A Thug and A Gentleman

A Thug and A Gentleman STANDALONE NOVEL Sometimes The Most Dangerous Things Are The Most Beautiful MisaLike The Old Saying Goes Two Wrongs Don T Make A Right But For Misa, Who S Unhappy In Her Marriage To Jason, Two Wrongs Make For A Happy Life Jason Works Tirelessly To Give His Wife Everything Her Heart Desires, But All She Wants Is His Heart While Engaging In A Little Retail Therapy, She Runs Across Thomas, An Up And Coming Kingpin With A Degree From Georgia Tech They Start A Friendship That Quickly Turns Into Something , And Thomas Gives Misa Everything She Misses At Home But When Her Deception Begins To Hit Too Close To Home, She Takes Off To Chicago To Clear Her HeadThomas Sees Women As Stallions The Freakier They Are In Bed, The Better He Needs Someone Who Understands His Stamina And Can Go Along For The Ride As Long As She Knows Her Place In His Life Temporary Misa Ignited A Fire In Him That He Thought Died A Long Time Ago With His Daughter S Mother Brielle, Who Left Him And Atlanta With His Friend Ricky After Dropping Their Daughter Off At His Mother S House When Brielle Suddenly Reappears Out Of The Blue And Wants Her Family Back, Thomas Has A Choice To Make Between The Woman Who Bore His Child And The Woman Who Holds His HeartBrielle Has A Few Secrets Of Her Own Once She Touches Back Down In The A, She Finds The Family She Thought She Had Moved On Without Her, And Thomas Time Occupied By A Mystery Woman Using A Little Conniving Mixed With A Lot Of Feminine Tricks, She Discovers Who Stole Her Family And Sets Out On A Path To Destroy Her Enemy But Will Her Plan Work, Or Does It Backfire On Her In The Worst Way Misa Meets A Stranger In Chicago Who Consoles Her In The Most Perfect Way While Reminding Her Of What S Important When A Few Weeks In The Windy City Turn Into A Few Months, The Perfect Affair Morphs Into The Perfect Storm Will Misa Weather The Storm With Her Husband, Or Her Side Piece Follow Along As She Finds Out The Hard One To Love The One You Re With And Misa S Side Pieces Tell The Age Old Tale Of When Loving You Is Wrong, I Don T Wanna Be Right

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Thug and A Gentleman book, this is one of the most wanted Mona author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 179 pages
  • A Thug and A Gentleman
  • Mona
  • English
  • 18 September 2019

10 thoughts on “A Thug and A Gentleman

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    New genre conqueredI thought it was absolutely impossible to find a full storyline in erotica where the the characters are not one dimensional Well, that myth has been blown wide open Mona has set the bar two skylines higher than normal for this genre and it is going to fun watching other erotica authors try to rise above Great job, Mona

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    Loved it I loved it Had me flipping through ready to find out what was going to happen Sad it had to be a stand alone 10 stars

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    Review of A Thug and A Gentleman Misa is the true definition of having your cake and eating it too Also added to the equation was the ice cream that topped it off She was playing a dangerous game while still being a married woman It s like she was bouncing back and forth between men like a volleyball She needed to sit down and analyze her situation so she could make the right choice Brielle had the good life with Tremor, but she let the need for cloud her judgment She also burned many bridges that needed to cross along the way Her devious plots and schemes were her downfall.

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    Thug GentlemanWhat can I say about this book without giving too much away Well first, it was really good not quite what I expected Usually you are supposed to have a favorite character, well not this time I know it is Misas story but I didnt like her at all She could have went about things alot differently I felt sorry for most of the characters because they all seemed to just be looking for love but went about it the wrong way Of course the drama and crazy characters made it really interesting Another good standalone by a talented author.

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    WowThis was an awesome book Even though Miss couldn t make up her mind about who or what she wanted she still came out on top at the end I hated that she had to breaks everyone s heart in the process She was dead wrong for loving to men at the same time, but the hearts wants what the heart wants.

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    Tonya ReviewI didn t like Misa, nor Brielle Fiona was crazy I hated what to Brielle she was a Bully Jason was a good guy that can fight Othello met his match so did Miss Rod,Creed had someone in common I enjoyed this book

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    Strange endingIt was attention grabbing from the begging until the very end And it was at the end where the story took an abrupt nosedive My first read by this author and I was impressed until the end showed up without warning or closure regarding Jason or Othello So Thomas just takes her back I also wish the author would have shared why Misa was so heartless or insensitive She felt guilty just enough to run back and forth between her husband and lover Still a good read for the most part

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    WOWThis book took me on a ride Poor Jason caught the bad end of the deal He was the innocent one in all of this Misa was a cold, heartless person I just wish that he could have figured out how to take care of her needs the alright way This was a great stand alone read.

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    Well ok then.Misa Misa Misa Dang girl Old girl was a liar, cheater and oh so selfish Hopefully she got herself together so that she and Thomas could do things right this time Poor Jason and Othello.

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    WowLoved Jason the innocent one throughout the book Everyone else seemed to have their own agenda, ESPECIALLY Misa Perfect example of a complicated relationship

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