A Fallen Lady

A Fallen LadySix Years Ago, To The Outrage Of Her Family And The Delight Of London Gossips, Lady Helen Dehaven Refused To Marry The Man To Whom She Was Betrothed Even Shockingly, Her Refusal Came On The Heels Of Her Scandalous Behavior She And Her Betrothed Were Caught In A Most Compromising Position Leaving Her Reputation In Tatters And Her Motivations A Mystery, Helen Withdrew To A Simple Life In A Little Village Among Friends, Where Her Secrets Remained Hers Alone For Reasons Of His Own, Stephen Hampton, Lord Summerdale, Is Determined To Learn The Truth Behind The Tangled Tale Of Helen S Ruin There Is Nothing He Abhors So Much As Scandal Nothing He Prizes So Well As Discretion And So He Is Shocked To Find, When He Tracks Helen Down, That He Cannot But Admire Her Against All Expectations, He Finds Himself Forgiving Her Scandalous History In Favor Of Only Being Near Her But The Bitter Past Will Not Relinquish Helen S Heart So Easily How Can She Trust A Man So Steeped In The Culture Of High Society, Who Conceals So Much And How Can He, So Devoted To The Appearance Of Propriety, Ever Love A Fallen Lady I returned to this book so many times in 2018 It has much promise A lot of good writing But by God, I was bored Something indefinable was missing for me I simply ceased to care about any of the characters and thus the romance Reached about 60% and decided life is too short and gave up for good Thought Kingston s medieval effort was excellent though Not sure why this fell so flat for me. 4.5I read the Spanish version of this novel therefore my review will be in Spanish Esta es una novela rom ntica que toma lugar en el Reino Unido durante el per odo de Regencia, alrededor de los a os 1800 Nuestra protagonista es Helen Dehaven la cu l ha decidido mudarse a un pueblito debido a que su reputaci n fue arruinada por un evento que ocurri hace seis a os en Londres Como era costumbre durante esos tiempos, despu s que la reputaci n de una mujer ha sido arruinada se le hace muy dificil poder continuar participando en la sociedad arist crata de esos d as y muchas tomaban la decisi n de irse lejos del escrutinio.Helen vive sus d as felices apartada en una peque a villa hasta que un d a un hombre llega y cambia su destino Este hombre es Stephen Hampton, el Lord Summerdale l llega con la excusa de venir de parte del hermano de Helen que hace a os no sabe de ella y desea informarse si ella est bien Bueno, aqu empieza la historia y poco a poco se van desenlazando los eventos Esta novela es rom ntica, c mica, e interesante Esta escrita en un lenguaje formal que va perfecto con el tono y periodo del libro Helen es un personaje orgulloso y curioso mientras que Lord Summerdale es un encanto que poco a poco se va ganando el coraz n de Helen y el de las lectoras como yo.Les recomiendo esta novela si les gustan las historias de amor que toman lugar en eras pasadas como lo fue Inglaterra hace un par de siglos Nota final recib este libro a cambio de mi honesta opini n la cual he expresado arriba. Edito para a adir que despu s de consultar a lectores mexicanos y de otros pa ses de Latinoam rica, sigo pensando lo mismo Aunque justo es decir, que tras una conversaci n con la autora, al final s me he sentido escuchada DNF porque la traducci n es terrible, le iba a poner una estrella porque creo que es lo que merece una traducci n tan literal que hace el libro entre incomprensible, raro y aburrido, pero como nunca lo hago con el DNF me limitar a dar mi opini n.Varias lectoras espa olas y yo le hemos hecho llegar a la autora lo problem tica que es la traducci n, y su contestaci n ha sido que es para p blico latinoamericano, concretamente mexicano y que la experiencia es subjetiva Bien, cierto es que el espa ol que se habla en Espa a es distinto al que se habla en M xico, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia bendito espa ol colombiano , Venezuela, etc Pero, esas diferencias no hacen que cuando yo escucho a mi amiga mexicana crea que me habla en otro idioma y no comprenda nada de lo que dice, y supongo que a ella le pasar lo mismo, nunca me ha dicho lo contrario xD El p blico latinoamericano y espa ol estamos acostumbrados a leer traducciones de diferentes pa ses, yo le a los vampiros de la Ward traducidos en Latinoam rica, o a Florencia Bonelli en espa ol de Argentina, esos son solo algunos ejemplos, y aunque algunas palabras se utilizan de formas distintas y hay variantes, no me hac a el texto incomprensible como ocurre aqu La traducci n es literal, algunas construcciones gramaticales no tienen sentido, no se utiliza el sujeto omitido que es propio del espa ol, y as podr a seguir hasta el infinito.No s , puede que est equivocada y ahora alguna lectora mexicana me diga que la traducci n es maravillosa O tambi n puede ser que si varias lectoras decimos que es una traducci n mala y muy literal es porque lo es. Read for the URR New Year 2018 Reading Challenge Enemies to Lovers They only held hands as the cart pulled away, letting the distance pull their arms straight before the grasp was broken Helen kept her arms outstretched, the emptiness of her hands saying all the things that she could not voice. Too soppy, you say But what if I tell you that this scene doesn t take place between the heartbroken heroine and the hero, but in the moment of the separation between the heroine and her closest female friend And indeed, female friendship takes the lion s share of the first half of the book the relationship between Helen, the titular Fallen Lady, the scandalous Frenchwoman Marie Anne, the Irish maid Maggie and Emily, whose deafness makes her a burden and an embarrassment to her noble family, is what immediately caught my attention and makes A Fallen Lady a much different beast than many other HR and a lot of romance in general, really , where other women women that aren t the heroine, that is are often seen as obstacles towards the heroine s HEA, instrumental in making it happen or they re simply kept in the background, depicted as gaggle of geese without much sense or purpose.Intruding in the life of this little group comes Lord Summerdale, bent on determining once and for all the truth of the story behind Helen s fall from grace a truth that, while not explicitly stated at this point in the story, is all but evident to the readers but simply unimaginable for Stephen, and in his mind Helen s unseemly past behavior says it all about the matter of her broken engagement in fact, his snooping around has nothing to do with giving voice to Helen s truth, that she s guilty of her own ruin is something he has no doubt about he merely wants to make sure that view spoiler the poor, scorned gentleman she left so abruptly is a sound business partner hide spoiler

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