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Long Way Down With A Seven Year Age Difference, Ryke Daisy Have Faced An Uphill Battle In The Eyes Of The World And Their Families Known As The Most Adventurous, Fast Paced Couple Their Next Step Has Always Been Elusive To The Rabid Media Behind The Scenes, Heartbreaking Troubles Continue To Test Ryke Daisy S Resilience And Shape Their Future Together They Promise To Never Slow Down To Never Compromise Who They Are To Never Abandon Their Love For Each Other But Preserving Their Happiness Also Means Adding Risks Ones That Connor Cobalt Wouldn T Even Take As A Professional Free Solo Climber, Ryke Is No Stranger To Risk, But His Next Step With Daisy Wagers Than Just His Health With Their Lives On The Line, Ryke Daisy Head Towards The Vast, Wild Unknown In This Epic Final Conclusion To The Addicted Series

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Long Way Down book, this is one of the most wanted Krista Ritchie author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 640 pages
  • Long Way Down
  • Krista Ritchie
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9780990622598

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    This will be the final book with the Addicted gang unless I fall on my head and forget everything that we ve ever planned Release Date November 20th, 2015Look out for Raisy UPDATE we must ve fallen on our heads because we added a full length epilogue book called Some Kind of Perfect It ll release after Long Way Down and add lots of closure to the whole series UPDATE 2 the blurb back cover summary has been added xoxo UPDATE 3 It s LIVE on Happy reading, everyone We hope you enjoy the crazy ride D

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    Just as good Every time 6 25 16 In a HUGE post move no WIFI book slumpso I think a favorite re read is in order5 Ryke Fucking Meadows Stars Spoiler Free So this bad boy gets all the stars And I m gonna hug it close.Like this Because it was good.But mainly because it actually made this cold hearted little shrew shed a tear gasp It s an almost Christmas miracle anomaly, I tell you Seriously though, I think the rugged and dry terrain that is my cheek might experience a mudslide as a result of this never before seen influx of sudden moisture.But I digress My favorite foul mouthed fucking character in this book Ryke, Ryke, Ryke.Cause I mean, really, how do I love thee Let me counts the waysOh man Le fucking swoon MusclesdangerBut most of all LOYALTYLoyalty is something that I personally value above pretty much all else And that s what I think I love most about this entire series The six main characters Connor, Rose, Ryke, Daisy, Lo and Lily they are all LOYAL to each other ALWAYS Let s make a pact If anyone hassles our sisters tonight, we confront them and handle it with necessary means She has a knife strapped to her thigh What, you planning on shanking someone tonight I plan on being resourceful and cautiousI also have a taser Even when they are insulting each other and constantly throwing the middle finger they have each others backs As couples, as friends, as brothers, as sisters, as FAMILY And I just LOVE it Especially Ryke His loyalty to Daisy Wherever you go, I ll go His loyalty to Lo and Lo s loyalty to him I miss my brother and if you won t fight for the thing that makes you happy, then I m going to fight for you And to Connor And to ALL of them All The.Fucking.Time The relationships that take the most effort and time become the mightiest in the end And boy are they ever mighty These characters and this series have a very special place in my heart now And even though I am SO sad the series is overthey will always live on my kindle And I will re read the fuck out of them forever.

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    5 This book is fucking EVERYTHING stars Two people who weren t allowed to love each other Two people who now unapologetically do The Addicted series is by far the most memorable and my most favorite series ever Each book has something special about it Each character and couple I love completely in their own way Those of you who have read the series know exactly what I m talking about If you haven t, I can t even you are missing out on so much greatness Ryke and Daisy aka Raisy are the two daredevils of the group They re the couple that started out as forbidden They were never supposed to be together, never supposed to work But they do Daisy Calloway is a beautifully broken girl From a young age, she s been thrown in the spot light She s not there any, but things that have happened to her have had a lasting effect She s got her issues, but she has sisters who love her and a man who always has her back Ryke Meadows is an adrenaline junkie He s a risk taker He drops the F bomb 52 times in 20 minutes It s who he is He lives his life the way he wants with no regrets He s a climber and it s one of the most important things in the world to him I have always stared my life straight in the fucking eye and held the line I m not terrified of it being cut short I d rather live fully and briefly than to live long and empty Ryke and Daisy have this undying love for one another They love each other so hard Things that would break a lot of couples only make them stronger No matter what happens in their lives, and they both go through something hard in this book, they ALWAYS have each others back It s not even a question They are there for one another unconditionally Ryke and Daisy s relationship is different than the other couples, because they are different than the other couples He never gives up on me His love is unyielding and exists to cloak me through heartache, through misery, through laughter and pain I love him in every moment In every smile In every frown And I will love him after every long way down I don t want to spoil anything about this story, but the content hit so close to home for me This book and Addicted After All are the two most emotional of the series for me I was a blubbering mess in the best way while reading I love that these stories give me all the feels My favorite part of these books are the relationships between the characters Not just the couples, but the siblings, the friends It s everything Ryke and Lo have the most special relationship to me That is actually why I ended up loving Ryke so much in the beginning Loren Hale is such an amazingly special character and Ryke saw that right away His loyalty to his brother is unwavering All these characters are completely loyal to one another and I love that You don t see friendships and relationships like this in every book you read and that is why the Addicted series is one that always stands out above the rest for me Ryke and Daisy s story will forever stay with me These characters and their story are unforgettable I will shout it from the roof tops over and over again this series is a MUST READ There are moments you remember and people you will never fucking forget.

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    I finished my reread yesterday Full review and playlist to come.You ve been warned This is not going to be a book review Addicted Series altered a huge part of my life, and reading Long Way Down left a significant impact on me It s possible, I will never be the same.I realized, after reviewing all of the books in Addicted series, I have finally exhausted the points I ve been doing for the past eight books I would sound like an annoying broken record if I continue to sing the same old tune So maybe, I will just humor myself and the people who would read this why, I terribly love Addicted Series.While I wholeheartedly love Addicted to You, and Ricochet , It was Addicted For Now that solidify my love for this series I could strongly recall one of the passages that left a mark on me You re human You can still have problems The difference is that you have the ability to fix them You just have to want to Not everyone can receive the same help you can or afford the rehab facility you went to My stomach curdles at the truth But that doesn t mean your recovery can t be difficult It doesn t mean that what people say on TV or in the tabloids doesn t hurt as much You still bleed like the rest of us You can cry You can be upset That right has not been taken from you It didn t pulled me through my catatonic state or cured my maladies, but I kept holding on to it It became my hope Similar things could be said to Hothouse Flower Like, I would always say, it is the book of my soul.Maybe roping myself into this series wasn t an accident, but surely the rest was history.Growing up with two sisters who are a little bit older than me I often feel left out, sometimes it was unintentional, and sometimes it was on purpose It s not something, I hold against them They simply thought, I wouldn t get it because I m younger than them It s completely unavoidable, but the exclusion isn t lost on me My life isn t as lonely as I make it out to be, I promise I have friends, but I never feel we connected It was partly my fault I m not completely the excellent friend to rely on.Then, I discovered this magical world filled with words Soon after, I turned to books, they have been my constant companion ever since My sanctuary They were there for me when I didn t know how to make it through I understood their language, and they understood mine This is what Addicted Series meant to me.Similar to Ryke and Daisy, I m not very good at expressing my feelings I don t always know how to strike a conversation that is humanely proper and acceptable I sometimes cross the boundaries I suck at making friends and I have five kinds of wrong and no kinds of right I have an askew point of view.They tether themselves both to the ground.That is what drew me to them This is why I resonate with them much than, I could ever convey They weren t just wild and courageous in my eyes.They are selfless without no expectation of compensation The lengths they would go for someone, their love is completely admirable Their reluctance to open up, their struggles, refusing to divulge the darkest moment of their lives as if it s a violation of privacy, because they ve been strong alone for so long.Somehow, they both represent the deepest core of my being.I admire them for who they are and what they stand for.I haven t reached the part where I could say I am at peace, and contented A little part of me is, but the rest is a tangled of mess, begging for .There is always a joy and pain seeing your children grew and having to let them go Maybe, this is what being a parent feels like I ve grown with them, I laugh when they laugh, I cry, when they cry and when they scream, the echo pierced through my soul Their happiness coincides with mine, maybe this is why saying goodbye feels like breaking my heart into two.Long Way Down is a fast forward to the future where the stakes were higher.They promise To never slow down.To never compromise who they are.To never abandon their love for each other.Like the premise promises, they finally open themselves up, but that doesn t necessarily meant they are compromising their beliefs This specific scene is a statement to that My wolf My everything He s a breath away from my lips as the song fades And very softly, he says, I m so fucking in love with you I prop my body on my elbows, nearing his lips People say you can t describe love, but I have this theory that you can It s just subjective Do you want to know what love feels like for me It s breathing and suffocating Sobbing and smiling Yearning and fading To ache that much harder To live that much larger It s every moment Every single, tiny one I ve felt it all with Ryke And it s not solely the wild, crazed events that keep my heart pumping It s these small, most inconceivable seconds of time spent together Our smiles Our tears Our limbs shifting or standing still The instant our lonely souls are filled I ve never lived or loved wilder and freer than with him I open my mouth to say the words too, but he nods like I see it, Dais He sees it in my eyes I m so in love with him He kisses me gently, and I think, this is it Our first dance I whisper against his lips, This moment is ours, isn t it I don t want to share this with anyone else We ended up on the floor Just like animals I break into a smile, and his thumb strokes the long scar on my cheek He looks like he could spend the rest of his life on the floor, right here, tangled up with me He nods and says against my lips, This is fucking ours I run my fingers through his hair again I m so happy I could scream His lips curve upward Then scream, Calloway I howl instead When he joins in, when he howls with me, my world is absolutely, totally and entirely complete Of course, thank you so much to Krista and Becca for creating this wonderful characters I am sure, you are aware how much I love you both.I m still raw and I m still reeling with the emotional impact this book caused me Maybe, there will come a day where, I could review Long Way down without correlating myself to its characters, but today is not that time.Interested in reading the series See the recommended reading order here.

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW 5 STARS Never give up or back down on the things that fill your soul, Calloway There is no worse life than a hollow one After 6 hours of reading crying within one sitting of this read, I was almost afraid that I could never bring myself to write this review Each and every book in the Addicted Calloway Sisters series has such a dear place in my heart and with Long Way Down marking the end of this entire series, embracing myself for this read was like wishing that the end will never come Long Way Down will bring you on a tumultuous ride with Ryke Meadows Daisy Calloway as they chase after their long deserved happiness They re wild and primitive these two are the daredevils of the gang and nothing will slow them down, not even their 7 years age difference Living life on the edge comes with risks that these two are no strangers to but, how far are they willing to go when it boils down to their lives at stake Reading this was like unwrapping an early Christmas gift, knowing that whatever lies inside will cause my heart to swell with nothing but everlasting love and joy I don t want to go into specifics of the story because I want everyone to experience this journey through their own eyes as they read it The Ritchie twins are never short of words that could evoke a storm of emotions from their readers, I already had tears rolling down my face by the time I hit 5% of this read My heart went from soaring high to suddenly being plummeted as Ryke Daisy s story took me on an adventure Every couple in the Addicted series have their own battles to fight but with Ryke Daisy, they re the risk takers Everyone sees them as reckless but to each other, their love runs deeper than that and they see each other for who they truly are Their love was selfless, not only to their own but to every single person they cared about It broke my heart over and over again to watch them fight their battles but it was their strength and faith to overcome them that really sent me into puddles of tears Even with this being marked as the 9th book in the series, I m still blown away by the dynamics of the entire Addicted gang Whether it s the Calloway sisterhood or the brotherly love of Lo, Connor Ryke the Ritchie twins continues to showcase the growth of these characters and the level of maturity they ve reached since the very first book I felt like I ve grown along with these characters and witness every ups and down with them The kind of attachment I have for these people are as real as they can be Exhilarating yet heartbreaking, I dare you to not fall in love with this read The Ritchie twins have brought their A game to greater heights by delivering the perfect conclusion to this epic saga There was no other ending I could possibly ask for than the beautiful one given to us The Addicted series was than just a series of stories, it was an adventure of a lifetime and an unforgettable journey From friendships to love, from hitting rock bottom to making breakthroughs I wouldn t trade the experience of it for anything else in this world Krista Becca Ritchie are definitely forces to be reckoned with and they continue to outdo themselves with each book they put out I could easily find myself completely immersed in this world they ve built and wishing that I could spend an eternity with these characters With this bittersweet finale, no doubt it ll definitely take me a while to recover from this read My final parting words READ THIS SERIES YOU WON T REGRET IT Long Way Down is the 4th book in the Calloway Sisters spinoff series and must be read in order It must also be read after Addicted After All as it contains spoilers This book also concludes the entire Addicted series For details on the recommended reading order, please read HERE.

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    I am totally going to lazy out on this review The way I see it, if you re a fan of the series, you know Raisy, and you re a fan, so read the damn book You shouldn t regret it, and if you do, I m not sure if we can be friends If you haven t read the series, you are missing out, if you like well written love stories that are unique and beautifully portrayed, why haven t you given this series a chance Yes, these books are lengthy, but the love captured between the pages is, simply beautiful Thank you to the lovely elf who gifted me this one

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    Addicted To You Addicted Book 1 Addicted Book 1.5 For Now Addicted Book 2 The Sky Addicted 2.1, Calloway Sisters 1 Flower Addicted 2.2, Calloway Sisters 2 Addicted 2.5 After All Addicted 3 The Fire Addicted 3.1, Calloway Sisters 3 Way Down Addicted 3.2, Calloway Sisters 4 most perfect ending to the most perfect series there ever was.As Daisy would say, on a scale of one to chocolate, this was like chocolate cake, smothered in icing, and covered with sprinkles in the shape of unicorns I could not have asked for a better conclusion for these amazing characters Krista Becca created an incredibly thought out, emotional, captivating world with the most charismatic, complex, unique characters And to see it all come to an end this is what parents must feel like when they look at their children and realize they re all grown up How bittersweet this all is The growth and love and maturity all these characters have attained have been so amazing to read I can t even count the number of times I have cried from this series, and from this book alone I could read about Lo Lily, Ryke Daisy, and Connor Rose forever and I would never tire of them I love them that much The love they all have for each other, the love they have for their siblings, the love they have for their significant others.Is Out Of This World Amazing.Even though this is technically the last book of the series, I think the only thing holding me back from tears is knowing we get an epilogue book Some Kind of Perfect, and then the spin off series Damaged Like Us I am counting down the days until we get information and release days on those And I leave with this if you haven t read this series yet, give it a chance I know it s long I know there are a lot of books But you will NOT regret one minute of it I found myself completely immersed in the world they ve built and wishing that I could spend an eternity with these characters Just absolute perfection I simply cannot recommend this series enough Long Way Down Addicted 3.2, Calloway Sisters 4 Find Me On Instagram FB Page FB Blog Blog Twitter

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    5 stars I have this theory Well, the series is over And what better way to end it than with my favorite couple Raisy So basically I was super emotional while reading this book, not only for the content but what it represented to those of us in the Fizzle Force.Warning This will be less like a review and like a fangirl gush about an entire series Long Way Down is the story of Ryke and Daisy, who have been officially dating for two years now With a six year age gap between them, they have faced many obstacles in their relationship, and they continue to face Both Ryke and Daisy, along with their families and friends remain very much in the public eye and it places burdens on them and their families Daisy still struggles with her PTSD and Ryke with his issues with his father But together, the six of them can face anything and together they will not break Relationships that take the most effort and the most time become the most mightiest, most resilient bonds in the end I don t want to say much because spoilers and all, but I will say that this book broke my heart and then put it back together again The Ritchie twins are the masters of feels and have proven yet again what amazing authors they are.I laughed, I cried, and by the end of this book I was fulfilled It really does feel like the end of an era I can still remember reading the first book and waiting for Ricochet to be released I may not have reviewed the books from the beginning, but I ve been a fan from the very start and this series will always have a special place in my heart.So a gigantic thanks to Krista and Becca Ritchie, you ladies have brought us characters that will forever feel like family Thank you We deserve better We deserve happiness As sisters And as friends

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    5 Million HARD THINGS ARE RIGHT THINGS Stars Long Way Down seems like it was a long time coming but every word of every sentence in every paragraph that made up this book was worth every second of time passed The Ritchie sisters have created a frenzy with their Addicted Series To say it is a good series is just not enough It is a journey of 6 people who have loved, laughed, fought, F d, and completely lived There has been NO other book couple that has stayed in my mind and heart as the enigmatic love of Ryke Meadows and Daisy Calloway They met at a time when Ryke was just finding his footing in a world with family and friends The brooding loner was the pillar of strength with his Fuck You attitude and filterless way of life He never imagined a life so full of love and support, especially from a 16 year old beauty whose need to SCREAM matched his own soul Time would make them closer older wiser The day their lips met in a Paris stairwell would seal their fate for eternityOur relationship is fucking animalistic and visceral but grounded on the trust and friendship we built firstIt was not an easy journey Fans and followers know the damages, the outside perceptions and the fight for freedom and privacy Shrouded by bodyguards, it is amazing to see the group grow and move onto life as friends, lovers, and even parents While nothing is ever still with Ryke and Daily, there is one constant a love beyond words and understanding I feel like there may not be a book in my future that I will treasure as much as Long Way Down I read each book and took each character to heart, but I admit to reading each book and savoring any scene with Raisy I longed for a Ryke smirk, sweetheart or middle finger salute I held my breath with each Daisy flirt and need to run wild It was Ryke Meadows who took a bit of my heart at first encounter, but his love for Daisy and the way these authors kept them 100% real stole my soul Nothing was easy other than their connection Ryke gave Daisy unicorns he held her hand as she flew followed her into the fire all while Daisy stared down a wolf and bound him to her side forever If Raisy s story alone doesn t steal your breath and leave smiling through the falling tears You owe it to yourself the read the BEST EPILOGUE ever written But don t take it from me Listen to Daisy I ve watched Lo become soberI ve watched Lily curb a relentless addictionI ve watched Rose blaze her own trail and put fire to stereotype.I ve watched Connor fall in love With than just himself.I ve watched Ryke Meadows unclip his shackles and rise again.I ve discovered who I am.

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    5 Stars I FINALLY finished YAY RL got in my way this week and I was super bummed out because I ve been waiting for this one for a while It was worth the wait because it was a big bag of awesome sauce I can t tell you how much I love Ryke and Daisy They are my favorite couple I am team Raisy I fell in love with these two a long time ago I m pretty sure it happened when Daisy dove off that cliff in Mexico and Ryke dove in after her or maybe when she got attacked and left with a scar on her face Ryke with his don t give a fuck attitude was there for Daisy when nobody else was He didn t give a shit what anybody said he was going to be there for Daisy I know he was older than her but he never one time acted like anything but a best friend to her until she was older They were meant for each other Both of them not scared of death Living life at 150 miles per hour Taking risks others would cringe at That s what this book was filled with Both of them taking risks Both of them staying strong through everything and coming out stronger Both of them finally not being the strongest and letting others in to lean on for a change I m so sad that this series is over I cried happy tears and some sad tears I m pretty sure I have never cried so hard or so many times reading a book ever before Ryke and Daisy had many obstacles to climb and jump over Every person in this book touched my heart in some way Hell even asshole Jonathan had me in tears This family is so strong They ve been through so much Their love for each other is out of this world The way the men protect and love their woman is something every woman dreams of getting The bond these sisters share is amazing They will do absolutely anything for each other and we got to read just how much they will do in this book Daisy said it perfect I ve watched Lo become sober I ve watched Lily curb a relentless addiction I m proud of you, sis I ve watched Rose blaze her own trail and put fire to stereotypes I ve watched Connor fall in love With than just himself I ve watched Ryke Meadows unclip his shackles and rise again And me I ve discovered who I am I m not letting her go or hiding her to please other people I am Daisy Petunia Meadows And I m here to stay DaisyI could read about Lo Lily Hale, Ryke Daisy Meadows and Connor Rose Cobalt forever I love them that much I m also super excited to see a story on the web about Willow and Garrison Can t wait to read it Bring on the kids next I can t fucking wait Awesome job Krista Becca Ritchie You ladies rock my world If you haven t read this series bump it up Recommended reading order below

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