Traces of Guilt (Evie Blackwell Cold Case #1)

Traces of Guilt (Evie Blackwell Cold Case #1) A Riveting Cold Case Mystery From Dee Henderson Evie Blackwell Loves Her Life As An Illinois State Police Detective Mostly She S Very Skilled At Investigations And Has Steadily Moved Up Through The Ranks She Would Like To Find Mr Right, But She Has A Hard Time Imagining How Marriage Could Work, Considering The Demands Of Her Job Gabriel Thane Is A Lifetime Resident Of Carin County And Now Its Sheriff, A Job He Loves Gabe Is Committed To Upholding The Law And Cares Deeply For The Residents He S Sworn To Protect He Too Would Like To Find A Lifetime Companion, A Marriage Like His Parents Have When Evie Arrives In Carin, Illinois, It S To Help Launch A New Task Force Dedicated To Reexamining Unsolved Crimes Across The State Spearheading This Trial Run, Evie Will Work With The Sheriff S Department On A Couple Of Its Most Troubling Missing Persons Cases As She Reexamines Old Evidence To Pull Out A Few Tenuous New Leads, She Unearths A Surprising Connection Possibly To A Third Cold Case Evie S Determined To Solve The Cases Before She Leaves Carin County, And Sheriff Thane, Along With His Family, Will Be Key To Those Answers

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Dee Henderson is the author of 24 novels, including Immortality, An Unfinished Death, Taken, Unspoken and the acclaimed O MALLEY series Several titles have appeared on the USA Today Bestseller list Full Disclosure has also appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list Her books have won or been nominated for

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  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • Traces of Guilt (Evie Blackwell Cold Case #1)
  • Dee Henderson
  • 08 February 2018
  • 9780764218873

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    Ten billion stars out of five because one billion stars just wouldn t be enough I m always ecstatic when I start a new Dee Henderson book, but also a little apprehensive because how can she possibly continue to improve on what is already out of the park brilliance How can you improve perfection Well, I don t know how, but Dee Henderson obviously does because her books just keep getting better and better And Traces of Guilt is simply amazing The world Henderson creates is completely absorbing I love getting to know the characters I love the way crimes are worked, the nitty gritty details, the long hours, the pain and emotional toll And I love the humour and family and faith that is mixed into the serious topics I wanted to savour this story, wanted to know all the answers, wanted to see the journeys of each of the characters and wanted to read this book every moment that I could Evie Blackwell and Gabriel Thane are our main characters Evie is starting work with the new cold case task force and is using her vacation time to get started on two cold cases in Carin County, Illinois Gabriel is Sheriff of Carin County and works with Evie on the cold cases that have rocked their community Ann Falcon from Full Disclosure brings these two together, but it quickly becomes obvious that there is at stake than two isolated cold cases Ann and her husband Paul Falcon play a fairly large role in this story, as do Gabriel s brothers Josh and Will, and their parents A chapter from Josh s perspective opens the book, and there are follow up chapters from him, Ann, Will and even Grace and Karen, two women who also play important parts in the story and unfolding mysteries These chapters are spread in between the majority of the sections that are from Gabriel and Evie As a result, we get a great insight into all the characters, particularly the new ones There are also mentions of a whole range of favourite characters, from the Bishops to Quinn and Lisa I love Dee Henderson s heroes Solid and steady, these men are men of faith and justice Her heroines are equally impressive in their capacity and strength There are some shattering reveals in this book The cases are very personal to the characters and seeing their distress is heartbreaking There are a number of mysteries in this book, some of which are solved easily than others, but each is the perfect blend of intrigue, emotion and case details There is a lovely mix of romance in this story, despite the cases being the focus of the book There are the continuation of old romances, Ann and Paul s for example, that are a delight to read as continuing love stories There are a few insights into ongoing romances, take Will Thane and his love interest Karen, who each get a chapter and have a few secrets of their own And then there are the romances that are just beginning Gabriel and Evie first meet in this book and they have a connection but if there is to be a continuing story it will progress in future books This book has all the makings of a new series And yet, I could also see it being a standalone, with tie ins to future but separate books, much like how Full Disclosure, Unspoken and Taken all have various mentions and connections in this book but have distinct story lines Personally, I would love to continue Evie s story, see her uncover cold cases and work on the new cold case task force and I would really, really love of the Thane brothers But whatever Dee Henderson writes next I m sure it will be every bit as wonderful, intriguing and perfect as Traces of Guilt.The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Find reviews on my blog Madison s Library.

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    DNF at page 190 I honestly just couldn t get into this book Cold cases have never been my favorite as I enjoy of the there s a killer on the loose and everyone s lives are in danger type suspense I probably would have at least finished it but it s a library book and I have other books that I really want to read before they have to go back It wasn t grabbing my attention at all, so I decided to just set it down I probably won t pick it up again, but I would have definitely finished it if I owned the book.

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    I would almost give this book 3 stars because I did enjoy the mysteries of the cold cases However that s about the only thing I enjoyed about it.Though there are some romantic elements in the story, I would definitely not consider it a romantic mystery novel But I actually rather liked that about it Even I, who like romantic books, find it rather nice to read a non romantic mystery occasionally because it allows the focus to be on the mystery elements and the process of solving the cases.Some reviewers have mentioned how heavy of a read this is That is nothing but the truth There are some very difficult topics covered in this story view spoiler namely, pedophilia and child molestation though, neither is discussed very in depth hide spoiler

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    Traces of Guilt is general fiction, not a romantic suspense Evie is happy as a single woman by which she means she s happy dating a man who wants to marry her but whom she doesn t intend to marry This doesn t change, but we don t meet her boyfriend.The task force was looking at a bunch of cold cases, so there s no suspense They talk about what might have happened and possible leads They talk about what they did and what they discovered They think and talk about how they feel very sad and how heartbreaking and painful it is to work these cases We re rarely allowed to be in on the action with an actual scene of an interview or finding physical evidence.There were plenty of cases a missing girl, a missing family, missing parents, two murdered pedophiles, and a woman in hiding from a killer yet it s not a mystery genre In two of the missing cases, they know whodunit It s just a matter of finding the bodies, and they know where to look There was no justice in those cases, just providing resolution Gab and Evie also worked the missing family case, which got nowhere and Evie went home Then, in the last chapter, a new, chance clue allowed Gab to solve the case, and Gab provided Evie and the reader with a brief summary of his investigation We don t even know whodunit exists before this point Again, no justice And, for all her work, Evie didn t solve any of the mysteries.Frankly, what we had were six viewpoint characters struggling emotionally with what happened in the past and what they want in the future That was the focus of the story The Thane family was nice, but I didn t really connect with the women characters The Christian element was a few prayers and the fact that they go to church There was no sex or bad language.I received an ebook review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

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    This book is another complex mystery going in several directions Like her last book, this one does not have a complete romance There are romantic threads, but the focus is on the community of characters and solving the cold cases Those who have read prior books will enjoy seeing some of those characters come back, while still being wrapped in a story filled with wonderful new characters I enjoyed it

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    Dee Henderson is the popular and award winning author of many bestselling series, but honestly, after reading her latest novel, I don t see what all the hype for her writing is about Traces of Guilt An Evie Blackwell Cold Case , was published by Bethany House late in 2016 It is presumably the first of a new series, but is somehow connected to many of Henderson s previous books as well In any case, I was excited to dive into what I hoped would be a fascinating mystery filled with twists and turns as a years old mystery is finally solved That s what a cold case mystery novel is, right Unfortunately, not so much Traces of Guilt was disappointing for several primary reasons 1 The dialogue Constant conversing caused me to close the book in disgust numerous times The characters talked and talked and talked, but rarely in realistic sounding conversations The majority of the story, including character development and mystery solving, was revealed through dialogue It was truly annoying 2 The mystery element was unsatisfactory There were too many cold case mysteries vying for the reader s attention, yet several of them were solved before they even really had a chance to be opened It was strange Even stranger was the fact that a couple of the mysteries were not solved at all, and the primary case was extremely anticlimactic 3 It was depressing Traces of Guilt was no lift your spirits, justice is found, the families finally have closure story No, it was like a haunting walk through the past, which happened to be filled with numerous, ugly, troubling secrets The darkness of this book often overshadowed everything else, and was perhaps the biggest reason for my dislike 4 It was boring I had to strive not to fall asleep In a book labelled as Romantic Suspense, wouldn t you expect a little, say, romance and suspense Well, Traces of Guilt had very little of either It was focused on introspection, mostly through dialogue see Reason 1.As is probably crystal clear by now, I had very little patience for the first book in the Evie Blackwell Cold Case series, and do not plan on reading the next title If you are an ardent fan of Dee Henderson who reads and enjoys each one of her books, perhaps you will find this one to your liking But if you aren t an ardent fan, well, I don t recommend it There are so many other Christian Romantic Suspense novels available that are exponentially better Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf Martin Communications, Inc.

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    This book was a wonderful thrill ride The main character, Evie Blackwell, has come to a small Illinois town to launch a statewide cold crimes task force She is charged with looking at two unsolved crimes that have lingered in Carin County s memory for many years the disappearance of a tourist couple s young daughter from their hotel and the disappearance of a local sheriff s deputy and his entire family.As she gets into her detective work, Evie works closely with local sheriff Gabriel Thane The two quickly fall into a good working relationship and there are some clear hints of attraction from the beginning However, this book is definitely about the mysteries and the relationships between Evie, Gabriel, and their closest family and friend rather than simply an Evie Gabriel story And it works I get the sense that Evie and Gabriel s story is one that will unfold as a larger story arc throughout the series.I liked all of the main characters in this book, and I loved the plot action Even though it s not high action, thrill a minute kind of stuff, watching Evie and Gabriel chase leads and piece together what had happened to their missing persons kept me highly engaged with the book I already can t wait for the next book in the series

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    Sigh I miss the Dee Henderson I once knew I wish we could go back to the interim between True Honor 2011 and Unspoken in 2015 and undo whatever happened to change her writing I honestly think if she hadn t set the bar so high with The O Malley s and the Uncommon Heroes books I would really like her new books There are interesting characters and great story lines, they just don t the have the action they used to and the writing is so stilted, it just doesn t seem real For instance, do you know anyone who talks this way She s there As soon as Ann put up that photo, I knew she would be Caleb leaned over to pour coffee Invite Grace to dinner tomorrow, let s start putting comfortable friends around her I don t want her brooding out there, alone and back in Carin where the memories are the strongest There s an element of realism there, but not quite, it s just too formal Comfortable people Who says that It s not just that paragraph, I got so hung up on so many And the relationships are SO unreal and I don t mean the kind we know are fiction, but wish they could still happen Or fiction so we know this can t happen More so made to be believable, but they so aren t Sorry, in my world no guy and girl are that close of friends without something happening And the spouse is not going to be that comfortable with it Just radical relationships Possible Maybe Probable Nope Don t get me wrong, The O Malley s were not real either, 7 orphans who grow up remarkably well adjusted in a orphanage and make their own family We know that is fiction from the outset and take it as such There is just something about her writing now that almost seems..autobiographical, maybe Like we are supposed to believe these people really exist out there in the world If they do, they aren t people I want to hang with I ll go hang with The O Malley s That sounds so harsh I used to be one of Dee Henderson t biggest supporters and recommended her to everyone Now, I m guess I m just disappointed.

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    This book was so much better than I expected It kept guessing and thinking from the begging to the end.

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    That was a looooooong book, but very good, as per usual with Dee Henderson

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