Pedro or Jose, he seems to truly believe he is open minded and forward thinking, simply because he is willing to hire Hispanic workers The fact that he pays them less than half what he would pay an American worker doesn t register as racist whatsoever It s a darn good deal for them Most of them don t speak English, and some don t even have papers I don t ask questions I give them steady work They learn on the job some of them, and they can earn as high as three hundred a week p 12 Annabel, meanwhile, even though she is in love with a man from Colombia, remains in denial about her father s racism, defending him directly to Esteban My father sometimes uses that language but he doesn t mean to offend anyone He s just from the old school They don t know how offensive it is p 165 Kenneth Brown knows better Annabel Brown knows better we all know better And, as Kerr points out, we are all capable of racism and denial, regardless of our race Esteban frequently makes excuses for his sister, who hates Annabel and calls her names solely because Annabel is ehite Stop throwing yourself at my brother, Flour Face p 7 When it comes to prejudice and hatred, it seems, unfortunately, that there is enough to go around for everyone In addition to putting a spotlight on the many problems we must face regarding immigration, Kerr does an excellent job of introducing the names of many giants of literature Hemingway, e.e cummings, Poe and other artistic greats into the storyline Kerr drops tidbits of information into the dialogue, providing just enough trivia to whet one s interest in these various artists, thus encouraging readers to hit the library and look for details beyond the SOMEONE LIKE SUMMER sound bite Ultimately, this is an important work for so many reasons, and one must be somewhat courageous to even pick up the book and read it Why Because it s not a matter of if you will see yourself in the pages Rather, the question is, In which character will you see yourself

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    Blonde and beautiful, seventeen year old Annabelle Brown falls in love with Esteban Santiago, an undocumented immigrant from Columbia Both live in the Hamptons in the resort town of Seaview, but in different worlds.Annabelle s dad, a contractor, fills his building crews with illegal immigrants Though he pays them less than the norm and has little respect for them, he treats them well as long as they do their jobs However, any mistake is a firing offense He hires Esteban to do roofing on their house at Annabelle s recommendation She hopes her father will like the young Columbian But Esteban, distracted by Annabelle, makes a mistake on the type of nails he uses, attracting the wrong type of attention from her dad.When her dad realizes that Annabelle is seeing Esteban he makes rules intending to keep them apart Annabelle, an unusually compliant daughter, twists the rules and sees Esteban anyway.Esteban s sister, who thinks all white girls are loose, is furious with her brother for seeing Annabelle The prejudices of the star crossed lovers families are amplified when the town decides to evict the immigrants.Someone Like Summer is a love story, but Kerr has long been a writer who is unafraid to take on social issues She shows the immigrant situation from both sides, while following the bittersweet romance between Annabelle and Esteban.

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    This book was absolutely fabulous It is the story of a white girl, Annabel, who falls in love with a Latino boy, Esteban, but their families don t want them in a relationship because of their races Anna s father believes all Latinos are good for is work and Esteban s friends and sister believe all white girls are easy It seems the only people on their side are Anna s dad s girlfriend, Larkin, and Anna s brother Kenyon They have to deal with a surprising antagonist, an unwilling entourage, and a visit from the police at Esteban s house, until they reach their breaking point What is that point, though And when it is reached, what will they do Read this amazing book and find out, you won t regret it.

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    It s hard going, but I am going to finish this book Kerr s strong point is not really subtle character development Sigh.Wholly disappointing I thought I d remembered Kerr covering controversial timely topics better, but maybe I was wrong Irrelevant mentions of Katrina and surface references to the Iraq war attempt to place this book in 2005, but nothing is fully incorporated Slim characterizations and oversimplification take what was potentially a compelling YA story of star crossed lovers and turn it into a semi didactic mess.One star for trying to bring to the forefront the topic of illegal immigration, day labor, and we all feel the same love.

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    I loved the idea of a writer trying to break the negative stereoypes surrounding Hispanics in America, especially Hispanic men I liked Esteban as a character, but I agree with another reviewer the writing is WEAK I also can t recommend this book to my students because of the foul language Did M.E Kerr really have to drop the F bomb so seem authentic Annabel didn t seem like a real teenaged girl either It s not a real girl s voice I hear Hopefully someone soon will write a book with real Hispanic teenagers and deal with some of these tough issues.

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    when anabel first sees estabaun she cant help but fall in love with him.when he finaly sees her too at jungle petes when he finishes singing he comes over to her and her ex boyfriend.when he dose some construction work for her dad but while he is at dinner with her he notices some nails sticking out of the roof.once anabels father finds out he forbids her to see him but anabel continues to behind his back.

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    I really tried to get through thisbut I couldn t I made it about 70 pages into the book and I had to quit The story just didn t keep me interested The character of Esteban really bugged me Even though they had a language barrier, he sounded like a ten year old and I couldn t deal with it Annabel s dad really bothered me as well I know this was suppose to be a book with a message but I reading it was a struggle.

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    I am extremely particular about the use of language in YA books and it bugged me that the narrator described her as a fair weather friend At another point, I think her brother used the word bugaboo in a way that felt awkward.Overall, the story was readable, but I didn t feel particularly invested in either of the characters I felt like the book was trying very hard to be contemporary with references to eBay, Google, and the Iraq War It just didn t really do it for me.

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    A fun light read about a girl in high school who meets a migrant worker from South America I read it because it was another good story about a forbidden love between cultures And it took place just before Hurricane Katrina hit and in the aftermath of the developing Iraq war from a seventeen year olds perspective I also like to stay up on trends in the young adult fiction world see Empress of the World

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