The Games of Supervillainy (The Supervillainy Saga, #2)

The Games of Supervillainy (The Supervillainy Saga, #2) Get Ready For The Action Packed Follow Up To The Rules Of Supervillainy This Time With Zombies, Zombified Heroes And Villains, Cults, Magic, Superscience, A Dragon, A Greek Demigod, And So Much Gary And Cloak Have Returned From The Supervillain Prison On The Moon Only To Discover The City He Plans To Conquer And Rule With An Iron Fist Has Been Overrun With The Living Dead Once Again Taking Up The Mantle Of Merciless, The Villain Without Mercy, Gary Will Have To Pull It Together Quickly, Find His Wife, His Gang, And A Whole Lot Of Help To Stop The Brotherhood Of Infamy From Slaughtering The Population Of Falconcrest City And Opening A Portal To Summon A Primal Force Of Creation But Gary Has A Plan, Or At Least He S Sure He Ll Have One Soon Just Give Him A Second

.He s written Agent G, Cthulhu Armageddon, Esoterrorism, I Was A Teenaged Weredeer, Lucifer s Star, Straight Outta Fangton, The Supervillainy Saga, and Wraith Knight.

[Reading] ➶ The Games of Supervillainy (The Supervillainy Saga, #2)  Author C.T. Phipps –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 252 pages
  • The Games of Supervillainy (The Supervillainy Saga, #2)
  • C.T. Phipps
  • English
  • 19 August 2019

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    The Games of Supervillainy The Supervillainy Saga 2 by C.T Phipps is book 2 of the series but you won t get lost if you haven t read book one This book, like the first, is not your everyday super hero book, oh no These guys and gals are very different, very different indeed The books start where the first ends and I think this book is better than the first More humor, creatures, craziness, and action Did you know they keep the super villain prison on the moon Bet you didn t know there were zombified super heroes either Well, you are just missing out Of course there are regular old zombies, dragons, and we all knew that, right This book is a hoot I liked the first book but this one is better I used the wonder of KU to get this Come read some super fun characters and plot and enjoy their crazy dialogue.

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    This second instalment of The Supervillainy Saga is every bit as good as the first I m a fan of superhero books in general and I think I now consider this series to be my favourite of the genre This story turned out to be exactly the sort of thing I expect to get when I pick up a superhero comedy novel It was packed with action, had plenty of memorable characters, and was dripping with hilarious humor mostly of the sarcastic variety The plot was good and C.T Phipps has an engaging writing style.This picks up where the first book ended with Gary Karkofsky AKA Merciless The Supervillain Without Mercy returning to his home town after escaping a super prison on the moon Due to a transporter glitch a month of his life has disappeared To make matter worse the city has been overrun by hordes of zombies and Mandy, his wife, has been kidnapped by a rival supervillain Gary has to rustle up his evil henchmen, Cindy and Diabloman, to help him set things right There was also the minor problem of having to save the world from being destroyed by a doomsday cult who are eager to summon their demonic master into the mortal realm The story was a ton of fun I loved the banter between Merciless and his team and was caught up in the crazy happenings of the story Gary and his friends are easy to love despite their villainous natures The ending was a bit of a shock The best thing is that it almost guarantees a sequel One which this guy will definitely be reading as soon as it gets released Rating 4.5 stars.Audio Note I doubt anyone could have read this better than Jeffrey Kafer did He was a perfect fit for Gary and really got the tone of the story.

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    I can t express how much I enjoyed this book, and particularly in audio It s the fun I needed and will look forward to in future installments Battles with Nazi Robot, dragon, s, cybernetic dinosaurs, cultists, zombies, deal with ghosts, Death, demi god, ex girlfriend of his own and his wife s Sounds like a lot but it all fits and makes for so much fun while battling And Gary s one liners along the way LOL I can t wait for the next installment to come our way FULL REVIEW I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author or narrator.Merciless, Gary and Cloak as a supervillain, have returned from the prison on the moon to a land deserted of life and swarming with living dead It s been a week, but actually a month thanks to a teleporter accident, since Gary has seen his wife and henchmen Learning that his dogs were still at his home with his henchmen and Mandy left, Gary believes Mandy was abducted Gary will search the city to find his wife Gary finds himself teaming up with new heroes and unexpected villains to stop the Brotherhood of Infamy by retrieving the Book of Midnight, that s guarded by their cultists and death machines, to end it all by sending the god Zol Barbas back to where he belongs.Jeffrey s dead pan tone for Gary is awesome with Gary s dry jokes Gary s personality and comments with Jeffery made me giggle several times through the book Having the voice actor that s spot on with a book makes a huge impact on the story The Games of Supervillainy is a perfect example of that I was drawn into the story and world with the great combination of Jeffrey s voice and Gary s writing It s as if they are both on the same page and it shows I could easily differentiate the other characters in Jeffrey s narration along with felt he WAS Gary Amazing job Wow There is a lot told in the first chapter to explain the mess of zombies It s been one thing on top of another LOL I was nervous that Gary would lose his edge of new to the game of supervillainry, but on the contrary, Gary is just as much fun in this book as he was in the first If not enjoyable Time has lapsed, yet for Gary he s still new to the program WITH powers See there was a little mishap with the teleporter he took on the moon to get back home A month has passed, but for Gary it s still been less than a week This is a fun little event to play with in the beginning of the story.C.T pulls from the fun side of the comic world Everything and everyone has a name in comics You have that here too The Brotherhood of Infamy, The Heroes of Today, The Society of Superheroes, The Foundation of World Harmony Great detailed descriptions for the obvious, a dramatization of comics and it s a hoot There are many quick references to so may books, films, shows, and comics and it s awesome to see them The references fit and draw the world for us.I love the reason Gary got Cloak I have to smile at his luck Cloak helps with his vast knowledge of superheroes and items Gary has inherited from Nightwalker But Gary is special in his knowledge of those of villainy and heroics in Falconcrest City with growing up in the city they protect attack and reside in Mandy is a HUGE influence on Gary Okay, Mandy seems to be the one with her head on straight and to wear the pants in the house lol Gary loves her, and she loves Gary They compromise about what Gary does as he s the one that goes to extremes and she reels him in a bit Great balance here with them I got a great kick out of the corky twists to what the characters do and why they do it lol Even the chats between the characters make me smile, the references and how conversations get derailed It s humorous listening to them all and we learn about the superpowered world along with our characters.We see old enemies, well as old as just recently when Gary became Merciless Oh there are soooo many great little happenings to play with in the story And to pile them all together LOL Just fun with Gary s personality and view of things.I can t express how much I enjoyed this book, and particularly in audio It s the fun I needed and will look forward to in future installments Battles with Nazi Robot, dragon, s, cybernetic dinosaurs, cultists, zombies, deal with ghosts, Death, demi god, ex girlfriend of his own and his wife s Sounds like a lot but it all fits and makes for so much fun while battling And Gary s one liners along the way LOL I can t wait for the next installment to come our way

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    In this excellent follow up to the The Rules of Supervillainy, Gary Karkofsky AKA Merciless The Villain Without Mercy has returned from the Moon prison to find Falconcrest City over run with zombies Yep Freaking zombies Add to that, it appears his wife was kidnapped Merciless and his henchpeople set out to stop the Brotherhood of Infamy, rid Falconcrest of zombies, and rescue his wife Nothing goes as planned.Once again, there s a ton of humor in this book The characters all take their jobs very seriously and that makes the humor stand out Most of them have ridiculous supervillain hero names but some of them have cool powers So it s this wonderful balance of the silly and the serious.It s a good thing that Gary has his sidekick, Cloak, which is his actual cloak Gary needs all the advice he can process and Cloak is definitely willing to dish it out Cloak used to be a superhero and one could argue Cloak is still trying to be that hero even though he is tied to Merciless at the moment This creates some tension for Gary, who is relying on Cloak s powers part of the time, yet Gary especially when he s dressed as Merciless isn t nearly as goodie two shoes as Cloak.Some new characters are introduced into the story and some are killed shortly thereafter, but every good superhero story needs it s Red Shirts I loved all the Canadian superheros A fit of giggles overtook me on that one I m married to a Canadian so that whole section struck me as super funny Then we have the supervillain Angel Eyes His sheer beauty can overwhelm most mortals Much to Gary s consternation and my amusement , he finds Angel Eyes attractive.Besides all the humor, there s little bits of seriousness tossed in Gary and Mandy have hit a rough patch in their relationship There s all these zombies tearing up their beloved city Then the author kicks it up a notch and Gary and crew have to deal with gods from the underworld Without spoiling anything, there were some unexpected twists to the story I was stunned and also impressed I m so very glad the next book is already out in audio format so I can jump in and see what happens to these characters next I received a free copy of this book The Narration Jeffrey Kafer continues to do an excellent job with this series I m really enjoying his voice for Cloak this time around His Canadian accents were great His voices for female characters are good.

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    Merciless is back Having returned from the Supervillian Prison on the moon only to discover that his city is overrun by Zombies, Gary knows that he is the only one who can save the world, well with the help from his friends but you know, it s mostly him Oh and his wife has been kidnapped well kind of by a devastatingly handsome Greek god What is a supervillian to do While a little serious than the first, this is still thoroughly enjoyable Poor Gary, he so wants to be a supervillian but things aren t going his way and he is forced snigger to do the right thing Now he has to save his city from the undead and try to hide the fact that the Greek God is extremely handsome You need to read it to understand Once again, the author has given us some truly funny quips between Gary and his cloak and made me laugh out loud multiple times, yet he also managed to squeeze a lot of different emotions from me in this book Gary gets to meet someone and it pulled at my heartstrings, but the biggest gut wrench was what happened to his wife I have to say though that I loved the twist the author did at the end I can t say much else because I ll spoil it, so I ll just say, go read it NOW Again, the amount of different characters were extremely well written and developed Usually in books with so many characters I find some of them are just back ground noise, not so here The author really gives each character time to grow I loved the Greek God The plot is also well written and thought out We kind of have a bit of everything This time with zombies, zombified heroes and villains, cults, magic, superscience, a dragon, a Greek demigod, and so much We also have a load of awesome pop culture reference that made me giddy In all, a really excellent second book This has a bit of everything and I can t recommend it enough I love the world and characters this author has created and look forward to the third Once again, Jeffrey Kafer nails it He is Gary I don t know what else to say about his narration that I haven t said before He always does an amazing job with the performance and I never find any faults I received a copy of this for review This in no way affected my thoughts.

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    The roller coaster ride continues for Merciless, the supervillain without mercyTM The story takes place immediately after Gary s escape from the prison on the Moon A few new characters that are both powerful and hilarious Phipps doesn t hold too much back Zombies, his house being turned into a villain lair, ghosts, a demigod, others with cloaks like his, an evil cult dedicated to the summoning of a world ending Cthulhu type creature and the death of someone very close all confront Gary Karkofsky How is he going to get through it all Obviously, he s not going to follow the Rules Nor is Gary going to go without his usual irreverence The humor continues with this second installment of the Supervillainy Saga Phipps continues the adventures of Gary Karkofsky with even humor and a respectable amount of action I loved seeing characters from the previous book back in action There is a sudden shock in the book that yes, I know it s redundant surprised me that something like that would happen But Gary is not a quitter, even when it s pretty clear that he needed to move on But, in a world where people can be vaporized and come back to threaten you, anything is possible Gary is just the type to find a way past it In this installment, he reminds me of Captain Kirk and the way he managed to pass the Kobayoshi Maru I tend to ignore the usual grammar errors and enjoy the book for the joy of the story it has to tell Many tend to get hung up on the small things as those issues can be quickly resolved It is reminescent of a pulp novel, not because of it s size, but because of how quickly it flows It is a quick read and is without a doubt an enjoyable read as well The Audiobook version keeps with the amazing Jeffery Kafer as the narrator By the end of this book, you can t imagine anyone else as Gary Karkofsky All in all, a worthwhile read listen True entertainment like this is something hard to come by these days.

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    Games of Supervillany picks right up where Book 1, Rules of Supervillany, left off Again we follow Gary a.k.a Merciless and adventure in a world where every silly genre cliche is absolutely real and taken to the extreme This time, instead of Gary performing plots and heists, he and his ragtag companions are fighting to save the world I mean, what s the point of being a supervillian if there s no one left to dominate, right This book had a slower start for me While we jump straight into the action, it felt as though it had lost a bit of steam between books Once it did begin gaining speed, it quickly accelerated to a very exciting second half.Not only were the the action and humor better than in the first book, Phipps weaves in a human and emotional side that I hadn t expected I m also very happy to see that while we did end with a setup for the next installment, Phipps wraps the story up and doesn t cut off on a cliff hanger like Book 1 had.

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    HilariousMerciless is back, and just as funny if not so.So, why not five stars Proofreading Too many typos, wrong words, and missing words It is legible, but you notice the flaws and they detract Worse, the flaws are frequent and egregious at the end.Story wise, I have an issues with Gary s marriage I like seeing a healthy, established, and stable romantic relationship in fiction they re rarer than unicorns literally The first volume had that This volume trashes that A poor choice that infuriates me, and cheapens the book Eventual recovery is possible, but it was bolder to flaunt the cliche of troubled romance than any possible restoration could be A story choice that weakens the emotional impact of the series, and was wholly unnecessary.

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    4,5 Stars This is one of those rare occasions when the second book in a series is better than the first Everything in this book is absolutely RIDICULOUS Just like the first one Yet everything manages to make sense somehow I mean this book has a MAGICAL NAZI ROBOT , aliens, demons, magic and Death appears as a Beautiful Lady But you never get lost in the story.

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    Mandy is badass Just sayin.I liked it slightly less than the first one I noticed typos Mostly tense errors and a too for a to that broke my brain I was extremely amused, though, and will definitely read the rest of the books

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