Fighting Back (Fighting For Love, #5)

Fighting Back (Fighting For Love, #5) This Is The Last Book In The Fighting For Love Series And It S All About Happily Ever Afters For Everyone Well, Not At First, And The HEA S Don T Come Easy For AnyoneMia Ferris And Nick Spencer Are Struggling To Get Nick Back On Two Feet After Him Losing Part Of His Left Leg To Amputation Then They Struggle To Reclaim Their Relationship, Outside Of The Bedroom And Inside Of It If They Can Stick Together And Talk To Each Other, They May Have A Chance At Making It But Will Nick Let Mia See Him So Vulnerable Katie Lloyd And Adam Pierce Are Struggling To Get Pregnant Then They Struggle With The Knowledge That Katie S Abusive Childhood Has Quite Probably Stolen That Dream Away From Them Adam Wants To Be A Father Than Anything On Earth, And If Katie Can T Give Him That, Will They Be Able To Stay Together Reena MacKay And Mitchell Corrigan Are Delighted That The Trial Is Over But Now They Re Struggling To Allocate The Two Million Dollars That Reena Has Received In The Court Judgment As She Discovers, There S No Shortage Of Women And Children Who Need That Kind Of Support She Has Some Hard Decisions To Make And If She Chooses Well, She Can Really Help To Change LivesMaggie Branson Is Still Reeling From The Death Of Her Mother, And Joe Carlisle Has Made It His Life S Mission To Pull Her Through This Dark Time God Knows, Joe Has Lots To Make Up To Maggie Yes, He Cheated On Her Years Ago, But He Insists That He S A New Man But Is It True That Once Someone S A Cheater, They Re Always A Cheater Or Is Joe Truly Committed To Maggie All The Way Eight Individuals, Four Couples, And Far, Far Too Many Emotions, Dramas And Problems With This Much That Can Go Wrong, Can Anything Be Expected To Go Right With This Much Strife, Can Anybodytruly Expect An HEA Oh, Hell, Yeah Yeah, They CanIf They Re Willing To Fight For One

[PDF / Epub] ★ Fighting Back (Fighting For Love, #5)  Author Marysol James –
  • Fighting Back (Fighting For Love, #5)
  • Marysol James
  • 15 October 2019

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    A nice end to the series, this was of an extended epilogue than actually adding much to their stories that have already been told This missed the mark for me a little because I read this series a while back, so would have much rather preferred to get their epilogues if not as each story ended then included in book four I d forgotten a fair bit about the stories and characters in the series so was a little lost at times.3.5 would have been if I had read this whilst the series was still fresh in my mind stars.

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    Nick and Mia were my favorite couple from this series, and I was glad to finally read the rest of their story I felt that the amputation and the aftermath were handled well, and I really enjoyed the tie in with Luke and his support group Nick FINALLY started opening up to Mia, and I enjoyed this final installment While this was largely Nick and Mia s story, the couples did have a few scenes but I just didn t really care I found that the only other couple I cared about was Mitch and Reena, and I loved the scene where Reena decided where to donate the money a great tie in to the Unseen Enemy series Otherwise, nothing interesting really happened between Joe and Maggie, which was fine since they were never my favorite couple I also wasn t particularly invested in Katie and Adam s infertility struggle, which I think is mainly because their desire to have a baby seemed to come out of left field in the previous book.The epilogue was okay I didn t love it but didn t hate it I m not quite sure what I wanted from it, but I was left wanting a little bit One of my biggest pet peeves with this series is the constant use of Canadian phrases yeah , takeaway, etc even though the stories are supposed to be set in the US That didn t bug me too much in this story, so I guess it s progress Overall, I did enjoy this, and I give it 3.5 4 stars.

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    In this one, we see Nick finally move beyond his usual shut down and shut up way of dealing with hard things, and he actually TALKS to Mia He s sweet and open, and thank GOD because I was ready to strangle the man last book.But for me the real love story is between Adam and Nick Adam s always come across to me as a really good guy, and in Book 5 he really steps up He helps Mia, he supports Katie through an awful bit of news and he is nothing but a rock for Nick I love when men show soft sides with women, but I really love when they do it with male friends who are struggling.There s most definitely a HEA in this one, and I loved how everyone progressed in their own relationships at their own pace Also, bonus Dallas and Luke show up, and a whole new bunch of characters are introduced just quickly and I LOVE the premise of the spin off series that will be out this year I m curious about Keegan and Dalton

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    I know that this was Ms James s second series and it s not her strongest I can see how she was still finding her voice and figuring stuff out, and the difference between Book 1 and this final Book 5 is quite striking I like that, though, since it really shows how she s grown as a writer I think she s worked hard to do better with every new book, and so although I d rate this series as a solid 4 , this last book gets a 5 from me.I rated it this way because I love how she s tied up all the loose ends it can t be easy, I think and I really love how she shows the character development, especially in Nick and Joe These two guys were kind of dickheads, IMO, and although they came around, Book 5 really shows the changes Nick opens his mouth and communicates with his woman and his best friend, and Joe is steady and there for Maggie Neither man is running from commitment any and I like that.I also really like how Ms James has introduced her new spin off series, and even though we only get one scene with the group of new guys, it was detailed enough for me to be interested in them already Keegan and Trish get the first book in the Wounded Heroes series no release date yet, but I m happy to wait and I love the premise of a former soldier and a former porn star as the H and h Thank you for such a great cast of characters, Ms James, and thank you for working so hard at making your books even better each time I like when authors show progression, and you do I m excited for your new series both the Heroes one and the MC one , and I think they ll be dynamite.

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    This was an emotionally captivating story It grabs you right away and holds your heart well after the end There were so many struggles that had to be dealt with, a lot of emotions both good and bad, overcoming weaknesses and building strengths, but overall this was a heartwarming and wonderful ending to this great series I can t wait to read the other series that loosely tie into this one and see what the author has in store I m sure it will be as amazing as this was.I strongly recommend this book and series.

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    Good book, last of the series Difficult to read through, at times, due to the subject matter but certainly worth the time.

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    Couldn t put this book downLoved it, loved it.Couldn t put it all books over the weekend Laughed and cried till the end Loved having the other characters throughout the series stay current through stories Can t wait for future projects I appreciated the story lines, staying in tune with life and real issues Salute the women and children who have and continue the struggles of abusive, thanks Ms James

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    I really loved this final book in the Fighting for Love series, catching up with all the characters from the previous books, finally getting to understand what has been happening with Nick and Mia, just everything about it Great characters, plot and writing Fabulous conclusion to the series Marysol James

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    4.5 Stars A great ending to this series There isn t a new couple in this one, it mainly features Nick and Mia and the aftermath of his operation All the previous couples are included tho and we see them all getting their well deserved HEA s It was good to see Luke again and I can t wait for the spin off series about his support group, really looking forward to that.

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    Absolutely loved this book a fitting end to Fighting Back showing that courage comes in many forms and where it will lead you

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