Single (Stockton Beavers, #1)

Single (Stockton Beavers, #1) Underdog Luke Single Singleton Is Yearning To Make A Comeback After Getting Hit In The Neck With A Pitch An Injury That Nearly Cost Him His Life He Has One Last Chance To Play For His Hometown Team, The Stockton Beavers But His Mom Has Alzheimer S, And He S All She Has To Depend On How Can He Pursue His Career, Much Less Someone Special Personal Care Aide Roberta Bennett Is Done Dating Baseball Players Having Had Her Share Of Heartbreak, She Heads To Stockton Hoping For A Fresh Start But After She Finds Luke S Mom Outside, Lost, And Alone, She Can T Refuse When He Hires Her On The Spot Unbeknownst To Luke, Roberta Is All Too Familiar With The Violent Tendencies Of The Pitcher Who Hit HimNow That They Re Living Under The Same Roof, The Last Thing Either Of Them Is Looking For Is A Relationship But It S Not Long Before They Find Themselves Drawn To Each Other And Right When Luke Is Thinking About Finally Making A Change To His Single Status, A Secret From Roberta S Past Emerges With The Power To Tear Them Apart

Collette West grew up as somewhat of a jock nerd hybrid Entering the world three weeks premature, her dad nearly missed her birth because he had seats behind the dugout for a sold out, highly anticipated match up between two of baseball s biggest rivals Not to be outdone, her book loving mom taught her how to read by the time she was three A love of the game coupled with an appreciation for the

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  • Single (Stockton Beavers, #1)
  • Collette West
  • 18 June 2019

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    Beta read this amazing book

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    You can see this full review and at Book Briefs Single is the first book in the new spin off series of the New York Kings Series by Collette West, called Stockton Beavers While I have not read the entire New York Kings series, yet, I have read a couple of the books and I really enjoyed them, so I knew that I was probably going to enjoy this one just as much It was a tough read for me, because of the subject matter but I loved the story and romance Luke and Roberta are a great match, and Single is a really great story Collette West always does a good job with her books I loved that this one is the start of a new series, but still takes place in the New York Kings world.Luke has been dealt a rough hand I felt for him so much To be dealing with a career changing injury as well as taking care of a parent with Alzheimer s It was an emotional read for me I loved Luke so much though He is such a sweet, caring person you just want to see something good happen to him And having Roberta be that something good was a bit of an interesting take for me I loved that she is the other main character in this story, and I think fans of the New York Kings series will know why She is a side character in the series that did not always come across in the best light But we really get to know her in Single, and I enjoyed that a lot I m glad that Collette West chose her for the first book in the Stockton Beavers series I think I might even enjoy this series than the New York Kings Series I love the setting.Single is a different kind of sports romance for me Like I said earlier, this book really hit me hard I deal with the elderly a lot in my job and Alzheimer s is always so tough Especially on the family members Luke will hold a special place in my heart after reading this book Roberta too Being a caregiver is not an easy job.Bottom line If you like Sports romances with heart, Single is the book for you Even if you have not read the New York Kings series, give this book a try It is a good introduction to their world, and if you enjoy it you can always go back and read about the Kings players after Single is a great This review was originally posted on Book Briefs

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    So I don t know anything about baseball but apparently I love it s players because reading romance novels featuring these delicious men has been my new kick for a while Obviously then Single was an immediate must read for me but it was also unlike any other sports romance novel I ve ever read The biggest reason for this was the hero who was so refreshingly different He wasn t the cocky player, or the manwhore or the star player with the reputation He wasn t big and tall and bountiful muscle and lascivious grins No, Luke Single Singleton is the underdog He s recovering from an injury that nearly cost him his life, he s battling a debilitating fear every time he steps onto the field he s taking care of his mother who is going off her rocker at a steady rate and his reputation and nickname come from him never being seen with a woman And he was absolutely loveable Luke proves that you simply don t need the cocky manwhore to get you all hot and bothered because the chemistry and tension in this book was off the charts It was a bit of a slow burn romance that took it s time but there were definite moments that had my pulse racing On top of this sweet yet hot romance, there were also plots bubbling underneath the surface promising that everything would soon come to a dramatic head With so much else happening in this book this was just a really entertaining read that had me turning pages until I read the very last word This was a great and intriguing book with a great hero and a great romance Recommended for all fans of sports romance ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    When I first heard about SINGLE I was a little unsure of it because I hadn t been a big fan of Roberta in Collette West s New York Kings books, but as I read and excerpts and sneak peeks, I grew and excited to meet Luke and to finally learn Roberta s story So, when Collette West asked me if I d like to help her out by beta reading SINGLE, I jumped at the chance It was definitely the right choice because I was hooked from the start I m so glad that I kept reading excerpts, and gave SINGLE a chance because it was fantastic, and I really did grow to love RobertaI actually feel a bit bad about how strongly I disliked her before PWhile SINGLE isn t part of the New York Kings series, it does exist in the same world and takes place after the most recent NYK book, GAME WINNER, and we have seen Stockton before in Collette s first book NIGHT GAMES I loved getting to see Stockton again, and it was really interesting to see the dynamics of a different team I loved seeing Luke improve as a player and gain confidence after facing a horrible accident, and I really loved seeing his relationship with his teammates I loved how close he Danny were, and I really enjoyed seeing him and Rob grow closer And Hoff He s a gruff, older player with a chip on his shoulder, but he really surprised me and was there for Luke when it really mattered DAs for Luke himself, well I loved him He was such an amazing and genuinely kind person I loved how he always did everything that he could for others, and how he constantly had a positive outlook I could definitely relate to him, and I sensed a kindred spirit in him he s totally a fellow Hufflepuff, I just know it P I loved how much he cared for his mom, and how hard he worked to make sure that she had the best care that she could get And I really loved him as a romantic lead He was so considerate, thoughtful, and he never pressured Roberta to share than she was ready to tell him He let her decide when she was ready to confide in him, and when she kept things from him, he was so understanding It was really refreshing to see a male lead like him I m not saying other male leads are inconsiderate douche buckets, but they re definitely not usually as understanding as Luke was, and I think that largely came from how he treated his mother Family was everything to him, and he s one of those characters that will fight to the ends of the world to protect someone that he considers part of his family, including his friends Along with being just an all around amazing guy, he was definitely sexywhich I always appreciate in my leading dudes And Roberta Roberta, Roberta, Robertawell, as I said at the beginning of the review, I was pretty unsure of her as a main character, but I m willing to admit that I was so wrong We ve always seen her as the foil or one of the foils to the relationship that we re routing for in the New York Kings series, so in SINGLE, we re finally seeing things from her side Yes, she totally hooked up with some of the Kings players, but they re a lot to her story and a lot to her She s a strong, independent, and sassy woman, which is something we didn t get to see much of in Collette West s other series, but in SINGLE we see it all We finally see why Roberta was resisting getting into relationships and we finally see the real relationship that she has with Mike Landry I absolutely loved getting to see it all, and in the end, I really loved Roberta I loved her compassion for Luke s mother and how much she genuinely wanted to help others I really, really empathized with the hardships she faced in her past, and I was so happy when she finally opened up to Luke and she let herself enjoy a loving relationship with a wonderful man And most of all, I just loved her and Luke together so much Overall, I loved SINGLE It was a fantastic story, and a great start to the STOCKTON BEAVERS series I already can t wait for from Collette West

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    a 4 star sweet read that I enjoyed, loved Luke s character, he truly was not your typical baseball jock and I enjoyed that fact full review at

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    Luke awww.Luke he is the epitome of everything we want in a guy He is quiet but strong in his quiet way he is strong inside and out Kind, caring, smart, gentle, an alpha male without being seen as one A rock without acting like one Loyal and just all around everything we desire He doesn t need to act a certain way and is comfortable with who he is He treats people with respect and kindness He has such strength and determination Heck to go through what he did and come out not only alive but stronger and still loving the sport that could have taken his way of life from him still shows a quiet strength and beauty The way he is with his mom is so heartwarming Seeing him be himself and accept everyone for who they are and not judge is amazing He is just what we all want and admire He is quite simply amazing And how he even after Roberta kept pushing him away and told him about his past stayed the course and showed her that she wasn t her past but and loved her was so so cryworthy amazeballs This is a man that fights for those he loves and is loyal and loving The ending with him and Summer was just so breathtaking adorable and precious that is the word for this man Precious A rare jewel not to be seen often but when you do you see how precious and incredible they are and it takes your breath away He is this.I have read Ms West books of the King men and I have to say this one tops all those Luke tops all those This is his and Roberta s story We get to see the real Roberta here Not the perceived one but the real one The hurting one that is dealing with the pain of her past and trying to overcome her fears and find love We see her fight the attraction she has for Luke We see how caring and kind she is but also strong and tough when needed We see her vulnerable and we see her find love We see Luke show her kindness, patience, compassion, support and love and because of this and his acceptance of her we see Roberta shine and let his love into her life.This is their story His story of struggling with his fear after the injury and overcoming it to become a stronger player on the field His story about his mom and coming to terms with her illness and at peace with it The story of Roberta confronting her fears and with the love and understanding support from Luke come out stronger and with the love of her life The story of Roberta and Luke finding love and each other The beautiful story of two strong yet vulnerable people finding their way to one another and accepting each other as is Not only accepting one another but supporting each other and loving each other with all that they are.A story that grips your heart and doesn t let it go A amazing story that has you smile, cry and sigh.

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I am a big fan of sports romances and I am always delighted to find one which rocks the mold a bit Luke has recently recovered from a life threatening injury sustained in a baseball game He is young, and his whole life has been baseball, so in spite of his fears he needs to get back on the pitch He is short, under rated and his nickname single is due to his ongoing status He is however most definitely one of the good guys, and reading about his commitment to his ailing mother, and his father s memory adds to his stand up character He is so conflicted due to his feelings for Roberta, and we are drawn in so effectively as the heat builds and the scene is set Roberta is also someone with depth and strength that she hides well But we also know she is hiding something else and as in most cases it becomes and difficult to come clean, the longer she waits She is always a good person, and we grow to understand and care for her, just as much as Luke They really do deserve each other how does it work well, get reading I am looking forward to future installments of this series, as being in the lower levels of the game gives scope for interesting plot lines it would seem

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    N o poderia ter come ado o ano melhor do que com o meu debut com Collette West Nunca tinha lido nada dessa autora e a surpresa teve um efeito muito positivo em mim por v rias raz es.Com uma narrativa em 1 pessoa com ambos pontos de vistas, o primeiro volume da s rie Stockton Beavers tem muitos ingredientes na medida certa.Luke e Roberta s o um casal muito bonito de acompanhar Ele um jogador de beisebol em recupera o devido a uma les o provocada por um rival na ltima temporada, que agora precisa unir sua vida familiar com o esporte que tanto ama J ela, vem de um passado conturbado e com v rios segredos, mas que encontra numa cidade pacata e num time de beisebol, um motivo para recome ar Luke est passando por um momento de indecis o onde precisa decidir se coloca sua fam lia em primeiro lugar ou abandona a oportunidade ap s a melhora da sua les o Em muitos momentos ele realmente quer largar tudo da sua carreira para ajudar a fam lia, e isso foi t o bonito de se ver Qual jogador faria isso A literatura recheada de jogadores egoc ntricos Quote Eu franzo a testa em frustra o, sabendo que ele est certo Eu lhe dei tanto de mim, mais do que eu dei a qualquer outro homem No entanto, eu ainda estou segurando uma parte de mim, e ele pode sentir isso Tenho tanto medo de me permitir ser vulner vel, que eu me treinei para ser resistente, endurecendo meu cora o contra todas as pessoas que chegam perto de mim.E ao mesmo tempo, Roberta seguiu o mesmo caminho das personagens femininas que tenho gostado tanto Ela n o torna a pr pria dor um motivo para ser infeliz ou para maltratar os outros Descobrimos alguns cap tulos em que nos contato o passado de Roberta E na medida certa, Luke o que Roberta precisa companheirismo e um amor calmo Quote Porque que o caminho para chegar ao cora o de um homem sempre pelo est mago Eu bato na sua bunda e tento me apressar para passar por ele, mas ele muito r pido pra mim, ent o ele p e seus bra os em volta de mim por tr s, beijando meu pesco o Voc n o tem que se preocupar com isso porque voc j tem meu cora o, todo ele Em alguns momentos, queria incentivar a Roberta com um abra o e dizer para ser mais sincera com Luke Queria dar outro abra o nela tamb m quando seus segredos vieram tona, queria agradec la por ser t o boa com a m e do Luke Uma protagonista que uma boa amiga e sustentou bem sua vida, mesmo que n o estivesse muito boa no momento, digno de elogios.A principal caracter stica que amei o livro inteiro n o ter cenas sexuais Foi ao mesmo tempo um al vio e uma renovada nos nimos devido s v rias cenas de sexo sem conte do e sem prop sito que tenho encontrado em muitos livros ultimamente O casal tem momentos ntimos, mas em nenhum momento durante a leitura me peguei curiosa em querer saber o que faziam em quatro paredes Quote Est tudo bem Voc me inspirou, isso tudo o que importa.Eu sussurro, quase para mim mesma, s que t o engra ado O que engra ado Como voc pode fazer um impacto na vida de algu m, e nem sequer saber disso Voc fez Ele faz uma pausa, sua voz come ando a rachar Eu apenas pensei que tudo ia ficar bem, uma vez que voc chegou a Stockton Que, de alguma forma, voc estivesse aqui para salvar o dia Ele inclina a cabe a Mas eu acho que o que voc est tentando passar para minha cabe a dura que, no final, nenhum de n s tem o que preciso para manter minha m e , e devastador ter que aceitar isso Em contra partida, me vi envolvida demais nas emo es do casal, e o que acontecia na vida e dentro da cabe a de cada um Al m de Collette West escrever com o cora o, muitas vezes durante a narrativa me senti muito ligada com os personagens, como se eu tamb m fosse uma personagem e n o expectadora dos eventos Para todos os efeitos, achei Luke muito normal, um adulto de verdade, e mesmo sendo famoso e tendo que morar numa cidade onde seu pai um jogador que deixou um legado quer seguir seus passos E tamb m um aspecto f sico do Luke fez a caracteriza o do pr prio personagem ser mais bonita, e somando a isso ao fato de ser diferente e ser uma coisa que faz Roberta gostar mais dele, me deixou muito feliz em sair do clich Ent o, diferente de outros livros de jogadores que li, Single um alento, pois n o tem a farra de um campus universit rio e nem a nsia do protagonista masculino em ser o garanh o do peda o E tem a sinceridade e o impacto de uma rotina di ria de uma pessoa normal, com seus contratempos da atividade dom stica e o amor que permeia uma fam lia.

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    After falling in love with the men of Ms West s New York Kings series, I was excited for the chance to get to know about the men and lives of a small town team far away from the glitz and glamour of the Big Leagues Again Ms West doesn t disappoint as she s crafted a story long on emotions as two bruised souls try to recover from their painful pasts at the hands of one man Throw in a sweet romance and a deft and careful handling of the weighty issues of domestic abuse, and the all encompassing ravages of those afflicted with Alzheimer s, and you end up with a memorable and thought provoking read.Luke Singleton is still recovering from a horrific injury at the hands of a jealous and violent ball player, still working through the fear of being hit again and not making it to the Big Leagues in honor of his father That s not the only thing weighing on his mind though as he s also dealing with his mother s Alzheimer s disease getting worse Luke s a sweet person, caring and loyal, who s desperate to do right by his mother and care for her at home It s getting harder to do that though and it s starting to put his career in jeopardy With no one else to turn to he calls on the woman he s long been enad with to help him keep his secret Roberta still fascinates him but their entwined pasts keep her from giving in to the feelings he inspires in her He s not one to give up on anyone though and becomes her friend while subtly working his way to being Luke s a wonderful character, not my typical book boyfriend as his sweet side far outweighs any Alpha pushiness He s a loving son, not ashamed to sing to his mother to make her smile, and cares for her in a way that lets her keep her dignity despite her disease taking her away from him bit by bit He s humble too, supportive of his teammates as seen in playful banter on and off the field His romance with Roberta is sensual but not scorching but that in no way makes it any less satisfying On so many levels Luke is the quintessential hero, from his aw shucks attitude to his unwavering support of others to those sentimental moments of love he s not afraid to display, and is a fine addition to the heavy hitters Ms West is so good at creating.Roberta s a character that we ve met before in the world of the New York Kings and the impressions she left me with weren t positive She appeared cold and calculating, a shrew who made others miserable I never thought she d become a person you d cheer for but it speaks volumes as to Ms West s talent that she was able to redeem someone so irredeemable We get to know the real Roberta here and she ends up being a survivor, a caring person with demons of her own at the hands of an abusive and stalking ex husband Her former life left her damaged, unwilling to believe in love, but the time she spends with the kindhearted Luke tempts her greatly Roberta s a caretaker in this story, and a very good one, as she cares for Luke s mom just as lovingly as he does and it endeared her to me I enjoyed this softer, less self assured side, as it made her relatable Her issues with her ex were heartbreaking and the connection it has to Luke might ve broken apart any other couple but it s a credit to Luke s ability to forgive that he wholeheartedly stays by Roberta s side, never forcing her to confide in him until she s ready.This was a sweet story that dealt with some heavy issues in a respectful yet powerful way Small town living, with all its colorful denizens, was on display here too to charm me and further immerse me in the lives of the ball players trying to make it to New York I enjoyed the witty and playful banter between the players, the unwavering support when one of their own is threatened, which has me excited for stories as I found myself drawn to Danny and Rob The scenes on the field were vividly depicted and had me cheering along with the fans who start to feel like family as we get to see a few of them up close and personal I normally like my romances to be on the steamier side but the sweeter and gentler interludes here were a reflection of Luke s personality and character and felt just as satisfying Roberta s redemption was unexpected but perfectly played out to make it believable and the HEA she has with Luke is richly rewarding because of it All in all this is a delightful start to a new series and shows once again why I consider Ms West the best when it comes to romances set in the world of baseball

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    SingleCollette West 4 stars I have to say, the best part about this book for me was the male lead I loved that Luke wasn t the typical book boyfriend we all latch onto He wasn t a all star player, or a ladies man He is an underdog.After suffering a serious injury and now dealing with an ailing mother, Luke s focus is off and he s scattered trying to take care of everything at home while improving his game Roberta has past experience as a caregiver, it s like fate when she shows up on his doorstep Luke hires her to care for his mom so he can get back to improving himself to get back in the game I really enjoyed both characters, I felt they had great chemistry and I loved that the author had them build a friendship before moving onto a romantic relationship It really gave me as a reader time to fall in love with both of them individually before seeing the two of them together Although Single is a spin off of Collette West s New York Kings series, I didn t feel like I was lost by not having read them first The writing was really good, and I enjoyed reading a sports romance that actually included some sports in it It was an easy read for me And the start of what looks like will continue to be a fun series AudiobookThis story was awesome Luke is a baseball player that was injured badly by a vicious and cruel player on a rival team After struggling to recover he finally gets a shot to play again, but his mother isn t well and needs him He doesn t know how he can manage having a baseball career and taking care of his mother Until Roberta comes to town.Roberta is hiding from her past and looking for a fresh start And while she thinks it s a bad idea to get involved in any way with Luke, she quickly discovers how badly in need of her help he is for his mom Her caregiver background won t allow her to walk away But the two will need to deal with Luke s career and the challenges of making a come back, Luke s mother and her steady decline, and Roberta s past all while navigating their growing attraction to each other This book ended up containing twists I didn t anticipate and unexpected hurdles thrown in along the way I enjoyed it all Luke wasn t portrayed as your stereotypical leading man, he had hang ups about himself, he was down to earth and easy to relate to The narrator for him I felt fit well Soft voice, not overly deep, gruff, or gravelly Roberta was so strong and so kind and such a well written character The things she had to overcome and was hiding from were just heartbreaking I loved her But I honestly didn t love her narrator The voice was a little high, and I felt the tone and cadence of her reading was very repetitive I couldn t hear any real emotion in her voice and often just felt the rise and falls came at the wrong time and didn t match what was going on or what was being said by the characters But with that being said, the story was still great I m still so happy I had the chance to listen to this story, the female narrator just wasn t a hit for me I look forward to checking out stories by this author in future.

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