The Sapphire Heist

The Sapphire Heist Keep Your Lover Close And Your Enemy Closer After Giving In To A Fiery Night Of Passion, Island Adventurer Steph Anderson And Bounty Hunter Jake Harlowe Are Back To Square One With Millions In Stolen Jewels At Stake, It S Hard For Steph Not To Question Her New Partner S True Motives No Matter How Sexy He Might Be Jake Is Hungry For Of Steph, But He Can Sense Her Growing Mistrust, Which Only Fuels His Own Doubts Worse, There S Undeniable Evidence That Someone Else Is Now After The Jewels And That They Are Both In Real DangerFighting Against Their Magnetic Attraction Is A Distraction These Two Can T Afford In Order To Survive, They Ll Have To Pull Off One Heist And Trust Each Other With Something Even Precious Than Jewels Their Hearts

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 208 pages
  • The Sapphire Heist
  • Lauren Blakely
  • English
  • 09 June 2019

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    ARC PROVIDED BY AUTHOR FOR HONEST REVIEW Suspense, Thriller, Love, Oh my After reading the Sapphire Affair, I was left wanting I needed to know what is happening Was Jake really a bad guy Please no With that, I could not wait to get my pretty little hands on the Sapphire Heist.AND OH MY GOODNESS I could not put my kindle down Lauren Blakely sucked me in This novel was such a quick read Again, I could not put it down LOVE AND LOVE this sequel.Jake and Steph s relationship is so damn hot, it left me wanting to read of their fun moments The feelings they had for another was so vividly strong You felt every emotion they had for one another While they were falling in love with each other, you were falling in love with them.Then the story itself, was a continuance from the first book It left you thinking, what is the next move Who did it And plenty of oh my goodness moments Like I said about the first book, Sapphire Affair, that it reminded me of a movie This one I felt the exactly the same way When the story ended, I wanted it to continue You really do fall in love with Jake and Steph However, part of me feels that Lauren Blakely has something up her sleeves for Jake and Steph One could only hope.With that, my rating for this novel is a FANTASTIC FIVE STARS I could go on and on about how much I loved this sequel but I don t want to give anything way So moral of the story, READ IT You will not be disappointed at all One click away I would like to say, I have never read a Lauren Blakely novel until Sapphire Affair and after reading both Sapphire Affair and Sapphire Heist, I became a huge fan of Ms Blakely She is truly an exceptional writer Thank you and it s a definite five star rating.Reviewed by Kris F.

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    To me, romance and suspense go hand in hand What s suspenseful than wondering how two wonderful people can manage to get together in spite of the world going crazy around them Maggie ShayneRomance blends with suspense in the sensational Sapphire series by Lauren Blakely, a different kind of book high where the unknown is heightened and feelings are folded with thrills Lauren Blakely made me fall in love with suspense in The Sapphire Affair and I could not wait to get lost in The Sapphire Heist I was chomping at the bit for of this mystery, and dove into The Sapphire Heist with desire and determination I was catapulted back into the Sapphire series that boggled my brain for weeks The Sapphire Heist consumed me from the very first page Mind racing Feelings flowing Heart beating out of my chest My pulse pounded with each page as I felt the rush of The Sapphire Heist I was absorbed I was obsessed I was alive Just when I thought I solved the mystery in The Sapphire Heist, a new one popped up with twists and turns than ever This story is swathed in so much suspense that I tried to solve the mystery day and night I DREAMT diamonds, sapphires, heists, and heat The Sapphire Heist hijacked my head, danced in my dreams, and blew up my brain.The Sapphire Heist captivated and claimed ALL OF ME I never stopped thinking about this series The Sapphire Heist became my heist My high My hope My adventure My addiction Enthralling, engaging, and electric, The Sapphire Heist is full of twists and turns in a thriller that rivals James Bond I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of this adventure Bounty Hunter, Jake Harlowe, the hot knight in panty melting armor that heated me from head to toe bared heart in The Sapphire Heist and became even HOTTER Dark hair, green eyes, tall, and a muscular body to be climbed like Mount Everest Jake is the perfect man I love how Jake is tough on the outside but tender at the core He is tough with a strong sense of right and wrong Though he will bend the law if the ends justify the means Robin Hood met his Maid Marian in a bar one night, steaming up the place with a passionate kiss, and Steph has been the Bonnie to Jake s Clyde ever since A beautiful blonde, blue eyed, and buxom beach gal, Steph Anderson looks and swims like a mermaid, one that Jake is still trying to catch for good Steph Anderson is smart, sassy, and savvy and I love her The Sapphire Heist bleeds angst as Steph and Jake crash and clash a few times, lines blurred and already crossed Doubt lingers like the salty air near the ocean and trust is tried as it often floats away at sea One constant is the chemistry that is fire hot, a burn that only ignites further throughout the story Come closer Climb on Sit on my face I need you straddling me Holy HOT I was on fire as my body heated from head to toe I could not get enough of Jake s dirty mouth The chemistry burns bright through fights too with fight sex Can we please just f k it out now F k it out Yes Your anger Our mistrust My doubt Can we just once and for all f k it out and let it go Explosive is the heat between Jake and Steph Explosive is the story of The Sapphire Heist Explosive are the emotions left wading in the sea of suspense and angst aftermath Jake and Steph are have hit some bumps in the road but have new leads to solving the 10 million heist of diamonds along with doubt Think real hard before you say it Ask yourself if you want to go there Go where You re about to suggest I m in on it too, aren t you The trust teeters back and forth The suspense builds Steph and Jake are in doubt, unsure who the enemy is in this game Love is on the line and needs to be rescued as much as the diamonds if Steph and Jake want to be than partners or friends or enemies How do I know if any of this between us is real Or just a setup to take the diamonds The Sapphire Heist is flawlessly executed Edgy Enthralling Emotional Each chapter of the Sapphire series turned on the movie projector in my head Move over Nancy Drew as Lauren Blakely is the new Queen of Suspense Hollywood needs to make The Sapphire Affair and The Sapphire Heist the next James Bond thriller as this series is a suspenseful sensation and a trip of thrills from beginning to end.The twists and the turns of The Sapphire Heist wove a maze of mystery that kept me on the edge The intrigue The intoxication The level of involvement for the reader in the Sapphire Heist suspense is sheer brilliance Lauren Blakely s words are vivid like paint to a canvas where I experienced EVERYTHING The angst The attraction The action I wore The Sapphire series like a jewel that was a part of me stunning and spectacular I felt the surge of adrenaline that poured from the pages to my body I lived and breathed this book I felt ALIVE I was ALL IN The Sapphire Heist stole my head and heart and I still crave of this gem 5 suspenseful, spellbinding, and spectacular stars

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    This is a second and final installment of the Jewel series by Lauren Blakely Jake and Steph, our tho main characters, team up in order to solve a case of missing money diamonds They also develop feelings for each other while on the job and there s whole lot of steamy times Even though I did like this series, I felt somewhat disconnected from the characters Perhaps it s because suspense normally isn t my cuppa Perhaps it s the third person POV that I m usually not a big fan of Perhaps it s because a big chunk of the story consists of the chase to recover stolen diamonds, which I just didn t care much for I m all about character interaction, tension and angst This just didn t hit the spot But as they say, to each their own I m a big fan of Lauren s writing, I usually devour her male only POV romcoms those are just amazing Highly recommended Recommended for those who enjoy romance with a bit suspense and crime solving.Books in this series

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    Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review As her lover, he wanted to be supportive and respectful of the family matters, even if they didn t see eye to eye But as her partner in un crime, he wanted her by his side Lauren Blakely masterfully brings forth another sexy, thrilling, edgy, and intoxicating romantic suspense that shines bright like a diamond The Sapphire Heist picks off where it last left off in The Sapphire Affair so please be aware that this book can t be read as standalone Well with that out of the way, let s dive back into the conclusion of the Jewel Series and of course reunite with our favorite bounty hunter, Jack Harlowe Life was full of risks, and so was love She was a risk worth taking In the case of whodunit and millions of dollars of diamonds at stake, Jack and Steph are thrown into a whirlwind of action, suspense, and passion Trust is something that Steph takes very seriously and so as she embarks whether to trust Jack, she soon begins to succumb to her desires and feelings And for Jack, one taste of Steph was not enough Their connection was electric, palpable, intense, and consuming As these two embark to figure out the mystery of the diamonds, Blakely masterfully weaves duplicity, heart, and sexual chemistry with finesse In the end, will Jack and Steph discover the biggest heist they will pull off is discovering that real diamond in the rough is their love for each other You re safe with me Know that, Steph Just know that The Sapphire Heist is sexy symphony of chicanery, passion, heart, suspense, and a luminous love story of two unlikely strangers With Blakely s signature of steam and playful banter, she creates a story that will hold you hostage as readers are immersed with Jack s dirty talking mouth and his feisty lovable heroine, Steph So if you are looking for a series that is a blended version of Ocean s Eleven, The Thomas Crown Affair, and The Bank Job, then I would highly recommend you to read The Sapphire Affair and The Sapphire Heist And as an added incentive, Jack Harlowe will have you blushing with his sexy and sinful mouth Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Blakely

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    I wrote this book I hope you love how Steph and Jake s romance plays out It s full of sexy times, and lots of twists and turns that I hope will surprise you A fun, sexy, romantic, intriguing summer read

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    Add a glint of suspense and sparkle of chemistry and you get an entertaining, sweet and sexy romance Hey You found your sexy fisherman and you found my favorite mermaind We did find each other Steph Anderson didn t go to the Caymans just to lead a diving expedition, she went to learn the truth about her stepfather She never imagined she would end up meeting, helping and falling for a sexy artifact retriever who was looking for the jewels her stepfather supposedly stole But can she truly trust a man she barely knows Especially when so much money is involved and all evidence points at Jake being the thief Jake Harlowe had sworn off relationships for good, he especially didn t mix business with pleasure But after a sizzling night with a woman he s genuinely connected with though, he can t help but want Especially when she can also help him crack the Sapphire Affair he s working on even though she s not convinced who the real bad guy is This woman drove him wild She was a pistol, a fiery, sexy, determined, tenacious woman who made him crazy, and who he wanted fiercely Their attraction is undeniable but as all clues keep leading to dead ends and other players seem to also in the run for the jewels, trust between Jake and Steph seems to wane when it s the only thing that will help them succeed Lauren Blakely picks up the sultry and engaging Sapphire Affair story right where it was left off, having not just the mystery of the diamond s whereabouts unsolved but also who can truly be trusted Even though Jake and Steph have made some progress on all fronts, they still don t know where or who has the diamonds and they definitely don t know each other well, but getting to figure out both was certainly fun I know already that the water calms you I know the sunshine is like some kind of magic to you While getting to know one another they had fun and sexy times, and tried to crack the case of the missing gems They re both very likeable characters, Steph wasn t just feisty and sweet, she always wanted to see the good in people and Jake is witty and sharp, and love for his family was completely endearing and he knew how to deliver a good apology Cats can be ssh les There should be a greeting card for that Sorry I behaved like a cat. ____________________________ I acted like a cat as well I want to try again and not be cats Their chemistry was sizzling This, Steph This isn t a lie, he said in a growl, in her ear I know, she said, gasping as he drove into her This is the truth The way we fit like this and threatened to distract and derail them from their main objective but even as I thought I had it figured out, there were some twists thrown in and I was just as stumped as they were The Sapphire Heist is book 2 in the Jewel duet by Lauren Blakely It is a fun, sweet and sexy romance with twists and turns I enjoyed reading Jake and Steph s story and I hope it is not the last we get of them Yes, Lauren totally hinted at a ruby affair which I hope we get Told from both points of view that ends with a happy ending 4.5 stars I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley The excerpts are from that copy More reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers

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    What a fab ending Fun and filled with action, Lauren Blakey has created a perfect summer time reading duo of books Each installment is the perfect amount of suspense and hot steamy fun needed to survive the summer At less than two hundred pages each I won t go into much detail I mean, why spoil the fun Think Mathew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in Fools Gold ish type of read.Let the summertime reading begin ARC via Netgalley Follow us on KT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinteresttumblrYouTubeBook Babblers

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    Blakely ran away with my heart with this series I loved every second The characters were incredible The storyline was enticing and so much fun Romance readers are always guaranteed a GREAT time with Lauren Blakely at the helm This is one summer series that will drive you WILD Take me I want you to take me I want to have you, he said, his voice low and needy He was desperate for her God, I want to have you The heat definitely gets turned up a notch in the second book of the Jewel series After getting past their doubt with each other s motives, the desperation and the sexual tension go through the roof These two have never experienced feelings like these, and they want nothing than to see where it takes them Even though there seems to be a countdown on the amount of time they have with each other, they try to make the most of it, while still searching for the elusive diamonds that brought them together in the first place You re a perfect woman I can barely take your awesomeness And can I just say that I absolutely LOVED Jake Harlowe I mean, he isn t your typical Lauren Blakely Alpha and I don t think he s meant to be, but he still carries the same characteristics that make us fall completely in love with Blakely s heroes He just says the sweetest things all the time, and I completely adore him I also think Steph was the PERFECT match for him They feed off of each other in such a realistic way The flirtatious banter will make you melt It s the cutest back and forth that you ve ever read Swoon worthy to the max, I might say You re my treasure This was so much that a jewel heist romance Yes, there was the constant guessing of who done it But, the beautiful, blossoming love story between Jake and Steph just made this series GREAT I ve said in the past, and I ll say it againI would read pretty much ANYTHING that this woman writes No matter the genreno matter the publisherno matter what people are sayingLauren Blakely is my GO TO authormy AUTO BUY authormy DROP EVERYTHING author This series just reminded me just how utterly talented Ms Blakely is If you haven t experienced her story telling yet, drop everything and pick up a Blakely book You will NEVER be disappointed

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    The Sapphire Heist is the second book in the Jewel Series It must be read after The Sapphire Affair to fully understand the case of the missing diamonds After a night of passion, Jake and Steph are even confusedSteph is beyond hurt and pissed She thought she could trust Jake after the week they have shared especially after last night but she now has her doubts She doesn t isn t even 100% sure that Eli is a thief She doesn t want to believe that the only father she has known could steal millions of dollars from retirees At this point she can t even trust herself But what she does know is that she has found a man that makes her laugh, challenges her, and gives her multiple orgasms But, none of that matters if she can t trust him Can Jake prove to her that he can be trusted without a doubt But, there is a twistcan he trust her This was only supposed to be a job In and out Steph complicated things They are partners in every way but that can also cause distractions Jake thinks he is losing his edge because he can t stop thinking about Steph in compromising positions This isn t just about him It s about his family He has to finish this job so he can get back to them Jake was born to take risks But is this island tryst worth the risk She is a pain in the ass after all The only think is thathe loves that about her Now, about the missing diamonds I will not spoil anything about the heist I will just say there are twists and turns I love trying to solve cases like this Lauren had me She did an amazing job OverallI loved it The characters have amazing chemistry Have fun banter And care about their families which makes them even special The case of the missing diamonds had me reeling Who stole them Who is after them now Will Jake and Steph find them first Quotes She kissed like a dream, and he could get lost in these kisses, in this sweet, feisty, fiery woman Then please allow me to help you think straight Aha You re one of those people who hates pumpkin spice lattes I ve heard about your kind but have never spotted one in the wild.

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    The Sapphire Heist is the conclusion to Jake and Steph s story as they try to track down the diamonds and manage their growing attraction With the discovery at the end of book one, there is a lot of mistrust to maneuver around for these two Toss in the twist and turns as they try to find the diamonds, all while having to stay one step ahead of others who seem to be after the same thing Lauren wraps up every loose end nicely and digs a bit deeper into the budding romance between these two characters as a fling turns into something I don t typically read this sort of romance, but LB is one of those authors that for me has always been consistent in the ability to deliver a story And although I tend to enjoy the funnier sexy reads, this still was a great suspenseful heist romance.

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