The Sapphire Affair

The Sapphire Affair Bounty Hunter Jake Harlowe Knows How To Track A Criminal So When A Group Of Swindled Shareholders Hires Him To Trail Their Former CEO, Jake Expects A Quick Trip To The Cayman Islands To Close Another Case Until A Devastatingly Beautiful Woman Gets In The WaySteph Anderson Is Visiting The Caymans For A Rock Climbing And Dive Trip Or So She Tells Jake She S Really Trying To Find Out Whether Or Not Her Stepfather Embezzled Money From His Company The Last Thing Steph Needs Is The Distraction Of A Sexy, Charming Man Whose Kisses Drive Her WildSoon, The Pair Discover They Re After The Same Target And Millions In Jewels While Jake Can T Be Certain Steph Isn T Working For Her Stepfather, And Steph Can T Be Certain Jake Isn T After The Diamonds For Himself, They Can Agree The Heat Between Them Is Intense, And Neither Can Deny The Passion For LongBut The Morning After, Steph Discovers That She Just Might Have Slept With The Enemy, And Now She Ll Have To Outwit Him To Get Everything She Needs

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[PDF / Epub] ☀ The Sapphire Affair ✍ Lauren Blakely –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 222 pages
  • The Sapphire Affair
  • Lauren Blakely
  • English
  • 14 September 2018

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    Where do I start with this one Lauren Blakely is like fine art She knows what she is doing And she s doing it better than ever with this series Everything that you are looking for in a book is here Bounty hunter Jake Harlowe knows how to track a criminal So when a group of swindled shareholders hires him to trail their former CEO, Jake expects a quick trip to the Cayman Islands to close another case He s not just another ordinary bounty hunter, he is ex miltary and you know what that means right Me Military True Love..I mean it isn t going to be easy And he isn t one to veer off his path or away from the job He learned that mistake once it isn t going to happen again Till Until a devastatingly beautiful woman gets in the way. Steph Anderson is visiting the Caymans for a rock climbing and dive trip or so she tells Jake She s really trying to find out whether or not her stepfather embezzled money from his company Look at this, it s as if the stars have aligned themselves and fate stepped in to intervene You are sitting there, giggling like a school girl waiting to see what happens next You know that it s going to be good You know it s going to blow your mind and you also know that your panties are going to go out the window..Well because, Jake So Steph is busy looking for her step dad Eli to try and get some many back for her mom and Jake is looking for 10,000,000 The last thing Steph needs is the distraction of a sexy, charming man whose kisses drive her wild It should be easy but it isn t their cat and mouse game is so good You sit there almost like you want to point fingers at the and say Soon, the pair discover they re after the same target and millions in jewels While Jake can t be certain Steph isn t working for her stepfather, and Steph can t be certain Jake isn t after the diamonds for himself, they can agree the heat between them is intense, and neither can deny the passion for long You can t look away, you don t want to look away The way Lauren writes this you feel like you are there with them Going through all the hops and clues that is issued You literally feel that you can go treasure hunting, that s how amazing it is In the end, they need each other In the end they finally have to put their trust in each other Both are threading lightly, both are scared to fully give in to the other, but both don t stand a chance I for one can t wait to see how this turns out, but one thing is for sure Lauren isn t going to let me down

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    Suspense, intrigue and so much sexual tension to overflow a boatThe Sapphire Affair takes you on a thrilling and hilarious ride in the Caymans Jake and Steph s unique relationship throughout the entire story was very entertaining, I couldn t get enough of those two Even though they were brought together by a common goal, I felt like they were destined to find each other Their chemistry sizzled from the very beginning, and just continued to get hotter the they learned about one another, and the time spent together But underneath it all remains the mystery of the missing 10 million With each piece of info discovered, it only leads to questions Along side Jake and Steph, I was completely invested into the adventure of finding out everything I could Reading those Nancy Drew books are coming in handy right now But just when I thought I knew what was going to happen next, BAM betrayal Or WAS it The story leads perfectly into The Sapphire Heist And I cannot wait to finally uncover not only the secret behind the diamonds, but also what happens between Jake and Steph They re absolutely perfect together, even though they haven t realized it yet A hot and sexy bounty hunter, missing money, undeniable attraction, and jewel encrusted dildosThe Sapphire Affair is a steamy and stealthy love story with an exciting and mysterious twist A definite 5 Star MUST READ received ARC in exchange for an honest review Kelly

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    I ve been looking for the perfect summer romance A story that sizzles and is set in the sand A fun and flirty fling A book that takes me away, body and soul, to a far away place A Sapphire Affair is THAT STORY Here is my little checklist of why The Sapphire Affair is THE book affair you need to have this summer 1 The BEACH This book is set at the beach, The Caymans YES please 2 ROMANCE This read is a romance between two beautiful people with chemistry that burns like the sun A slow burn of passion.3 SUSPENSE This story is swathed in suspense and sprinkled with clues that you, the reader, get to solve How fun is that 4 THRILLS This tale of thrills rivals a James Bond movie The Sapphire Affair by Lauren Blakely is THE perfect summer read a steamy and spellbinding story wrapped in suspense Oh did I love every mysterious and mesmerizing minute Adventurous and alluring, The Sapphire Affair is an adrenaline rush of a romance, an affair of words to remember.From the very first page, The Sapphire Affair captivated me where I was captive to the sapphire sea, floating in fixation I tasted the salty air, felt the waves, and listened to the ocean I was in The Cayman Islands solving this page turner of a tornado of suspense where I was spinning Like Nancy Drew, I was trying to solve the 10 million dollar mystery that wove its way from the pages to my head, and it was a heady feeling that I thoroughly enjoyed I was bound to The Sapphire Affair like the tide of the sea as it pulled me under, page by powerful page.Bounty Hunter, Jake Harlowe, is a hot knight in panty melting armor that heated me from head to toe Dark hair, green eyes, tall, and a muscular body to be climbed like Mount Everest Jake captures stolen goods and returns them to their rightful owners, serving justice, thief by thief I m a modern day Robin Hood Robin Hood meets his Maid Marian in a bar night, steaming up the place with a passionate kiss Beautiful blonde, blue eyed, and buxom beach gal, Steph Anderson, caught Jake s and, like a mermaid, Jake wants to capture this beauty with brains Steph Anderson is smart, sassy, and savvy and I love her He almost caught his beautiful beach goddess until he discovered that they both want to bust the same thief The alleged thief being Steph s stepfather The 10 million dollar heist now has two detectives on the case Jake vows not to mix business with pleasure However, the chemistry that explodes like fireworks is too powerful to stop You deserve someone who craves the taste of your lips The feel of your bodyI would make sure you come three times before I even do once Yesyesyes Jake is one delicious dirty talker whose words morphed into involuntary thigh clenches I sweated and swooned in a sea of lust Jake melted me from the inside out One hot night results in passion that permeates from the pages while a fire blazes between this couple Though the after effects are ashes, remains of what could have been as Steph loses trust in her Robin Hood, wondering if Jake used her to get to her stepfather You ve lied to me so far, and now you re here clearly trying to get closer to me because you think I know somethingdon t you see how this looks The Sapphire Affair is sheer brilliance from beginning to end I loved the intrigue of this sexy suspense that intoxicated me Lauren Blakely s words are vivid like paint to a canvas where I experienced EVERYTHING The angst The attraction The action I wore The Sapphire Affair like a jewel that was a part of me stunning and spectacular.I felt the surge of adrenaline that poured from the pages to my body I lived and breathed this book I felt ALIVE I was ALL IN The Sapphire Affair was an affair of my book lovin heart, a romance where I was so lost that I did not want to be found The only cure is to dive of this gem of a series, The Sapphire Heist.5 spellbinding and spectacular jewels

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    Well, Lauren does it again With just the right amount of angst, friendly banter, and sexual chemistry The Sapphire Affair holds true to its name What happens when the man you know as your step father Eli , turns out to be a cold hearted man leaving your mother and his business partner high and dry You turn into Nancy Drew to find out what exactly is going on Well You hope to find out what s going on That is until you meet a gorgeously rugged man in a local bar, who starts to take center stage in your brain The chemistry between these two is incredibly palpable Jake Harlowe is after the same thing Steph is after although not knowing it yet hired by Andrew Eli s business partner to find out what s happened to ten million dollars Knowing that girls are a weakness and this one is as Sexy as sin, Jake tries to stay clear of Steph This is a big job for Jake and he cannot risk his mind being clouded with poor judgment That is, until he finds out that Steph may not be who she says she is Who s who in this suspenseful romance and where has the missing money gone This book will have you searching for clues like Inspector Gadget while fanning yourself from the fire between these two I absolutely loved it 5 Stars

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    What can I say about this book Well, it was great I loved it It was like an adventure and mystery and romance tied into one Lauren Blakely is like a really good glass of wine from a really great winery She knows what she is doing and what she does is ON POINT Let me warn you that this DOES have a cliffhanger I hate it when I m not 100% sure and I go in not knowing that I m not one to go into a series unless all the books have been to be released OR unless the release dates are close together BUT You re in luck Because they TOTALLY ARE So, in this story, we have all around badass, scuba goddess Steph Anderson She owns a dive tour business that runs out of the islands and recently has suffered some blows in her personal life Her most recent ex tried to demolish her company and her mother and her stepfather recently got a very nasty divorce Jake Harlowe is in the recovery business he obtains items that have been stolen That can vary in meaning, but most recently he has taken the job of investigating Steph s stepfather to see if he is up to any nefarious dealings with his new fiance Steph s mother actually wants her to do the same thing A chance encounter in a bar has them crossing paths and sparks fly Because it s called The Sapphire Affair, it can t NOT involve jewels, right It totally does What a way to a girls heart I can just picture these gorgeous jewels I LOVED these characters They are both fiesty and have depth in their own way I love that they are both after the same cause the truth I also like how it isn t instalove Instalust Sure, but they put that aside for the common goal for a time I would give this book 4.75 stars It was really entertaining The added elements of the mystery and adventure really added to the budding romance and I cannot start book 2 The Sapphire Heist I cannot wait to see what is in store for these characters

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    loved this book, the story is full of romance and some glamour moments I loved the plot and the characters the author has a fab way of describing what you see so you think your there this book has a cliff hanger ending, so be warned another fab read from this authorhighly recommendedhttps obsessedbookreviews.wordpresshttps obsessedbook

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    It s not often that I sit and read an entire book in one sitting but, from the moment I started The Sapphire Affair by Lauren Blakely, I refused to put down the book until I finished Not only does this book have a smoking hot romance as per usual with Lauren Blakely , but the narrative is an action packed thrill ride, guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping There s danger There s mystery There s suspense Did I mention the smoking hot romance The Sapphire Affair is a high stakes, adventure filled romance that starts with a bang and keeps you on your toes until the very last sentence.With a bounty hunter for a hero and an adventurer for a heroine seriously, that s her job , it s not surprising that The Sapphire Affair is Lauren Blakely s most exhilarating story to date We first meet protagonist, Jake Harlowe, in the midst of his job as a recovery specialist a job that requires careful planning, a bit of luck, and lot of ingenuity Juggling his hazardous job with acting as a substitute parent for his younger siblings doesn t leave Jake much time to form romantic connections, yet his one rule is to keep his professional and romantic lives separate It s therefore fortuitous that he has no idea that the woman who catches his eye on his latest job happens to be the stepdaughter of his target When Jake meets Steph Anderson, she s simply a gorgeous woman in a bar with whom he shares flirtatious banter and incredibly potent chemistry.When Steph inevitably becomes entangled in Jake s investigation, professional and personal lines are blurred, and the sexual tension between them escalates to uncontrollable proportions Their romance is a temptation, a teasing push and pull that s as riveting as the case they re attempting to unravel As this novel can attest, no one writes a love scene quite like Lauren Blakely It s not just sex between her characters or foreplay, as it may be , it s a physical and emotional intimacy one that s the result of all consuming kisses, a worshipping of bodies, and a desire for the characters to memorize each other through taste, touch, and feel Jake and Steph s romance may be a slow burn, but the buildup is just as satisfying as the payoff.As part one of a two part series, The Sapphire Affair is designed to whet your appetite and entice you to return for While I feel as though I ve been thoroughly acquainted with Jake and Steph, this book only scratches the surface of their budding romance and of their ongoing investigation By the end of the book, I was left with an impatient need to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle, which is admittedly part of the fun After finishing The Sapphire Affair, I can guarantee you ll be dying to delve right into The Sapphire Heist complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    Sex, humor, and suspense is the name of the game in the first installment of the new Jewel Series by Lauren Blakely When I found out that Lauren was releasing a new series this summer, I was overwhelmed with joy She has a trademark style of romance that always makes me giddy in anticipation every time I m about to start one of her books A romance penned by Lauren Blakely NEVER disappoints The Sapphire Affair got my motor running from the very beginning I was enticed and entertained the whole way through Jake and Steph s journey have just begun and I am a complete goner for this series It than satisfied the suspenseful romance junkie in me and made my heart race from beginning to end If you are looking for something FUN and SEXY this Summer, THIS is the romance for you It DOES end in a cliffhanger, but The Sapphire Heist releases only a month after The Sapphire Affair, so that should lessen the sting a bit Gifted copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    I won a contest on FB for the CD version of this book and I loved it I can honestly say that everything I ve read from Lauren is hot and this book will not disappoint This book is sexy with Jake and Steph having amazing chemistry and it s in a fabulous location The innuendo shared between the two is there in spades Sebastian York is the narrator and he does a great job His voice is perfect for Jake I love the little touches in this book like the ratio and lifeguard stand I m looking forward to part 2 and just happy we don t have to wait long for it s release it s a month after this release Great job to Lauren I m adding this to the end of the review for the audio CD, as I ve just read the book Even though Sebastian wasn t narrating, the book was exciting I just love Jake and Steph I love the premise about them working together although not really trusting each other all the time to solve a mystery Characters are not what they seem and each chapter leaves you guessing.

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    Live on July 12 Full Review 5 JEWELED CROWNSThree things about Lauren Blakely 1 Lauren Blakely has an amazing talent of infusing her romance with suspense The Sinful Night series is the perfect example of hot romance and the love stories of the Sloane siblings integrated with the epic mystery of their father s death The Sapphire Affair is another great example of her ability to integrate the two.2 She can write an epic sex scene Her men are always wonderful dirty talkers, which in the romance genre, is a must for most readers Jake does not disappoint 3 Lauren Blakely s plots are always complex, especially in the suspense romance genre There are many sub plots to her main romantic plot Her ability to weave these plots together seamlessly and among multiple books speaks to her ability to create engaging stories that draw readers in to the mystery being solved as well as the romance.Three things about her characters 1 Jake is the best kind of hero He cares for his family, rights wrongs perpetrated by criminals, and knows how to take care of a woman with a 3 1 ratio this is very important He is a giver, and what is better than that 2 Steph is a heroine that the reader can respect, and this is incredibly important to me as a female reader She is not only fighting to build her business back up after her ex boyfriend destroys it, but she is also trying to rectify a wrong that has been committed against her mother by her step father, who is no longer with her mother Her ability to claw her way back to success makes her an admirable heroine in my book.3 Their chemistry together is palpable The banter between Jake and Steph creates great sexual tension, and, when they finally get to act on their desires, it explodes off of the page.Three things about the plot 1 As I have said before, I love a good suspense romance, and this plot offers that very genre A majority of the story focuses on where the gems are located, how is the crime being committed, and how do they collect the gems or the evidence The answers to these questions will, I m sure, be answered in the second book of the series, as this book ends with a cliff hanger.2 The pacing of the plot is great Never once did I feel as though I was re reading information or questioning why I was being told something All parts of the plot are pieces to the puzzle that become important in this story or will become important, I m sure.3 The prologue immediately draws the reader into the story, and the plot ends at the perfect part The reader feels as though the relationship has been established and settled between Steph and Jake, but then Steph makes a discovery that destroys it all It makes the reader very anxious to see how this discovery is not only going to affect their relationship but also the newly established partnership to solve the mystery of the gems.This author is one of my go to romance suspense writers, and The Sapphire Affair is another fantastic, sexy romance by Laruen Blakely I look forward to getting the resolution of Steph and Jake s story in The Sapphire Heist ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.For reviews and book information, please check out my blog, Musings of the Modern Belle, at or follow me on various social media sites. Review Three things about The Sapphire Affair 1 Lauren Blakely s plots are always complex, especially in the suspense romance genre There are many sub plots to her main romantic plot Her ability to weave these plots together seamlessly and among multiple books speaks to her ability to create engaging stories that draw readers in to the mystery being solved as well as the romance.2 Jake is the best kind of hero He cares for his family, rights wrongs perpetrated by criminals, and knows how to take care of a woman with a 3 1 ratio He is a giver, and what is better than that 3 The prologue immediately draws the reader into the story, and the plot ends at the perfect point in the plot The reader feels as though the relationship has been established and settled between Steph and Jake, but then Steph makes a discovery that destroys it all It makes the reader very anxious to see how this discovery is not only going to affect their relationship but also the newly established partnership to solve the mystery of the gems.I can t wait for The Sapphire Heist in order to get the resolution to Steph and Jake s story The full review will be posted closer to the release date, July 12.ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review For reviews and other book news, please check out my blog

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